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Lambesis designs iconic brand ideas that are strategically grounded, culturally relevant and enduring.

A deeper emotional and cultural connection with the consumer. Brand communications with greater clarity and power. For over 25 years, Lambesis has used a unique creative-driven process to create iconic brands that have garnered

international recognition, consumer loyalty and, most importantly, client success. Through a proprietary process that allows diverse departments to work seamlessly together, Lambesis brand development is united by a single vision. The

result is meticulously researched, intuitive and inspired communication platforms that raise brand awareness and resonate with consumers on a deep emotional level. By redefining the art of communication, Lambesis has mastered true branding.


Process and Methodology

Process a Methodolo 10

and ogy

Persuasion planning

Planning model

Brand empathy

Brand experiences

Brand endorsement

Brand energy

Lambesis is in the persuasion business, guiding marketers in developing more effective communications through a framework grounded in fundamental human behavior.

What’s true in life is true in marketing— the way consumers form personal relationships mirrors the way they form brand relationships. The Lambesis planning model maps the four pillars of enduring relationships— empathy, experiences, endorsement and energy.

Consumers form their deepest relationships with those who share their values, beliefs, sense of humor and sense of style. Defining a brand’s source of empathy reveals its essential truth.

Like people, brands are judged by what they do, not just by what they say. Lambesis creates brand-building experiences to transform perceptions into tightly held beliefs.

If brands are built on empathetic relationships, those relationships become friendships. Lambesis creates advocacy strategies that enable consumers to deepen their relationship with a brand while recruiting likeminded friends.

Energy casts an aura of infectious momentum. Conversely, it is the absence of energy that can erode loyalty. Lambesis thinks well beyond a brand’s launch to map a steady cadence of marketing momentum.


A unique model Unique model and Creative process

For Lambesis, true brand building exists at the intersection of diverse capabilities and experiences. A history of successful case studies documents the value of this integrated approach, which has resulted in the creation


of iconic brands with proven track records. Intelligent, bold, creative and passionate, the people of Lambesis thrive on innovation, creativity and strategic thinking. By seeking out

like-minded creative partners, Lambesis has created a unique brand-building approach that is more powerful than any single perspective.

Creative driven process

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Research and Planning

Department Interplay

Positioning Development

Brand Essence Development

Creative and Design

Production and Execution

Traditional research is combined with proprietary techniques to gain insight into a rich set of cultural, industry and consumer drivers.

The expertise of diverse disciplines is integrated to enhance and refine the insights gained from research findings.

The relevant and essential insights are further refined to develop a distinct and actionable strategic positioning for the brand.

Deep creative exploration is used to develop an ownable visual and verbal expression of the brand essence and meaning.

The brand essence is brought to life across an entire range of consumer contact points and experiences through total integration.

The talents of renowned artists and other experts are leveraged and directed to ensure the highest level of production and execution. 13

Case studies | Gaggenau

Case study:

Epicurean luxury lifes 333 years in the mak 14

Background An unprecedented heritage brand with broad European awareness and global prestige, Gaggenau was struggling to connect their the brand values, lifestyle and legacy to American culinary connoisseurs. To reach an elite and elusive clientele, the German appliance manufacturer

needed to transcend category convention and elevate the brand to the incontestable authority on culinary luxury.

Key strategic issue



Luxury is more than a product or a service, it is the special emotional connection created by experience. The most impactful way to connect elite consumers to the extraordinary heritage of Gaggenau is through a truly immersive and holistic experience.

Restaurant 1683 delivers the luxury lifestyle of Gaggenau with a multisensory culinary journey as impressive as the legacy that inspired it. Through a full 360 campaign, the saporious passion of Gaggenau becomes an immersive experience fitting threecenturies of precision and craftsmanship.

Restaurant 1683 created a riptide of unprecedented PR, social and cross-market awareness that resulted in an ownable, and tangible differentiation, distinguishing Gaggenau as a brand beyond competition.

style, king. 15

Experiential Elements of the Black Forest came to life, transforming Art Beam in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood into a fully immersive culinary experience. Guests were transported to the birthplace of Gaggenau, complete with a traditional German cuckoo clock while three Michelin Star chef Daniel Humm worked tableside preparing exquisite cuisine.


Case studies | Gaggenau

Interactive Extending the brand experience, the interactive website captured the multisensory essence of Restaurant 1683, connecting epicurean connoisseurs to the sensorial luxury of Gaggenau. Elite and relevant influencers, including a diverse creative class with the power to inspire an ultra-affluent and elusive target audience, carried Restaurant 1683 through credible word of mouth and social conversation.


Premium Invitation The 333-year journey begins with a single nail, hand-forged and hand-crafted into a corkscrew, inviting

guests to experience Restaurant 1683.


Case studies | Gaggenau

Collateral Collateral integrates elements of The Black Forest and Gaggenau’s heritage using leather aprons, hand-forged nails, wooden matchsticks that connect the precision and luxury of Gaggenau to Restaurant 1683 guests.


Case studies | Gaggenau



An unprecedented look inside the luxury lifestyle of Gaggenau, a series of cinematic behindthe-scenes, making of, and key personality interviews connect Gaggenau to a global audience through video.




Print Restaurant 1683 generates a legacy campaign that owns providence and innovation through dramatic and precise visuals and language.

Chef Daniel Humm Limited time. September 2016. NYC. Hear



Case studies | DASANI

Case study:

Background DASANI launched in 1999, rapidly expanding into a $1 billion retail business. Robust category growth, backed by Coca-Cola’s unparalleled distribution system, helped the brand achieve over 20% compounded annual growth through 2006. In 2007, the competitive environment changed.

Mainstream water brands had become more commoditized, and enhanced and private label water brands had absorbed significant market share. The bottled water product category was also facing environmental concerns, with consumers and retailers questioning the sheer number of

brands on the market and the disposal of plastic bottles. By 2009, DASANI and other mainstream water brands were being delisted by Walmart and other major retailers.

Designed to make a di 24

In response to these changes, Coca-Cola created PlantBottle packaging, a 100% recyclable bottle made from up to 30% plantbased materials. DASANI was ready to reintroduce the brand in this new bottle, and they knew that in the existing marketplace, the launch had to make the brand likeable and



Key Strategic Issue relevant to consumers and retailers. Lambesis recognized that the launch campaign could serve DASANI in two ways— by appealing to light green consumers who were seeking simple ways to be more eco-friendly and by positioning DASANI as a more premium brand in the incredibly competitive bottled water arena.

Combining environmentally friendly messaging with premium high design, Lambesis created fully integrated rebranding to celebrate DASANI, the PlantBottle design and the brand’s sustainability platform. A sleek and minimal aesthetic was used throughout the work to reflect purity and the refreshing feeling of

water. Print and outdoor centered around an impactful image of natural plant life “growing” the DASANI PlantBottle packaging. Using clean and bright visuals paired with a singular sustainability message, the TV spot showcased the brand’s commitment to be more sustainable and the refreshment it

offers. Lambesis also created an innovative print insert on 100% recycled paper and a peel-off plantable seed paper leaf, to further educate consumers about DASANI’s innovative PlantBottle packaging.

The PlantBottle rebranding created enormous affinity for DASANI, significantly impacting the brand’s growth. In 2011, the campaign’s first year, DASANI experienced a double-digit increase in sales, even though the bottled water category grew by only 6% for the year. DASANI also experienced great

success in the second year of the campaign, with significant volume growth. Consumers were extremely enthusiastic about the brand, referring to DASANI as “inspiring” and “environmentally conscientious” and commenting that they were far “more likely to purchase DASANI” after viewing the ads. The

entertaining “Twist” spot was ranked as the second most memorable TV spot during the 2012 Olympics in research conducted by Ace Metrix, rating higher among consumers than ads for major sponsors such as Nike, Old Spice and Samsung.

ifference. 25

Case studies | DASANI

Interactive Lambesis designed the DASANI website with a sleek minimal aesthetic, reflecting the pure simplicity and refreshing feeling of water. Highimpact display ads and rich media units educated consumers about DASANI’s innovative PlantBottle packaging.

