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The J.B. Higgins Weight room is located on the bottom floor of the (athletic complex). Open since September 2010, the sport performance facility is the training home for all of the Lamar Athletic Teams. The facility has 8,000 square feet of functional work out space, three offices, one storage room for equipment and supplements, and a media room (total of 10,000 square feet). Sport Performance Staff Director – Scott Reeves, MS, MSCC, CSCS, USAW Assistant Director – Joshua Miller, SCCC, USAW Graduate Assistant – Russell Abaray, USAW


16 Power Racks with Olympic Platforms 24 Benches 60 pair of Dumbbells – (5 – 140 lbs.) 4 Reverse Hyperextensions 4 Glute Ham Machines 2 Leg Press


8 24” Plyo Boxes 8 18” Plyo Boxes 4 Bear Squat Machines 1 Hip Machine 2 Neck Machines 2 Lat-Pull Machines 2 Shoulder Press Machines 12 Adjustable Hurdles

Cardio Equipment 3 Treadmills 3 Cross trainers 3 Stationary Bikes 3 Recumbent Bikes 3 Ellipticals 1 Arm Ergometer


2013 LU Men's Tennis Information Guide  
2013 LU Men's Tennis Information Guide