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Top Ten Spring Break Essentials

Interviews with local Seattle professionals! Spring Footwear Fixes!

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The Fashion Club at the University of Washington “La Mode’s mission is to enrich the campus culture through interaction with fashion. We bring fashion together on campus and offer students involvement. What is unique about us is that we don’t have any particular fashion look or requirement. Whether you like couture, street style, or simply just daydream about fashion we encourage everyone to get involved. We hold many events on campus. There is a quarterly photo shoot throughout the campus starring students as models, photographers, or as makeup artists! Some may appear in more editions of our very own La Mode magazine. We have local fashion professioanls guest speak, such as local designers, bloggers, makeup artists, and more. Other than our own club’s events there are also other fashion related events on campus such as the ASUW’s Everybody Every Body Fashion, UW Earth Day Trashion Show, and HHSA’s Fashion Show.

Outside of campus we frequently volunteer for fashion shows and events in the general Seattle area. Events that we have volunteered at in the past include Metropolitan Fashion Week, Bellevue Fashion Week, Women Wine and Shoes, and the Ruby Room Fashion Show. Within these events we network with professionals in the fashion industry. La Mode, a student-run fashion club at UW, hopes to bring fashion to a campus where there is no official fashion program, and let students become involved as much as possible. With the various ranges of styles here on campus, our goal is to bring everyone together and share our love for fashion.”

Find us at: email: Tumblr:

Review of Past Events: By Melinda Wang

Bellevue Fashion Week: “Posh Party”

The Posh Party was a fun all-ages event that combined makeup trends with the newest retail based fashion. The ambiance of the event felt like an ultra-chic restaurant. La Mode members served as the “ushers” for the night, and took guests to their comfy white couches or café style tables. The show started with tutorials by makeup artists, which included throwing out free samples into the cheering audience, and then transitioned into a fashion and trend show. There were outfits from high-end retailers, like Nordstrom, right next to outfits from retailers like Forever21, and nobody could tell the difference. The best part of the night was when members of the Seattle Sounders team strutted the runway in their classy outfits; as a reward for being volunteers, we were able to hang out with the team afterwards!

Bellevue Fashion Week:

“Front Row Fashion by VOGUE” Members of La Mode also volunteered at the “Front Row Fashion by Vogue” fashion show. This fashion show had more traditional fashion-show style seating, with rows of seats surrounding the pristine white runway. La Mode members acted as ushers, leading guests to their seats, and were then allowed to fill in empty seats or stand on the side to enjoy the show. This was another retail based fashion show, with items immediately available for purpose. The woman sitting next to me was in her sixties, incredibly stylish, and seemed to enjoy the show as much as I did. I now plan to venture into stores that I previously associated with more mature women, as this fashion show taught me that there are fresh ways to wear everything.

The women, wine, and shoes event was the definition of a perfect girls night out; shopping, wine, food, cupcakes, raffles, and a fashion show by Neiman Marcus. To top it all off, the event was hosted at the beautiful Four Seasons hotel in downtown Seattle. La Mode volunteers checked VIP guests into the runway area, where they sipped on wine and enjoyed the fashion show. All proceeds from this even went towards Seattle Children’s Home, which provides mental health care for children; La Mode was grateful to be able to contribute to such a worthy cause.

Women, Wine, & Shoes Metropolitan

Fashion Week

Designers and their interns hurried by, pushing racks full of clothing. A row of hair and makeup artists waited outside the dressing room, ready to work. Models quickly zipped and unzipped couture dresses, and then ran to the runway for the next set. A calm Christopher Collins from Project Runway casually hung out in a corner. The backstage scene from Metropolitan Fashion Week was hectic, but La Mode loved every minute of it. The backstage La Mode volunteers organized the couture dresses, quickly helped the models into their next outfits, and made sure the models were ready for the runway. Other La Mode volunteers acted as ushers, and greeted fashion professionals from the Seattle area. Every La Mode member who was able to experience Metropolitan Fashion Week agrees that it was a valuable experience and our first official step into the fashion world.

Ruby Room

Fashion Show

For many girls, prom is a major part of their high school experience. However, prom is expensive, and some girls are unable to purchase a dress of their own. The Ruby Room is a nonprofit that provides high school girls with prom dresses, shoes, accessories, and sometimes college scholarships. Their annual Fashion Show is their biggest fundraiser of the year, and La Mode was honored to be able to participate. We helped man the front desk and the auction, and then watched the fashion show unfold. The highlight of the show was when local designers showed the old, unwanted gowns that they had transformed into a beautiful, “brand-new” dress.

