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Sunday 19 August 2018

Curiosity of the place and information for your stay

THE CAMPERS Year VI Number 83 S. Mariano Campsite Director: Lucio Coppola

Winery Director: Giuseppe Coppola

Sea: not very rough Wind: N 18 km/h

Reception: Paola La Cagnina Sky: cloudy Temperatures: 23°-30°

Dawn: 6:03 Sunrise: 19:40

Nanni, Giuseppe, Annarita, Lucio, Paola, Niccolò, Lucia, Martina and Chiara offer a warm welcome and wish everyone a pleasant holiday.

THE LIBRARY ON THE BEACH With the arrival of summer and holidays you can gather some time to relax and have fun, but also to read a good book. For this reason the Puglia Region, in collaboration with the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese and the various bookshops that have supported the initiative, have thought of a tour along all the beaches of Puglia, a van full of books, ready to cheer the rest under the umbrella. From Gargano to Salento, different lines will make the coast to coast, offering not only books but also cultural activities for young and old. There are two stops in Gallipoli: the 28th at Lido San Giovanni and the 29th at Lido Pizzo, both located along the southern coast of the city. For more information on the initiative:

TODAY, IN HISTORY He was one of the fathers of the Ita-

Horoscope, what the stars say lian Republic and of the Constitution. Today's sign is the ARIES. The pressure you feel these days could make you say things you don't really think about, be careful.

Today marks the anniversary of the death of Alcide De Gasperi, an Italian politician and statesman. He died on 19 August 1954 in Borgo Valsugana, at the age of seventy-three.

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TODAY IN CAMPSITE Down: winery by night at page 7: the roman theatre of Lecce

VERMENTINO FROM 1980 In Salento The Vermentino Li Cuti was born in the 80s from an experiment conducted with the scholar Giovanni De Rinaldis. This vine here, in the IonianGallipolitan arch, has found favorable soil and microclimate. The intuition came to Carlo Antonio Coppola from the memory of the vineyards of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, in the area of the lower Rhone in France, which he visited in 1952, characterized by a very pebbly soil. The experts Antonio Calò and Angelo Costacurta praised the Vermentino Li Cuti in their book "Dei Vitigni Italici". Try it as a fresh aperitif.

MORNING-BEACH 9:30 Good morning Masseria! 9:45 Stretching (beach) 10:00/12:00 Miniland (4-10 years) Juniorland (11-17 years) Playing in the beach 10:00 Radio Nostress

11:30 Baby Dance


11:45 Aperitif game

AFTERNOON Hygienic paper € 1,50 SWIMMING POOL Bananas €1,79/kg 16:00 Good afternoon Badedas Showergel Masseria €1,59 2

16:00 Relax tournament of Briscola (junior/senior) 17:00 Masseria swim fitness pt.2 (3 circuit)

11:00 Masseria swim fitness Ore 17:15 Table football tournament pt.1 (step)


16:00-18:30 Miniland (4-10 years) nutella party, make up for children (Theatre) Juniorland (11-17 years) (Theatre)

EVENING-THEATRE 21:05 Opening night 21:25 Baby dance 22:00 Cabaret and after all on the beach by Marcello

From 1400 to the present a journey through family history with sailing boats and art, entrepreneurship, viticulture and hospitality The Coppola, of Sicilian origin, came to Gallipoli in the fifteenth century. In the Beautiful City, Orsino Coppola in 1489 married Laura Cuti, descendant of a noble family of the place, which brought in dowry an estate of 8 hectares in the countryside of Sannicola, handed down from father to son for 15 generations and still owned by Coppola and cultivated with vineyards. In 1715, Carlo Antonio Coppola built Palazzo Coppola in Alezio, in the cellars of which there was a millstone for crushing grapes and a barrels cellar capable of holding 20 large chestnut wood barrels. In the next generation, we remember Giovanni, journalist, founded the daily newspaper "Lo Spartaco" (1887-1914). In the twentieth century the farm Coppola began to consolidate its entrepreneurial character thanks to innovations introduced by Niccolò, son of Giovanni, who graduated in engineering in 1921, during the period of grape harvesting was fully dedicated to the winery property until he decided to build a winery equipped with modern techniques of vinification. The dedication of the engineer Niccolò found fertile ground in the inclinations of one of his sons, Carlo Antonio, who in 1947 gained a specialization in viticulture, oenology and aromathery oenology at the Regia Scuola Enologica Umberto I in Alba. In the same year, thanks to the professionalism of Carlo Antonio began bottling the wines produced. The far-sighted corporate philosophy that is based on the combination of innovation and tradition, is strongly outlined in those years (continue on page 6) 3

