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Where _re the _lph_bets ON Gr_nville isl_nd?

be creative, be observant, be patient, be irrelevant. so, where is that letter? HERE! THERE! EVERYWHERE!

Where is the ‘C’?

be creative, i told you so. If you found more, you must be very creative!

Where is the ‘A’?

that obvious? you wish. Say Hello to Avant Garde Gothic ‘ A’.

Where is the ‘N’?

one, two, three, four‌ If you think you found even more, bravo.

Where is the ‘D’?

what? they are ‘D’! Stop whining, move on.

Where is the ‘Y’?

so ‘Y’ are you doing this? Never mind. Congratulations, you reached the final stage. You can do it!

find all 26 alphabets!

WOW! you found them all? *handclaps and cheers* well, hope you had fun. You’ve got too much time on your hands… Get a life.

J_son L_m, J_son L_m, J_son L_mbie B_mbie B_m!

Where are the Alphabets on Granville Island?  
Where are the Alphabets on Granville Island?  

Find the missing letters! Good luck.