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Luxembourg, 28th & 29th January 2014 At the end of January staff from Laminar Medica travelled to Luxembourg to exhibit at the IQPC Cool Chain Europe conference. This is regarded as one of the main events in our industry in Europe, it’s attended by all of our main competitors, a large number of customers, and also many more prospects. We decided to use the event this year to launch our Air Cargo Shipping Systems to the Pharmaceutical market. To ensure our stand stood out (in an exhibition hall with over 50 exhibitors) we decided to have a purpose-built stand for the event, which was double the size we would normally have in order to accommodate the large Cargo systems. Phil Knight built a special cut away sample of the CTC2772 (1/2 PAG), which attracted people’s attention. We ran a “guess the number of balls in a CTC506” competition on the stand. Céline Theizen from Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) International had the closest guess and won a mini iPad. This competition was a good way of attracting people’s attention and gathering names and contact details.

The Laminar Stand There was an opportunity on the second day of the event to demonstrate the CTC1313 (1/4PAG) on our stand. Andrew spoke, highlighting the various features and benefits of the products, Phil and Jonathan expertly assembled the product, while a crowd of delegates watched on. This was a good opportunity for us to demonstrate the systems and feedback from everyone who watched was positive. The event was attended by some influential pharmaceutical delegates including Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Merck, Ferring and Bayer, and we generated a good number of enquiries that will now be followed up by our Sales team.

The event also provided a good opportunity for us to do some competitor research and attend a number of presentations to keep up to date with latest news and trends within the industry.

In summary, a successful event where we were able to launch the cargo range and present Laminar Medica in a positive light. Vikki Frampton


2014 OBJECTIVES During the last Quarterly All Employee Meeting I outlined the proposed objectives for 2014 and by now I hope you will have seen them posted around the business on notice boards etc. We are currently going through the PDR process and the intention is to align individual and team objectives with the delivery of the overarching company objectives. I will provide feedback on progress at all future Quarterly All Employee Meetings and the Senior Management Team will review them on a more regular basis to ensure we deliver on our promises. If you are unsure as to how you can contribute to the achievement of these objectives please ask, firstly by talking with your immediate line manager and if still unsure or unresolved directly with me.


• Deliver the Budget - Build credibility

• Start the journey to World Class Manufacturing/ Lean Organisation/Cultural Change

• Cargo Shipper – consolidate & grow sales

• Establish US manufacturing capability & recruit local General Manager

• Review & refine business model for Asia

• Develop new High Reliability Range to launch January 2015

• Develop a range of bulk ambient shippers

• Complete KTP programme

• Establish MediTray manufacturing capability in UK

KEY SUPPORTING OBJECTIVES • Improve our H&S performance – make the business a safer place • Improve our quality & service performance • Aim to achieve Silver Investors in People Award • Launch the apprentice scheme • Tighter focus on our key products & markets • Develop a technology plan to support machine replacement/plant upgrades By working together and through a relentless focus on the above objectives we can all contribute to the future success of our business.




We have started a review of the Company’s Vision, Mission and Values and I would like to share my vision for the values that I feel the company should adopt. Over time these will become imbedded into the DNA of the business and will be visible in everything we do and how we do it.

The Investors in People Review of Laminar Medica took place week commencing 10th February. The Assessor met a sample of more than 30 employees with a wide variety of roles and responsibilities.

Five values drive the way we work and conduct business:

Results Driven Strives for success with a sense of urgency. Actively sets high goals and goes beyond what is required. Achieves goals by making well thought our yet efficient decisions based on pertinent facts, relevant information and good judgement. Goes the extra mile.

Accountability Taking personal responsibility for results and decisions that support organisational objectives.


The Assessor recognised that Laminar had undergone a great deal of change during 2013 with the departure of a number of staff and new appointments in some key positions, including that of Managing Director. There is a high degree of awareness amongst all staff and a feeling of excitement and optimism within the company as the business is preparing to invest in its plant to achieve some challenging new growth targets. Some of our strengths and good practices include; •

A strong commitment to learning, development and provision of training opportunities. “People considerations” are an important aspect of every decision the company makes

A demonstrable commitment to quality in all respects

Customer Focus

Relentless commitment to meeting and exceeding external and internal customer expectations.

Staff meetings are seen as highly valuable and appreciated

A good understanding of other departments’ roles and functions

Behaves in an honest, fair and ethical manner; shows consistency in words and actions; models high standards of ethics.

