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Your Wheels Are worthy Of A Little Individuality Owning a motorcycle brings about emotions more intense than other types of transportation do. There is a friendship between motorcycle owners that doesn't automatically exist between owners of other sorts of transportation, too. Of the different forms of transportation, motorcycles could be the most frequently customized and this might be the reason why. In fact, in most circles, stock bikes are frowned upon, and the more individualized a motorcycle is, the better. In order to discuss customization and different ways to personalize the motorcycles, different clubs and forums have been formed. Any bike can have an exceptional look that doesn't exist any place else with custom motorcycle wheels. No matter what type of motorcycle or which look one is after, there are a number of wheel options for making the bike into an individual representation of personality. Personal choices such as color, finish, width and style are all choices that reflect the taste of the rider and enhance the custom look of the bike. One of the ways the wheels can be customized is with color. The most routinely available choices are black, silver and chrome with black being most commonly offered with optional finishes including matte or gloss. Some wheels come ready to paint so your color can be matched or accented against the color of the motorcycle for an even more customized look. For a high-end, sleek look, you can include the high shine of silver or chrome. Custom wheel color and finish combos are only limited by the imagination of the biker. Changing the size of the wheels is another way to trick out a bike, and options are available for both height and width. Generally, the wheels on the front and the wheels on the back are not the same widths. Some bikers want the front and back tires to be the same while others like the look of a fat tire on the back. Wider tires grip the road a little bit differently so that they can give you a smoother ride than the regular or thin tires. You are a lot more likely to get a more reactive ride the thinner the tires are. It is normally easier to control a motorcycle that has thinner tires. It is often hard to discern these differences though. According to many bikers, wheel width is more of a personal preference than a choice based on the impact on the ride. The spokes of custom motorcycle wheels are where one of the most important design elements comes into play. A biker might prefer thicker spokes that are more widely placed with softer, rounder shapes to offer a more extravagant look if they have a touring bike or some other larger motorcycle. For a tougher, more intense looking motorcycle a biker may choose jagged spoke designs and thinner, sharper looking spokes. Some spoke designs say “speed” and are an ideal fit for sport bikes. Wheel names reflect these styles with “tough” names that bring to mind a feeling of fierceness and durability and could double as sports mascots, or names that bring to mind the old style elegance of a sturdier generation. No custom motorcycle is complete until it has been fitted with custom motorcycle wheels, no matter whether a biker is looking for a way to suggest speed, extravagance or aggressiveness. With all the available options, there is a way to find the best look for your ride that will distinguish it from every other bike out there. FTD Customs contains a fantastic choice of custom Harley wheels, so you're guaranteed to find FTD Customs

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Your Wheels Are worthy Of A Little Individuality the ultimate set. For additional information on FTD Customs, go to their webpage at

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Your Wheels Are worthy Of A Little Individuality