Twist. Recycle. Repeat.


“Plantbottle” 0:30 Directed by Alain Gourrier This spot uses bright, clean, nature-inspired imagery to educate consumers about the environmentally responsible features of DASANI’s innovative PlantBottle packaging.

Print Print ads showcase the environmentally responsible design of PlantBottle packaging with clean, simple visuals of natural plant life “growing” the DASANI bottle. Lambesis also created an innovative print insert on 100% recycled paper, with a peel-off plantable seed.

“Twist” 0:30 Directed by Steve Antin By leveraging the enduring appeal of “The Twist,” this spot shows consumers how easy it is to twist and recycle the new PlantBottle packaging.

“Eco-Graphics” 0:30 Simple graphics speak directly to light-green consumers, informing them that even small changes can make a difference.

Television TV spots for the DASANI in the new PlantBottle packaging showcased the

brand’s sustainability platform and its pure refreshment through clean natural elements that

clearly communicated the importance of offering a bottle designed with the planet in mind.

This leaf is made from allnatural, plantable seeded paper. Soak it in water, cover in a thin layer of soil, water daily and watch your wildflowers grow.


Out of Home

Point of Sale

The PlantBottle image makes a high-impact statement in out-ofhome media.

Seeded leaf paper with environmentally responsible messaging was placed on products at retail to further communicate DASANI’s commitment to sustainability .

Case studies | DASANI

Interactive To tout the benefits of drinking DASANI water, Lambesis tapped singer Chili of the group TLC to appear alongside her son in a health and beauty focused communication effort.

Case studies | Yes To

Case study:

Yes To happy and natu 32

Background Founded in 2006, Yes To was an early leader in the natural beauty category. As natural beauty products continued to flood the mainstream, Yes To lost market share and experienced diminished brand awareness. The Yes To You campaign creates a fun and


Key strategic issue irreverent brand look and meaning that breaks through standard conventions of natural skin care.

While Yes To still maintained a high-quality 95% natural product, awareness of the brand was low in the highly commoditized natural mass skin care market. With highly regarded and unique products planned for the next year, Yes To needed to tap into the cultural

need for authenticity by utilizing the equity of key ingredients and color to create bright, iconic images that highlight Yes To’s fun and innovative new products.

The Yes To You campaign inspires everyone to say “Yes To” themselves and enjoy a more natural type of beauty. “Yes To You” delivered a fully integrated, immersive brand idea and communicated it consistent across all touch points including video, social media, print, POS and digital advertising.

Results YesTo.com was restrategized, redesigned and rebuilt to provide an intuitive, engaging retail and content experience. The new, consumer-driven site brings social to the forefront and integrates product reviews to educate and drive sales online and in-store.

The fully integrated campaign launched across multiple touch points and platforms generating unprecedented engagement, conversation and excitement among consumers and retailers with over 1.2 million visitors in the first year.

ural beauty. 33

Available in the natural beauty aisle. Visit yestocarrots.com for more information.

leaning fun. and a warming scrub that makes deep-c

Available in the natural beauty aisle. Visit yestocarrots.com for more information.


Available in the natural beauty aisle. Visit yestocarrots.com for more information.

Understanding the continued value of maintaining a presence in print to establish an iconic beauty brand, the “Yes To You� campaign includes a series of eye-catching print ads that run monthly across a variety of print publications.

Case studies | Yes To

Interactive YesTo.com delivers an intuitive and engaging retail and content experience that brings social to the forefront and provides product education through consumer reviews. Additionally, a series of interactive rich media units, online banners and social assets were developed and produced to reach the target across all platforms.

Videos Communicating the benefits of new and innovative products, Yes To captures the playful and irreverent spirit of natural beauty in a series of fun and amusing videos that ask, “What do you say yes to?�

POS Yes To connects with consumers at POS through a series of ingredient-centered displays that bring fun to the natural beauty category.

s r e b m cucuan goofiness d

and a natural coolant that soothes my sensitive skin.

Case studies | SKYY Vodka

Case study:

Background In the years following its 1992 launch, SKYY expanded its national distribution and enjoyed a gradual sales increase with a product-focused ad campaign highlighting the vodka’s exceptional smoothness and proprietary distillation process. However, as time passed, SKYY

began to see their sales decline, even though research showed vodka consumption was on the rise.

Provocative cocktail s 40

Key Strategic Issue


Although the explosion of cocktail culture had created a market of more youthful consumers, SKYY wasn’t fully tapping into the trend. The challenge posed to Lambesis was to create a brand image that would resonate with young consumers, while generating broad brand awareness in the hotly contested spirits category.

Focusing on younger consumers who were just beginning to establish their brand loyalties, Lambesis developed Cinematic Cocktail Moments, a brand platform designed to create a strong emotional connection with consumers and showcase SKYY as the catalyst for a

Results great cocktail experience. Leading fashion photographers created image-based stories in a striking dramatic style, visually distinguishing SKYY from other brands in the vodka market. The media plan targeted trendsetters and styleconscious consumers, while building momentum

with impactful outdoor advertising in influential markets. The blue bottle instantly became a brand icon, and SKYY posters were soon in high demand.

SKYY Vodka enjoyed double-digit sales growth for 10 years following the launch of Cinematic Cocktail Moments, and in 2000, SKYY exceeded the one million case mark. This rapid ascent made SKYY a frequent winner of the coveted Hot Brand Award, and the 2012 Harris Poll EquiTrend study identified

SKYY as the leading vodka brand. Lambesis’ work for SKYY has been cited as a case study in effective positioning, branding and creative strategy in several marketing and advertising textbooks. The deep emotional connection Lambesis fostered between SKYY and the vodka’s consumers has

been the crux of their 15year relationship, allowing Lambesis to develop SKYY into one of the world’s most recognizable spirits brands. SKYY’s enormous success has enabled multiple brand extensions, including SKYY flavors, SKYY Blue, SKYY90 and SKYY Infusions.

style. 41

Case studies | SKYY Vodka

Interactive SKYY has consistently brought innovation to the digital medium, with provocative and entertaining concepts that capture the sexy essence of the brand. The award-winning SKYY.com site presents the brand in a seamless context that consumers can truly experience.


TV and Film Leveraging the talent of award winning directors, SKYY television elegantly

captures the cinematic fantasy of the brand. SKYY also pioneered the use of online short films,

reinforcing the brand’s ties with cinema and connecting with the target on a deeper level. “Heaven” 0:30 Directed by Barbara Ling Filmed in a luxe modern nightclub, this spot positions SKYY as an ultra-premium brand enjoyed by beautiful and glamorous trendsetters.

“Dubai” 0:30 Directed by Barbara Ling Gleaming white desert sands serve as the perfect backdrop for the sparkling refreshment of SKYY Vodka.

“Falling in Love in Pongo Ponga” 7:06 Directed by James Woods SKYY Vodka takes center stage in this humorous love story about a personal assistant and her boss, a prima donna actress.

Out of Home An extensive outdoor presence in key urban areas leverages SKYY’s arresting and graphic images. Billboards and posters, placed in strategic locations in major cities, build awareness and reinforce the iconography of the SKYY brand.