Transparency Communictes authentically with all levels of the organisation through direct feedback and open sharing of information. Over the coming weeks and months we will be communicating a revised Vision and Mission statement and explaining how we will all use them in conjunction with the Values to move the business forward, change the culture by building on exisiting good practice in order to make the business more successful and an enjoyable place to work.

The assessor was able to conclude that Laminar continues to meet all requirements of the IiP Bronze Standard and are very close to achieving the Silver level accreditation which will be determined during the next assessment in November 2014. This is an excellent outcome and testament to all your efforts to continue to improving the business during what was an extremely difficult chapter in our history. Well done to you all! Lyndon Wild


CHARITY ROUND UP To start off the New Year, we held another charity day on Friday 7th February were we all took part in Ramp up the Red to support the British Heart Foundation.

Over recent months we have held various charity days throughout the company, we raised £80.00 for Children In Need - £40 in staff donations and a £40 matching donation from the company. We held a bake sale for the DEC Philippines Appeal were we managed a pretty impressive spread of delicious treats. We raised £69.19 on the day and with the company contribution this came to a total of £169.19.

Our biggest fundraising event of 2013 was Movember.

When we include the £250 company contribution we managed to raise


which is an absolutely fantastic result. 4

We saw a variety of stripes, checks and bold reds (and crimsons and pink!) worn in the form of… red ties... red shirts… red t-shirts... red jumpers… red socks... red shoes... red PJ bottoms and not forgetting the red Liverpool tops and the red Welsh rugby top! We raised £67 in staff donations and a company donation of £100, making a total of £167. In our spots! Raising money for Children in Need

On December 14th 2013, Rennie Grove Hospice Care arranged for the “Big C” charity gig at The Pendley Court Theatre in Tring. All the prizes were donated mainly by local companies. It ranged from an MP3 player, meal for four people at The Akeman restaurant in Tring.

Laminar kindly donated some Champagne. Everyone had a fantastic night! All the proceeds, including money raised behind the bar and from all that were involved with the night, were donated to The Rennie Grove Hospice Care. The evening raised well in excess of £5000! Going forward for 2014 a charity committee is going to be formed, if you would like to be part of this committee or you have any future charity suggestions please speak to Fiona Knox. Thank you to all who have participated/donated to the various causes so far.



Welcome to Laminar Medica Joined us on 1st October as the Managing Director

Welcome to Laminar Medica Joined us on 3rd March as a Business Development Manager. He will be based in our Czech Office.

Lindsay STANDEN Welcome to Laminar Medica Joined us as Maternity cover for Chloe Hales on the 13th January and will be with us until the end of August

Ed-Fletcher WELLS CONGRATULATIONS ON: 10 Years service in November 2013

Paul JOHNSON CONGRATULATIONS ON: 10 Years service in January 2014

Laminar Medica would like to say farewell to the following members of staff: Matt Peppiatt: Who left us in October 2013 Alan White: Who retired in November 2013 Benedicte Bordas: Who left us in October 2013 Mike Houlding: Who left us in January 2014 Congratulations to Mike Taylor who has been appointed to the position of Tool setters Team Leader with immediate effect. Congratulations to Chloe Hales who became a mother on the 25th February. She gave birth to a baby boy 7lb 9oz and they have named him Troy. Congratulations to Chloe and family!

Congratulations to the following members of staff who have won a ÂŁ50 voucher for reporting a near miss: Mike Taylor: won the November near miss award Geoff Rutter: won the January near miss award Pete Weaver: won the February near miss award Andy Gold: won the March near miss award



Over the last few months we have been in discussion with our contacts at Amgen regarding an opportunity to potentially supply them with our systems in the US and Canada. We have been working on two separate proposals as follows; 1). Short/Medium Term - Supply of LM systems to Amgen in North America from our LMUK facility. 2). Medium/Long Term - Supply of locally (US) manufactured LM systems to Amgen in North America. I am pleased to inform you that we have recently learnt that our proposal for stage one has been accepted by Amgen. We will therefore commence supply to Amgen in the US and Canada (from LMUK) in the coming weeks. Meetings are being arranged this week to discuss and agree the implementation plan. This is likely to affect both our LMUK and LMCE operations, as some of our existing Amgen European business may be transferred from LMUK to LMCE to allow LMUK to focus on the supply to Amgen in North America. Lyndon, Will and I visited Amgen in Holland on Thursday 27th February to discuss our proposal for stage two. I will update you on this proposal once I have more information.

