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The Fashionista Chocolatier

Our Fashionista selections are both a shopping and chocolate addicts dream! Now you have the most fashionable and trendy items in any color you want, any time you want it.

The Closet A Girl Can Dream ………………………...16 A Girls Gotta Eat …………………..…….13 Accessories …………………….………...…..9 Cocktails with the Girls …………….……….12 Café Gossip ……………………….………...12 Deliveries …………………………………....19 Diva Bars ………………….………………15 Gifts ………………………………………..17 Hats …………………………….……………7 Jewelry ……………………….………………7 Makeup ………………….…………………...6 Out & About……………….………………..11 Perfume ………………………………………6 Purses ………………….…………………….8 Shipping & Handling ………...……………...18 Shoes………………………..………………..4

Shoes Lets face it if you’re a true Fashionista your first love was mostly shoes! Heels, flats, boots oh mine! We have them all! And Best of all you can these in every color!

Stiletto 3D, Classic, Beautiful, Elegant and Edible. These shoes are very close to a women’s size five heel. They are sold separately and are available in Princess Pink - PP Espresso Brown - EB Ivory Snow - IS Dark Coco Brown - DCB Item HHS $18.00 per shoe $35.00 per pair

Filled Stiletto These beautiful 3D shoes come filled with the fashionista’s choice of truffles. Available in Princess Pink - PP Espresso Brown - EB Ivory Snow - IS Dark Coco Brown - DCB $25.00 per shoe $50.00 per pair Item Number FHHS -

Small Stilettos Our small stiletto come as a set of two (the way shoes were meant to be). Each shoe is solid chocolate. Available in; Princess Pink - PP Espresso Brown - EB Ivory Snow - IS Dark Coco Brown - DCB $15.00 per pair Item Number - SHS -

Beach Flop Step out at the beach in style, in our designer Beach Flops Available in; Princess Pink - PP Espresso Brown - EB Ivory Snow - IS Dark Coco Brown - DCB Item Number - BF 1/4 pound $8.00 1/2 pound $16.00

Shoes Mini Stilettos These mini beauties come in our high fashion pink and brown bags filled with a collection of heels the following flavors; cheesecake, champagne, brandy, cherry, blueberry, and pralines. Item Number MHHS 1/2 pound $5.00 1 pound $10.00

The Wedge Heel The wedge heel is back! And now available in 3 two tone options Princess Pink and Espresso Brown - PPRB Espresso Brown and Ivory Snow - EBIS Princess Pink and Ivory Snow - PPIS Item Number - WHH $3.50 per wedge heel $7.00 per pair

The Victorian Heels Comes as a set of two and is a balanced blend of ivory and white chocolate. Ivory Snow Shoes - IS Princess Pink Shoes - PP Espresso Brown Shoes –EB Item Number - VHH $3.50 per shoe $7.00 per pair

Boots Calf High, button up, to die for boots! Perfect for the winter and just as fashionable in the summer. Available in Ivory Snow - IS Espresso Brown - EB Dark Coco Brown - DCB Item Number - BB 1/4 pound $8.00 1/2 pound $16.00

Makeup We know that real beauty comes from within‌..Ok whatever! We can all use a little help and these are the tools of the trade!

Makeup Collection A compact, eye shadow, mascara and a lipstick in ivory chocolate with silver and pink pearl dust. Item Number - MCC $10.00

Case of Lipsticks Item Number - CLS $12.00

ail Polish Collection Our beautiful nail polishes comes in four colors and flavors. Strawberry, tangerine, mint. Item Number $12.00

Perfume Perfume Bottle Champagne flavored chocolate hand painted with silver pearl dust and accented with edible pearls. $3.50 Per Bottle - PB1 Per Box (3) - PB3

Jewelry Every Fashionista knows that your necked with out your jewelry, no matter how fly the outfit! &ever leave home without it

Dangle Earrings 2 sets ,of ivory chocolate dangle earrings with silver and pink pearl dust Item Number - DER $8.00

The Hats Shop Let’s see…. I’ll take this one in every color for Sundays, and two of those for gardening. Do they come in Hat Boxes?

