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Flight to NBA: Antoine Hood’s Story

Get To Know Dianna Vernee

Creating Your Crazy Beautiful Life Foreign Exchange By A.R. Glaster

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Note From: Dianna Vernee. Owner, Editor & Chef, & Publisher My 1st magazine! I would like to first thank UrbanImage Magazine for allowing me to have UrbanGround Promo in their wonderful online publication. UrbanGround Promo is true to its name; a one of a kind publication created specifically for helping talent gain exposure and name recognition. It is my belief that, in order to shine, you first have to be noticed and UrbanGround Promo is committed to catapulting you into the spot light. Enjoy!

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DiannaVernee 20 year old Dianna Vernee was born in Fairfax, Va. She's the daughter of Kimse Lameel and the oldest of 8 siblings. At age 17 Dianna became interested in modeling and quickly set out to make her dream a reality. In April of 2011 she started to build her modeling portfolio. With the support of her mother Dianna began to learn all of the ins and outs of her new profession. To hone her craft Dianna began to work behind the scenes in photo shoots as well as working with make-up artists and hair stylists. Currently Dianna serves as the leading Spokes Person for the L Power foundation, while continuing to focus on modeling, working as a voice over actress and becoming a successful entrepreneur with multiple projects in the works, one of which includes UrbanGround Promo; a publication dedicated to promoting talents across the U.S. Simply put she is a force to be reckoned with.


DeeBeatzSPEED Unsigned producer, singer, rap artist, song writer and director Dee Beatz Speed took what started out as fun and jokes at school, to a new plateau with re-making beats to songs already produced, using only a battery powered 61 key Casio Keyboard. By age 17 Dee Beatz, with the help of his peers and supportive loved ones, acquired a Pro Tools LE System along with a condenser microphone and an M-Audio Midi Keyboard, to do what he loved the most. After appearing on stage with his uncle, another passion was born; songwriting. Now with all of the elements in place Dee Beatz now 23 years old embarked on a journey to bring his music to astronomical levels and when he lands he plans to be a ladder for any and all that share the same love for music as he does. In the words of Dee Beatz: "I live by the rules. It's my day. No tomorrow. Believe in your dreams. Plan to make your dreams a reality. Live today like tomorrow doesn't exist!" SPEED





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I've always had a desire and an undying love for fashion, but of course my parents didn't see any longevity in it and wanted me to pursue what they thought was best for me. Becoming a doctor. I had also grown to love science and eventually decided that I could chase both. And that's what I am currently doing. Living out my dreams. Lorraine's World (online clothing store) was established 12/23/2013. The title was born from my middle name which was passed down from my godmother Lorraine Williams, who's a very big influence in my life. In order to make my dream of Lorraine's World into a reality I had to learn how to market myself, apply business management skills and create word of mouth promotion. All with just having four items available, but perservance is having the ability to overcome obstacles and Lorraine's World is now beginning to thrive. Why? Because I know fashion is adored and admired, but the prices are unaffordable for most. But I have changed that so my customers can look nice at an affordable price

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Shanice Renae

Model, Actress, & Songwriter Aspiring model, actress and songwriter. She's been acting for more than 8 years and writing music for more than 5. She is 19 years old, Jamaican born, but raised in Miami Florida. Her life's passion has been to entertain. "I'll never stop, until I reach the top. My dream is simply to be unforgettable," she says. ShaniceRenae ShaniceRenae



His Story For one Air Force Reservist, the dream of flight isn't pulling Gs in a fighter, but leaping toward the basket over the hardwood court of an NBA arena. So far, the dream has been barely out of reach for Capt. Antoine Hood, but he continues the pursuit of being a professional basketball player. The captain's journey toward the NBA began in Texas where he grew up shooting hoops with his brother. He was never seen without a basketball throughout elementary school in Dallas until it was taken away from him at age 13, when he was diagnosed with lymphoma in 1995. Chemotherapy, radiation and other tests rid the cancer from his body and ensured it hadn't spread. The captain's faith and prayer got him through the ordeal. The eight months away from the game had slowed him down and noticeably affected his game. Over the next four years, Captain Hood practiced hard and played on the junior and varsity high school teams. In his senior year, the hard work paid off. He was the starting point guard for one of the top 10 schools in Texas and ranked 72nd best player in the state. At an Amateur Athletic Union tournament, a scout from the Air Force Academy spotted him and offered him a full scholarship. In only his second start, he scored 30 points against Colorado State University - the most ever by an Academy freshman during a conference game. The team only won four more games than the previous year, but it was

