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On the left is Jessie J's platinum edition of her album "Who You Are" and on the right is the original album. Text included is the original text used on the album, however a lot bigger. They both state what the album includes, for example "PRICE TAG, DO IT LIKE A DUDE, NOBODY'S PERFECT & WHO YOU ARE" for the platinum edition and " #1 INTERNATION SMASH "PRICE TAG" FEAT B.o.B." The platinum edition also includes brand new tracks that have been released since the original track. Both include her website "", her record label "LAVA" which is a part of "Universal Republic" which is also included. On the platinum edition there is one other logo but I don't know what this is. For my advert I might also include an iTunes advert to show where you can buy it and also a DVD logo to show that there are videos included in the digipak. Here are two adverts for the same artist. One is a platinum and One is an original album advert

Magazine advert- jessie jay  

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