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Sigma Lambda Gamma strives to be the premier organization committed to providing a mechanism of empowerment to all women

Letter from the editor Happy Founder’s Day Sisters!

On behalf of the La Mensajera Committee we would like to wish you all an empowering day filled with gratitude for the five women who paved the way for us to be where we are in our sisterhood today. In addition to our five founders we are honored to celebrate our Sister and Executive Director, Mary Peterson as she has announced her retirement with Sigma Lambda Gamma after 24 plus years of service. We dedicate this issue of La Mensajera to Mary who continues to give without expecting anything in return to Sigma Lambda Gamma and our sisters around the world. We hope that this issue provides a more indepth understanding of Mary’s service to our beloved sisterhood and

we look forward to continuing our celebration of Mary with sisters across the nation this summer at Convention 2014. This will surely be a historical convention you do not want to miss, we hope to see you there! Our committee has been working diligently to prepare this spring 2014 issue. We’ve been working together as a unified team and we’re very pleased with our recent expansion of the committee. If you are interested in becoming a contributing writer for La Mensajera please contact us at Mensajera@ SigmaLambdaGamma. com. Thank you to all Sisters who contributed to this issue we hope that you enjoy it. Hermanas por Vida.

“In addition to our five founders we are honored to celebrate our Sister and Executive Director, Mary Peterson.. ”

Christina “Ayana” Cassan Editor-in-Chief

La Mensajera Spring 2014


To Mary: A tribute to The Woman

Founding Mother Lupita Temiquel-McMillian How does one even begin to say thank you for an eternal gratitude and appreciation of almost 25 years of selfless service? What do you say about a woman who has taken multiple generations of young people under her wing and been committed to their personal, professional, and spiritual development? Sisters, we have been the lucky ones who Mary has kept under her wing for almost 25 years. Over the course of this year there will be an outpouring of admiration and appreciation for Mary, and this is one of them from a grateful protégé, sister and friend. I’ve had the privilege of knowing Mary for the last 24 years. The first ten of those years we developed a bond and respect for one another that has lasted for the latter 14 years of our friendship. I recently had a wonderful hour-long conversation with Mary where we caught up on life (as much as can be done in an hour) over the phone. It was a long overdue connection where I found myself listening and learning about the sorority and about life just as I had always done in my 20’s, and now also about motherhood. That is the way Mary Peterson is, she develops bonds and relationships that are solid and genuine—no matter who you are. You are always more than a mentee, or a subordinate. Mary will sing your praises, share in all your success, and feel your sorrows.

“Sisters, we have been the lucky ones whom Mary has kept under her wing for almost 25 years.” Many sisters have not had the privilege of seeing Mary Peterson beyond Executive Director of Sigma Lambda Gamma. As a Gen-Xer beginning in my undergrad years at the University of Iowa, I was able to witness firsthand “Mary Peterson,” the consummate professional, the consultant, the guest lecturer, the woman, the mother, and the Greek life extraordinaire. Many sisters have no idea of these different sides of Mary merely because they were not born yet! Here is a quick history lesson in case you did not know. Mary is one of the titans of Greek life and among the


legendary Greek life professionals (a life-er) who have positively impacted fraternities and sororities across the country. Some of her esteemed colleagues include people like Brian Breittholz, Bill Nelson, Maureen Syring, Dave Westall, Barb Robell, Ginny Carroll, and Jeff Cufaude, just to name-drop a few as I dig deep into my Greek memory. There are also more notable names who are too numerous to mention here. Like other young people, Mary was one my mentors in both college and beyond. She not only groomed me for the presidency of this great Sorority, but she also primed me as a Greek life professional. Moreover, I am grateful for her recommendation when I was hired as a Greek advisor at the mother of all universities, Miami University. Not only did she write my recommendation, but she also lobbied Maureen Syring, former Delta

Sigma Lambda Gamma strives to be the premier organization committed to providing a mechanism of empowerment to all women

To Mary: A tribute to The Woman

Founding Mother Lupita Temiquel-McMillian Gamma Fraternity International President, to also drop my name by Miami. This was after Maureen spoke at our very second national convention (a HUGE deal). This was no isolated incident, though. If Mary believes in you, she will go to bat for you and I have seen her do this with many individuals both inside and outside the Sorority. I am forever thankful she said I should shadow a Rho Chi during sorority rush at Iowa while in undergrad---whoa, let me tell you, sorority rush in the 80’s was no joke! That was the most valuable Greek experience I could have had as I later became a Panhellenic advisor and a primary representative for SLG in talks with the National Panhellenic Conference Executive Committee (an intimidating group of ladies nearly 3 times my age!). Those first ten years were filled with countless memories, both as an undergrad and as a budding professional. My first poignant memory of Mary was as a naïve undergrad who unwittingly presented a hazingfilled pledge program to her. I remember meeting in her office waiting to present this outline to her. She would smoke at her desk with the window cracked and a small desk-top fan running (unheard of now, right?). We sat there in front of her with a cigarette in one hand and red pen in the other and she proceeded to red-pen the pink legal pad pages. She was the same straight-shooting, tell-it-like-it-is Mary that we know and love back then, that she is now. I can’t even remember exactly how that meeting ended but in true Maryfashion, she made it a teachable moment and we were quickly schooled!

sharing of our hopes and dreams with one another. I miss those times and they are some of my best sisterhood moments. I could go on and on with countless memories and stories but hopefully I shared enough to give you an idea of Mary Peterson, “the Woman.” The woman who in spite of her own trials, tribulations and life transitions, has given so much of herself to our success as an organization and as individuals. She has catapulted us to the top of the Latino Greek community and made mainstream NIC and NPC take notice. The honor and privilege has been all ours, Mary. For all that you have given of yourself to us, thank you doesn’t even begin to describe the love and appreciation I have. If I could also be so bold as to speak on behalf of Sigma Lambda Gamma I would say that you are a class act. Not only does SLG stand above the rest of our peers, but we are a better sorority because of you. What’s more, this world is a better place because of you and your contributions.

“.. thank you doesn’t even begin to describe the love and appreciation I have.”

I would consider myself a recruited founder, therefore, all my memories only include Mary, Esther, and the 18 other women in our history. As a Founding Mother, I had an unconventional undergraduate sorority experience, and given that I only had essentially 2 years left, it was not the same experience that sisters have today. Because of this, there was much work to get done and unknowingly a history to establish and a future to write. During that time Mary became one of my strongest sisterhood bonds, along with Esther, and the sisters who were on the first 10 years of national boards that I served on. There were many glasses of wine and Hyatt room service quesadillas where sorority business was discussed and debated, along with the

Godspeed and God bless you and your family, Mary. Now sit back with that glass of chardonnay (but not too far) and enjoy the fruits of your labor from a different view.