Spring Footwear Fixes By Mackenzie Pitcock

Winter has passed and spring is almost upon us, and the occasional day of sunshine will soon be replaced by endless rain. While boots are a great choice for rain, they can’t possibly go with every outfit. Plus, rain boots trap humid air and can keep your legs uncomfortable. So what can you do, when you want to wear your favorite pair of suede shoes, or if you’re getting tired of boots? For suede shoes, try Nikwax’s spray on Nubuck and Suede Proof water proofing spray! Nikwax sprays a magical water barrier onto your shoes that still allows breathability. For those environmentally conscious fashionistas out there, the good news is, the product is eco-friendly. Don’t own or like suede? Try getting a pair of creepers. Creepers come in a variety of colors and styles, and are made with various materials, so you can find the perfect one for you! Their thick soles keep your feet from suffering from the cold water covering the ground. Some shoes to avoid for Seattle winter and springs are first and foremost, Toms and most other ballet flats. While these shoes are comfortable and easy, they do absolutely nothing to protect your feet from water. They actually absorb and hold water, which makes having a walk about very uncomfortable and brings on pneumonia. Spring is coming my friends, so hopefully these tips will help keep you dry and healthy during the rainy days.

Photo from Google Images

Henar Vicente, blogger of ohmyvogue. com, wearing red Hunter Boots

Hunting Season The Rain Boots taking UW by Storm By Olivia Tinsley

It’s no doubt that UW is one of the most precipitation-prone colleges in the country. With Seattle being stereotyped for rainy weather (and coffee of course), gray, drizzling days are not uncommon here on campus. There’s nothing worse than stepping into a puddle and having to suffer with soggy socks the rest of the day, but a certain pair of shoes are offering refuge to our cold, wet feet. Those shoes are Hunter boots. Start looking at the feet of girls all across campus on a rainy day and a common theme will start to emerge. Coming in a variety of colors, ranging from glossy black, green, red, and even purple to show your Husky spirit, a rainbow of these Hunter rain boots are stepping all across Red

Square. Where did these boots come from? According to the brand’s website, the boots were originally designed by an American entrepreneur who called his business the North British Rubber Company, and were later mass-produced for the British army to use in World Wars I and II. They grew in popularity, even being worn by the Royal Family. Now they are available everywhere at well-known retailers such as Nordstrom. Instead of trekking through the trenches, now these boots are powering through puddles all over the country as a fashion statement. How do you wear these wellies? I like to outfit them with patterned sheer tights and knee

high socks, black skater skirt, and a cozy cardigan. For a sleeker look, go with black leggings and a classic trench coat. There will be plenty of time to try out different ways to wear these boots, because Hunters are sure to stay around for the wet winter months and spring showers to come.

‘Original Tall’ Hunter Boots $140.00 Nordstrom Urban Outfitters Bloomingdales

Photo from Tumblr

Men’s Heritage Knits Maybe you’ve noticed a bit of a chill in the air lately. Perhaps the specter of frosty winter days looming on the horizon has entered your consciousness, and you’ve put your lighter layers and tank tops to bed at the bottom of your wardrobe. As the cooler weather arrives, your inner fashionisto tells you it’s time to layer up with something more substantial. It’s knitwear season. For ultimate warmth and graceful style, the shawl neck cardigan is your winter go-to. Whether you opt for a chunky version or the lightweight kind, the addition to your wardrobe will be one you won’t regret.

By David Huynh

The perfect alternative to traditional autumn outerwear, it offers protection against the elements and allows you to create some truly unique layering combinations. For example, try layering a denim jacket or Oxford shirt and v-neck jumper combination underneath. If finding a suitable transitional coat is proving a tough job, the chunky shawl neck cardigan is your saviour.