Since 1489, a great passion for wine

The history of Cantina Coppola is closely linked to that of the Coppola family and dates back to 1489. In 2012 Niccolò Coppola s.r.l. was included in the national register of historic companies and was awarded the National Prize "From father to son. Il gusto di fare impresa" promoted by the Milan and Monza Chambers of Commerce. The only winery to preserve the tradition of the territory by bottling the ALEZIO DOC, a small denomination of negroamaro (from the areas of Gallipoli, Alezio, Tuglie and Sannicola) to which Carlo Antonio Coppola, founder of the winery and father of the present owners Giuseppe and Lucio gave a fundamental contribution. Among the agronomic practices, those of organic farming are preferred, such as green manure and mechanical weeding. Harvesting is done by hand. The company also produced extra virgin and virgin olive oil (by choice) from its own olive groves.

___________________________________________________________ winery - wine shop The wine shop of Cantina Coppola is open every day from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm and from 5 pm to 8 pm and on Sundays from 5 pm to 8 pm. The Staff will be happy to guide you on a tour of the new winery, to discover our century-old history and our wine production; they will pleased to give you some suggestions for your special purchases. You can enjoy the free tastings offered by Camping La Masseria from 9.30 to 12 and from 17.30 to 19.30 and include the tasting of a glass per person, according to the proposal of the day of the wine shop. For those who want to continue with other tastings we propose the Taste and Go with 3, 4 or 7 glasses of wine of your choice. (â‚Ź 15, 20, 35) *For a better and enjoyable tour and tasting we recommend you to come and visit us in the early days of the week. * The wine room is a place not suitable for little children. * In respect of all, we suggest you to avoid beachwear (costume, beach towels ...) 4

RESTAURANTS This year our company offer a large choise of restaurants to suit the gastronomic preferences of our guests. You can choose between the take away and two new restaurants. Vigneto del Gusto Restaurant The new winery hosts the Vigneto del Gusto, a gourmet restaurant where chef Franco Tornese proposes his interpretation of local and traditional cuisine pairing with Coppola wines. You can dine choosing between the a la carte menu and the innovative tasting menu in which each dish is paired to a wine. The protagonists are the fresh fish from Gallipoli and the wines from the Coppola winery. From the traditional menu to the special l'Oro Rosso di Gallipoli, many opportunities for you to experience tasty combinations. Open for dinner from Tuesday to Sunday. Info& reservation: 392 9506940 _______________________________________

14/89 Food Pop | Restaurant braceria pizzeria Situated in the place of the old winery. From pizza to sandwiches, from fine local meats to the gourmet dishes of chef Tornese, it is a place for all tastes. Open every day for dinner. Info & reservation : 391.1009561 | 0833.204643 "We believe that such an artistic heritage should not be the joy and delight of very few, it should be scattered among the various descendants, but remain united and at the sight of all. With this motivation, in 1982 the Coppola family donated 22 precious paintings by the painter Giovanni Andrea Coppola, born in Gallipoli in 1596, to the Municipality of Gallipoli. On August 10, 2012 the mayor Francesco Errico inaugurated the room "Coppola Collection".

“Natura Morta� Giovanni Andrea Coppola 5

In 1965 the engineer Niccolò Coppola, following the project discussed in his thesis on the construction of a large hotel and the tourist potential of Salento, left the profession and founded the Camping La Vecchia Torre, the first openair tourist facility in Salento. The sign at the entrance is clear: "Tourism organization of the Niccolò Coppola farm". The innovations continue, in 1980 Carlo Antonio, supported by his wife Maria, creates a second tourist complex in continuity with the first, the Camping La Masseria. Both villages are now active and frequented by tourists from all over the world. In 2004, to consecrate the binomial tourism-agriculture, the decisive choice to build within the area of the camping, the new Cantina Coppola. "The wine cellar with the village around it the first model of a hospitable winery in Italy. For about a year the company has been engaged in a further entrepreneurial challenge: the construction of a new winery, which will be inaugurated in

June, modern and innovative in form and materials, projected exclusively to welcome the wine tourist involving him in a fascinating tour that starts from the vineyards and ends with the tasting in a Wine Room overlooking the vineyards. A challenge that involves the entire family: Nanni, Giuseppe with his wife Annarita, Lucio with his wife Paola represent today the fifteenth generation of entrepreneurs in the field of wine growing. Meanwhile, the sixteenth generation of Nicholas, Lucy, Martina and Clare is growing...