La Mensajera Spring 2014


The Essence of Empowerment Sister Vanessa M. Jimenez

During my tenure with Sigma Lambda Gamma, I have come to know Mary in many different ways; my boss, my mentor, my sister, my friend. In all of these roles Mary has played in my life, Mary has taught me many lessons, both formally and informally. As a boss, Mary has taught me that caring about your employees and showing compassion and empathy during challenging times in life is important. Mary has brought balance to my once very task-oriented, allbusiness-all-the-time way of working, and through this I have come to realize that building relationships is just as important as building your assets; that in fact, relationships may be your greatest assets in life. As a mentor, Mary has taught me to pay attention to my health; playing doctor to my aches and ailments by reminding me to give myself a break because being overworked will catch up to me down the road. As a friend, Mary has taught me to take time to nurture the people in my life, appreciate what they have to give, and give of myself to them genuinely in return.

challenge her back. She has not only taught me lessons, but she has learned from me as well. She has invited my mother, my tias, my sisters into her home, and in a way that I sometimes think only Mary and Oprah can do, she empowered them to be comfortable, to be open, to be vulnerable as women, and share stories that I myself had never heard them tell. That is who Mary is, that is what Mary does. She empowers those around her, no matter their background, gender, age, religion, or ethnicity, by giving of herself and being open-minded and warm-hearted so that in return, they feel confident, encouraged, and empowered to be who they are, share how they feel, and say what they mean. Through these many lessons, I have been blessed to understand the true essence, the very embodiment of our sisterhood’s mission. Mary lives our mission of not just empowering all women, but empowering all people. No matter what the setting or who the recipient, Mary has the indisputable way of sharing herself with others in the most authentic way. Whether we are in a cab ride from the airport to a meeting site, at the lobby of a hotel, or eating a meal at a restaurant, Mary will strike a conversation with the driver, the receptionist, or the server. By the time we are done, she has found a connection and a way to reach out and help that person, even if it is by simply being pleasant and putting a smile on their face after a long day. Mary embodies the ideology that what you give of your life, is what you receive, tenfold.

“As a friend, Mary has taught me to take I believe, however, the time to nurture the people in my life.. � most important role Mary has played in my life, is that of an empowered woman. Through our various relationships, Mary has allowed me to not only be challenged by her, but to

Mary, while I know you appreciate the many blessings that have come with the opportunity to help not just Sigma Lambda Gamma, but other fraternal organizations, professionals, and countless collegiate men and women across the country, I want to thank you for not only empowering me, but being a living example of what it means to provide a mechanism of empowerment for all women by sharing so much of yourself with the world around you.


Sigma Lambda Gamma strives to be the premier organization committed to providing a mechanism of empowerment to all women

What Does Sigma Lambda Gamma Mean to Me? Sister Megan “Harmonia” Sotelo

When I entered college my freshman year, I knew I wanted to join a sorority. On a campus as big as the University of North Texas, I knew it was easy to get lost and being a part of an organization—no, a sisterhood— could give someone a great sense of belonging. However, I wanted to know what I was getting myself into, so I made sure I did my research before deciding what I wanted to join. Of course, it was quite a process. I wanted an organization that was much more than just the letters. I wanted to give to an organization much more than what I could receive, and that’s when I found SLG. Yes, I was attracted by the colors. I mean, shocking pink and majestic purple, who wouldn’t be? But it was the principles that maintained my interest. Being a half Mexican/ half Filipino, who attended a school where the students prided themselves on being nerds, in addition to attending Catholic school for eight years and coming from a family that regularly volunteers in the community, I knew exactly where I belonged.

and not only respect it, but to love and appreciate it. That is what makes our organization different. That’s why we pride ourselves on being Women of Distinction. The statistics we create and the titles we earn are just numbers, but you don’t join the organization for numbers. You join for the people, and seeing thousands of women accept each other’s beliefs, ideas, goals, and dreams empowers me. It makes me realize that we are much more than the color of our skin, the money in our bank account, which neighborhood we grew up in, or what mistakes we made in our past. We are who we constantly aspire to be, and the fact that we have learned to love each other despite the differences is a truly beautiful thing.

are not a cookie-cutter “We break the mold and stereotypes We organization. We break the mold and stereotypes that has created for us, that society has created for us.. ” society in order to start our own

Then I attended my first MGC showcase, and witnessed strolling for the first time (Don’t even get me started on that!). I immediately told myself that if I got in, I would stroll every time I got the chance. After the event, I finally met the women who would become my sisters. I walked by their booth, and I was happily greeted and brought up to the informational, where I would unknowingly meet one of my line sisters. Later I would learn who they really were. Sigma Lambda Gamma contains strong, independent women from different backgrounds, who joined an organization for different reasons, but all to obtain one goal: to better themselves in one way or another. You see, that’s when I truly discovered the beauty of this organization. Women of all shapes, colors, sizes, and ethnicities are coming together to praise our differences

unique brand of Women of Distinction. That is why I waited a semester, when I was told they couldn’t accept first semester freshmen. Despite my impatient nature, I knew these women were exactly who they claimed to be. It was no coincidence that the woman who continuously made an effort to get to know me and invested time in me, even when I was an ineligible candidate, turned out to be my Gamma Mom, the same woman who has guided me through my journey. Sigma Lambda Gamma has given me the confidence to reach for my dreams, the ability to be fearless and unafraid to show my true self, the motivation to transfer to a school where I knew I would have to start all over, and most importantly, the courage to take on responsibilities I thought I could never fulfill. That is why, to this day, I believe that Sigma Lambda Gamma is the premier organization committed to providing a mechanism of empowerment to all women. Sigma Lambda Gamma has already empowered me. La Mensajera Spring 2014



Sigma Lambda Gamma strives to be the premier organization committed to providing a mechanism of empowerment to all women

La Mensajera Spring 2014


Fit Gammas

The Fit Spotlight

Sister Claudia “Corazon” Garcia

Greetings Sisters! By now many (1025 of you actually!) of you are part of the Fit Gammas Community. I started Fit Gammas to allow Gammas from across the country to have a safe space to share, encourage, cheer, and motivate each other on our individual journeys to become healthier Women of Distinction. The response was overwhelming! The activity on Fit Gammas never ceases to surprise me. We have women of all ages, from all over the country, in all phases of adulthood who constantly share and post and learn from each other. I want to emphasize that being a “Fit Gamma” doesn’t mean that someone is working out all day, or reaches a certain weight or size. Rather, it means being a healthy, well-rounded, confident woman, with a balanced outlook on life, nutrition, exercise, and most importantly, emotional health. Feel free to send a request to join the group at https://www.facebook. com/groups/fitgammas/. I asked the group to suggest Sisters to be featured in this column and received a lot of suggestions! Here are the first two who agreed to be featured:

walk, and remove one junk thing at a time from your diet. How do you motivate yourself? I think about the years I am adding to my life by continuing a healthy lifestyle. What are your long term health and fitness goals? I would like to maintain a healthy lifestyle and share it with my future kids, so they won’t have to wait until adulthood to know the importance of fitness. I am looking to lose 10 more lbs, gradually, but I am satisfied with a weight loss of over 90 lbs. At my largest, I weighed over 265 lbs. and was at a size 20. I am now 169 lbs. and at a pant size of 8. I also want to spread my message of overall health to as many people as I can, especially minority women. Sometimes we put our hair and our traditions before our bodies, and we have to do better.

