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Coated Aluminium for Pharma capsules Italcoat supplies coated aluminium to manufacturers of pharmaceutical capsules.

We care about sustainability

We offer: -FDA or BGA approved epoxy coating resistant to degreasing through chlorinated degreaser and sterilisation in water vapour at 121°C for 30 min. or in oven at 180°C for 90 min.

We continuously improve the resource optimization to increase production efciency. We work hard to reduce consumption of water, energy and paper; to control and limit emissions; to effectively manage harmful substances and waste.

- BPA-NIA (Bisphenol A - Not Intentionally Added) products on request.

How we manufacture coated aluminium coils for pharmaceutical capsules Al

aluminium melting


hot rolling thermal cold rolling treatments

cold rolling

surface treatments



packaging and dispatching

Technical Specication Typical Alloy: 8011 - 3105 - 5052 Temper: H44 - H46 Thickness: 0,18mm up to 0,30mm Width: >25mm





Advantages of coated aluminium • Sterilization resistance

• Perfect printability

• Protection against corrosion

• Ideal mechanical properties for deep drawing process

• Excellent isotropy

Main RAL colours

Lemon Yellow RAL: 1012

Light ivory RAL: 1015

Ochre Yellow RAL: 1024

Ruby red RAL: 3003

Black red RAL: 3007

Trafc red RAL: 3020

Purple violet RAL: 4007

Cobalt blue RAL: 5013

Fir green RAL: 6009

Pine green RAL: 6028

Pure green RAL: 6037

Dusty grey RAL: 7037

Pure white RAL: 9010

Graphite black RAL: 9011

Trafc black RAL: 9017

Papyrus white RAL: 9018

Displayed colours could be slightly different from RAL due to CMYK conversion

Other colours available on request. All lacquers are available in the bright, opaque, semi-opaque, semi-transparent and transparent version.