Hats Comes in a set of 3 with one each of our Raspberry, Lemon, Orange Ivory Chocolate. Or 3 of any one flavor. Lemon Set - THS-L Orange Set - THS-O Raspberry Set - THS-R Combo Set - THS-C $8.00 per set

Purses Purses, handbags, wallets, ,and clutches! &o matter what you call them we have them all! One fir day, one for evening, one for glam, I for work,, and lots for play!

Mini Mitche Designs are fashionista’s choice Set of six Item Number - MM $12.00

Hobo Bags Carry one our hobo bags everywhere you go, so your sure to have everything with you! Classic Hobo Bag $4.50 each, Item Number CHBB Square Hobo Bag $4.50 each, Item Number SHBB

Mini Clutch Purses Dark and milk and ivory mini clutches blended seamlessly with hot paprika. !/4 pound $ 9.00, Item Number MCP4 1/2 pound $18.00, Item Number MCP2

Large Clutch Bag This clutch is filled with more than money and odds and ends. This one is filled with buttery caramel and almonds. Milk Clutch $15.00 Item Number - LCB-M Dark Clutch $15,00 Item Number - LCB-D

Accessories We Call These Icing

Sunglasses Rock a pair of our exclusive and delicious LFC Sunglasses Item Number SG $8.00

Buttons Sweet, simple, and appropriately packaged in a lovely dress box. These are the perfect compliment to wine! And we can always use a few extra buttons. Item Number - BUTT Espresso Brown –EB Ivory Snow - IS Dark Coco Brown - DCB Mixed - M $6.00 per box

Tierra All Hail the Princess Diva!! Ivory Chocolate painted and dusted with silver pearl dust and covered in edible gem stones. Item Number - TIER $10.00

Accessories The Magical Mirror and Comb One bite of these magic mirrors and not only does your beauty start to grow but so will your body warm! Each mirror has the perfect amount cayenne pepper, that will make you a real hot momma! Item Number - MMC $8.00 per box

Victorian Cinnamon Collection This Collection is all milk chocolate, loaded with organic cinnamon spice. Giving you a delicious warm in every bite. The collection includes a Victorian style umbrella, gloves, and boots. Item Number - VCC $8.00

Mink Coat Our mink coat is a luxury twist on your favorite chocolate covered raisins. Ivory Snow Mink Coat - IS Espresso Brown Mink Coat - EB Dark Coco Brown - DCB Item Number - MC $6.00 per coat

Out And About You’ll want to keep these cards with you, at the office, in the car, and in your purse! A true cure for that mid day sugar rush and the urge to splurge. Credit and Limo? What more could a girl want for a night on the town?

Pure Bars Pure Gold Milk Chocolate Credit Bar - PGM Pure Onyx Dark Chocolate Credit Bar - POD Pure Silver Ivory Chocolate Credit Bar - PSI Per card $2.10 6 cards $12.00 12 cards $24.00

Limo Espresso Brown Ivory Snow

Cocktails With The Girls Cocktails with the girls just took on a whole new meaning! Order a glass for each of your girls to share over giggles, two for a romantic dinner, get one for the edge of the tub as a spa indulgence, or one for the night stand to serve as the perfect night cap.

Cocktails Strawberry Daiquiri - SD Margarita - M Champagne - C Pina Colada - PC Grand Marmer - GM Item Number - CWTG-*-* Single Glass $10.00 - S Refill Bag $6.00 - RB

CafĂŠ Gossip Take a break from all the shopping at our cafĂŠ and swap girlfriend Gossip over lattes and cappuccinos

Espresso Truffles Item Number - CT-ESP -* Mug filled $10.00 *MUG Refill bag $6.00 *RFGM

Cappuccino Truffles Item Number - CT -CAPP-* Mug filled $10.00 *MUG Refill bag $6.00 *RFGM

A Girls Gotta Eat! Even good eats has to be fashionable for a Diva Fashionista! Delve into our petite and fashionable delights, that will satisfy your sweet tooth and re-energize you for more shopping!