Print Cinematic Cocktail Moments changed the way spirits are marketed and has become the embodiment of modern cocktail culture and style. Capturing classic cocktail moments with smart, sexy sophistication, these images achieve a deep emotional connection with target consumers.

Package Design Sleek and sophisticated, SKYY packaging is created with a high level of quality and style to support the brand’s premium image. 46

Case studies | SKYY Vodka

Celebrity Print Film celebrities were included in the SKYY print to heighten brand authenticity and further strengthen the connection to the cinematic branding platform. The stunningly produced images added glamour and sophistication to SKYY’s brand image.



Out of Home Lambesis created a highly visual and unmistakable outdoor presence for SKYY Infusions, including tall walls, transit, billboards and taxi cab toppers in key locations.

Print The SKYY Infusions campaign extends the provocative essence of the SKYY Vodka brand with the tantalizing appeal of luscious fruit flavor. Bold, breakthrough executions photographed by Raymond Meier strongly outperformed competitor communications in consumer research studies.



Case studies | SKYY Infusions

Interactive The SKYY Infusions website is the digital destination for SKYY’s extended line of allnatural, fruit infused flavors. The site features exclusive SKYY cocktail recipes and downloads. Interactive advertising captures the target via luscious imagery and a variety of engagement platforms.

Packaging Design Lambesis designed SKYY Infusions packaging to communicate allnatural flavor and

evoke a feeling of refreshment, while building off the core brand’s iconic blue bottle design.

Print In creating the SKYY90 print work, Lambesis’ goal was to position SKYY90 as the first vodka inspired by ultra-premium high design. In all images, the bottle was pictured alongside stunning examples of luxurious modern design, strikingly reinforcing the brand’s image and messaging.


Case studies | SKYY90


Collateral Custom designed pieces created by Lambesis included this gift box containing a DVD of the launch film and a sleek brochure. Unique

design features such as debossing, chrome gilding and paper selection positioned SKYY90 as distinctive among ultrapremium vodka brands.

SKYY90.com uses advanced digital technology to present a dynamic interactive version of the brand’s launch film. Users can

Short Film experience the film with multiple levels of product information and lifestyle content to understand the brand as a whole world of superior taste.

“Building Brands” Directed by Alain Gourrier Designed exclusively for the launch, this film presents a product story

explaining SKYY90’s innovative distillation process and strengthening the brand’s ultra-premium highdesign aesthetic.

Television Diverse and exotic locations served as glamorous backdrops for SKYY Blue’s large production TV spots, designed to create a feeling of relaxed sophistication.

Print The SKYY Blue print campaign reflects the sophistication, style and cocktail culture of the core SKYY Brand, yet focuses on a casual and relaxed lifestyle.


“Four Cabanas” 0:30 Directed by The Hughes Brothers In this television spot, a waiter serves SKYY Blue to resort guests throughout the day and into the night, when their silhouettes become visible within white cabanas.

“Speed Boat” 0:30 Directed by Bryan Singer This spot follows SKYY Blue bottles being passed down a row of people sunbathing on the deck of a glamorous luxury speedboat.

“Aprés” 0:30 Directed by Bryan Singer Snow-covered mountains serve as the backdrop in this spot, featuring women sunbathing in lounge chairs as they enjoy snow-chilled bottles of SKYY Blue.

Case studies | Hitachi

Case study:

Background Hitachi was well-known for a wide variety of consumer and industrial products, but awareness of their home theater technology was low. Although the high-end flat panel HDTV market was growing rapidly, Hitachi had little brand name recognition in the field. Hitachi looked to

Lambesis to develop an innovative integrated marketing program that would create a clear and distinct identity to differentiate them from other brands.

Best-in-class technolo in exquisite modern s 56


Key Strategic Issue Hitachi’s competitors had done little to develop a distinctive brand identity. Most advertising in the category had a generic functionality-focused approach, but Lambesis felt Hitachi could leverage their advanced propriety technologies to establish a best-in-class positioning. By emphasizing Hitachi’s

superior technology in an elegant way, Lambesis knew they could help Hitachi rise above the standard advertising norms that characterized the flat panel TV market.

The Beauty of Science brand platform brought Hitachi’s best-in-class positioning to life with high-end imagery showing home theater technology as it had never been seen before. By turning off the TV and featuring striking photography focused on technology and design,

Results the campaign broke away from conventional depictions of the ultimate home theater. In a category with little brand consistency, Lambesis used distinctive black backgrounds, dramatic lighting, and a modern minimalist aesthetic to create a premium positioning for Hitachi

products, showcasing their superior technology. Through a variety of traditional media, as well as the architectural design of the Hitachi corporate showroom, Lambesis communicated the elegant superiority of the Hitachi brand.

The Beauty of Science brand platform not only drove significant growth for Hitachi, it pioneered an entirely new approach to the marketing of consumer electronics. Hitachi’s premium positioning cultivated and strengthened the brand’s reputation and helped expand their

retail distribution within and beyond high-end electronics retailers. Consumer research indicated a heightened brand awareness, which was supported by tenfold growth of consumer traffic to the Hitachi website in key buying seasons. The rebranding of Hitachi was remarkably successful at

setting the brand apart from its flat panel TV competitors. Hitachi’s lush photographic style and distinctive high-end appearance became industry benchmarks that were soon imitated by others in the category, ultimately changing the way consumer electronics firms approached branding.

ogy wrapped style. 57

Case studies | Hitachi

Television Photographed and directed by the celebrated visual artist Jean-Paul Goude, Hitachi’s groundbreaking television spot tells the story of the brand’s superior picture quality in a strikingly dramatic and compelling fashion.

Interactive The Hitachi website allowed users to easily access a vast amount of information in an environment that reflected the brand’s sleek, premium and innovative essence.


Experience the purest film-like quality in a plasma TV with ALiS technology and Virtual HD.™

Achieve the highest home theater experience possible with the Hitachi UltraVision Digital® Plasma TV. Original ALiS technology eliminates the “grid” pattern of conventional displays by using continuous vertical channels of phosphor. Integrated with the Virtual HD™ 1080p processor, Hitachi UltraVision Digital® plasma televisions display exceptional HDTV performance. The result is a stunningly beautiful, film-like picture. Only the power of Hitachi original technology and seamless integration can deliver plasma TV at its absolute finest for an unequalled home theater experience. Take a closer look at www.hitachi.us/plasmatv.

Print Richly photographed lifestyle images used metaphors to tell the story of Hitachi’s proprietary technologies and highlight the sleek design of its products. Dramatic lighting and an emphasis on minimalist design were used to showcase the brand’s home theater technologies in a distinctive and ownable way.

Beauty and color aligned to perfection with the Magic Focus.™

Complete integration from the inside is the essence of a beautiful picture. Magic Focus automatically adjusts for optimal RGB alignment and perfect picture clarity. The AliS™ technology eliminates pixel girds while Hitachi's proprietary VirtualHD™ processor upconverts picture quality from analog to HDTV specifications. Hitachi's exclusive Wide-Neck CRT ™ gives a more sharp and clear picture. Discover the beauty that the Hitachi televisions provide with their integrated system of technology. visit www.hitachi.com


For the first time, the true beauty and power of Plasma HDTV is revealed.

Introducing the new Hitachi UltraVision® CineForm™ Series 42” Plasma HDTV. Hitachi one million pixel technology removes the grid for the finest detail and most vivid color.

At last in home theater, the true beauty and power of Plasma HDTV is revealed. Now with over one million pixels, proprietary ALiS technology delivers flawless picture quality and a smooth film-like image. Conventional Plasma TVs have fewer pixels and produce a visible grid pattern that masks a perfect picture. The sleek new Hitachi CineForm™ 42” Plasma HDTV eliminates the grid pattern to produce the most impressive, life-like picture ever. Enjoy the most innovative design and long lasting high performance in Plasma HDTV, only from Hitachi.