the most wins the Academy had since 1960. After the vast improvement, the 2003-2004 season brought high expectations. To everyone's surprise, the team did just that. The Falcons were undefeated at home, won 22 games, won the conference and played the University of North Carolina in the first round of the NCAA tournament. Captain Hood had a great season as well, breaking the record for shooting percentage in conference games with 55.9 percent and had 15 points and four rebounds during the UNC game. Captain Hood faced a difficult decision at the end of his sophomore season. Division One schools made offers, but the captain turned them down, choosing instead to finish his commitment at the Academy. The captain continued with his team and received the coveted Bob Spear Award (highest basketball honor at Air Force) in both his junior and senior year. In his senior year, the team captain averaged 14.9 points per game to become the eighth all-time leading scorer for the Academy. As a senior, he achieved the leadership position as cadetcolonel; and as the lone senior on the 2006 team, he felt added pressure to lead on the court as well. The captain would sneak back to the gym after lights-out to get in a few more jump shots to stay on his game.


Antoine Hood

After his senior season, the captain was ready to enter the NBA draft with rumors that he could go in the first round. In the past, a rule allowed Airmen with special talents to serve two years active duty and be released to complete their service commitment in the Reserves. However, the rule was no longer in place at the time of Captain Hood's draft opportunity and without a reputable agent, he went undrafted. After graduation, he began coaching at the Academy's prep school while trying to get picked up by the NBA. The captain came close to living his dream twice, when he received a oneyear contract offer from the Denver Nuggets and then the San Antonio Spurs.

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Hello my name is Abman Glaster Founder/Author of Urban Legend Presents and I enjoy keeping all of you avid readers out there entertained through fictional stories that truly captures the essence of life from a street perspective. This passion stemmed from the circumstances I've been faced with since the age of 8 up until my current 37 years of wisdom and I will be here to provide you with quality material for many years to come. Much love and respect goes out to all who appreciate and support my work. I do it all for you! I write for you!

Foreign Exchange Chaos erupts when Secret Service Agent Amanda Williams returns to Jersey City to bury a family member who was murdered, which sparks a vicious war between the underground’s elite and she stands at the core of it all. Just before returning home Amanda gets intel about a bust the FBI made in New Jersey concerning counterfeit bills that contains the same serial numbers as the counterfeit her and her team has been investigating for the past 5 months. Amanda’s orders are to brief and coordinate with the feds, who receives a photo faxed from Amanda’s surveillance team in Vegas showing Daryl Turner A.K.A. ‘Ice’ Jersey City’s most notorious hustler with Nafeesah Kufu, one of the most sophisticated international criminals ever to operate on U.S. soil. The Secret Service suspects Nafeesah and her brother Michael, the reigning underground international pit fighting champ of running the largest money counterfeiting operation in the history of the America. But their diplomatic status makes them practically untouchable. Desperate to bring them to justice Amanda accepts an assignment to go under cover as a love interest of Ice as a means to bring down the Kufu’s, without informing her superiors that Daryl Turner is connected to her in a special way. Things really heat up when Amanda finds out that Daryl is the number one suspect in her family member’s murder, which has homicide detective Paul Furtick on a relentless pursuit to put Ice away. Especially since he believes he is responsible for the death of his cousin. See how it unfolds in this epic Street Thriller! 10

Creating Your Crazy Beautiful Life By Kimse LaMeel

Words From LaMeel:

What I have for you here is the results of years of self-help work, and the last 9 months of applying it all together over time. The Most Complete Life Changing Funny, Crazy, Beautiful, Affirmations and some AMAZING Life Practices that will Challenge you to be the best you EVER! Check out what we’ve included in this 50+ page e-book, and find out exactly why should start living your own crazy beautiful life: • What is a Crazy Beautiful Life? • Tried and true easy implement Life Practices • An entire section on Creating your own Life Changing Affirmations • How to write your own Life Changing Affirmations and how to incorpo-

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