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Our Shoe Collection Lets face it if you’re a true Fashionista your first love was most likely shoes! Heels, flats, boots oh mine! We have them all! And best of all you can have these in every color!

Classic Stiletto 3D, Beautiful, Elegant and Edible. These shoes are very close to a women’s size five heel. All shoes are handmade and no two are alike. Shoe measures seven inches long, 5-1/2 inches high And you thought Nordstrom's was the place for the shoe-obsessed? Clearly this is a designer shoe that is a fit for anyone with a taste for gourmet chocolate. All shoes are handmade and no two are alike. $35.00 per heel / $65.00 pair Small Classic Stilettos - $30.00 per pair Princess Pink Ivory Snow

Espresso Brown Dark Coco Brown

Peak-A-Boo-Toe Stiletto We are expanding the shoe collection! Our new selection, includes a Color & Dark Chocolate Peeptoe or a Dark & White Chocolate Zebra Print Shoe! Perfect for the Chocoholic and Fashionista in your life. $35.00 per stiletto/ $65.00 per pair Zebra Print

Pink and Dark (not shown)

Shimmering Stiletto The next chapter in our chic-footed saga: gold and silver high stiletto mules. Made of delicious chocolate and covered with edible luster dust, these stunners will be the hit of your next party. $40.00 per Stiletto / $75.00 per pair Small Shimmering Stilettos are not mules $35.00 Gold Dark Chocolate Shimming Stiletto Silver Ivory Chocolate Shimming Stiletto

Our Shoe Collection Mini Stilettos These mini beauties come in our high fashion pink or black gift box with a collection of heels in your choice of flavors. 1/4 pound $12.00 1/2 pound $18.00 Cheesecake Champagne Pralines

Beach Flop Step out at the beach in style, in our designer Beach Flops Available in; 1/4 pound $10.00 1/2 pound $18.00 Princess Pink Espresso Brown Ivory Snow Dark Coco Brown

Golf Shoe Our Chocolate Golf Shoe will improve anyone's disposition and their game! Available in dark chocolate with white chocolate contrasting trim (DW) or milk chocolate with pink chocolate (MP) contrasting trim and cleats. The shoe is 7 inches long and 3.5 inches wide but fits everyone. Packed with a white chocolate golf ball. $40.00 per shoe

Our Purse Collection

Purses, handbags, wallets, and clutches! No matter what you call them we have them all! We have One for day, one for evening, one for glam, and lots for play! And of course every purse should have a little credit!

Large Clutch Bag This clutch is filled with more than money and odds and ends. This one is filled with buttery caramel and almonds. Milk Clutch $20.00

Dark Clutch $20.00

LaMeel Purses Designs are Fashionista’s choice. Set of six $20.00

Hobo Bags Carry one of our hobo bags everywhere you go, so your sure to have everything with you! Classic Hobo Bag $12.00 each Square Hobo Bag $12.00 each

Mini Clutch Purses Dark and milk and ivory mini clutches blended seamlessly with hot paprika. 1/4 pound $12.00 1/2 pound $20.00

Makeup & Accessories We know that real beauty comes from within‌..Ok whatever! We can all use a little help and these are the tools of the trade!

Makeup Collection A compact, eye shadow, mascara and a lipstick in ivory chocolate with silver and pink pearl dust. $22.00

Lipstick Collection Sweet chocolate kisses are now possible everyday. $15.00

Nail Polish Collection Our beautiful nail polishes are fun and delicious. $15.00

Dangle Earrings Jewelry, - Never leave home without it! Gold Milk Chocolate set set 2 sets of earrings per box

Silver Ivory Chocolate $18.00

Makeup & Accessories Tierra All Hail the Princess Diva!! Ivory Chocolate painted and dusted with silver pearl dust and covered in edible gem stones. $16.00

Mirror and Comb One bite of these magic mirrors and not only does your beauty start to grow but so will your body start to warm! Each mirror has the perfect amount of cayenne pepper, that will make you a real hot momma! $12.00 per box

A bit of Whimsy The Swan A beautiful 3D swan made from ivory chocolate and dusted with pink pearl dust. Available in one size. $15.00

Butterflies 3D Butterflies made from ivory snow chocolate and dusted with peal dust. Small - 2pkg $15.00 Large - $19.00

Pretty Princess Cupcakes Cute, Mini Chocolate Cupcakes— filled with almond butter. Fit for a princess!! Need I say more? $18.00 set of 5

LaMeel, Inc. Studio - 1.877.807.1510 Email -

The Power of The Blue Chocolate Shoe! Fashionista Chocolatier donates 100% percent of the proceeds from the sale of each Blue Chocolate Shoes to L Power Foundation.

Fashionista Chocolatier Catalog  

Fashionista Chocolatier Catalog

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