Color and Comfort By Alice Day

Seattle’s gloomy grey weather can be quite unforgiving when it comes to clothing choices. Between the Northfaces, Hunters, and rain jackets, there isn’t much else appropriate and climate friendly. However, during this transitional period and as the temperature warms up, why not jazz up your spring outfit with a pop of color and comfort? Ditch the heavy-duty water and wind proof jacket and opt for a light but warm cardigan. Here I am wearing one from My Bajee Collection. Not only does it keep me warm, this golden yellow color will definitely brighten both your mood and complexion. Don’t be surprised if a stranger randomly smiles at you! You don’t need to sacrifice style for comfort. An easy way to jazz up the good ole shorts and t-shirt combination is by incorporating a variety of textures and lengths. I tucked in my oversized Boy London t-shirt into these muted green high-waisted One Teaspoon shorts to create a more polished and put together look. The white graphic t shirt keeps the look clean and casual while high-waisted wool bottoms elongates my legs and adds volume to balance everything out. Don’t forget to accessorize as it add fun, personality, and style, and is a great way to tie together an outfit. I continued with my color scheme of warm yellows and muted greens, opting for something more relaxed and snazzy with this white and brown leather bowling style loafers. The white leather ties back in with my t-shirt and the dark brown accent balances out my dark hair. The gold and yellow stone metal bib necklace adds a touch of glamor to this simple outfit. Top it all off with this forest green beanie from Obey and you are good to go. This hat will not only keep you warm but also keep the look effortless and casual.

Spring Break 2014 Top By Soleil Roth

Whether you are planning to bask on the tropical islands of Hawaii or lay under the sun in your own backyard, with the right packing list you will be sure to kick-off spring break the right way.

spring at says h W : t i suit? su a sw im Bathing n a h t r tr y ette dy and break b o b r u o upco me y Embrac ring’s bigges t neon, sp nclu de one of i t a d h t nd s iers an ing tre et, bus t Pack a h c o r c l, . nautica te d sw imsuits h s i d matc a n w a mix hig h n a c u . yo ibilities few so ss poss e l d n e for

Co ver u yo u w i p/Casual dr ess: Sin ll mos t ce in yo u r bathi likely be liv i n n now is g suit all we g the pe e r k sport t fect ti , me to hat cu te littl yo u’ve e s been p atientl undress to tak y wait e o ut in of yo u r close g t.

Sung la prote sses: Keep cte d yo ur w pair of sh ith the p eyes erfec ades yo ur t that face fi and t perso m nalit atch y. yo ur

or fe dora he a ’s t i ether y are t Hat: W h ppy hat, the o r any a big fl ccessor y fo a lig ht, a t o for G . perfec t s tay fi e o ut u can daytim m so that yo during ri e w i de b e shad der th n u . y l a o co he d at of t the he

Suns es m skin yo u ed sun su bl th

Laye days sunn a lig jean co zy when night tell s

Ten Essentials

clashN othing t than screen: an o utfi o! Keep h t i w more to mat a f rie d nd protecte k i l n a 30 healthy of SPF ur skin m u m i n at i h t m t a ill ge t s d w it h l ’l u . Yo ’ll be nscreen g low and yo u t ed ys a un-kiss ar mful UV ra h locking ime. e t he sam

ers: Unfortunat ely not all s w ill be 85 de grees and ny, so make su re yo u pack ght sweater an d pair of ns to keep yo u warm and y for those chil ly nights n yo u deci de to take a t stro ll under the stars or stories around a bonfire.

Tote: With a packing list like this, you’ll need something fashionable to carry it all in. Bring a large tote that can fit your towel, your latest La Mode Magazine and everything else you need for a relaxing day.

gh yo u will Dressy Attire: Thou ing on sand probably be walk d carpet, it more than the re have a nice is a go od idea to want to go u outfit for when yo e town th for a night out on e ideas m So s. with yo ur friend ift dress sh ed include a pattern mper. or even a chic ro

Denim Ve s ts: A ne cessity fo ever yday r activities and vers tile for a any occas ion. Wear w ith a lo it ose neutr al T-shir flowy blo t or us laid-back e for the perfect vibe.

Sandals & Sneake rs: Flip-flops are a mus t-have for stro lling the beach and en joying the ocean, but like m om always says, make sure yo u pack a pair of go od walk ing shoes so yo u can take part in all the fun activities and adventures yo u have planne d ahead!

Counting down the days until a much needed vacation, here’s to spirits and suitcases ready for spring break!

