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Evaluation Part 3 How effective was the combination of my main product and ancillary texts. We wanted our audience to see our artist as a trend sitter with his branding, to show he is more than a average guy, the kind of guy that can help you with any girls just by looking at his style.

Our main theme was America so the flag and the red, white and blue are all over our products. This was part of our branding of the artist to show that he’s a trendsetter as America are very big on fashion especially New York Manhattan and very confident with a A-list status. Also with the shirt he wears in the video “Got Swagg” and shirts with the words on it are very in fashion are in now. On the digipack and the magazine advert we have the American flag on the background to show our artist is from America. The American flag shows up in the music video too when Cincere is in his office his background on his Mac is the American flag, our dancers also had the American colours and flag on their shirt which was hard to see on her shirt but it was there. We also had a big use of social media with twitter in the music video, on our magazine advert had social media websites to keep in touch and stay updated about our artist. The Typography used in our products are the in the magazine advert, digipack and in the music video when the feature artist says me the typography from the Digipack appears. In our music video we have big brands Apple and Dr Dre Beats these are popular brands that appear a lot in music videos. Our recurring colour theme was the Red, White and blue. This fitted the artist as he has an American accent, with the slang word “Swagg” which came from an American artist, the same colours are throughout the digipack and magazine advert, these colour also appear when the feature artist raps and the lyrics come on the screen.

evaluation part 3  

media evaluation part 3

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