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Curiosity of the place and information for your stay

Thursday 23 August 2018

THE CAMPERS Year VI Number 87 S. Rosa Campsite Director: Lucio Coppola

Winery Director: Giuseppe Coppola

Sea: not very rough Wind: N 8 km/h

Reception: Paola La Cagnina Sky: cloudy Temperatures: 23°-30°

Dawn: 6:07 Sunrise: 19:34

Nanni, Giuseppe, Annarita, Lucio, Paola, Niccolò, Lucia, Martina and Chiara offer a warm welcome and wish everyone a pleasant holiday.

BUILD THE PERFECT SAND CASTLE It is the favourite activity of children, but also of adults who help them. Making sandcastles is one of the summer activities and besides being stimulating it is also a lot of fun. But often the castles, like the ones in the picture on the left, are only for professionals, while we limit ourselves to towers almost always without style but that children will appreciate anyway. Yet there is a secret formula for making lasting castles: for every 8 buckets of sand, one of water. This combination, according to Professor Matthew Bennett, ensures a good hold of the structures and a beautiful figure for those who make them!

TODAY, IN HISTORY After years of tensions and cla-

Horoscope, what the stars say shes between East and West, Today's sign is the FISH. You are more likeable than usual these days and it seems that nothing and nobody can stop you. Take advantage of this positive charge.

with the fall of the Berlin Wall, the process of German unification began. The announcement of the start of this process was made on 23 August 1990, 28 years ago.

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NEGROAMARO WHITE, TASTE AND ELEGANCE The Rocci di Cantina Coppola, the first white Negroamaro ever, was born in 2006 from the intuition of Carlo Antonio Coppola and the oenologist Giuseppe Pizzolante Leuzzi, convinced that the peculiar organoleptic characteristics of Negroamaro could also give the white wine a structure of great impact. The first vintages were bottled as Table Wine, because no DOC and IGT contemplated the vinification of Negroamaro in white. Subsequently, the name of Igt Puglia was obtained. Today among our most appreciated wine.



Daily Offers

Philadelphia Milky free €2,19 Sausage with speck €9,98/kg Divella Biscuits € 1,00

MORNING-BEACH 9:30 Good morning Masseria!

generals minishow (Theatre) Juniorland (11-17 years) (Theatre)

9:45 Stretching (beach)

16:00 relax tournament of 10:00/12:00 Miniland Play- darts ing in the beach(4-10 years) 17:00 Masseria swim fitness Junior club (11-17 years Pt.2 (3 circuit) beach) 10:00 Radio Nostress

11:00 Masseria Swim Fitness Pt.1 (strep) 11:30 Baby Dance 11:45 Aperitif game AFTERNOON SWIMMING POOL 16:00 Good afternoon Masseria 16:00-18:30 Miniland (4-10 years)

17:15 Ping Pong tournament (Junior/senior) 18:00 Happy hour Mojito party (beach) EVENING 21:05 Meeting at the theatre 21:25 Baby dance 22:00 Baby show “The Lion King” and after all on the beach by Marcello

Travel tips

RECIPE OF TODAY Meat rolls (da

Ingredients: 500gr of slices, 150gr of parmesan, 2 ladles of tomato, salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil Cantina Coppola Beat the slices to soften them, then put in the center of each one a nice piece of whole Parmesan cheese, a few leaves of parsley, salt and pepper to taste. Roll the meat up on itself and fix it with a thread or toothpicks. Cook the rolls in a pot with a little oil, turning them so that they brown evenly. Then sprinkle a little white wine and let it evaporate, then add two ladles of sauce and let it cook over low heat.

