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WHAT CAN DO FOR YOU? Laminine is a form of a natural ‘adaptogen’ helping to create a state of balance or normalization and restoring the body to its natural state of homeostasis. Regular use of Laminine helps to: Reduce signs of aging Builds collagen for healthier looking skin


Stimulate natural DHEA to reduce physical and mental stress


perfect health is not impossible to find. In fact, it’s closer than you think. A healthy new you is on its way, and it starts with Laminine. This miraculous breakthrough began with the discovery of a potent, natural extract by a Canadian doctor who used it to support normal cell structure and function for those concerned with cancer.

Increase physical, mental & emotional strength Reduce physical and mental stress Promote more restful sleep Produce quicker recovery after work out and increased muscle tone Elevating serotonin levels to raise your mood

Today, Laminine continues an 80-year tradition of support for healing and returning the body to a balanced state.

Down-regulate pain receptors in the body


Improve stamina and energy

In 1929, John R. Davidson, a Canadian Doctor, discovered an extract derived from fertilized hen eggs at a critical stage of incubation. Dr Davidson used this extract to restore health in his patients. Scientists have since discovered that on exactly the ninth day of incubation, the fertilized hen egg contains all the necessary elements to create life and the highest amount of nutrition to develop it into a living being.

Increase alertness Increase libido Aid in brain function and activity including focus Develop an overall sense of better wellbeing

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At this very precise moment the highly potent tissue is extracted. Today, along with a blend of phyto and marine proteins added to the extract to make it complete with all essential amino acids, we have created Laminine. Laminine continues the tradition of healing and restoring many people back to health and sustaining a balanced state.

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Have you ever wondered how a child physically develops at a dramatic rate? How a young person can exert so much energy and recover almost instantly? Do you also wonder how a child is able to pick up languages so quickly and how they can remember the slightest things?



Laminine helps regenerate aging cells while completely nourishing unhealthy cells, supporting their restoration to their original state. Your body has its own repair mechanism, the physical ability to regenerate your own damaged cells. This repair mechanism is alive and well when we were younger, but falters as we age. Laminine unleashes this powerful repair mechanism inside all of us. It will keep your entire family not only healthy, but help them become physically, mentally and emotionally stronger.

The answer lies in a compound that is essential in supporting embryonic development called Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF). While FGF is readily available in the human placenta, its availability diminishes over time, and essentially vanishes as we age. Our body by itself is incapable of producing its own FGF, which it must derive from the food supply. Until now… All-Natural Laminine is believed to be the only other known source of FGF in adults. Research credits FGF with improving neuron functions in your brain, increasing amino acids and peptides in your cells and assigning the proper stem cells to restore your body’s organs back to their original state. In layman terms, FGF reprograms adult stem cells and amino acids in your body, which make up your natural repair tools, to travel to the areas that need it the most. Once there, these repair tools have the ability to integrate themselves with that particular body part. Their mission then becomes to repair and regenerate the cells and tissue in that location, wherever it is in the body. As long as the FGF is there, our body’s repair mechanisms can be instructed to facilitate in the repair of whatever part of our body that needs the most rehabilitation. This explains why Laminine has demonstrated a wide range of benefits for different people in varying parts of the body.

Ever since my mother died about six months ago, I couldn’t sleep as I experienced a deep sadness. After Laminine, I slept soundly for the first time and noticed my bouts of sadness gradually disappear. I have a greater sense of well-being. RENEE H. Seven years ago my knees were very hurt. I thought I would never be able to walk comfortably again. When I started taking Laminine, I felt full of energy and enthusiasm, and the severe discomfort in my knees even went away! This is an absolute miracle. MARTHA H.

In 2008, my dad was diagnosed as having Alzheimer’s. Since he started taking Laminine one year ago, we feel we have our father back. Thank you Laminine. LES H. I am a type II insulin dependent diabetic. Within 3 days of Laminine my blood sugar appears to be normalized. I also suffer from low grade depression. After 3 months, sugar and sadness are no longer issues. I feel that Laminine may have saved my life and I can’t live without it. STEVE E.


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