GROUPNEWS February 2014 marked the 30th anniversary of Helapet being in business. They were founded in 1984 and have developed a strong reputation in the UK cleanroom industry as a trusted supplier and importer of innovative cleanroom disposables, Helapet has continued to evolve into a multi-million pound business. Now employing over 25 people and operating a modern warehousing and cleanroom facility in Houghton Regis, Helapet looks set to continue its 30 years of success.

In March 2014 SecuriCare achieved the Gold Investors In People award.

In January 2014 CareFlex launched their new website. Their new website has been designed with both healthcare professionals and the public in mind, to provide a user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality. In January a team from Welland Medical travelled to Dubai to attend Arab Health the largest healthcare exhibition & medical congress event in Middle East.

This is obviously welcome news plus an exciting opportunity for Laminar Medica, as we have never previously supplied Amgen in North America. The fact that we have secured the phase one business will hopefully strengthen our position for the stage two proposal, as our systems will become established in Amgen’s operations in North America. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved for their hard work and support in helping us to secure this new business with Amgen. Mike Hickey

CliniMed, Welland and SecuriCare had the great pleasure of hosting a meeting with a number of members of the Colostomy Association Facebook group and some of their partners. The day started with an overview of Welland by Chris Primett (Managing Director) and then on to the Welland factories. Hannah Freeman


LAMINAR AWARDS ENVIRONMENTAL EFFICIENCY AWARD Laminar Medica entered the Engineering Employers’ Federation (EEF) 2013 Manufacturing Awards (Southern region), under the category of Environmental Efficiency. The category was aimed at manufacturers who have improved operational efficiency through projects undertaken since 2010 aimed at reducing a company’s impact on the environment. Whilst also improving operational efficiency.

Application process Our entry was submitted electronically using the EEF’s entry form. The submission was limited to no more 2000 words, with a maximum of five pieces of additional evidence which included tables, graphs and how Laminar would benefit from the project. Examples included were: •

Marketing opportunities to promote Laminar Medica as an environmentally progressive business.

Helping to secure the supply of raw material by reducing consumption & cushions against volatility in the supply chain.

Reduced frequency in the number of EPS waste collections required p.a.

Financial savings of having to purchase less raw bead material, offset by using regrind.

Meeting the requirements of Laminar Medica’s environmental policy and ISO14001 environmental management system (EMS).

Meeting Laminar Medica’s ‘strategy objectives’ & our ’vision, mission & core values’ statements.

All this data was then submitted to EEF for evaluation to be put forward for inclusion in the awards category. Background We produce EPS waste which is collected & treated off site. In 2010 we started experiencing severe difficulties with managing the process of recycling our waste EPS, due to the downturn in the building industry where EPS is reused for thermal insulation. As a result the only short term solution was to send EPS to landfill, which was financially & environmentally unsustainable. Various longer term solutions were evaluated in order to avoid sending our EPS waste to landfill. The best overall solution was to convert the waste into raw material by regrinding it back for use in new moulded components, utilising the waste material and reducing the volume of raw materials purchased from our supplier, a great example of helping the environment and the business. A team was assembled for the project and included the following staff members: Facilities Manager (Richard Giles), Environmental Coordinator ( Mark Church), Production Manager (Peter Barrow), Finance Director (Chris Eyles) & Managing Director (Lyndon Wild). External contractors were also contacted to provide technical support; MS Precision & Erlenbach (manufacturers of plant). The project was funded from the Group via submission of a capital expenditure request.

Outcomes At the regional events ceremony awards held at Mercedes World, Weybridge, Surrey, Laminar Medica was awarded runner up in environmental efficiency award category. In addition to the benefits above we also achieved excellent key performance results: •

Return on investment (ROI) for this project was achieved in May, less than 16 months.

Financial savings made as of 31st May: £47,076.

Conclusion This project has been very cost effective and will continue to provide Laminar Medica with ongoing financial and environmental savings. Mark Church


WORK EXPERIENCE During November 2013 Stephanie’s son Louis Fitt joined us for a work experience/shadowing day. Louis spent time in all departments and as a thank you he sent us the following letter:

Dear Laminar Medica,

Louis time with Cherri & Customer Services

Thank you for all you have done, I had a great day. The things I have learnt were amazing! I never knew that there was such a thing as a walk-in freezer. It was great. I also enjoyed talking to Lyndon. I got a glass of lemonade!

Louis time with Lyndon

The coolest thing was the 3D clock that I made on the computer with Scott and the moulding shop was cool as well. I loved it. THANK YOU! From Louis

Louis Fitt

Louis with the Tech Department

Stephanie would like to thank all of you that spent time with him.