Packaging Design Lambesis designed Hitachi’s simple yet bold packaging with the same sleek aesthetic employed in other media. The

Environment Design result was a sophisticated package worthy of Hitachi’s premium product.

Hitachi turned to Lambesis to concept and design the corporate showroom for Hitachi’s US headquarters. This

sleek, minimal environment was created to bring the brand essence to life, offering visitors a deeper understanding of the Hitachi brand experience.

Point of Sale


Imagery echoing the brand aesthetic, combined with headlines touting Hitachi’s latest technological advantages, enhanced the consumer retail experience and the in-store environment.

High-quality collateral continued the bold brand aesthetic and was extremely effective in reinforcing Hitachi’s premium brand image.

63 63



Igniting red passion. 64

Campari, an Italian liqueur with a rich history and distinctive flavor, had found little support in the U.S. despite years of trying to build mass appeal. Lambesis repositioned Campari by moving away from a mass-market approach and re-focusing the brand as the sophisticated choice of upscale drinkers. The work capitalized on Campari’s authentic and transgressive spirit, while evolving the liqueur’s image with a high fashion feel. Lambesis’ rebranding of Campari produced the first U.S. sales growth for the brand in recent history. Lambesis’ subsequent global efforts for Campari featured celebrities Salma Hayek and Jessica Alba, as well as the talent of Mario Testino, Jean-Paul Goude and Matthew Rolston. Media included print, television and out-ofhome, and the work ran in over 30 countries.

Print Lambesis’ first campaign for Campari, titled “Passion Posters,� harkens to original vintage Campari posters, with high fashion photography adding a modern allure.

Collateral This custom-designed sample box and brochure reflect the distinctive character of the Campari brand through the use of high-quality materials and striking visual imagery.







Television Lambesis created the seductive “Hotel Campari� television series for international release. Featuring spots starring Salma Hayek filmed by Matthew Rolston, the series yielded the best-tested global campaign results for Campari ever. Interactive Campariusa.com featured the Salma Hayek imagery and built on the equity and culture of the brand. This site tied the classic sophistication of Campari with the modern lifestyle and cultural aspirations of the target audience.






Print Global “Hotel Campari� series starring Salma Hayek and photographed by Mario Testino.

Collateral Lambesis created limitededition calendars with the Salma Hayek images. A red linen cover and striking design helped to reinforce the Campari brand image.



Television Lambesis followed the enormous success of “Hotel Campari” with the “Club Campari” series starring Jessica Alba and directed by legendary director Jean-Paul Goude. Bursting with seduction, Club Campari was depicted as a place of pure enjoyment, where passion prevails in an incredibly sophisticated yet playful environment.


Collateral Club Campari was further promoted with a sleekly designed limitededition calendar containing sizzling images of the movie star, Jessica Alba.

Print Print ads photographed by Mario Testino featured Jessica Alba in a variety of playful situations, thoroughly enjoying her passion-filled stay at Club Campari. Interactive Club Campari expanded into the online arena, building on the brand platform’s mix of sophistication and joie de vivre with a magical interactive experience.

Case studies | Gold Peak

Case study:

The taste that brings 72

Background The tea category was saturated with ingredient and tea sourcing centered brands and Gold Peak had been marketing the brand around the product attribute of ‘home-brewed taste’. Expanding from the proven product values behind this delicious

tea brand, The Taste That Brings You Home campaign depicts authentic tea moments that celebrate the comforts of home, and the refreshing feeling we all experience when we feel truly at home.

Key strategic issue



People yearn to connect, to belong and to feel at home. By focusing on the emotional feeling of home, rather than just the physical location, the taste of Gold Peak creates a real connection to authentic home moments.

The Taste That Brings You Home campaign with the Comfort of Home positioning brought to life the feeling of home, reminding consumers that no matter where you go or what you do, one sip of Gold Peak can reconnect you to home.

A full multi-media campaign launch, Gold Peak sales skyrocketed making them one of Coca-Cola’s top 20 Billion Dollar brands worldwide, with continued double-digit year after year sales growth.

s you home. 73

Case studies | Gold Peak

Television In “Home Sweet Home”, Gold Peak’s authentic tea ingredients deliver the freshness of its home-brewed taste, so that wherever you find yourself, the taste of Gold Peak will always bring you home. Narrated by Ron Howard.

The taste of home. Best when pairedrtswitofh home. the comfo Remove the Checkerboard and let the games begin!

Let’s Play !

Gather family and friends. Grab some Gold PeakTea. Punch out the checkers. And let the game begin.

Print Gold Peak’s authentic at-home moments communicate the feeling of home and Gold Peak’s homebrewed taste, helping you to feel refreshed and invigorated, comforted and restored. 76

Home-brewed taste so good, it’s worth hiding some extra.

Case studies | Gold Peak


Homemade recipes call

for home-brewed taste. View our Specialty Drinks


The Gold Peak website was redesigned from the ground up with a focus on product content and product location. The visuals depict authentic tea and coffee moments that celebrate the comforts of home, and the refreshing feeling we all experience when we feel truly at home. The Taste That Brings You Home was extended into online media, with a heavy rotation of standard banners that used cinematic animation to tell an authentic story in an impactful way using an often ignored medium. Performance for the banners surpassed all client and industry benchmarks.

Out of Home The Taste That Brings You Home campaign imagery comes to life in iconic out-of-home, bus shelters and digital outdoor across the US, connecting consumers with the comforts of home.

Point of Sale Gold Peak delivers The Taste That Brings You Home at point of sale by connecting storydriven moments about the comforting feeling of home to consumers at retail. 79

Case studies | Tacori

Case study:

Background In 2007, Tacori was an emerging jewelry company with a passion for creating beautiful and unique handcrafted designs. The family run business had found its footing in engagement rings, offering exquisite craftsmanship in each remarkably detailed piece. As compelling as the

Tacori product was, the brand had yet to establish a distinctive brand image for itself, limiting Tacori’s ability to convert shoppers at retail and expand their product mix. Tacori came to Lambesis seeking an ownable brand positioning to match their exquisite handcrafted product.

Passion expressed wi 80


Key Strategic Issue Few brands in the fine jewelry market have been able to successfully develop and sustain a distinct brand image. Tacori was competing in the mid-tier of engagement rings and fine jewelry, a marketing space saturated with forgettable product shots and generic lifestyle

photography. This was further amplified at the point-of-sale, where brands were doing very little to create a recognizable brand image or a memorable retail experience. Lambesis recognized this as a unique opportunity to create an ownable image for

Tacori, centered around the brand’s inherent passion and the jewelry gifting moment.

Lambesis conducted extensive research on how couples become engaged and used these insights in developing an integrated point-of-sale campaign for Tacori’s store-withina-store boutiques, along with consumer and retailer incentive programs. These groups are adept in using qualitative and

Results quantitative methods to gain insights for branding and positioning platforms. Additional communications supported the launch of Tacori brand extensions, including Tacori fashion jewelry and Tacori wedding brands.

Now in its fifth year, “Iconic Passion” has not only dramatically contributed to Tacori’s growth, but it has focused the industry’s eye on Tacori as the brand to watch. Sales have shown doubledigit increases annually, and InDesign Magazine named Tacori the third

most visible jewelry brand and the #1 bridal brand that jewelers are adding to their offerings. Tacori is currently enjoying robust North American growth, expanding into wedding bands, fine jewelry and fashion jewelry. Tacori’s online fan base has multiplied exponentially

among both actual and aspirational purchasers, suggesting enormous future growth potential for the brand.

ith distinction. 81

Case studies | Tacori

Interactive Lambesis designed the Tacori website to reflect the brand’s passion for exquisite craftsmanship and style, while offering consumers an engaging and informative online shopping experience.