Kate Gooding modeling Spring 2014 RTW Chanel. From the faint sparkles and the light, fluffed-up tea length skirt look is inspirational for the upcoming season. (Photo by

Time for a Tea Party

Celebrating Spring’s Must-Have Skirt

By Olivia Tinsley

Bringing the mint pumps and the floral dress to the carpet, Emily Rossum displays a youthful elegance and fashion-forward flair. (Photo by Getty Images)

Move over, miniskirts! With the new start that spring season brings, so comes the perfect time to blossom into a new look. A fresh ladylike silhouette graced the 2014 spring fashion runways, and it looks like it is here to stay. Hitting just above the ankles, this season’s tea-length skirt is reminiscent of a fifties prom dress, in the only the best ways, and the swingy, feminine nature of the skirt may just make you want to dance the night away. This season’s skirt screams sophistication and is a breath of fresh air compared to the high hemlines of the past. It may seem difficult to decide on a color, but with gorgeous pastel colors commanding spring’s color pallet, a light pink or soft green tea length skirt is a shoo-in. If the idea of an ankle length skirt seems a little too matronly, add a structured crop-top to show just a sliver of skin for an easy fix. For those even braver fashionistas, try wearing a crop-top of the same pastel color to create a daring yet elegant monochromatic look. No matter which way you decide to rock the tea-length skirt, do it proudly knowing that this season, modest is hottest.

“Red Barn Jewelry is more than just beautiful and elegantly natural jewelry. I created Red Barn Jewelry not only to make jewelry, but also for the purpose of having a means of raising ongoing funds to support the Hill Tribe children and their schools in Northern Thailand.�

Red Barn Jewelry Info: Stacia Davis: Designer 206-387-2305 Custom Designs Available

sional s fe ro p le tt a e S l a c Interview with lo

Tannya Bernadette

Tannya Bernadette is a stylist from Seattle who started a wardrobe styling business called “Tannya Bernadette” in 2009. She also opened a consignment shop in Queen Anne two years ago.Tannya has always been in love with fashion; styling is her greatest passion in life.

La Mode: What started your business? Tannya Bernadette: I LOVE FASHION! When I was younger I wanted to become a fashion designer, but after I took sewing classes I realized I am not good at that. But in high school I took a business class and loved it. In college, I balanced my love for fashion and love for business, and studied Fashion Marketing. I was in school and did not want to become the CEO of huge company and work in the corporation world. But then I realized that I found lots of stylists in fashion who are entrepreneurs, grow their own business, and play with marketing and advertising ideas. So I opened up my own shop and styling business. LM: How do you define success? TB: For me success is honestly what makes you happy. What makes you happy could be helping other people. Success comes in many different forms; it depends on the person. LM: How do you move from idea to something that actually succeeds in the marketplace? TB: You know what I am a creative person. Part of me is not business, it is just pure creativity. And my minds constantly runs with ideas, so I found out that what helps me is have two assistants. Their job is to make my ideas real. I come up ideas, I write them down, I teach them, they work on that and they help make it come true. LM: What makes a person a great entrepreneur like yourself? TB: You have to be willing to take risks. If you are not willing to take a risk or face a fear, you never going to move forward. LM: If you could have, what would you have done differently? TB: In my business what I would do differently is right now I actually posted on Facebook “I need a interior designer”. In my shop I can style anyone. I work with people of all ages and all budgets. I have a vision in home decor but I don’t know how to make it happen. I need to hire someone to redecorate the shop and make it look nice. LM: What role did education have in your success? TB: Education really opens your minds to new things. When you get educate you meet all the experts of the industry you are interested in and you meet many new people. And it helps you build the confidence you need. LM: Any advice for students who want to do fashion? TB: Fashion is the industry that everyone tells you is difficult to do. But the only difficulty I felt is it takes a little bit longer to get where you want. You definitely need the passion to work hard and have the vision of where you want to be. So everyday you work, you know you are going to make it there. LM: What do you think of Seattle as a market for the fashion industry? TB: I think it is great. There are lots of people willing to dress up and open to doing it more.

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Winter Fashion Tips By Scarlett Hao

Every Seattle girl knows that trendy boots during the

weather months are a must. Don’t be afraid to 1. Trendy Boots cold wear colorful rainboots, they can brighten up a dreary day. All college girls need a fashionable carry-all tote, and one with a zipper is essential for winter. You can put everything you need in your tote, and zip it up to protect your books and electronics from the Seattle rain.

2. Carry-All Tote with a Zipper 3. Flats 4. Statement Coat

High heels aren’t practical in Seattle, but save your sneakers for the gym! Try pretty, decorative flats for daily wear. In the winter time, the first thing people notice about your outfit is your coat! When you are bundled up outside, a beautiful coat is the most important part of your outfit. Don’t be afraid to wear accessories in winter! People

to wear darker colors in the winter, so colorful 5. Accessories tend accessories are a good way to add “pop” to your outfit. Don’t be afraid to wear too many accessories, be bold! A compact easy-to-carry umbrella is a must for Seattle 6. Unique Umbrella weather. And why not have a cute umbrella while you are at it? hard to be colorful when it is dark and rainy outside, 7.One colorful piece It’s so try adding a colorful shoe, bag, or scarf.