Chocolate Popcorn More than your ordinary popcorn in a tin. Our kettle corn is made fresh when you order in small batches stirred in beautiful ivory snow chocolate and drizzled with princess pink chocolate. Or espresso brown chocolate. Available with milk coating and pink drizzle Item Number - CP 1/4 pound $5.00 1/2 pound $10.00

Pink Popcorn Candy Bites Fresh kettle corn and organic cranberries coated with our special pink candy. The hand formed into dainty balls and placed on sticks for lady like eating. Item Number - PPCB 1/2 dozen 1 dozen

Chocolate Covered Marshmallows Eating a marshmallow has never been so lady like! Beautiful large fluffy marshmallows dipped in Princess Pink Chocolate or Espresso Brown Milk Chocolate. Item Number CCM - * Princess Pink - PP Espresso Brown - EB Combo - CB $1.25 each 1/2 dozen $6.50 1 dozen 12.00

A Girls Gotta Eat! Fruit & ut Mendiants A Pure and simple French Confection, originally meant to symbolize various orders, these extraordinary confections are hand poured disks of our fine chocolate and topped with fruit and nuts to enhance their flavors. Each represents an exceptional experience 15 pieces Item Number - FNM $9.00

Carmel Cakes A collection of frosted flakes wrapped in buttery vanilla caramel and dipped in milk chocolate. 1/2 pound $6.00 1 pound $12.00 Item number - CC

Mini Chocolate Pretzels Crispy pretzels dipped in ivory chocolate and drizzled with princess pink chocolate. 1/2 pound $6.00 1 pound $12.00 Item Number - MCP

Diva Bars Pink Ice Diva Bar This bar is made fresh and delicious with smooth, perfect layers of dark and ivory chocolates, showered with crushed candy canes. to produce our creamy minty crunchy Pink Ice 3 Bars $6.50 6 Bars $12.00 Items Numbers - DB-PI

International Fashionista Diva Bar A visually appealing swirling blend of Dark, Milk, and Ivory chocolates, this bar will take you around the world. 3 Bars $6.50 6 Bars $12.00

Sea-Side Shopping Diva Bar

Items Numbers - DB-IF

Nothing beats shopping on the boardwalkF..except for maybe this bar. Lightly sea salted vanilla caramel encased in milk chocolate. 3 Bars $6.50 6 Bars $12.00 Items Numbers - DB-ISSS

Hidden Jewels Inside this creamy bar you will find an array hidden treasure that is an array of dried fruits like mangos, apricots, pineapples and raisins. 3 Bars $6.50 6 Bars $12.00 Items Numbers - DB-HJ

A Girl Can Dream! From Butterflies to swans warped in cotton candy pink pyramids, our whimsical collection will sweep you up in joy, delight and bliss magical filled daydreams.

Butterflies 3D Butterflies made from ivory snow chocolate and dusted with peal dust. Item Number - W-B-* Small - 2pkg * S $10.00 Large - * L $15.00

The Swan A beautiful 3D swan made from ivory chocolate and dusted with pink pearl dust. Available in one size. Item Number - W-S $10.00

Gifts & Sets The following are our three basic gift sets. However, you are free to build your own basket/gift set, and even customize the colors. Simply select the items you’d like in your set and which package below you’d like to utilize and give us a call at 1.800.691.7162 ext. 777 or email us at or fax us 24 hours a day at 1.877.694.3315

Gift Purse This is the perfect Fashionista packaging for gifting a few special Chocolate Fashionista items. You can request this gift purse for a small additional fee. Holds 2 - 5 of our standard gifts. Item Number - GP $5.00