“Checkmate” 0:30 Directed by Alain Gourrier

“Cupid’s Arrow” 0:30 Directed by Alain Gourrier

In this vignette, ebony and bone chess pieces showcase Tacori’s new collection, by serving as a metaphor for the passion of conquest.

This spot uses a golden Cupid’s arrow to highlight the passion behind Tacori’s strikingly beautiful engagement collection.

Brand Film


Renowned director and screenwriter Steven Antin directed “Par Chance,” a heartfelt short film about a chance encounter that blossoms into a passionate romance.

Tacori’s TV series communicates the brand’s artisan heritage and exquisitely detailed creations through graphic and striking stories of passion. Juxtaposing

the jewelry with objects symbolizing passion, the spots seamlessly create a distinct and ownable image for the Tacori brand.

Out of Home The striking print that Lambesis created for Tacori seamlessly translated into outdoor media. Key locations in major cities were selected to display the striking images, communicating the glamour and elegance of the Tacori brand.


Collateral The intricate beauty of Tacori jewelry, resulting from an uncompromising passion for design and craftsmanship, is captured in every sumptuous piece of informative and stylish collateral.

Case studies | Tacori

Print Tacori’s “Iconic Passion” print work captured the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship and stunning designs in dramatic still-life photos. The beautiful images were shot by acclaimed photographers Richard Burbridge and Raymond Meier.


Case studies | Grand Marnier

Case study:

The sensory embodim French style. 88

Background Renowned for its alluring blend of true cognac and essence of bitter orange, Grand Marnier is one of the world’s most recognized and storied spirits brands with a rich 150-year history. In 2008, when sales of Grand Marnier began to decline, the founding Marnier Lapostolle family and


Key strategic issue parent company LVMH looked to Lambesis to reinvigorate the beloved French brand.

With margarita drinkers and aging loyalists comprising the largest user segments, Grand Marnier was in need of a fresh, exciting image that would resonate with a younger generation, while reinforcing the brand’s cachet among existing consumers. Lambesis realized that

Grand Marnier’s greatest asset, its rich equity, was not being maximized in the existing advertising. The opportunity was clear: reestablish Grand Marnier as an icon of authentic French style, but with an exuberant modern feel.

The sensory embodiment of authentic French style, “La Vie Grand Marnier” introduced Grand Marnier to a new generation. Acclaimed artist Jordi Labanda created the brand’s distinctive illustrations, which came to life in animated TV spots by French directors Alain Gourrier and Olivier. The

Results marketing effort included outdoor, print, digital and social media, with limited-edition packaging and retail communications promoting the brand at point-of-sale.

“La Vie Grand Marnier” proved to be one of the most successful branding initiatives in Grand Marnier’s history. Since the launch of the advertising, Grand Marnier has enjoyed a significant increase in worldwide sales, with research revealing an extremely positive brand

image shift and robust upward momentum among younger consumers. Grand Marnier continues to experience marked growth, with the brand positioned for exciting new product and marketing extensions.

ment of authentic 89

Case studies | Grand Marnier

Interactive Lambesis extended “La Vie Grand Marnier� online with an interactive film guide that captured the flirtatious and sophisticated feeling of the brand. The Grand Mixology iPhone app captured the allure and excitement of creating classic Grand Marnier cocktails in a fun interactive game.


“Balcony” 0:30 Directed by Alain Gourrier Urban and sophisticated, this spot presented Grand Marnier as a popular cocktail among the fashionable and glamorous in-the-know crowd.

“Aprés Ski” 0:30 Directed by Deubal This memorable spot cemented Grand Marnier’s status as a favorite winter libation, while broadening the brand’s appeal to an entirely new generation.

“St. Tropez” 0:30 Directed by Mr. Vandetail By featuring Grand Marnier in a lively and fun beach setting, this spot helped position the brand as a spirit that could be enjoyed throughout the year.

Television Television spots captured the spirit and emotion of La Vie Grand Marnier, instantly breaking through the clutter to

generate significant wordof-mouth, consumer trial and online buzz.

Case studies | Grand Marnier

Point of sale A chic oasis of French sophistication was created inside retail environments to reflect the playful, graphic nature of the campaign.

Package design The limited-edition gift box, bottle and bottle jacket echoed the sophistication and style of the Grand Marnier brand through high quality materials and provocative design. Out of home Outdoor advertising in targeted metropolitan areas included a complete takeover of New York’s historic Grand Central Station.

Print The “La Vie Grand Marnier� print ads capture the style and taste of the authentic French liqueur through vibrant, celebratory imagery inspired by vintage cocktail posters.


Honest Tea

Refreshingly Honest.

Overview Honest Tea and Honest Kids had experienced explosive growth driven by people seeking a healthier alternative to soda, but needed to achieve mainstream relevance and broader consumer passion to catapult the brand to the next level. With the market continuing to flood with

new entrants, opportunity existed for Honest to breakthrough with the “Refreshingly Honest� campaign, a brand idea and image that emanated from the pure, humble and honest beginnings of the brand and product to deliver an experience designed for the modern consumer.


HONEST We’re obsessed with tea. Not freaky weird obsessed, but delicious organic real-brewed obsessed.

TV and Film In “Tea Window”, Honest delivers a transparent look at the pure ingredients that make the world of Honest so refreshing.

Print By presenting ingredients with clear honesty and transparency, “Refreshingly Honest” differentiated Honest Tea as healthier, higher quality product with mass appeal.




HONEST Half the sugar of leading kids juice drinks. Which should help cancel out that ice cream from Grandma.


HONEST Kid tested. Organicloving mom approved.


HONEST Half the sugar of leading kids juice drinks. Which should help cancel out that ice cream from Grandma.


HONEST Just as nature intended. Only cuter.

Out of Home “Refreshingly Honest� comes to life in iconic out-of-home across the US, connecting modern consumers with the refreshing transparency of Honest Tea.

Fisker Automotive


Designed to get you hot, not the planet. 104

For the groundbreaking global introduction of the Fisker Automotive luxury car brand and their first vehicle, the Fisker Karma, the company partnered with Lambesis. Fisker Automotive was founded in 2007 by automotive veterans Henrik Fisker and Bernhard Koehler to launch the world’s first luxury electric vehicle with extended range. Lambesis was charged with concepting the brand meaning and identity for the Fisker Automotive brand and developing impactful messaging for all consumer touch points. The integrated “Forces of Nature� platform was developed for the launch of the Fisker Karma. The work features the talents of Academy Award-winning cinematographers Janusz Kaminski and Wally Pfister, celebrated photographers Miles Aldridge and Anton Watts, and the celebrity voice of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Electric Luxury Redefined.

Pure Driving Passion



Introducing the Fisker Karma, the first true luxury vehicle inspired by the force of nature. Karma is an electric vehicle with extended range (EVer®) providing 403 horsepower and 300 miles of pure driving passion. Karma’s sensual body design captures the elegant lines of windswept sand dunes. These designs are just part of Fisker’s commitment to nature and uncompromised, responsible luxury.

The largest solar glass roof ever designed for an automobile sustains the beauty and sensuality of nature. The custom solar design converts power from the sun into stored electric energy effectively increasing vehicle range while powering the interior climate control system.

Earth Certified reclaimed wood interiors rescued from forest fires, storms and lakes introduce sustainable, luxurious design that captivates the senses.

FiskerAutomotive.com ©2011 Fisker Automotive, Inc.

