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April 2011

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New Cool Pack Range We are pleased to announce the launch of MediTray™, our new range of cool packs, designed to offer superior protection for temperature sensitive shipments. These new products will be offered alongside our traditional range of Medicool® cool packs and will complement our existing range of insulated shipping systems.

Utilising “pinch points” the Meditrays are designed in such a way as to allow them to freeze into a uniform shape, regardless of whether the cool packs are refrigerated or frozen, they will still fit into the same space in our insulated shipping systems.

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The cool packs are encapsulated in flexible, recyclable plastics and sealed with a strong multilayer film. Not only does this make them puncture resistant, but it means a heavier load can be placed on top of the cool packs without them crushing. As a minimal amount of material is used per cool pack (only 2 materials; the gel and the plastic) this also makes them environmentally friendly.

The benefits to our customers include: •

Environmentally friendly, as minimal amount of material is used

Robust material, making them virtually crush proof and puncture resistant

Same performance as Laminar’s traditional Medicool® range

Available in certain sizes

Medicool®/MediTray™ comparison data available

Extensive testing has been performed on these new packs to ensure they perform the same as our Medicool® cool packs. They are manufactured to a rigorous QA process which conforms to the ISO9001:200 Quality Management System.

The MediTray™ will be manufactured in a variety of sizes and can be purchased individually as components or as part of an insulated shipping system. For more information on the MediTray™ range of products, please contact

Case Study: Three day lead time for clinical trials company When a clinical trials company contacted Laminar with an urgent shipment deadline we were able to help with the delivery of 20% of their total order quantity within three days, followed by the remaining 80% seven days later. By offering a three day lead time on a selected range of systems, commonly used in the clinical trials sector, Laminar was able to provide two delivery options, to allow more flexibility with the clinical trial shipment. Commenting on this case study, Laminar’s Marketing Manager, Andrew Green stated: “We realise that some of our customers, particularly those in the clinical trials sector work with very tight and often spontaneous shipment deadlines. Customers need to find a cold chain packaging supplier who can manufacture according to the requirements dictated by the clinical trial protocol”. “Furthermore, our market research shows that shipper validation data and supply lead time are the most important factors in customers deciding which supplier to choose”


A new generation of adaptable systems Common componentry ensures ease of assembly

At Laminar Medica, we understand that the requirements for transporting temperature controlled materials can vary dramatically from one business to the next.

This new generation of adaptable systems has been designed to offer effective protection using the minimum number of proven Laminar Medica components. The same family of mouldings mentioned above utilises common componentry, such as the Medicool® cool packs (MC0215) across all product ranges which makes our systems fast and simple to assemble and ensures maximum availability.

We offer a number of flexible options to our customers including bespoke solutions, a back library of products, modular solutions and common componentry. Modular solutions are the key to flexibility In 2010 our Global Product Strategy was rolled out with the implementation of over 15 modular systems that can be assembled or configured for various payloads, different shipping durations, climate zones and temperature stability requirements. The Global Product Strategy is essentially made up of a number of scaleable solutions offering our customers complete flexibility in size, height, capacities, transport durations and temperature bands. The strategy builds on the modular philosophy in our latest Chilltherm®, MediSorb® and Freezetherm® range of products.

By making the most of our modular solutions and common componentry, customers can gain access to a new generation of sophisticated yet affordable temperature controlled packaging technology to ensure that sensitive materials are shipped quickly, efficiently and safely.

The benefits to our customers include: •

Flexible solutions as the same container can be used for different temperature bands and durations

Simplified ordering

Reduced warehouse costs

The same footprint of container

Common coolpacks for multiple applications

For example, utilising the same family of mouldings (Meditherm® 25) with additional rings we have developed a range of products from 5 to 58 litres capacity for dry ice, chilled and controlled ambient applications with dependable temperature control from 12 to 120 hours. 3


April 2011

Latest edition of dangerous goods Class 6, div 6.2, compliance training now available Main features of the 2011 course:

Saf-T-Pak, the leading supplier of dangerous goods packaging has released the latest edition of their successful computer based compliance training. The programme is designed to help bio safety/laboratory operatives gain awareness of the risks associated with the transportation of hazardous biological agents and related materials (Class 6, Division 6.2). The course includes all the relevant changes found in the 2011-2012 edition of the International Civil Aviation Organisation Technical Instructions (ICAO TI) and the 52nd edition of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (IATA DGR). The training is divided into modules that cover legislation, regulations, risk assessment, marking, labelling, packaging procedures and emergency response.

