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LOGO Dear Readers, Something new and exciting has happened to the internet. It’s got a new online magazine. It has been a pleasure to bring out this issue for you. I Promise further issue from here will be increased in size and quality. We will bring you more of these amazing handpicked work of photographers, stylists, make-up artists and designers. There will be more beauty features, trend reports, a lifestyle section and the latest of fashion, photography and anything art related exhibition to inspire your thoughts. We, ourselves are thrilled at the launch of LaMode.Im Magazine and we would be growing from here on. We hope you are, too.

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Holly Valentine McCartney

Holly Valentine McCartney is a 20 year old Magazine Publishing student at University of the Arts. She has intentions of working across the world of magazine fashion and dreams of experiencing and embodying inspiration of all countries and cultures styles first hand. A vegetarian and eco-fashion warrior she hopes for a bigger platform for green designers but is still an avid lover of non sustainable designs. Writing for her is an expressive outlet and fashion is an innate devotion one in which she hopes to make a career out of. She believes peace and positivity are necessity and wishes happiness for all!

Rhiannon Chalmers

Rhiannon Chalmers is a London based makeup artist, currently studying at London College of Fashion. She has been working as an MUA for 2 years now, and she absolutely love’s what she does, and hope to always be growing and developing her skills as an artist. She could talk almost endlessly about beauty products of all varieties, which lead her to create her blog, The Mascara Story, where she also post’s her makeup work. When she is not painting faces she love’s travelling and spending time with her nearest and dearest ones.

Louise O’Keeffe

Louise O’Keeffe is a London based Fashion Illustrator from the Highlands of Scotland. She comes from a fine art, textiles and design background with a love for traditional hand rendered artwork. She is very interested in character and identity, and tries to portray a sense of personality through her work. Her work could be described as a beautiful mess with a moody feeling to it, as she likes to mix accuracy and detail with the fluidity of watercolour and ink.

Walter Faustini

Walter Faustini is Located near Milan (Italy). He has specialized in creative photography in the area of Fashion, Glamour, Beauty and Boudoir. As a Italian photographer Walter has adeptly imposed himself in the extremely competitive daunting and glamorous world of fashion photography. Moving to Milan from the centre/north of Italy, Walter took a change of pace from his previous carrer as Hotel owner/manager to the unmerciful waters of high fashion and glamour photography. Walter has successfully paved his way, and is now a professional, welltrained photographer, persistently in high demand.

Jamo Best

Jamo Best is a professional and well established Photographer in the both the greater Toronto area and the Kawarthas. He specializes in Portraiture, Editorial and Commercial fields.

Four Corners of Fashion - by Holly Valentine McCartney

What would the world be if not different? Our cultural, religious and ethical differences allow us to create positive diversity that can be found within the fashion industry. See for yourself, open up the pages of fashion magazines and you will find a spectacular array of cultural influences. Safari and animal prints evoke stronf images of African Landscapes evoke strong images of African landscapes whereas tropical flowers scattered across a flowing

skirt reminds us of the peace of mind humans find on a secluded island beach. This piece initially was about the actual four corners of fashion, how shapes, textures and fabrics represent cultures from around the world and how we can find different parts of the world not just in our kitchen but now in our wardrobe. Since beginning this piece my direction has changed, like it or lump it this is where we’re going with this. Not quite the four

corners of the world but of England, at least. On the return of a recent ‘jaunt’ around England (West Midlands, Yorkshire, London) what hit me, obviously, was the differences in fashion and how they are not unlike them of the eastern and western worlds. Okay, admittedly that was a huge exaggeration but run with me on this. This may be me on how fashion orientated I am but I find myself having to think when I know I’m going out in a particular city I have to be conscious of what I wear. I categorize my outfits by the region of the country I am in, as ludicrous at that sounds you have to blend with the settings. London with its vast difference in fashion, the chic’s and the trying-not-tobe chic’s. The men and women who effortlessly swan around in Bond Street’s finest looking as if they’ve stepped straight out of Made in Chelsea. Then the tryingnot-be-chic’s who trot about in their charity shop finds who have probably spent almost as much as the clothes horses’ storming past on their way to the stables. Both very different, with respect. When planning a night out in London, you have to decide on where you’re going and what you’re wearing. There are some who can elegantly fall into both categories, the dressed up dressed down look. The over-sized jumper with an elegent blouse underneath. The inevitable use of leather and fur together. Do not understate the power of jewellery and accessories; a fur coat and casual hat is the perfect example of a combination of two fashions. I am under no circumstances saying