Monica Blackstock, Beta Beta- Univeristy of Missouri / La liria- Epsilon Line #40/ April 19 2005 What inspired you to work on your health? Most of my family have chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, even heart decease and I did not want to ever become a part of that. What are your weekly workouts? I do cardio for 30-40 minutes about 4 days a week, I usually do classes to mix it up (spinning, kickboxing, boxing), along with strength training at least twice a week. What advice do you have for “newbies”? Start off slow, take a 30 minute


Sigma Lambda Gamma strives to be the premier organization committed to providing a mechanism of empowerment to all women

Fit Gammas

The Fit Spotlight

Sister Claudia “Corazon” Garcia

Natali Villarruel, Eta Beta Chapter – Loyola University Chicago, Isadora #41 Spring 2005

What inspired you to work on your health? In high school I was an athlete so I stayed in fairly good shape without worrying much about what I ate. When I moved away to school all that got thrown out the window; I quickly fell into bad habits like eating fast food, not exercising, drinking and not giving my body the rest it needed. Slowly but surely I started gaining weight but thought I had things under control. It was a huge wake-up call for me when I tried to run my first 5k and realized how out of shape I was. After that race I promised myself to make a change and live a healthier lifestyle one day at a time. What are your weekly workouts? I like to do a mix of weights and cardio throughout the week. In the morning when I get up I do some quick resistance band exercises along with burpees, mountain climbers, etc. to get my heart rate up and then go for a quick run. At the gym I start with some cardio to warm up then hit the weights (alternating muscle groups for different days).

helps to keep me focused because I’m truly amazed at what I’ve been able to accomplish. I would have never imagined that I would be doing triathlons and training for my first marathon, but here I am fighting my fears and letting go of insecurities so that I can take on anything. Helping others has had a huge impact on me too. Nothing pushes you like hearing someone tell you how much you’ve inspired them. That’s why I started my blog, The Race That Never Ends. I share my stories of success and failure in the hopes that it helps someone else who might need to hear it. What are your long term health and fitness goals? For me, this journey has always been about what I’m capable of. My goals aren’t about losing a certain amount of weight or being the “perfect size,” I just want to be better, stronger and healthier. Long term, I see myself finishing my first marathon, some more triathlons and anything else that comes my way. Eating healthy and staying active will always be a part of my life now.

What advice do you have for “newbies”? Start small. We have a tendency to want to jump right into things and that’s an easy way to get overwhelmed. This isn’t a sprint, it’s more like a marathon so take your time and change things little by little so it doesn’t feel like you’re making drastic changes to your life. Remember, this is a lifestyle not a diet, enjoy the journey. How do you motivate yourself? I’m not going to lie, some days it’s hard to lift yourself out of bed when that alarm goes off, but I keep reminding myself that once I take that first step it gets easier and I’ll enjoy it. Looking back at the progress I’ve made also La Mensajera Spring 2014


Gammas Serve! Sister Jay “VidAmanza” Savoy As a graduate of the University of Wisconsin- Madison the average starting salary is around $47,000. I respond to the question about where I work with: “I am currently dedicating a year of service through City Year.” The usual response is: “Why?” Most people wonder why anyone would give up a whole ten months to do service. Who in their right mind would work full-time plus some to make less than minimum wage as a stipend? Gammas who serve as City Year Corps Members and Senior Corps Members, that’s who. With a goal to live our principles daily, sisters around the nation are dedicating a year, or two, of their lives to change the world through City Year. City Year is an educational non-profit organization that recruits young adults 17-24 to provide direct service in order to address the nation’s drop out crisis. Teams of Corps Members are placed at schools in cities that are consistently neglected. Every day in schools, sisters are working to impact and grow the minds of students towards success.

Currently, there are sisters serving in Miami and Washington, DC and in past years sisters have served in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Boston. In Washington, DC, I serve in a title one elementary school. In Miami, Sisters Shatrieka “Farisaber” Smith, Maria “Lilatambika” Sierra, and De’Shonte’ “Kimimela” Brooks all serve in public middle or high schools. Though we all serve in different schools, and even different cities, we all express the same fulfillment in spite of exhaustion. Our commitment to Sigma Lambda Gamma equipped each of us with the drive, passion, and balance we rely on every day. We each serve for different personal reasons, but the point is that we serve. Ten months can seem like a lifetime, but as we are approaching month eight the reality of what has already been accomplished, sets in. We have already grown so much by learning from our peers and our students. We have developed as professionals through conferences and challenging situations. Our students have seen positive gains in confidence, self-control, and academics. I am so proud to know that we as sisters value time enough that we would dedicate it to empowering the next generation. This article was written to reflect on how I live my principles, empower other sisters to serve, and to commend those who have served in this capacity and others. We are women of infinite power, if we believe so, and I believe in our power to make communities strong through service. * *Disclaimer: These are my thoughts and opinions and do not reflect that of City Year or Americorps.

Each day we wake up between five and six am and get ready to make the morning commute. We arrive at our schools before most students and staff in full uniform to have our first Strong Circle of the day. Strong Circle sets a unified and informed tone for the day, before we head outside to Power Greet young scholars. Throughout the school day we provide support in classrooms, grades 3rd -9th, along with small group support. We run the After-school program providing tutoring and enrichment opportunities. Finally we end our days with a Final Circle to debrief, share joys, and Spirit Break around 6pm. This is a typical day of service for sisters serving.


Sigma Lambda Gamma strives to be the premier organization committed to providing a mechanism of empowerment to all women

Take Care

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget Sister Racquel “Clásica” Henry When it comes to eating healthy, one of the most common complaints I hear from people is that they can’t afford the cost. As someone who was once living on a part-time salary, with no roommates to split any of the bills, I can sympathize. However, I’ve learned that although it may be difficult and require a little effort, eating healthy on a budget is still possible. I’ve compiled a list of methods that have helped me on my personal health journey.

