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ALUMINIUM FOOD PACKAGING Food Industry | Large-Scale Retail Trade | Catering

About us | Reliability of a Group Founded by Laminazione Sottile Group in 1991, Contital's core business concerns the production and distribution of aluminum trays for the food industry. The added value we create stems not only from the economic solidity of the Group we are part of, but also from the commitment we place in all our activities and in the continuous investments for innovation and an ever greater environmental sustainability.


Laminazione Sottile Group

these values inspire us, putting the quality of our products and the satisfaction of the customer ďŹ rst.


100 years of history



exporting over








in the production of aluminium coils for packaging sector

in the production of aluminium trays and containers

Food Safety | From the raw material a dedicated treatment

Laminazione Sottile, the parent company of the Group, deals with the production of industrial aluminum rolls

In compliance with European Standard EN 16773:2016

which are the raw material of the subsidiaries.

It is the only company in the sector to treat aluminum with a dedicated degreasing process that removes any odors or production residuals, and ensures surface cleanliness

Contital | Numbers

1.4 1400 60 400 pieces packaging presses mouldes




Contital is a completely integrated company, from the design of the product up to its realization and distribution to the clients. Upon request, the company can provide a customized secondary packaging, according to customer needs.

Containers can also be customized by embossing or flexo printing.

The distribution and warehouse management activities are optimized thanks to a new 3000 sqm structure and the most recent inventory planning systems, reducing storage times to a minimum.

R&D | It means Innovation Investments in research and development activities allowed the creation of innovative and patented product lines, including Happy Day (semi-smoothwall ®

containers) and the Bake-eeze system.

The Happy Day range The Happy Day line, winner of the prestigious Alufoil Trophy in 2017, represents a double innovation: it is a rigid, reusable and recyclable container, made with a patented cold-stamping technique instead of the classic turning. The smooth edges give the products non-stick properties. Moreover, characteristics of the container also represent an advantage in terms of reduction of raw material used and emissions into the atmosphere.

The Bake-eeze® system ®

Bake-eeze is an innovative patented system to manufacture aluminium non-stick containers. It has been developed to meet all the needs of industrial bakery and pastry companies, solving the problem of the baked food becoming stuck to the container after cooking. The non-stick properties are given by a vegetable lubricant with a food-grade additive approved in Europe; it is absolutely natural and compliant to all regulations about food-contact. The solution reduces the production costs and time in food industries.


Aluminium | Sustainability and Benefits Our mission is to guarantee totally recyclable and sustainable products: aluminum is 100% recyclable, infinitely and without loss of quality allowing the optimizaton of production costs of raw material. Thanks to its properties it is the perfect material for food packaging.


with a density of just 2.7g / m , transportation costs are reduced THERMAL CONDUCTION

homogeneous and fast heat transfer, which makes our containers suitable for defrosting, heating and cooking food VERSATILITY

to create a huge variety of products with different thicknesses and shapes IMPERMEABILITY

#DidYouKnow? The recycling process for aluminium requires more than 95% less energy compared to the primary production



recycled aluminium

primary aluminium

0,4 KW/h

16 KW/h

a barrier against air, light, liquids and micro-organisms


Certifications | We are BRC Food safety is one of the principles underlying all the Contital activities. All production processes respect all the regulations in the field of food contact materials and the completely automated lines avoid direct contact of the staff with the product, ensuring safety and hygiene. Contital is a BRC (British Retail Consortium) certified company, which represents the global standard for the safety of food products. In this specific case, for the safety of aluminium for food contact.