Interactive FiskerAutomotive.com seamlessly educates visitors on Fisker’s groundbreaking EVer technology, in addition to managing the communications needs of a wide variety of owners, handraisers, media and additional third parties.


Fisker Automotive

Range. Performance. Style. Unrivaled Electric Design.

Electric Luxury And Performance With Extended Range. Plug In Or Fill Up.

Wind Introducing the Fisker Karma, the first true electric luxury vehicle with 403 horsepower and a 300 mile extended range (EVer™). Karma’s sensual body design is inspired by the force of nature and captures the elegant lines of windswept sand dunes. These designs are just part of Fisker’s commitment to nature and uncompromised responsible luxury.

Introducing The Fisker Karma.

Pure Driving Passion

Responsible Luxury



100 MPG*

50 Miles All Electric

Extended Range

Reclaimed Wood

Solar Roof

Finally, sustainable design without compromise. Introducing the Fisker Karma, the first true electric luxury vehicle with extended range.

High impact performance, low impact on the environment. 403 horsepower, a 300 mile/ 483 km extended range (EVer™) and 100 MPG/160 km.*

The freedom to plug in or fill up. Choose all electric stealth mode or fuel assisted sport mode with a simple shift of the paddle.

The patented Fisker EVer™ technology allows an extended range of up to 300 miles/483 km and 100 MPG/160 km.*

Driving in all electric stealth mode provides a total range of up to 50 miles/80 km. Most people travel less than 35 miles/ 56 km per day.

EVer™ technology uses a generator and battery pack to power dual electric motors that drive the wheels. The gasoline engine is only used as a backup range extender.

Fisker interior wood is unique and 100% sustainable, sourced from certified Fallen, Sunken and Rescued Wood.™

The largest solar glass roof ever designed for a production vehicle can convert power from the sun into stored electric energy to power the interior climate control system.

*Achievable. ©2011 Fisker Automotive, Inc.

Pure Driving Passion



The largest solar glass roof ever designed for an automobile sustains the beauty and sensuality of nature. The custom solar design converts power from the sun into stored electric energy effectively increasing vehicle range while powering the interior climate control system.

Reclaimed wood interiors from certified ecological rescue sites like forest fires, storms and lakes introduce sustainable, luxurious design that captivates the senses.

“Force of Nature” Directed By Janusz Kaminski The highly cinematic commercials for the launch of the Fisker Karma establish the brand’s “Pure Driving Passion” in dramatically entertaining fashion. Shot by Janusz Kaminski, the spot also features the talents of Leonardo DiCaprio who performs the voiceover for the spot.

FiskerAutomotive.com ©2011 Fisker Automotive, Inc.

Collateral The unyielding dedication to responsible luxury and sustainable technology in all Fisker Automotive designs is captured in collateral that included a stunning brochure designed entirely from post-consumer materials, distributed at the Paris Auto Show.


Fisker Automotive

Print Print advertisements created for Fisker Automotive debuted in Vanity Fair, showcasing the brand’s dedication to earth-inspired design and sustainable luxury.


Environment Design: Harrods London Store Takeover Fisker Automotive followed Lambesis’ recommendation to partner with famed luxury retailer Harrods in a full store take over. The cross-promotional endeavor consisted of plasma video monitors, rotating LED photography and a buzz-generating window display featuring the Fisker Karma itself.


Seagate Technology

THE TRUSTED EXPERT IN HARD DRIVES INTRODUCES THE EASIEST WAY TO INSTANTLY SAVE ALL YOUR PC FILES. Interactive The fully integrated brand platform includes breakthrough interactive work, including videos and display units providing deeper product education.



Point of Sale

Package Design


Signage at electronics retailers is designed to reflect the playful and informative characteristics of the advertising, combined with headlines to reinforce the brand messaging and drive purchase.

Lambesis’ fully redesigned suite of product packaging gives the Seagate brand strong and distinct presence on retail shelves.

Seagate print uses a unique combination of bright colors, witty copy and cartoon-style graphics, to showcase the brand’s innovative, yet easy-to-use product offering.

Physicians Formula

Rx for Glamour. 112

Overview Physicians Formula enjoyed a solid reputation as a category innovator, with revolutionary, first-tomarket products that were often imitated by other brands. Originally created by a dermatologist to treat his wife’s sensitive skin, Physicians Formula had a loyal following and was a beloved brand among

those in the know. To achieve greater growth however, the company needed to create a stronger and more iconic brand personality. The solution was “Rx for Glamour,” a direction that beautifully expressed Physicians Formula’s unique mix of health and glamour.


Physicians Formula

Interactive Lambesis designed the Physicians Formula to integrate the new look of the brand and promote Rx for Glamour. The website infrastructure and content was revamped to further the solidify the new Physicians Formula brand positioning. The rollout of the new campaign was supported by online media that ran across multiple beauty properties. The standard banners focused on specific product lines and featured iconic photography and seamless animations that drove viewers to purchase products online. Rx for Glamour was also highlighted at POS with interactive displays that linked shoppers to the Rx for Glamour microsite via their mobile devices.





ULTIMATE SELFIE FORMULA FOR PICTURE PERFECTION Radiate #selfie seduction in a flash with Super BB #InstaReady. The BB Contour Trio Stick effortlessly contours your face with an instant swipe-and-blend for a photo-ready finish in seconds. #RXFORGLAMOUR


Non-toxic Glamour


Rx For Glamour




ABC CUSHION FOUNDATION Flawless, weightless and mess-less. Pioneering radiance with state-of-the-art cushion technology. Innovative mineral makeup formulated with ABC cream Airbrushes, Blurs and Corrects, for a light, perfected finish. #RXFORGLAMOUR




Rx For Glamour

100% NATURAL ORIGIN CC CURL+ CARE MASCARA Say goodbye to your eyelash curler. The first ever CC Curl + Care Mascara features 100% natural origin ingredients to curl, volumize and condition lashes for the flirtiest eyes ever. Amp up the toxin-free allure with another healthy first from Physicians Formula. #RXFORGLAMOUR

Perfection Reinvented Rx For Glamour

Print Print ads paired glamorous models with conceptual product photography, showcasing Physicians Formula’s healthy ingredients and breakthrough formulas. 117

Videos How to Videos featuring new Physicians Formula products were used to promote the new look of the brand while also providing viewers with tips on product usage. The video series was used for five Physicians Formula properties and rolled out online across multiple properties.

Brazilian Butter Rx For Glamour




MURUMURUINFUSED BRAZILIAN BRONZER Radiate a sexy, glowing Brazilian bronze. Tropically sourced Murumuru butter is infused with nourishing provitamins that melt into your skin for an exotic sun-kissed glow that seals in moisture. #RXFORGLAMOUR

Physicians Formula

Out of Home Striking and clean billboards featured models alongside product photography, with simple headlines focused on brand innovation.

POS The glamorous print imagery was also used in beautifully designed pointof-sale displays, with color-coded products arranged by collection.


Hard Rock Hotels


Raw glamour. 120

Hard Rock Hotels

Collateral To establish Hard Rock as the ultimate Las Vegas destination, buzz was created with leaders of the fashion, music and entertainment industries with mailings of premium, collectable items and provocative collateral.

Interactive The Hard Rock Residences website was designed to immerse users in the brand and highlight the amenities, world-class service and rock and roll attitude that made the project unique.


Print High fashion illustration glamourized the HARD ROCK lifestyle and featured specific areas within the hotel. The images used an exciting juxtaposition of raw rock luxury and sophisticated style that echoed the unique brand essence of the destination.


Stunningly beautiful skin. Clinically proven results.