1. Look for sales. It sounds like a lot to do, but you have to check the circulars. Keep up with the weekly deals. Many grocery stores have buy one get one free, and sometimes you can even use a manufacturer’s coupon on top of that. Which leads me to my next point: clip coupons. You can even sign up for emails from stores like Whole Foods and they’ll send weekly deals and coupons straight to your inbox. 2. Shop at bargain stores. There are grocery stores that are specifically designed to offer products to the consumer at a lower cost. For example, where I am in Florida, the grocery store, Aldi provides deep discounts on food. It’s possible to get a five pound bag of sweet potatoes for $1.99. You can also shop for other health food items at places such as Marshall’s, Ross, Big Lots, etc. All it takes is keeping an eye out for unlikely places. 3. Shop local. Not only will you be adding money to your local economy, but a lot of the times local produce is cheaper than they are in the big chains. For an even deeper discount, you can also keep up with deals and weekly

specials from local farmers and stores.

down on the use of plastic.

4. Invest in a water filter. If drinking water straight from the faucet doesn’t sit well with you (and some of us live in places where it simply isn’t possible) then you should invest in a water filter. According to TLC, the bottle water industry makes more than 4 billion dollars a year. A family of four who switches from bottle water to tap, can potentially save $2,878.57 a year. Additionally, you’ll be helping the environment by cutting

5. Eat foods that are generally cheap. There are many fruits and vegetables that are not on the expensive end of the spectrum. Certain fruits and vegetables have prices that are usually consistent. Some of these include, but are not limited to: bananas, avocado, watermelon, kiwis, pears, grapefruits, carrots, apricots, papaya, cabbage, cauliflower and celery. 6. Buy frozen fruits and vegetables. The trick here is to make sure that there are no additives or preservatives. (Read your labels, folks.) Studies have shown that if vegetables and fruits are frozen properly, they can actually contain more nutrients than fresh ones. What it all comes down to, is that we can either spend a little more now, or pay a great deal of money later for medical bills. Eating healthy won’t guarantee that you will never get a disease, or never get sick, but it can increase your chances of sustaining overall health. It takes some effort and dedication, but if we try harder, we can all eat well regardless of our budgets. La Mensajera Spring 2014


Gammas Abroad

Life is a Climb, But the View is Great! Sister Mariela “Duni” Jaramillo As a child, growing up meant more than freedom, but an experience that would define the person I hoped to become. I myself would decide what path was worth taking. It is through this path that I’ve learned: success cannot be defined by the accomplishments my parents take pride in, but the obstacles I myself have overcome towards achieving them. This past summer was truly one for the books as I overcame the greatest of obstacles and reached my dream of travelling across the world for a study abroad adventure in Spain. Why Spain? Spain is more than a country in Europe known for its Flamenco, cultural beauty and delicious food. To me, it was a way to connect with my ancestors, “the motherland” as my brother calls it, and this opportunity would allow me to bask in the ancient history behind my family’s name for an all expense paid six-week study abroad program.

“I myself would decide what path was worth taking.”

a daily routine soon enough. My mornings consisted of a pep talk from my loving host father, a family breakfast, followed by a 30-minute walk to school along the historical monument known as the Aqueduct and past two medieval castles. I would finally arrive at a renovated convent that had been transformed into the university. The sites were beautiful, unimaginable even, and there I was, an ordinary girl, a million miles from home waking up to such blessings day after day. My afternoons were spent with my host father, Pedro Lucas, a published author, musician and overall

This experience was, by far, one of the most rewarding aspects of my undergraduate career and opened my mind to perspectives far beyond my wildest dreams. I was out of the country for the very first time, all on my own, living with the sweetest elderly couple in a beautiful two-story apartment next door to a castle and attending an 800-year old university, Instituto de Impresa. Although the first couple of days were rough, I adopted


Sigma Lambda Gamma strives to be the premier organization committed to providing a mechanism of empowerment to all women

Gammas Abroad

Life is a Climb, But the View is Great! Sister Mariela “Duni” Jaramillo

inspiration. Throughout the entire sixweek program, there wasn’t a single day when he shared the same words of advice, the same life quotes nor even the same stories. In a way, he reminded me of my own grandfather and was my little piece of home. My host mom, Maria Luisa, on the other hand, was the complete opposite of him. She told me every day that my host dad was a dreamer, while she was a realist. He spoke as if he were always writing a novel while she always brought him back down to earth. Together, they gave new meaning to the saying “opposites attract.” After spending so much time with them, I can honestly say I have never known a love so beautiful as theirs. As for the culture, there was so much getting used to. For one, everyone was up by 6 AM every day. By 2 PM everything in town was closed until about 5 PM for “siesta,” in other words, nap time. Breakfast was nothing more than coffee and a desert. Lunch consisted of a 3 to 5 course meal. Dinner included a light meal with a heavy desert, and was at 10-11 PM at night. The sun did not begin to set until about 9 PM, which made each day seem longer. Walking was more of a luxury than vehicles and showers were a privilege since the water crisis was in full swing and the entire country was in a horrible economic downturn. The nightlife began at 2 AM and ended at 10 AM on weekends. Traveling between cities was cheap and convenient. Then there was the food—the food was incredible.

visit so that I don’t miss them grow up. I acquired an extreme sense of direction, expanded my Spanish vocabulary (although it was my first language) and completed my Spanish minor. Most importantly, I made lifelong, unforgettable friendships, pen pals and found my home away from home. Academics got me there and presented me the opportunity to travel, but the experience was much more than extra credits and completion of my minor. It was real life experience and I was submerged in the language, the culture, the grammar, the history, the people, 8 different cities and a reality so unreal, you have to see for yourself!

“In all, exposure to a country less evolved than our own made me appreciate the tiniest of luxuries.”

In all, exposure to a country less evolved than our own made me appreciate the tiniest of luxuries such as a warm bath, private transportation, the true beauty of nature, historical significance and the family that we take for granted here in the United States. I learned some of the greatest life lessons from my host father, his wonderful grandchildren, Carlota (8), Chloe (5) and Eloy (2), who made me promise to go back and La Mensajera Spring 2014


A SpellBinding Get-A-Way Sister Breyona “Cayenne” Bolden As the first chapter founded on a historically Black college/university, Psi Beta has always worked diligently to build and maintain an image of distinction at Florida A&M University and our community. From day one in 2003, it has been a challenge to implement our mission at FAMU. At a university that heavily supports the National PanHellenic Council, we often run into many unrelenting circumstances as the only multicultural sorority offered on campus. Despite the challenge, we never gave up and we never will. After a decade of hard work and dedication, it was time to celebrate our rich history of ups and downs with relaxation by letting our hair down. As we set sail to the Bahamas for four days, The Royal Caribbean were sure to see these Gammas on the prowl. The founders of Un Principio Nuevo carefully planned hotel accommodations for Thursday’s game night mixer, a detailed itinerary for the weekend and our SpellBinding reunion ceremony.

