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Tuesday 25 September 2018

Curiosity of the place and information for your stay

THE CAMPERS Year VI Number 120 S. Aurelia Campsite Director: Lucio Coppola

Winery Director: Giuseppe Coppola

Sea: very rough Wind: N 37 km/h

Reception: Paola La Cagnina Sky: clear Temperatures: 17°-23°

Dawn: 6:38 Sunrise: 18:41

Nanni, Giuseppe, Annarita, Lucio, Paola, Niccolò, Lucia, Martina and Chiara offer a warm welcome and wish everyone a pleasant holiday.

THE FEAST OF SANTI MEDICI #GALLIPOLI A small big celebration. This is how we could define in a few words the celebrations in honour of the Medici Saints who, starting from today, are at the top of the list. So the old town, which at the end of summer is preparing for the calm of winter, tastes a last thrill of celebration, coloring itself with thousands of small sparkling bulbs. For all these three days of light and a market of typical products are the material framework for the festival, along with all the religious and civil events that give body to the faith in these saints. It begins early this morning, with the firing of the blanks that announce the beginning of the festival, the procession in the evening, to bring the statues around the old city, and finally greet the summer, as tradition wants, to welcome the autumn.

TODAY, IN HISTORY 39 years have passed since the

Horoscope, what the stars say Sicilian judge Cesare Terranova Today's sign is the AQUARIUM. At this stage, what you are being asked to do is to be more cautious, both with regard to your finances and with regard to your loved ones.

died in a mafia ambush in Palermo, on 25 September 1979. Another very important figure in the fight against this criminal phenomenon and symbol of the honest part of the country.

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ICE-COVERED TAFURI PASSITO IS A DISCOVERY! The serving temperature of a wine is often enclosed in preconceived patterns that want the colder whites and the reds at room temperature. The passito Tafuri Igt Salento is a blend of Negroamaro and Primitivo grapes that will surprise you. A purplish aubergine color, concentrated and bright. Scents of red fruits, blackberries, cherries, and black berries, for a great olfactory complexity and a vigorous palate, of a sumptuous sweetness. On hot summer evenings, taste it frozen to accompany small sins of the throat.

Spazio sudoku Soluzione del sudoku di ieri The aim of the game is to fill in the white boxes with numbers from 1 to 9, so that in each row, in each column and in each square region with borders in bold, there are all the numbers from 1 to 9 without repetitions. Test yourself!



Daily Offers

Ice cream lt.2 € 4,50 Wafer Baroni€1,39 Thongs €4,90 da

Travel tips

RECIPE OF TODAY Peppered mussels (da

EVENTS > The celebrations





Ingredients: 1 kg mussels, 1 clove of garlic, pepper extra virgin olive oil Cantina Coppola

Saints Medici Co-

Wash the mussels with the shell very well. In the meantime fry a clove of garlic, pour the mussels into the oil and let them cook until the valves open. Once cooked, sprinkle with pepper.

begin tonight in se-

sma and Damiano veral municipalities of Salento. We start with Gallipoli, closest to us, with the procession at 19:00 and an evening of fun, with the cabaret of



tors" , all in the historic center, in Piazza Duomo.

> Feast also in Ga-


latone, mor e sober and religious, with

It's not necessarily the case that the most beautiful churches have to be the biggest ones. Quite the contrary! In the historic centre of Gallipoli, in fact, among the many churches, almost all of which are actually small in size, some are real gems, even though they are quite small. One of these is dedicated to the Medici Saints, whose longawaited celebrations are underway, as already mentioned. This small church, which in these days is dressed up as a festivity, has a fairly recent history. It was built in 1863, after the demolition of the old structure dedicated to St. John the Baptist. The style of the church is clearly neoclassical, with a single nave. The walls are rich in paintings and niches. A peculiarity for those who will return at Christmas: the community of this church always makes a crib inside. To see.




20:00 and fireworks on the way back, waiting for the festival of the Medici Saints, scheduled for 26. In the small di-

strict Vasce, near the

USEFUL INFORMATION AND NUMBERS SERVICES TIME: Restaurants: 1489 Food Pop 20:00 - 23:30 (0833-204643) Vigneto del gusto from 19:30 closed on Monday (392 950 6940) Reception: 08:00 - 12:00 16:00 - 20:00

Beach Bar: 8:00-20:00 Market: 7:30 - 13:00 16:30 - 20:00 Camping Bar 07:00 - 24:00

Salento In Bus Active every day. Info line 344/2274620

Bike rent Daily at the sports ground 348/5906070

Weekly market CASARANO Contrada Botte Info: Municipal Police 0832. 502211

Barber (Diego): 347-9552413 Hairdresser (Maria):349-5790433 Beautician (Alessia): 349-2666262

INCLUDED IN BRACELET SERVICE > Swimming pool: > Shuttle service a/r Gallipoli: Civic Museum; 10:00 - 18:00 8:00-9:00-10:00 Sea Museum. 19:00-20:00-21:00-22:00Open everyday > Wine tasting (Winery) 23:00 ( 10:00-13:00/17:00-21:00 10:00 - 12:30 (closed on Sunday) Olive oil mills 10:00-13:00 17:00 - 18:30 > Free entry: 15:00-22:00 Coppola Collection Hall; > Animation The winery is accessible by walking along the road beyond the parking area. Not allowed in swimsuit - Not suitable for children MEDICAL GUARD AND TOURIST HEALTH ASSISTANCE Near Lungomare Marconi, monumental entrance of the old hospital from 20:00 to 8:00 Saturday and Sunday h24 TEL. 0833 266250 Pharmacy on duty: MANNI Via Lecce 68, GALLIPOLI REMEMBER: 1. Cars can circulate inside the camping area only at the moment of arrival and departure from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to midnight. 2. During the hours of rest, from 14 to 16 and from 24 to 7:30 is strictly forbidden any annoying noise. 3. The price of the stay is calculated from the moment of arrival until 10 a.m. of the following day; the stay, even partial after 10 a.m., implies the payment of the entire price of the stay. 4. Guests or visits are not allowed from 12/08 to 15/08. Emergency 118 Carabinieri 112 Police 113 Finance Guard 117 Firemen 115 Coast Guard 1530

Veterinarian 340 1390835 Municipal Police 0833 275545 LPG Distr ibutor 0833 262073 Station of Gallipoli FSE 0833 266214 Station of Lecce 0832 303403 Pro Loco 0833 263007

THE CAMPERS 25 September 2018 English  
THE CAMPERS 25 September 2018 English