Small Gift Box This is the perfect gift to give when arriving to a dinner party, or to show gratitude. Includes: 1/4 pound of mini high heels, 1 pound of chocolate popcorn, 4 chocolate marshmallows, and one pure credit card. Item Number - SGB $15.00

Gift Basket Includes; 7 Chocolate Marshmallows 3 Piece Nail Polish Set 2 Hobo Bags 1 Perfume Bottle 1 Pound of Chocolate Popcorn 2 Pure Credit Cards 1 Makeup Set 1/4 Pound of mini High Heels 1 Mirror Collection 1 Tierra 1 Box Of Earrings 1 Mink Coat 1 Victorian Set Pair Of High Heel Stilettos Item Number - GB $150.00

Large Gift Box Includes; 7 Chocolate Marshmallows 3 Piece Nail Polish Set 2 Hobo Bags 1 Perfume Bottle 1 Pound of Chocolate Popcorn 2 Pure Credit Cards 1 Makeup Set 1/4 Pound of mini High Heels 1 Mirror Collection 1 Tierra 1 Box Of Earrings 1 Mink Coat 1 Victorian Set Item Number - LGB $90.00

Ordering Ordering from LaMeel is easyF.. You can now place your order for LaMeel Fashionista Chocolates via phone at 1.800.692.7162 ext. 777 Monday - Friday 10am - 2pm EST Via fax at 1.877.694.3315 24 hours a day Or online at 24 hours a day If you have questions about ordering you can email us at 24 hours per day and receive your answer the same business day

Ordering: We offer a standard rate of 9.00 shipping on all orders under ten (10) pounds, and a 2.00 handling charge on all orders for standard shipping arriving in 3 to 5 days. If you order exceeds ten (10)pounds you will be contacted for the shipping rate. All colors of our ivory chocolate can be customized for special occasions to match any theme. We also offer custom chocolate designs of any shape or size. Call our

Shipping & Handling For Express/Rush chocolate orders: Our chocolates take one to five days to process because they are made to order. Depending on the size of your order, we may impose a surcharge of 10-20% for rush orders. If the chocolate order is small, we may be able to ship same day and without a rush fee, please email us at Shipping Guarantees: In most cases your order will be shipped within 72 hours (excluding weekends and holidays), Communicate your needs to us. We will try to help you if you are in a rush. Please be patient, humans process your orders, We do not guarantee shipping dates. We will have proof of mailing for you. We recommend that you purchase insurance to guard against loss or damage. If your package is insured, insurance will not cover melting, insurance only covers broken chocolates or candy. If your broken chocolates or candy are eligible for replacement, we do not cover reshipping charges. We will replace insured broken product with like product, but you must pay for shipping and cooler pack. We will credit your account for the broken chocolates minus original shipping and cooler pack charges should you chose to not have the chocolates resent. Carrier Shipped Late: We cannot issue a refund for merchandise if your order arrives late by any carrier. Please note : Our chocolates are made fresh to order, they are not stocked. Please consider that this takes a little extra time. We especially need a few extra days during holidays. Large and custom orders can take up to a week or more to process. Please call or email us if you have a deadline. Cooler packs are mandatory all year . The ice packs are new/unused water bottle that has been frozen. We use water bottles because the ice is more dense than a gel or ice pack and lasts longer. We do not use dry ice. If the temperature is 90+ degrees, we recommend that you upgrade to overnight shipping. You will receive an email order confirmation with these charges. We have a great success rate for safe arrivals. Do not refrigerate unless your chocolates unless they seem a little warm, and only for a few minutes until set. If you provide us with the wrong address and your package is returned to us, we will re-direct your package with the correct address you provide at your expense. Food cannot be returned to us, if you do not pay to have your package shipped back to you, we will destroy the contents and you will incur the loss, no refunds.

LaMeel 43053 Pemberton Square Suite 102 South Riding, Virginia 20152 Studio 1.800.691.7182 ext. 777 Fax 1.877.694.3315 Email -

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