Celebrating 10 years, 10 lines Saturday, we were able to explore Nassau, Bahamas by learning and embracing their culture. We enjoyed the music, food, art, language and learned history about the island and its inhabitants. We captured the memory of the cruise by gathering for official pictures in formal/cocktail attire followed by another elegant formal dinner. That night we participated in our ten year reunion ceremony where we rededicated ourselves to Sigma Lambda Gamma. Our founders presented cards, a bookmark with our creed and a necklace with an amethyst charm as gifts of appreciation to each sister. In return, the active sisters presented “Cruising to Gamma land” shirts to everyone.

On Sunday morning we arrived to CocoCay, Bahamas where we bonded with sisterhood enhancement activities on a private beach. Not only did we participate in physical activities but we shared intimate stories about our experiences at and beyond FAMU. After dinner, we gathered in the founder’s suite for a night of storytelling and strolling until the early Monday morning hours.

“Although we may not speak or see each other every day, our mutual respect and understanding of one another keeps us close.”

After boarding and having lunch, we met in a conference room for a welcoming orientation and planning meeting. Here, we had to complete a Psi Beta sister scavenger hunt for raffle tickets and to exit. During this activity we were able to not only match names to faces, but also get to know some likes and dislikes of our sisters. Later that evening we had an elegant dinner together in the My Fair Lady dining room and of course, we partied.


Our departure was bittersweet. We came equipped to bond and learn. On this cruise we connected like never before. Although we may not speak or see each other every day, our mutual respect and understanding of one another keeps us close. This Gamma get-a-way provided us with many eye opening experiences that served as a revival for our chapter. It’s a blessing to celebrate ten years and ten lines as sisters and even more of a blessing to rekindle our unconditional love and support for each other. Hermanas por vida!

Sigma Lambda Gamma strives to be the premier organization committed to providing a mechanism of empowerment to all women

Panther Dash for Education Sister Claudia “Corazon” Garcia

On June 14, 2013, participants from across the nation participated in the first ever “Panther Dash for Education” virtual 5k race benefitting the Sigma Lambda Gamma Education Foundation. Over 200 participants and sponsors donated to support the work of the SLGEF! As with all Sigma Lambda Gamma initiatives, the Panther Dash for Education supports the empowerment of women by providing Gammas, friends, and family the opportunity to walk, jog, or run a 5K race while raising funds to support the SLG Education Foundation’s Mission and Vision. Founding Mother Lupita Temiquel McMillian had this to share: “I want to express my sincere gratitude

and appreciation for your generous support of the inaugural Sigma Lambda Gamma Education Foundation Panther Dash. This was not only a wonderful fundraiser, but an incredible public relations event for Sigma Lambda Gamma, its sisters, sponsors and donors which truly set us apart as a premier women’s organization! Thank you again, for your ongoing support of the very important work the Foundation strives to achieve and I look forward to future events.” We are thrilled at the overwhelming response and are excited to begin planning for Panther Dash 2014! Our goal for 2014 is to have over 500 participants walking, jogging, or running across the nation in support of Panther Dash. The second annual Panther Dash for Education is scheduled to take place in as many cities as possible as well as during Convention 2014 in St. Louis Missouri on June 28th 2014. Be on the lookout for exciting updates coming soon! If you would like to become a local Panther Dash Coordinator or sponsor the 2014 Panther Dash for Education, please email us at pantherdash@ sigmalambdagamma.com . Join the #slgef conversations at any of our social media sites:

www.facebook.com/SLGEducationFoundation www.twitter.com/slgef

La Mensajera Spring 2014


Gammas Abroad

The First Step: Haiti Sister Bianca “Sparta” Salvant

My father left Haiti for New York in 1974 when he was 24 years-old and returned there in 1986, (when my oldest sister was only a few months old), to bury his mother. I was born two years after my sister, in 1988, and was raised by parents who spoke many different languages. My father, having come from an educated family in Haiti, spoke English, French, Creole and Spanish. My mother, who was born in Puerto Rico but raised in New York, spoke Spanish and English. Growing up my siblings and I were extremely deprived of traditional culture teachings. As an adult I learned that I, obviously, cannot control how I was raised or by who, but I can control how I choose to lead my life. I vowed that I’d teach myself everything there is to know about my people. I visited Haiti for the first time in December of 2013 with my significant other to celebrate my 25th birthday and it was a huge culture shock for me! For one, Portau-Prince is very congested with people because of the 2010 earthquake. Because of the high unemployment, the people have ventured to the capital in hopes of making spare change. The streets were filled, from block to block, with people walking around and selling things. The roads were infested with motorcycles and vehicles traveling however much they pleased. For an American, it was scary! No one paid any attention to the streetlights or the signs, cars swerved to the next

lane without blinkers and people hung on the outside of vans. Not being able to understand what was happening around me was a very tragic reality. I kept thinking of my childhood, wishing I could turn back the hands of time. But, I would tell myself, I am here now and that is what matters.

“I want to leave parts of me there and, of course, engrave many parts of them in myself.” We traveled to Wahoo Bay, a beautiful beach that, I am sure, is paradise on Earth. It is the side of Haiti that the media in America never shows and it was full of a large diversity of people with all different shades of colors, speaking in all different tongues of language. The water was so blue it looked like pool water. My significant other, of course, fit right in. After all, he was returning home. I tried my best to be a part of the group despite the obvious language barrier. I asked questions, even if they were stupid, and observed every aspect of my surroundings. Haiti is filled with the most beautiful mountains. We ventured off and drove to the highest point and, at first, it was very scary. The roads were very slim and cars pass very closely together. It is very difficult to see and know what is coming up at a curve. However, once we reached the top, it was the most magnificent view I’ve ever witnessed. We looked down at the throb of the island, watching the commotion below, and talked even more about the revolution, the act of independence and all of my best friend’s childhood experiences on the island. Through this trip I learned so many things, saw so many people, ate so


Sigma Lambda Gamma strives to be the premier organization committed to providing a mechanism of empowerment to all women

