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IBM Summer School For computing subject leaders and teachers of KS1/2 21 - 24 July 2014 inclusive @ IBM South Bank on the banks of the River Thames in the heart of the London

This event is designed to equip those with responsibility for teaching or leading the new computing curriculum in their primary schools with the knowledge, skills and confidence to do so successfully. In this unique 4 day, immersive, practical event the delivery will be shared between IBM professionals and teachers & specialists from the London Connected Learning Centre, an organisation with a very long standing record of training teachers to deliver the digital curricula. The summer school will deliver 28 taught hours of CPD including a full day visit to IBM Hursley, which hosts the IBM Innovation Centre and IBM UK’s Emerging Technology Laboratory

The IBM Summer School will help you: • develop your knowledge and understanding of the requirements of the new computing curriculum • translate the jargon and terminology in the curriculum into language and concepts that you understand and can communicate to colleagues and pupils • understand the required areas of study specifically in the computer science part of the curriculum – computational thinking, algorithms and programming • demonstrate how to deliver the curriculum in imaginative and creative ways, including across other areas of the curriculum • gain insights from IBM into the commercial and social applications of computing • learn about emerging computer technologies • explore progression and assessment tools • create an action plan for implementation in your school when you return • enable you to support your colleagues in making the shift from ICT to Computing • access IBM ‘mentors’, should you wish, who will offer ongoing support Cost: £100.00 per person, payable in full, in advance. This charge includes: • resources provided during the IBM Summer School • refreshments and meals during the IBM Summer School • travel to / from IBM Hursley (Winchester) For further information please email Julia Lawrence or call 0207 720 7514 London Connected Learning Centre

IBM Summer School 2014  
IBM Summer School 2014