Kinerase with Kinetin reduces signs of aging in 28 days. KINERASE C8 Peptide Intensive Treatment’s powerful yet gentle formula has been clinically shown to conquer damage at every level, restoring your skin’s delicate beauty.


dramatically reduces the appearance of wrinkles

Kinetin anti-oxidant in plant DNA improves signs of aging

Stabilized Vitamin C evens skin tone


Point of Sale Not only was Kinerase’s distinctive brand identity able to break through on retail shelves, but Lambesis also helped Kinerase become the very first pharmaceutical company to be invited by Sephora to implement storefront posters, based on the appeal and uniqueness of the brand communications.

Print Kinerase print uses graphic visual metaphors to communicate the pure luxury of skincare products derived from nature-based science.

The dermatologist’s secret to dramatically younger-looking skin without injections. Kinerase Extreme Lift Face is clinically shown to deliver an immediate tightening effect without injections, visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


“The Memory” 0:60 Director of Photography Robert Brinkmann Set in Rome, this spot for Guess Footwear follows a man roaming through the city remembering a woman. As he narrates over cinematic visuals, the viewer is taken on a mini tour of the city, which finally ends at the café where the man first saw the woman. “Train” 0:30 Director of Photography Janusz Kaminski The young American man and mysterious woman are reunited on a train. The woman, still being chased, hides in the American’s passenger car, slips the secret tape into his luggage and escapes once again.

Short Films Academy Award-winning cinematographer Janusz Kaminski directed this trilogy of highly stylized TV spots in the style of classic French New Wave cinema.

Print Confident, engaging and rich with knowledge, the print campaign clearly positions Guess as an authentic and premium brand made with superior craftsmanship. 127

COMFORTfood an



SLS Hotels/sbe

Out of Home Out-of-home for SLS Hotels was built on the “Artistic Vision” platform, using glamorous images that captured the distinctive luxury of the brand. Collateral Lambesis maintained the brand’s highdesign aesthetic and artistic modern edge through the use of world-class photography from leaders in the art community.


TASTE the glamour


POOL of dreams










Print ads for SLS hotels came to life under the “Artistic Vision” brand platform and portrayed the unique feeling of staying at an SLS Hotel. 129

Additional work

Additional work:

Brands and P&G approached Lambesis to create a new brand platform for the Sunny Delight brand. The integrated TV, print and web work featured a stylized game show theme. A website allowed teens to play a version of the TV game show online to win prizes, and the integrated digital content became one of P&G’s most successful web promotions. Sunny Delight experienced renewed interest from teens and tweens, and the brand platform was adapted for the Canadian market.


Levi’s asked Lambesis to create new sub-brands, which would re-establish the brand’s authenticity and credibility with a teen and young adult audience for whom Levi’s had become “out of touch.” Lambesis delved into the authentic DNA of the brand and developed several concepts, which were researched using trendsetters in the U.S., London and Tokyo. Lambesis named the Red brand and recommended merchandising and brand identity ideas that Levi’s implemented to market this concept.

Lambesis was selected to develop brand positioning for Henkel’s got2b and citre shiné brands. By evaluating the category competitors and identifying a positioning opportunity, Lambesis helped got2b define an ownable voice among mass brands. The subsequent TV and print initiatives, which were used internationally, focused on how consumers could use got2b to achieve their own personal style. Lambesis positioned citre shine to be a higher-end retail brand at mass and created communications that made it distinctive in a crowded marketplace.

Based on Lambesis’ knowledge of youth trends, Nissan Motors contracted the Research and Planning Department to provide deep insights into youth trends and desires, for use in future product development. Lambesis recommended research with specific influencers, recruited participants through its network of Urban Pioneers. Proprietary research techniques successfully uncovered several product themes that trendsetters deemed critical for future product development.

Mattel, the world’s largest toymaker, purchased Morey Bodyboards, the leading brand in the category. Mattel assigned Lambesis to build Morey’s leadership position while ensuring that the brand remained dominant. Lambesis used its knowledge of the youth action sports marketplace to develop TV and print advertising that reached the core enthusiasts, while gaining interest from the mainstream. Mattel retained Lambesis to define the positioning of Morey, Wham-O and all of their sports division products while ensuring a leadership position.

Gap Inc. asked Lambesis to uncover new opportunities and retail concepts the brand could capitalize on. Lambesis organized a series of research workshops, using a combination of projective and expressive techniques, to uncover the deep-rooted wants and needs of the consumer with regard to apparel. Based on insights from this work, Lambesis recommended focusing on a 35+ female target. Gap developed this recommendation into a fourth Gap Inc. concept, Forthe & Towne.

nd Projects When Cutty Sark came to Lambesis in 1999, the brand had limited relevance or emotional connection with the younger U.S. consumer. Lambesis repositioned Cutty Sark among the target market of 21-34 year-old males as a more accessible and masculine drink. Lambesis provided insights into this market, including the target’s perceptions of competing brands in the Scotch category. These insights were used to redefine the brand’s positioning and develop communications aimed at the new target audience.

In addition to Caslon, Lambesis was selected by Nordstrom to create Halogen as their new modern brand and reposition Classiques Entier. Lambesis conducted strategy sessions with each brand’s marketing team that led to the development of five-year brand plans. Complete brand identity programs were created that included product design, packaging, merchandising, media, promotions and licensed music collections.

Dana, the fragrance division of Renaissance Cosmetics, retained Lambesis to launch their new line called Fetish. As one of the first mass-marketed beauty brands targeting young women, ads were strategically developed to communicate on an emotional level. Lambesis developed all aspects of the marketing program, from product design to P.O.S. and other forms of marketing communication. The launch was extremely successful, moving five times more product than other Dana product introductions.

Intel’s largest competitor, AMD, asked Lambesis to help position a new product and articulate the benefits of the digitally connected home to consumers. AMD was challenged with the task of communicating complex technologies and the benefits of linking a widely varied array of digital devices. Lambesis researched the new lifestyle of digital connectivity and the potential of the digital entertainment experience. Creative work and a new positioning were developed, as well as a holistic marketing plan to support the new marketing initiative.

When Hot Topic decided to take their alternative fashion lines to the plus-sized market, they asked Lambesis to help develop their brand. Lambesis responded with the celebrated La Dolce Vita brand platform, which revolved around the idea of living life to its fullest. Poster-like images celebrate a world of fun, sexy glamour and style. By using top fashion photographers, Lambesis brought beautiful and daring imagery to this fast growing market.

This Suntory-owned liqueur distributed by SKYY Spirits needed an updated positioning and new creative to revitalize the brand. Lambesis researched the Midori target and the brand’s role in modern cocktail culture. Through in-depth study of the target and an understanding of potential brand growth, Lambesis was able to create a well-researched positioning and creative that would give the brand ownability and a new modern allure.


Our capabilities


Research and planning. Concept and design. Production, marketing and media. Lambesis brings together focused teams of intelligent, talented people who know how important it is to see The Big Picture, specialists who understand how the work they do fits into the larger context of

achieving precise and deep communication with the consumer. Communication is what branding is ultimately all about. At Lambesis, successful communication with consumers begins with diverse departments thinking, talking and working together.

Integrated disciplines, Integrated capabilities. 132

Brand Planning

Creative & Design

Connections Planning

Brand Integration



The Lambesis planning team develops persuasive communications through a strategic framework grounded in fundamental human behavior. The approach maps the four pillars of enduring relationships—empathy, experiences, endorsement and energy—to create truly customer-centered brand strategies. The team works as commercial anthropologists to connect brands with culture, as evidenced by the recognition Lambesis received in Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point.