Gammas Abroad

The First Step: Haiti

Sister Bianca “Sparta” Salvant

much food and came back to America with what seems like a completely different mind. For one, we are so spoiled here! I watched a woman cook her food in the dark, holding a bare candle in between her fingers, the wax falling down to the palm of her hand. She never twitched or screeched in pain. I saw a little girl, who looked about eight years old (the same age as my niece), carrying a large basket of fruits on the top of her head. She walked in the middle of the street, in between driving and stopping cars, as a saleswoman trying to quench someone’s thirst. While we were stopped in traffic, a group of about four boys (maybe 12 and 13 years-old), abruptly approached a vehicle and quickly began wetting and wiping it down. They were cleaning a car that was simply waiting in traffic in hopes of getting paid for their service. This, I knew, was the epitome of survival. I admired their hustle and, in the same breath, felt annoyed because of the corrupt government. They deserve so much more. My intention is to keep visiting the island, to contribute and assist in as many ways as I can. I want to leave parts of me there and, of course, engrave many parts of them in myself. I once heard that it doesn’t matter when or how you make that first step, as long as you make it. Stay tuned for my in-the-near-future visit to Puerto Rico!

La Mensajera Spring 2014


Go Red For Women Day Empowers Sister Octavia “Viento” Carson February 7th was dedicated to raising awareness for heart disease in women. Similar to most other awareness days, social media campaigns were set to take over the Internet in hopes of creating social change. However, these campaigns rarely succeed in getting people to act. After a few hashtags, tweets, selfies and likes, we settle on the idea that we have made a real impact. Meanwhile, the tangible acts of social change go almost unnoticed. Acts such as, people protesting for better preventative healthcare, an organization providing health tips to women, or free exercise programs to spark the beginning of a healthy lifestyle. This past February 7th, I was excited to see my sisters taking action with both tangible programming on the issue of heart disease and using social media to bring light to the issue. My chapter sisters and I took the initiative to organize a program. We paired up with the Theta Theta chapter of Delta Sigma Theta to organize an event called, “Pink goes Red.” During this event our chapter advisor, who also happens to be a Zumba pro, lead a free Zumba class for students on our campus. Our focus was to demonstrate the necessity for exercising and show that it can be fun. We received a great turnout during the event and participants really enjoyed themselves. Though, the program was open for both men and women our participants were only women. At first, I was disappointed that there were no men in attendance to support this cause but looking back, it taught me something. It taught me that when it comes to issues like heart disease, which affects one out of three women, having the support of other women speaks measures.

I see these ladies on campus I am not afraid to reach out and ask if they want to exercise with me or have “girl talk.” I do not believe I could have received this same lesson, motivation or support solely through social media campaigns. Tangible action is necessary to create change and social media merely adds to its effectiveness. Furthermore, this event gave our chapter another opportunity to fulfill SLG’s mission. We were able to strive to provide a mechanism of empowerment to women. Since being a member of this outstanding sorority I have been amazed by our ability to stand up for what we believe. I encourage all of my sisters to continue to organize events and use social media to create change. Most of all, I encourage you all to continue to dig deeper and be the change you wish to see in the world.

“Tangible action is necessary to create change and social media merely adds to its As we all danced and laughed effectiveness.” I found myself becoming closer to these women because they were also fighting against becoming a statistic, just like I was. We all wanted to have a better and healthier lifestyle. As women we can connect on this issue and motivate one another to create a change. Now, when


Sigma Lambda Gamma strives to be the premier organization committed to providing a mechanism of empowerment to all women

Je Ne Sais Quoi

Sister Jessica “Elyktra” Bustillos enabling them to grasp what seems impossible. Every sister in our chapter is involved in at least one other organization on campus and most of us hold leadership positions in those student groups as well. We have sisters who are chairs of pageants, committee leaders, and activists. In fact, the president of the Multicultural Greek Council is one of our very own.

Je ne sais quoi. This expression is used when words do not suffice and the literal translation to English is, “I don’t know.” I was initiated into the Xi Beta Chapter of Sigma Lambda Gamma on April 14, 2013 and in this short time I have been confronted numerous times by members of other organizations. They all have the same question for me, “What makes a Gamma so astounding?”

Last, some would speculate that our commitment to sisterhood weaves a web of support unlike any other. Joining the Xi Beta chapter means never having a lonely birthday, being able to count on alumni support, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. It means having someone to laugh with, to cry with, and, my favorite of all, someone to sing Brian McKnight’s “Back at One” in the car with. These women will be your bridesmaids at your wedding and bring you cupcakes after a disappointing day. I would argue that all of these are valid responses, but they alone cannot fully encompass everything that makes up a woman of Sigma Lambda Gamma. There will always be a missing piece for those on the outside and the truth is this, “For those who understand, no explanation is necessary; for those who don’t understand, no explanation is possible.” The women of the Xi Beta chapter embody this je ne sais quoi. Our success cannot be attributed to one tangible quality, but rather to an inherent attribute that only true Women of Distinction will ever understand.

“Our success cannot be attributed to one tangible quality, but rather to an inherent attribute that only true Women of Distinction will ever understand.”

One could simply say that the internalization of our five principles pushes our sisters to be Women of Distinction. The Xi Beta Chapter was established at the University of Oklahoma on August 30, 2002. Since then our sisters have taken the campus by storm. We surpassed our 100th member on November 15, 2013 with the initiation of the Seven Rhoyal Chakras. We also swept the Fraternity and Sorority Student Life Awards by garnering five of the seven Standards of Excellence, earning the Greek Collaboration Award for our annual Flag Football tournament, and receiving the R. C. Davis Organizational Excellence Award. These distinctions aren’t new to the Xi Beta chapter, but they are a direct reflection of the principles on which our sorority was founded. Others would argue that our confidence allows us to pursue leadership opportunities most people would be afraid to pursue. Our sisters push each other to reach beyond their dreams and expectations of themselves,

La Mensajera Spring 2014



Sigma Lambda Gamma strives to be the premier organization committed to providing a mechanism of empowerment to all women

La Mensajera Spring 2014


Entity Spotlight

Beta Gamma

Sister Brittany “Jameelah” Maldonado

Some achievements that have allowed for such recognition include:

The Beta Gamma Chapter of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc. at the University of Arizona campus has been rated a chapter of “Excellence” from the university’s Office of Fraternity and Sorority Programs. The Standards of Excellence Board take into consideration Academics, Leadership & Involvement, Wellness, and Membership Development of all Greek organizations on campus. Exemplifying our five principles through the proposed standards, the Beta Gamma Chapter was able to showcase their commitment for higher education and empowering women.