Inserto a cura di Rita de Bernart - ufficio stampa Cantina Coppola



RECIPE OF TODAY Open flaming mussels (da Ingredients: 1kg black mussels, chilli pepper, 2 cloves of garlic, Extra virgin olive oil Cantina Coppola Clean the mussels well, also using steel wool to remove the incrustations of the shell as much as possible. In a pot put the oil, chilli pepper and garlic to brown (then remove it), then pour in the mussels and leave them on low heat until they open, then turn off the heat. now Riversarle in a large plate with their cooking water, add plenty of chopped parsley, chopped fresh black pepper and oil. Serve.

EVENTS > Tonight the Gallipoli Street sound Beer Fest continues with the show of Balla Italia. Music, dance and gadgets await you in Piazza Carducci, in the center of Gallipoli, for an evening of fun.

If you want to taste the small typical fries of Salento, the Pittule, Montegrappa is for you. Tonight in the small hilly village, hamlet of Tuglie, there will be the festival of pittula, with many types of flavors and condiments.

THE ROMAN THEATRE OF LECCE The magnificence of Piazza Sant'Oronzo, with its large spaces and buildings that overlook it, leave pleasantly surprised. However, in the alleys of the old town there are many other examples of beauty that you often don't expect to find. One of these is the Roman theatre. Together with the amphitheatre, certainly better known because it is more visible, the small theatre is a clear representation of the importance of Lecce, the ancient Lupiae, during the Roman era. Small yes, but not so much, since the cavea is about 70 meters, built on a Greek model, can accommodate up to 4000 people. Built in the 2nd century A.D., it was almost buried by the growing palaces of the city, until its rediscovery in 1929.

The meatball festival continues tonight in Poggiardo, dedicated entirely to the small ball of meat. You will find for all tastes and in all ways, meat, potatoes, vegetables and much more, together of course with music from Salento, with Alla Bua


USEFUL INFORMATION AND NUMBERS SERVICES TIME: Restaurants: (self service): 13:00-15:00 19:30-22:30 1489 Food Pop 20:00 - 23:30 (0833-204643) Vigneto del gusto from 19:30 closed on Monday (392 950 6940)

Reception: 08:00 - 12:00 16:00 - 20:00 Beach Bar: 8:00-20:00 Market: 7:30 - 23:30 Swimming pool Bar 10:30 - 19:00 Camping Bar 07:00 - 24:00

Salento In Bus Active every day. Info line 344/2274620

Bike rent Daily at the sports ground 348/5906070

HOLY MASS Near the swimming pool At 9:30 Barber (Diego): 347-9552413 Hairdresser (Maria):349-5790433 Beautician (Alessia): 349-2666262

INCLUDED IN BRACELET SERVICE > Swimming pool: 10:30 - 19:00 > Wine tasting (Winery) 10:00 - 12:30 17:30 - 18:30 > Animation

> Shuttle service a/r Gallipoli: 8:00-9:00-10:00 19:00-20:00-21:00-22:0023:00-24:00 > Free entry: Coppola Collection Hall;

Civic Museum; Sea Museum. Open everyday 10:00-13:00/17:00-24:00 Olive oil mills 10:00-13:00 15:00-22:00

The winery is accessible by walking along the road beyond the parking area. Not allowed in swimsuit - Not suitable for children MEDICAL GUARD AND TOURIST HEALTH ASSISTANCE Near Lungomare Marconi, monumental entrance of the old hospital from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 tu 19:00 and from 20:00 to 8:00 Sunday h24 TEL. 0833 266250 and h24 in the historical centre, via S. Angelo (05/06-15/09) TEL. 0833 260263 Pharmacy on duty: MANNI Via Lecce 68, GALLIPOLI REMEMBER: 1. Cars can circulate inside the camping area only at the moment of arrival and departure from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to midnight. 2. During the hours of rest, from 14 to 16 and from 24 to 7:30 is strictly forbidden any annoying noise. 3. The price of the stay is calculated from the moment of arrival until 10 a.m. of the following day; the stay, even partial after 10 a.m., implies the payment of the entire price of the stay. 4. Guests or visits are not allowed from 12/08 to 15/08.


Emergency 118 Carabinieri 112 Police 113 Finance Guard 117 Firemen 115 Coast Guard 1530

Veterinarian 340 1390835 Municipal Police 0833 275545 LPG Distr ibutor 0833 262073 Station of Gallipoli FSE 0833 266214 Station of Lecce 0832 303403 Pro Loco 0833 263007

THE CAMPERS 19 August 2018 English  
THE CAMPERS 19 August 2018 English