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Gabby Lacuesta Illustration Design Photography Development Ideation

Samahang HP “HP camaraderie� Hewlett-Packard, Philippines Winner, internal logo competition for company retention program Concept, illustration

Stock photography Hewlett-Packard, Philippines Photography commissioned for use in local marketing communications Concepts, photography Liwayway Marketing Corporation, Philippines Online brand presence Interactive website Design, illustration, development, programming

Online games Liwayway Marketing Corporation, Philippines A set of six interactive Flash games Game concepts, design, illustration, development, programming

School / Miscellaneous INSEAD, Singapore, France Various assignments to develop logos, communications, and collateral for events and projects Concepts, illustrations, designs

REX INSEAD, France Two-month team project for Strategies for Product and Service Development (SPSD) course A new prescription management product designed to be more usable and effective for the elderly Research, design, prototyping, business model development

Shared moods Philippines Public group photography exhibit A public exhibit showcasing personal work from nine up-and-coming as well as established Philippine photographers Photography

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Works in visual art and design


Works in visual art and design