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Michelle Brown 2123 Pecan St Brooklyn, NY 11212 May 14,20XX Mr. William Jobs Human Resource Manager Valley Microsystems 123 Lead Pkwy Las Vegas, NV 25684 Dear Mr. William Jobs: I am writing in response to your advertisement on for network administrator. Tour advertisement addresses my qualifications perfectly. I can offer you the precise skills for which you’re searching. You seek someone with ability to:

Do I possess this ability

Train and support local and remote area network users.


Plan and support LAN based on Microsoft Windows 2003


Manage security, capacity planning and database support for


Microsoft SQL Server database and maintain LAN/nationwide Deal effectively with Windows and provide SQL Server database support


I hope you’ll agree that your needs and my capabilities are a perfect match, because it would be a thrill to join a firm with the technological talents yours employs. Please contact me at (205) 555-1234 evenings or weekends, or by mail address above. I’d be pleased to set up a meeting whenever its convenient for you. Sincerely,

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