change your style, just pick your best bits for the most fitting situations. If you move the thoughts from London to Yorkshire and areas like Manchester, the ‘student style’ is a heavy influence on fashion. With students dominating a large percentage their fashion inevitably has an impact on the look and idea of the city. A night out in one of these cities requires no heels. Girls and boys in alike shoes; all laces and Nike ticks. Over sized jackets with nothing much longer underneath matched with ankle socks and boots. Don’t forget the less effort on your hair the better, ‘student’ is now a fashion. Snap backs and tank tops another unisex fashion with girls having been introduced to this style with the 90’s an evident benefactor in this fashion. The consciousness of your fashion when travelling broadens further than days/ nights out in particular cities. The ever constant battle of train journeys; style vs comfort. The travelling outfit you have planned would stop tracks? (literally) But the morning comes and you want leggings, a huge jumper and earphones to comfort you on the ride home. Take the best of both worlds and please with ease. Compliment your slouchy jumper by tying your hair up or have it down one side, accentuating that casual look yet putting your shoulders on show, effortlessly oozing natural chic yet being secretly comfortable. Trust me, that skirt and heels may have looked nice and radiated glam on the walk to the tracks, but no one’s seeing them when you’re parked staring out of a window for the best part of your day! .



Morgana Costa


Daniels Lecce


Suite Ambassador C/O Hotel Principe di Savoia - Milano (IT)


ASSISTANT’s Christine Abbott, Faith Payne MODEL

Alessandra Ferreri

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- By Rhiannon Chalmers As far as your beauty regime is concerned, the long awaited transition from spring into summer provides the perfect opportunity to shake up your routine a little. The reason for this is both practical and fanciful; on one hand, summer brings natural changes to your skin and your environment which should be complimented by the products you use. On the other, if you’re anything like me, you need the tiniest excuse to treat yourself to a selection of the beauty industry’s little luxuries. Here is my summer beauty checklist, some new favourites, some beloved treats and some practical staples to see you through until autumn. The Universal Essential Did you know that the sun causes 90% of the aging your skin suffers from the environment? Protect yourself from harmful UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays with a quality sunscreen. For the face, I swear by Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defence SPF 50 PA+++, and for the body, I love Institute Esthaderm’s Adaptasun range as it thoroughly protects but also boosts melanin to the surface of your skin for optimum tanning.

The Beach Body After you have broken out of your cocoon on winter jumpers and wool tights, chances are that your body needs a bit of TLC before you want to bear all on the beach. Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish and the Moroccan Rose Otto Ultra-Moisture Body Oil, both from Ren, are my favourite exfoliating and moisturising power couple, managing to buff and smooth even the driest and most sensitive skins. As if you needed another reason to treat yourself, they are packed with essential oils and smell divine! Rodial’s Brazilian Tan Airbrush is a great way top up or fake your holiday tan; it is streak-free, odourless and super long lasting, in my opinion, the last word in fake tan.

The Festival/Holiday Hero It’s hard to summarise quite how much I love Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. The original multi-purpose product, it can be used as a lip balm, a lip gloss, and a brow tamer, but it also has herbal healing properties which make it a godsend for sunburn, insect bites, cuts, blisters, blemishes and chapped skin. It really comes into its own if you are spending a lot of time outdoors, or trying to downsize your makeup bag for travel. The Party Preparation Summer always provides plenty of opportunities for dressing and impressing, and one of the best accessories you can have is healthy glowing skin. Sarah Chapman’s Overnight Facial is a nourishing cocktail of anti-aging ingredients, repairing antioxidants, vitamins and peptides from celebrity facialist Sarah Chapman. I recommend using it nightly for a month or so before the event you plan on attending for maximum results. The Golden Glow If, like me, you want a lighter, dewier base for summer but are also, like me, a little baffled by the newest wave of BB and CC creams, I have the perfect antidote. Perricone MD’s No Foundation Foundation is first and foremost cosmeceutical skincare, with a light tint that blends to all skin tones for a dewy finish. Pair with MAC’s Mineralise Skinfinish Powder and Kevyn Aucoin’s Tropical Days/Nights Bronzer for glowing skin the Gisele Bündchen variety. The Trend Matte, colour pop lips were huge for Spring/Summer ‘13 and were seen at Giles, Prada and Jason Wu. A makeup artist’s tip is to scrub lips smooth with a lip scrub and then apply a creamy lip balm (I like Popcorn and Whipstick, both from Lush Cosmetics), and then to use a cream highlighter like YSL Touche Éclat around your lip line before you start. This makes the colors seem brighter and also gives you a clean base to work on with your lipstick. MAC’s vibrant orange Morange is maybe my favourite pop colour of the season, however, the neon-pink Schiap at Nars and The Matte Lipstick in Persistence from Kevyn Aucoin, an electric purple, are also front runners in this trend for me. The Finishing Touch Diptyque Philoskyos Eau de Toilette/Parfum. This smells like sunkissed skin in a bottle and is perfect for lazy days and long nights. I had to include it here because fragrance is and should always be your finishing touch.



Silja Liland


Ghostkun Kann

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