TORRE SUDA One of the most famous and crowded coastal resorts along the coast south of Gallipoli is Torre Suda. The only seabord in the municipality of Racale, it is the daughter of the system of coastal towers built in 1500 by Charles V to defend the territory of the Saracens and the Turks. The resort has a predominantly rocky coast with a clear and crystal clear sea where swimming is a pleasure. To see the tower of course, 13 meters high with an external staircase, surrounded by a square suitable for pleasant walks. There is a small church overlooking the sea dedicated to B.V. Maria Stella del Mare. The numerous Moorish-style villas testify to the presence of the wealthy families of Racale during the 20th century, who spent their summer holidays here. Small but interesting marina!

EVENTS > Tonight in Vignacatrisi (Ortelle) appointment with Meat and Pipirussi in celebration, at the par k Montebianco. An ideal evening to taste the best of meat and cooked peppers in every possible way, together with pittula and beer. > In the small village of Felline (Alliste) will be held tonight the Festival of Sausage, accompanied by the best of Salento cuisine and the classic side dishes for meat, from bread to baked potatoes, to close with the typical cake of Salento, Spumone. > A unique evening in Supersano with the Sagra ta Friseddra and Tu Pimmitoru Scattarisciatu. Not only Frise in this festival, the bread cooked two face of Salento, but also the fragrant fried tomatoes. In Piazza Margottini.

USEFUL INFORMATION AND NUMBERS SERVICES TIME: Restaurants: (self service): 13:00-15:00 19:30-22:30 1489 Food Pop 20:00 - 23:30 (0833-204643) Vigneto del gusto from 19:30 closed on Monday (392 950 6940)

Reception: 08:00 - 12:00 16:00 - 20:00 Beach Bar: 8:00-20:00 Market: 7:30 - 23:30 Swimming pool Bar 10:00 - 19:00 Camping Bar 07:00 - 24:00

Weekly market GALATINA Quartiere Fieristico

Salento In Bus Active every day. Info line 344/2274620

Bike rent Daily at the sports ground 348/5906070

Info: Municipal Police 0836.566514 Barber (Diego): 347-9552413 Hairdresser (Maria):349-5790433 Beautician (Alessia): 349-2666262

INCLUDED IN BRACELET SERVICE > Swimming pool: 10:00 - 19:00 > Wine tasting (Winery) 10:00 - 12:30 17:30 - 18:30 > Animation

> Shuttle service a/r Gallipoli: 8:00-9:00-10:00 19:00-20:00-21:00-22:0023:00-24:00 > Free entry: Coppola Collection Hall;

Civic Museum; Sea Museum. Open everyday 10:00-13:00/17:00-24:00 Olive oil mills 10:00-13:00 15:00-22:00

The winery is accessible by walking along the road beyond the parking area. Not allowed in swimsuit - Not suitable for children

THE DOCTOR is in the camping from 11:00 to 13:00 MEDICAL GUARD AND TOURIST HEALTH ASSISTANCE Near Lungomare Marconi, monumental entrance of the old hospital from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 tu 19:00 and from 20:00 to 8:00 Sunday h24 TEL. 0833 266250 and h24 in the historical centre, via S. Angelo (05/06-15/09) TEL. 0833 260263 Pharmacy on duty: DEL CUORE Via Giorgio da Gallipoli 18, GALLIPOLI REMEMBER: 1. Cars can circulate inside the camping area only at the moment of arrival and departure from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to midnight. 2. During the hours of rest, from 14 to 16 and from 24 to 7:30 is strictly forbidden any annoying noise. 3. The price of the stay is calculated from the moment of arrival until 10 a.m. of the following day; the stay, even partial after 10 a.m., implies the payment of the entire price of the stay. 4. Guests or visits are not allowed from 12/08 to 15/08. Emergency 118 Carabinieri 112 Police 113 Finance Guard 117 Firemen 115 Coast Guard 1530

Veterinarian 340 1390835 Municipal Police 0833 275545 LPG Distr ibutor 0833 262073 Station of Gallipoli FSE 0833 266214 Station of Lecce 0832 303403 Pro Loco 0833 263007

THE CAMPERS 23 August 2018 English  
THE CAMPERS 23 August 2018 English