•Earning a 3.512 active member GPA, the highest GPA in not only our governing council, but in all Greek Life, including Pan-Hellenic, IFC, and NPHC •Serving 8 hours of community service from each member to the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk. •Sponsoring a successful program, Winterfest, that allowed for all the members of the Greek community to come together to enjoy a holiday spirited and culturally aware event. •Holding a chapter workshop about the reasons why assumptions of people are misguiding and hurtful. •Hosting a safe and fun 10th Year Anniversary Homecoming event with the brothers of Sigma Lambda Beta. The Beta Gamma Chapter of Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority Inc. has been at the University of Arizona since November 16, 2003. These are just some of the ways that Sigma Lambda Gamma is being recognized and awarded for the good things that our sisters do every day.

Delta Gamma

Sister Michelle “Tahrayís” Gallardo

Started from Academically






For the 2013-2014 year Delta Gamma spent it’s time refocusing on a goal that had never been achieved; highest GPA within our council. No doubt we consistently


ranked top 3, but when you’re competing with others who’ve been admitted to a university known for its cutthroat antics—things do get a little tough. But, being determined Gammas and all, we accomplish whatever we set our minds to. Upon entering the spring quarter last year we were ranked third in our council. We climbed to second by the end of spring and then fought our way to the top with a .03 difference between our competitor and us, for the past quarter. Without the commitment, hard work, and support of each other we could not have accomplished our goal. Our current quarter is our deciding quarter to be named the Academic Organization of the year. We face stiff competition, but with the help of our nationwide sisterhood we will prevail! (Yes, we feel our Gamma senses tingling with all your love.) For the quarters that lie ahead DG doesn’t plan on letting go of our hard earned spot and we face the rest of this quarter with the utmost motivation to prove our sorority will always be the best.

Sigma Lambda Gamma strives to be the premier organization committed to providing a mechanism of empowerment to all women

Entity Spotlight

Pi Epsilon

Sister Le’Asia “Rosabella” Gaines

The Pi Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Incorporated at the Ohio State University participated in the nationwide phenomenon, “National Wear Red Day,” brought to us by the American Heart Association. On Friday, February 7th, 2014, our chapter brought the Ohio State community together to wear red in support of Heart Disease. Through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, we educated as many people as we could reach on the facts of Heart Disease. Heart Disease is the number one killer of Women in the country, even more deadly than any other kind of Cancer. Pi Epsilon Chapter publicized, marketed and educated our fellow peers, followers and alliances on the facts about Heart Disease. Aside from the facts, we made it known that Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority as a whole would be contributing to the support and Awareness of Heart Disease. We used the hashtags #GammasGoRed and #GoRedChallenege to promote. Although Breast Cancer Awareness is one of our philanthropies, we encourage all aspects of health. It

is our honor as a chapter, to present this information and to make it known how important it is to keep up with our wellness. All sisters wore red on this occasion to exemplify our strong belief and pride in “National Wear Red Day.”

Upsilon Beta

Sister Erika “Pualani” Alcala

It seems that there are never enough hours in a day to complete everything in the schedule and have left over time to relax. With class assignments, work, and extracurricular activities I end up exhausted at the end of the day. But as tired as I end up, there is not one day that I regret doing all those tasks. After becoming a Gamma, I have seen past the, “this is too much” mentality and created an, “I got this” mentality. Being women of distinction is making time when there truly is none, even if it means scheduling every minute of the day to accomplish responsibilities. However, I know I am not the only one going through this; my sisters are on the same page. My beautiful sisters all have accomplished so much, from being accepted to graduate school, to going to do research on health minorities in South America, to having the magnificent blessing of giving birth to a handsome baby boy. Some sisters are juggling two jobs, internships, and even the added stress of double majoring. Our chapter has accomplished so many things within the past few years, including holding the

former rank of having the highest GPA. We recently hosted a bake sale for our philanthropy where the proceeds went to a sister’s family member who was diagnosed with breast cancer. It has also become a tradition for our chapter to host Applebee’s breakfast fundraisers and donate a portion of the plates to local homeless community members. The Upsilon Beta chapter might not dominate in numbers, but it exemplifies in teamwork and constant hard work. All my sisters have helped our chapter become what it is, and unknowingly, they have also helped me become a Woman of Distinction. This semester is my last semester as an undergraduate and I would not be where I am without them. Although it is sad to come to an ending of a chapter, I am happy to have met each and every one of them. My sisters are each other’s rock. Yes, we have our ups and downs like everyone else, but we keep each other grounded and listen and encourage each other in a daily basis. My sisters fit the definition of being true Women of Distinction. I am proud to call them my sisters and I know they will accomplish big things. La Mensajera Spring 2014


Entity Spotlight

Zeta Beta

Sister Jasmine “Pureza� Flores The Zzzzealous Zeta Beta Chapter at Sam Houston State University hosted the 9th annual Buy Your Own Valentine Date Auction on February 11, 2014. This annual event is hosted with three goals. Goal one is to raise breast cancer awareness. Goal two is to raise funds for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Finally, goal three is to help people find a Valentine. Months preceding the event, each sister was encouraged to find at least three volunteers and to volunteer themselves to be auctioned off. The week of the event there was a total of 45 people who volunteered themselves to be a part of the auction. The event began with a documentary of a breast cancer survivor. After giving a short bio of the participant and what they were looking for in a partner, the bidding begins. The bids started at $5 and increased to $75 for a member of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc., and $50 for a member of our brother organization, Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Inc. After the event, participants and their dates were invited to dinner provided by the chapter. The event was a success! With the help of students at SHSU, including members of every council on campus, we were able to raise $1,200 dollars, which will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. For the upcoming year we hope to be just as successful, if not more, with a new goal of $1,500. We also aim to continue raising awareness here at Sam Houston State University.