Get Healthy Winter Skin

By Melinda Wang

Cold weather means all sorts of wonderful things: Holiday Starbucks cups, ice skating, and dry skin. Wait, back up, dry skin?! Dry, winter-y skin is most certainly not wonderful, and if you are dry-skin prone, here are some tips for the college-student-on-a-budget to keep your skin moisturized and healthy throughout the whole winter season!

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil Italian movie stars swear by this trick. Extra virgin olive oil is olive oil in it’s most natural state, and won’t clog your pores. Add a little bit of olive oil to your normal night moisturizer to make your moisturizer more effective. Or, mix sugar and olive oil together to make an exfoliating face scrub. Wash off the olive oil with your favorite face wash, and then apply moisturizer immediately after.

2. Sunscreen Even on the cloudiest of days, UV rays are still there. UV rays can also be reflected off of ice and snow. If you love being outdoors in the winter and persistently have dry, red skin in the winter, perhaps you are actually getting mildly sunburned. Nevertheless, wearing sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF never hurts, even in Seattle!

3. Warm Showers Nothing sounds better than a hot, steamy shower on a cold day. However, hot water can be harsh to your skin and dry it out further. Stop taking scalding-hot showers and try shorter showers with warm water. Your skin AND your utility bill will thank you!

4. Milk Baths Yes, this may sound strange, but the fats and lactic acid in milk can be soothing and lightly exfoliating. Try adding two cups of milk to a warm bath. After soaking, pat dry and immediately apply lotion.

5. Drink Water During the wintertime, there are so many delicious holiday drinks: pumpkin spice lattes, hot chocolate, apple cider, the list goes on. Many people forget to drink plain ol’ water in the winter, and are therefore become less hydrated. Don’t forget to drink water along with your favorite holiday drink!

“Stella & Dot designs an irresistible line of fashion jewelry and fashion accessories that can be purchased exclusively at home jewelry parties or online� Jacquelynn Rowland H: (360) 533-4828 C: 581-0747 Trunk Shows, Events, Fundraisers


le profes tt a e S l a c lo h it w w Intervie

Ryan Muller

La Mode: You do many different things, what would you say your job title is? Ryan Muller: I’m an executive producer. The company is Active Entertainment and Chance is a monthly fashion focused event, and we also do an event called AMDEF every year. LM: What made you interested in this? Are you an artist yourself? RM: I think that producing a show is an art. You have to understand both the chemistry of crowd and the people that you are putting the show on for. You have to understand the people working backstage. I never expected to get into fashion at all. Fashion is advertised as this exclusive thing. You have to be 5’9” ad 80 pounds to be a model, you have know people in production to be a fashion designer, and it’s just bullsh*t. That whole marketing scheme sells exclusivity. And fashion is an art. Just like any art form. It’s not something that should be exclusively enjoyed. I saw a need for support in the fashion community in Seattle and we just started coming up with ideas of how could create something beneficial for artists and Chance is what we ended up coming up with. LM: What has been your biggest challenge so far? RM: Getting over all the setbacks that happened. There’s always going to be something that comes up that interrupts you from the thing that you’re trying to get towards. There’s a lot of negativity out there and you have to get through all that and stay persistent. Sometimes you will get burnt out by all of the crap that happens in trying to achieve your goals and it’s just tough not to get burnt out. LM: Do you have any advice for students who might be going into a similar industry? RM: A lot of people get caught up in the idea that one contract or one gig or one fashion show is going to make them famous overnight and it’s a dream that Hollywood is selling people. It’s not being the right place at the right time or knowing the right people. It’s working your ass off, all the time. I think people are lazy these days so my biggest advice for anybody is to keep working at it and keep educating yourself about what you’re doing. You can never know enough! LM: You have worked with many different types of artists. In your eyes, how have people grown the most? What is the biggest lesson that you see people learning? RM: Once u get people started, they start gaining confidence. Once you gain confidence, it becomes less of matter of what you’re able to do, but what it takes to do it. I think a lot of it is that once people start getting support and get confidence behind them, it’s positive enforcement, and they go out and do more work.

Quarterly P



n 2013


r 2014

Photoshoot sponsored by ZebraClub

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Our first ever issue for the La Mode: Fashion at UW Club! This issue shows you how to prep up for the upcoming Spring Break. Cover Photo:...

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