Lunch with mum

Louis in the Mould shop



The setting was at the local Chiltern Golf and Country Club. We danced away to the Take That tribute band and finished the night off with some karaoke acts. Vikki and I hope you liked the event and enjoyed the raffle, congratulations to those who won the various hampers. I will let you know when and where the next event will be - Fiona Knox



Everybody has seen something that makes them think, “that could hurt someone”. If you see anything like this around Laminar Medica, please let QA know. A near miss is something that can occur every day and could be as small as bumping into the corner of a desk but these are things we want to hear about. We use these reports in a couple of ways. Firstly to prevent potential harm, and secondly to see if there are any trends in near-misses and accidents, and ACTING on those trends. By doing this, we make Laminar Medica a safer place.

We need to know about these things. If we don’t know, we can’t change them. Each report added to the others and one is chosen at random to receive £50. So for a chance of a bit of extra “disposable income”,


COFFEE BREAK Congratulations to Cherri Gentry who won a £20 M&S voucher for completing the puzzles in last edition’s Coffee Break!

Fill out two puzzles to be in with a chance to win a £20 M&S voucher. All entries are to be handed to Hannah in the Sales & Marketing office 1. Where is your ideal holiday destination? Cuba - Went there on HM! 2. What is your favourite meal? Sticky toffee pudding, Eton Mess, Banoffee Pie, Bread & Butter Pudding (I have a sweet tooth!) 3. If you had to describe yourself in three words which three would you use? Creative, musical, over-analytical (four words!) 4. What fashion trend you followed was very cool then but ridiculous now? New Romantics in the 1980s 5. If you chose to have a tattoo, what would your tattoo look like and where would it be? I have a Chinese tattoo that I HOPE says good heath, happiness and fortune 6. If you had to choose a super power which one would you choose? What every young man wants to have – X Ray Vision!


7. If you made a movie of your life what kind of movie would it be and who would be cast as you? Is your life an adventure, drama, romance or horror flick? I would like the movie to have been a swashbuckler - the 3 musketeers (Richard Chamberlain or Michael York) but in reality it is more likely to have been a farce 8. If you won the lottery what would you do with all the cash? Pay the school fees! 9. If you could have taken a different path in life, what would you have chosen to do, knowing what you know today? Musketeer!

1. In Monopoly, the green set consists of Bond Street, Regent Street and which other?

4. Join the correct Celebrity Chefs name with their picture SOPHIE GRIGSON MITCH TONKS

2. Who created Snoopy?


3. After how many years would you celebrate your crystal anniversary?




Over the last 7 months our online customer satisfaction survey has been sent to approximately 459 customers.

In 2014 the marketing department have developed the capability to create electronic maps of customer/prospect locations worldwide. These maps will help the business target its approach to the market, as we expand our business activity into new industry sectors and countries across Europe and beyond.

Highlights: • • • • • • •

We have received 28 completed questionnaire’s One person has unsubscribed 95.6 % said they would purchase from us again 86.9% said they had purchased from us before 13% said it was their first order We have a high overall satisfaction rate Our customer service department give off a good impression

Our objective for 2014 is to improve our response rate by 15%.

SOCIAL MEDIA & WEBSITE We continue our work with Social Media by regularly updating our company LinkedIn Page with the latest news from Laminar. In January 2014 we launched our company Twitter page and tweeted updates from the IQPC Cool Chain Europe event. We plan to continue and expand on our social Media interaction throughout 2014. During 2014 we will also be launching a new version of our website which is currently in the planning phase.

Computer mapping of customers/prospects can help our business to pro-actively target and penetrate markets/regions

Electronic mapping of customers & prospects provide a number of business benefits: •

An Internet based tool that allows all customers/ prospects to be viewed at country, region, county, town or even street level – simplifying meeting scheduling & journey planning.

Map points can be categorised by current expenditure level or future commercial potential, helping to prioritise visit scheduling.

Encourage more advanced planning of customer/ prospect visits by area – rather than by customer.

Making regional market coverage easier to prioritise and execute by identifying ‘zones’ of customer activity.

Utilisation of time spent in the sales field, with potential for meetings with less travelling between sites located within a more localised area.

Easier to identify local sales prospects in the vicinity of major Laminar customers, who frequently request meetings at short notice, helping to increase the benefit of routine customer visits.

PENGUINPOSTARTICLES If you have anything you would like to see featured in the next edition of Penguin Post please contact Hannah in the Sales and Marketing office. Articles do not have to be about work, they can be activity or hobby related. Issue 40 due out in September 2014.


Hannah Freeman & Mark Cooper

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