Conceptually and visually driven, the creative and design team guides the Lambesis brand development process, which always remains firmly aligned with strategic positioning. They adhere to the highest standards of design, collaborating with master artists in every medium to achieve a higher aesthetic in branding, and they work closely with the interactive team to extend memorable brand experiences across all possible platforms.

The connections planning discipline maps out ways to enable brands to fit into the customer’s world, taking into account both context and content. At Lambesis, media is essential to brand strategy. How and where a brand appears can build brand equity as much as what a brand says in communications. Lambesis works to create media experiences, not just touch points.

The brand integration group at Lambesis is the modern evolution of the old model of account management. Brand integration keeps the agency laser-focused on our clients’ business goals and market dynamics. They make integration happen naturally and seamlessly by anticipating needs, connecting the dots and marshaling the right resources. They partner with our clients to lead and coordinate the other external agencies that may work on behalf of the brand.

The Lambesis interactive group designs engaging and highly immersive brand experiences across all digital platforms, including websites, online advertising, mobile apps and interactive point-of-sale. The team is organized around strategy, user-experience, design and metrics. They are deeply embedded in the creative process, because Lambesis sees “offline” and “online” as older distinctions. Today, in recognizing the power of second screen viewing and mobile-enabled print, every form of communication is ultimately online.

The Lambesis production team manages workflow to ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget. This discipline is committed to the successful transformation of creative concepts into reality, working across print, video and interactive. They collaborate with creative to ensure that the creative work achieves the highest levels of quality and consistency.

Proprietary brand positioning and planning process with proven success

Original concepts, design and content creation

Full service media buying, planning and research

Immersive media design and execution

Integration of brand essence into all media channels

Experts in the latest technologies for viral, guerilla and new media venues

Communication of internal and external client goals and projects

Delivery of high quality final broadcast and print media while maintaining client’s quarterly budgets

Comprehensive investigation of consumer and market dynamics Innovative qualitative and quantitative research methodologies Cultural trend reporting via global network of Urban Pioneers and L Style Report Definition and measurement of business and brand results

Direction and supervision of print and TV production 2-D and 3-D graphic design and packaging Logo, product design and visual brand identity Retail design concepts and environments, point of sale

Securing impactful positions with a wide base of relevant print titles Leveraging long-term relationships with all major media companies Facilitating co-promotions with entertainment and media companies

Managing brand communications, budgets and planning Maintaining an up-to-date understanding of the client’s business, consumers and marketplace Briefing and initiating individual projects within the system and and managing them through to accurate billing Proactive identification and resolution of service issues

Web strategy and implementation Information architecture Search engine optimization and database integration Integrated online marketing systems DVD design and production

Management of out-ofhouse color separations and retouching of final photography Coordinating with client’s third party vendors to deliver quality controlled materials

3-D modeling and animation

Maintaining creative excellence by previewing proofs and press checking

Rapid prototyping to solve complex user interface issues

Routine assessment of job status relative to client’s needs and deadlines 133

Textbooks and Cultural references

Textbooks and Cu The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

Advertising and Promotion: An Integrated Marketing Perspective

Gladwell, Malcolm. Little, Brown and Company, 2000. Chapter 6.

Belch, George E., and Michael A. Belch. McGraw Hill, 8th edition.

The New Yorker magazine writer has achieved guru status among marketers through his book, The Tipping Point, which examines the epidemic spread of trends and the power of word-of-mouth influence. Gladwell dedicated an entire chapter to describing the rise of Airwalk, crediting Lambesis with creating a brand platform that turned Airwalk into a successfully marketed brand worldwide.

This leading college text on advertising and promotion has featured several case studies on integrated advertising created by Lambesis, including those for Airwalk, SKYY Vodka and SKYY90. In the first chapter of the fourth edition, Lambesis’ memorable work for Airwalk is featured as a case study of how to develop and execute effective integrated marketing communications for a brand.


Communication Arts Prendville-Roux, Julie. “Lambesis - A San Diego Advertising Agency Becoming Known for Launching Hot Fashion Brands.” Sept. 1998: Pages 74-84. Communication Arts profiled Lambesis as earning a stellar international reputation for building brands for clients such as Airwalk, bebe and SKYY Vodka.

Design Impact: History of Art Center Hinrichs, Kit, and Pentagram Design, et al. Global Interprint, 2004. Page 37. This publication chronicles the history of the Art Center College of Design and the professional contributions of its alumni. Lambesis President and Executive Creative Director Chad Farmer was profiled for his significant contributions to the advertising profession.

Advertising Procedure Russell, Thomas J., and Ronald W. Lane. Prentice-Hall, Inc.,1999. Pages 423, 609. Charles David images were featured in chapters describing research in advertising and retail advertising and branding.

Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy Peter, Paul J., and Jerry C. Olson. McGraw-Hill, 1996. Page 422. In the chapter describing subculture and social ads, the authors chose a Lambesisproduced ad for Sorrel Juniors clothing. The tagline for the ad, “What to wear when you’re not meeting his parents,” demonstrates how to market products effectively to a cynical and media-savvy teen audience.

ultural References Marketing Bovee, Courtland L., and John V. Thill. McGraw Hill, 1992. Exhibit 9.1. Page 285. Under the general heading of Positioning Products, the Lambesis-produced RollsRoyce ad was featured as an example of how advertising develops positioning strategies. The caption under the ad reads, “Rolls-Royce seeks a premium position in the luxury car market by telling consumers it is superior to the competition.”

China Chic: East Meets West Steele, Valerie, and John S. Major, Yale, 1999. Page 8. China Chic explored the historical significance of Chinese clothing that inspires today’s fashion. The Lambesisproduced “Chinese Acrobat” for Airwalk Footwear was featured because of the unique blend of Eastern and Western style.

The New Yorker


What Women Want

Gladwell, Malcolm. “The Coolhunt.” 17 Mar. 1997: Pages 78-88.

Directed by Ben Stiller. Written by Ben Stiller and Drake Sather. Paramount Pictures, 2001.

Directed by Nancy Meyers. Written by Josh Goldsmith, Cathy Yuspa and Diane Drake. Paramount Pictures, 2000.

Lambesis was asked to commission one of their most popular print ads for SKYY Vodka for use in this outrageous comedy about the life of a male model. The SKYY Vodka ad was handpicked by Ben Stiller himself and was an inspiration when developing his character, Derek Zoolander.

In 2000, Paramount Pictures and Icon Entertainment asked Lambesis for print ads to use as produced work by Mel Gibson’s character, Nick Marshall, an advertising executive who could hear women’s thoughts. The Cutty Sark and SKYY Vodka print ads that Lambesis produced were prominently seen throughout the office scenes.

Malcolm Gladwell defined the marketing research practice of coolhunting, focusing on Lambesis’ breakthrough L Report and its ability to predict fashion, music and other cultural trends that evolve to be thought of as cool.

How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days

Sex and the City: The Movie

Directed by Donald Petrie. Written by Michele Alexander and Jeannie Long. Paramount Pictures, 2003.

Written and directed by Michael Patrick King. New Line Cinema, 2008.

This romantic comedy by Paramount Pictures featured prominent product placement of SKYY Vodka. The signature cobalt blue bottle was in multiple scenes, where it was placed to compliment the film’s sophisticated cocktail moments.

SKYY Vodka was chosen by the producers of Sex and the City to partner with the charming quartet from New York as the official vodka of Sex and the City: The Movie and its sequel, Sex and the City 2. SKYY enjoyed prominent product placement in both films, and a limited edition SKYY bottle was created by the series’ renowned costume designer Patricia Field. 135

Profile for Lambesis

2018 Lambesis Agency Book  

2018 Lambesis Agency Book  

Profile for lambesis