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TestKing IBM 000-994 Exam Questions & Answers

000-994 IBM WebSphere MQ V6.0,System Administration Exam number/code: 000-994 Exam name: IBM WebSphere MQ V6.0,System Administration Questions & Answers: 104 Q&A Related Certifications: System Administator

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TestKing IBM 000-994 Exam Questions & Answers

Exam: 000-994 Certification Questions & Answers

Question 1: While a call is being made with the IBM Support Center, the support staff asks the WebSphere MQ Administrator for the "probe ID". From where can the WebSphere MQ Administrator locate the requested information? A. First-failure support technology (FFST) report B. Error Log Files C. Trace Log files D. Queue manager logs Answer: A

Question 2: An application writes messages to a cluster queue "SHARED.QUEUE". What two ways can WebSphere MQ be configured to put the message on the local copy of "SHARED.QUEUE", rather than sending it to another queue manager in the cluster with the same queue? A. Set the queue with BIND(NOTFIXED) B. Set the queue with BIND(LOCAL) C. Set the queue with BIND(CLOSED) D. Set the queue with CLWLUSEQ(LOCAL) E. Set the queue with CLWLUSEQ(QMGR) and the queue manager with CLWLUSEQ(LOCAL) Answer: D,E

Question 3: A WebSphere MQ System Administrator enters this MQSC command "dis chstatus(QM1.TO.QM2)" on a UNIX Queue Manager and receives this output. AMQ8417: Display Channel Status details. CHANNEL(QM1.TO.QM2) CHLTYPE(SDR) CONNAME(QM2) CURRENT RQMNAME( ) STATUS(RETRYING) SUBSTATE( ) XMITQ(QM2) Administrator needs to locate more detailed information on the reason for the retrying channel status? Where can this information be found? A. In the system error log directory B. In the log file AMQERR04.LOG C. In the log file MQERRLG1 D. In the appropriate queue manager's errors log files Answer: D

Question 4:

TestKing IBM 000-994 Exam Questions & Answers The lead System Administrator has asked for a WebSphere MQ shutdown whereby any current MQI calls are allowed to complete and any new MQI calls fail. What parameter will be issued on the 'endmqm' command? A. -i B. -c C. -p D. -z Answer: A

Question 5: Which of the following is true with regards to transmission queues? A. Each application connected to a queue manager must have its own transmission queue. B. It is not necessary to specify the XmitQName attribute in the local definition of a remote queue, if the transmission queue name is the same as the remote queue manager. C. It is necessary to specify a transmission queue for the definition of message channels at both the sending and receiving end. D. Sharing transmission queues between message channels is encouraged as a way to increase through-put. Answer: B

Question 6: What configuration file on AIX is created when a queue manager is created? A. mq.ini B. mqm.ini C. mqs.ini D. qm.ini Answer: D

Question 7: A cluster contains two full repository queue managers. One of the full repositories becomes unavailable. How will the functionality of the cluster queue managers connected by a CLUSSDR channel to the off-line full repository be impacted? A. They will be limited to using only the information available in their individual partial repositories. B. They will share the information available in their partial repositories. C. They will be unable to function until the full repository queue manager becomes available. D. They will use the duplicate information in the other full repository, and work will not be impacted. Answer: D

Question 8: What is true about the following statement if executed on a LINUX platform? setmqaut -m MYQMGR -t queue -n MY.QUEUE -p Lou -get

TestKing IBM 000-994 Exam Questions & Answers A. The user "Lou" has lost access to read messages from MY.QUEUE. No other users are affected. B. The user "Lou" has lost access to read messages from MY.QUEUE. All other users who have the same primary group as the user "Lou" have also lost this ability. C. The user "Lou" has lost access to write messages to MY.QUEUE. All other users who have the same primary group as the user "Lou" have also lost this ability. D. The user "Lou" has gained access to read messages from MY.QUEUE. All other users who are in the ACL as the user "Lou" have also gained this ability. Answer: B

Question 9: In order to recover a queue from a media failure, what type of logging combined with messaging should be implemented for IBM WebSphere MQ? A. Circular logging with persistent messaging B. Circular logging with non-persistent messaging C. Linear logging with persistent messaging D. Linear logging with non-persistent messaging Answer: C

Question 10: A trigger monitor needs to be started and stopped when the queue manager starts and ends. Where in the WebSphere MQ Explorer V6.0 tooling can this trigger monitor service be defined? A. On the advanced tab B. On the listeners tab C. On the queue manager properties D. On the services tab Answer: D

Question 11: Within a WebSphere MQ based application, all of the following types of reports are available EXCEPT: A. Confirm on Arrival (COA) B. Confirm on Delivery (COD) C. Receiving Application Processing (RAP) D. Expiry Answer: C

Question 12: Apart from specifying a different URI, what code changes must be made in a .NET or JAVA application that makes a web service call using an HTTP transport, in order to enable it to use WMQ as its transport? A. Application must use standard WMQ APIs B. Application must use JMS messaging APIs

TestKing IBM 000-994 Exam Questions & Answers C. Application must use CICS D. No code changes are necessary Answer: D

Question 13: What userid or group always has access to all WebSphere MQ Objects on UNIX platforms? A. mqadmin B. wmqadmin C. mqm D. root Answer: C

Question 14: A WebSphere MQ System Administrator requires to display the current Status, Sequence Number and the Connection name of an Active Channel ''. Which of the following commands will provide the required output? A. DISPLAY CHSTATUS('') CURSEQNO B. DISPLAY CHSTATUS('') SAVED C. DISPLAY CHANNEL('') ALL D. DISPLAY CHANNEL('') CONNAME Answer: A

Question 15: The message flow performance between two Queue Managers is slower than expected. An application is using a MQPUT call with parameter "MQPER_PERSISTENCE_AS_Q_DEF". The messages are put onto a local Remote Queue. The properties are detailed below. The Application messages are not required to survive system failures or restart of the queue managers. dis qremote('MyAppQueue') all AMQ8409: Display Queue details. QUEUE(MyAppQueue) TYPE(QREMOTE) ALTDATE(2005-09-21) ALTTIME(13.10.46) CLUSNL( ) CLUSTER( ) CLWLPRTY(3) CLWLRANK(3) DEFBIND(OPEN) DEFPRTY(5) DEFPSIST(YES) DESCR( My Application Message Queue on Remote Server) PUT(ENABLED) RQMNAME( ) RNAME(MyAppQueue) SCOPE(QMGR) XMITQ(QM2) What is the best MQSC command the WebSphere MQ Administrator can use to improve the message flow performance between the two Queue Managers? A. No command is valid, as this is an application tuning issue. B. ALTER QREMOTE('MyAppQueue') CLWLRANK(9) C. ALTER QREMOTE('MyAppQueue') DEFPRTY(9)

TestKing IBM 000-994 Exam Questions & Answers D. ALTER QREMOTE('MyAppQueue') DEFPSIST(NO) Answer: D

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