Paperwork & Fee Deadlines 8th of every month: Entity Minutes are to be submitted to Regional Director April 11: NBOD Applications and Convention Award applications are due April 11: Application for HQ opening for the Director of Alumnae & Development is due April 15: Last day to petition to send one delegate to Conventon, send petition to the National Board of Directors (NBOD@SigmaLambdaGamma. com) April 30: Foundation Scholarship Application form due to scholarships@sigmalambdagamma. com May 15: Registration for Convention 2014 ends (all payments must be submitted $350per delegate)


May 15: Standards of Distinction Assessment Due May 15: Last day reserve a room in SLG hotel block with special convention rate June 1: Last day to submit initiation paperwork & fees for the spring semester June 15: The last possible day to receive Initiation paperwork via Online Community, but it should be submitted at least two weeks ahead of Ritual June 26-28: National Convention in St Louis, MO Payment Plans If your entity would like to set up a payment plan contact Coordinator of Member Services Karen Hanes at Karen@sigmalambdagamma.com

Sigma Lambda Gamma strives to be the premier organization committed to providing a mechanism of empowerment to all women

Entity Spotlight

Tau Alpha

Sister Cinthya “Temiqui” Rodríguez Tau Alpha Empowers Together

Today, women enroll in college at higher rates and appear to earn higher wages than in the past. For many, this is a sign that we live in a world that is significantly more equal or that has moved beyond sexism. But it’s much more complicated than that. Too often we fail to acknowledge the her stories that have brought us to the present moment. For example, we forget the incredible gender gap in executive positions, that the rise in wages accounts for feminized and exploitable work (especially concerning immigrant women), and that a critique of patriarchy cannot exist without thinking simultaneously about the intersections of race, class, and sexuality. It is critical that we continue to talk about women’s empowerment because the fight for equality is not over. On October 18, 2013, the Tau Alpha Chapter of Sigma Lambda Gamma partnered with other women from Northwestern’s Multicultural Greek Council – Kappa Phi Lambda, Lambda Theta Alpha, and Sigma Psi Zeta – to host “Empower Together.” We collaborated to set up a board at our student center with probing questions like “Why is female empowerment still important?” and “How do you empower women?” We encouraged

Sister Yomaira “Inti” Silva

The Many Faces of the Tau Alpha Chapter

In order to formalize the recruitment and interest process, the Tau Alpha Chapter debuted our first Winter Recruitment campaign this past January. The events were scattered throughout two weeks and included informationals, social events with the active sisters, and educational programming. The most successful part of this week was the publicity campaign. It included various graphics based off the main flyer. The goal of this flyer was really to showcase the active members, their different personalities, styles, and quirks. By having the majority of the chapter sisters on the flyer, we were able to put a face to the organization and promote familiarity. The chapter got an incredible response from all social media outlets. By familiarizing the community with the faces that make up our chapter, we were able to bring positive attention and increase interest in us.

the community to stop by and participate in the discussion. This conversation was further informed by the use of the hashtags #EmpowerTogether and #PowerToHer on social media. All day, people from different backgrounds, identities, and ranges in the spectrum answered these important questions. Everyone agreed that women’s empowerment must continue to be discussed and acted upon. People stopped by and made posts showing their solidarity and commitment to women’s empowerment. This event stressed to the community why we must continue to affirm the strength within each of us and with each other. There is no one way to be a woman, so we must continue to educate ourselves and support each other in our struggles and growth. In this way, our sisterhood becomes a political act. Sigma Lambda Gamma provides empowerment to women of all cultural backgrounds and promotes the overall success of women in a global environment. We must empower together, recognize our own power, and declare all power to her.

Coffee & Flan

Every quarter, Coffee and Flan which is an open space for dialogue and discussion on topics that are usually taboo or forgotten on college campuses. In addition to the discussion, we serve coffee and flan! The first Coffee and Flan that we hosted was a discussion with the LGBT Resource Center that touched upon topics such as what it meant to be an LGBT ally on a college campus and how LGBT-identifying people fit into Greek organizations. It was a very engaging fishbowl discussion with a great turnout and we continue to put this event on quarterly. Since the start of Coffee and Flan, we have discussed topics like the role of Religion in Greek life, mental health, and body image perceptions. The chapter always has a great response from the people who attend. These events have had such a positive impact on the community that Northwestern’s Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life named it the “Best New Initiative” during the 2013 Greek Awards. La Mensajera Spring 2014


Entity Spotlight

Sigma Beta

Sister Shamiso “Zamaradi” Mutaviri Since September 2013, the Stunning Sigma Beta Chapter of Sigma Lambda Gamma has been working on acceptable criteria for an Educational Scholarship, worth $500, and as of Wednesday, March 19 2014, the scholarship was approved by the University of Tampa’s Dean of Students. It will be awarded to a chapter sister at the beginning of the academic year to help offset the costs of textbooks, lab supplies, notebooks, and computer accessories for the academic year in which she receives the award. The purpose of the scholarship is to further promote the

principle of Academics within the Sigma Beta Chapter. We, the chapter sisters, have worked closely with our faculty advisor, and creator of the scholarship award, Dr. Jeff Skowronek, to generate the criteria for the scholarship award. Application requirements include a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, a recommendation letter from a UT professor, three short answer responses on the sister’s academic contributions, distinctions and challenges, and an essay response on why the sister should receive the scholarship. Dr. Jeff says, “In my seven years as [the] Faculty Advisor, I have had the fortune of meeting some amazing, hardworking, intelligent women. This award is formed out of my appreciation of their efforts in the hopes it will help recognize those same qualities in others from this point forward.” We are very thankful and fully appreciate Dr. Jeff’s efforts to assist us in our academic lives. The first applications for the Educational Award will be reviewed in April 2014, and the recipient will be announced at the Stunning Sigma Beta Chapter’s annual Awards Banquet on April 27 2014.

Member Spotlight

Lannette “Flor” Richardson

Sisters Danielle “Élan Donné” Ford and Joan “A.M.A.R.A.” Broussard Sister Lannette “Flor” Richardson is the epitome of a Woman of Distinction. Lannette is an alumna of the ABsolutely Alpha Beta chapter at Loyola Marymount University. She is a California native of Panamanian descent, a proud black Latina and one of the most influential sisters living in Louisiana. She helped the Louisiana State University colony become the Eta Epsilon chapter in 2012, founded the the SouthEast Louisiana Gammas Alumnae Association in 2012 (currently serves as President) and served as Colony Intake Adviser for the founding line of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette colony in 2013.

first line, which consisted of her own biological sister, McKena “Veritas” Richardson. On top of that, she is a law student at Southern University, a Masters of Public Administration candidate at Louisiana State University, works nights, and still manages to attend almost every single event that the undergraduate entities hold while keeping our AA going strong. Lannette is a thoughtful, considerate, kind-hearted and selfsacrificing young woman. She is truly an amazing In addition, she has served as a sister and deserves all Gamma mom to two Louisiana sisters and as a mentor of the praise in the world. Happy ten years in our to several lines at all three entities, including the AA’s sisterhood Flor, and here’s to many more!


Sigma Lambda Gamma strives to be the premier organization committed to providing a mechanism of empowerment to all women

Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc. National Headquarters 125 E. Zeller Street Suite D North Liberty, IA 52317

OFFICE: 319.626.7679 FAX: 319.626.7688 email: Headquarters@SigmaLambdaGamma.com SigmaLambdaGamma.com Questions about La Mensajera? email: Mensajera@SigmaLambdaGamma.com

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Profile for Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc.

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