Category B Infectious Substances

Exempt Human and Animal Specimens

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s)

Dry Ice

Dry and Wet Liquid Nitrogen Shippers

Excepted Quantities

Limited Quantities

Print your own certificate upon successful completion of the exam (valid for 2 years).

Train at your own pace using a PC.

Assisted learning using demonstration videos, technical reference library and access to packaging compliance expertise.

Modules covering Cat A, Cat B, exempt, GMO’s, dry ice (Class 9) excepted quantities and wet/ dry nitrogen shipments.

Training based on the latest edition of ICAO technical instructions and compliant with IATA DGR, ADR/RID.

You can also receive a free demo CD by post: to request a copy please contact Joanne King at Laminar Medica on +44 (0) 1442 892422 or email:

Shipping categories include: Category A Infectious Substances

A packaging compliance examination and certification of DG packaging competence.

For a free demo of the 2011 Internet Training please visit -

A competency test and exam certificate is included to allow individuals/organisations to demonstrate awareness and compliance with recognised best practice and UNCOE, ICAO, IATA DGR, ADR, RID regulations.


Additions to the popular Chilltherm® range Three new pallet systems have been added to the popular Chilltherm® range. The Chilltherm® Regional 142 (142 litres) will provide protection for shipments up to 72 hours duration, whilst the Chilltherm® Global 131 and 242 have been designed for customers who require qualified temperature control shipping systems over extended durations (up to 120 hours), for routes such as transcontinental. Supplied with pre-qualified data the CTG131 (131 litres) and CTG242 (242 litres) have been tested to challenging external ambient temperatures of between -20°C to +40°C, including cross hemisphere profiles. A datasheet on the complete Chilltherm® range is available from the Laminar website:

New staff at Laminar Medica (CE) s.r.o Alena Jurajdova has taken over the role of Quality Systems Coordinator from Robert Zeman who has started work as Vice Mayor of Prachatice, his home town. Alena Jurajdova previously held the position of Logistics & Customer Service Assistant. March saw the start for two new colleagues: Jirí Svoboda joined the Czech manufacturing plant as the new Business Development Manager for sales in Central and Eastern Europe; together with Šárka Ocmanová as the new Customer Service Assistant. Šárka’s main tasks will be to manage order processing, support of sales team, telemarketing, telesales-campaigns and administration. We wish every success to our colleagues in their new positions.

Laminar Medica (CE) s.r.o installs new MediTray™ machine Early in 2011 a new cool pack manufacturing machine was successfully installed at Laminar Medica (CE). A significant capital investment in manufacturing technology, the new machine manufacturers MediTray™ a non-hazardous, water based phase change material (PCM) encapsulated in flexible, recyclable plastic providing a more robust and environmentally beneficial product. The machine comprises of four parts: a tray form sealer, the filler, a conveyor, and a mixing plant – which was designed and built by our own engineering staff at Laminar Medica’s UK plant. Milan Kozel Managing Director of Laminar Medica (CE) said “This machine is considered to be a great tool and future investment for Laminar Medica and our customers”.


Upcoming exhibitions We will be exhibiting our latest range of temperature controlled and dangerous goods packaging systems at the following upcoming exhibitions:

Blood Group Serology in Reading 14th -16th April BGS Reading is supported by:

EBSA 14th -15th April 2011, Portugal 14th Annual conference of the European Biosafety association.

Institute of Biomedical Science

The 2011 SHOT Symposium is at: the Royal Society of Medicine

6th July 2011

If you’re planning to attend any of the above events, you’ll be able to see our world leading packaging solutions for yourself and put your questions to our experts. We hope to see you there! Laminar Medica UK has been awarded the prestigious Investors in People Award following two days of external assessment in September 2010. This award is in recognition of systems and practices that support the management, the learning and development of our employees and continuous improvement. We have achieved this by the dedication and hard work of all our staff and we intend to build upon our success. Our business is all about people and we strive for excellence in all we do. For our existing customers this demonstrates our ongoing commitment to R&D, customer services, manufacturing and distribution; and for potential customers the reassurance that they are choosing the right company. The Investors in People Standard has long been acknowledged as a business improvement tool designed to advance a company’s performance through its people. Tring United Kingdom +44 (0) 1442 828664

Vodnany Czech Republic +420 38 331 0000

Distributors North America Saf-T-Pak Inc. +1 410-553-6066

Canada Saf-T-Pak Inc. +1 780-486-0211


Singapore Aeris Dynamics +65 6296 8368

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