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Autumn 2012

AUTUMN 2012 Newsletter 121 We kick off this season with Autumn madness...our hilarious comedy festival fare. So come and join us as we laugh heartily despite the warm weather fading and the days getting shorter! Always gratifying, many of our artists and works have been recognised in nominations for the 2011 Green Room Awards. Angus Cerini, Peta Brady, Ben Grant, Rachel Burke and Kelly Ryall from Save For Crying, Laurence Strangio and the Six characters in search of an author Ensemble, the Strands Ensemble, The Rabble, Nicola Gunn….congratulations all. Also felicitations to Rosemary Johns whose play Black Box 149 has been selected for the 9th International Women Playwrights’ Conference in Stockholm this August. It has also been selected for the VCE Drama Playlist for 2012 along with Bethany Simons’ much travelled The Weather and Your Health. Come, join us at La Mama Theatre and Courthouse, in our Garden and even in out Tent. See you around the brazier this Autumn.

Liz Jones C.E.O. & Artistic Director And on behalf of Pippa Bainbridge (Company Manager & Creative Producer), Ellen Rijs (Administration Coordinator), Nedd Jones (Communications Coordinator), Lisa Höbartner & Bec Etchell (House Managers), Maureen Hartley (La Mama Learning Producer), Mary Helen Sassman (La Mama Community Producer), Caitlin Dullard (La Mama Mobile Producer), Fiona Wiseman (Preservation Coordinator) and the Committee of Management: Catherine Hill, Dur-é Dara, Mark Rubbo, Caroline Lee, Tim Stitz, Rhonda Day, Emily Harms and Liz Jones.

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Dingo’s Baby ?? !! The Cautionary Tale of Barry Von Peabody and the Scarlet St Theatre Linguistic Loonacy Lock Up Black Box 149 Miracle Man The Weather and Your Health Quartet What is the Question? Robot vs Art Squaring the Wheel Tying Knots The Unstoppable, Unsung Story of Shaky M Komedy for Kids Of Words and War La Mama for Kids La Mama Musica La Mama Poetica La Mama Aesoterica VCE Workshops Nothing Prepared Me for This Playreadings cover image credit: Nicola Gunn & Pier Carthew courtesy: The Miracle Man Ticket Information

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DINGO’S BABY ?? !! April 4 - April 22 Through burlesque and yarn, Dingo’s Baby ?? !! asks: Australians, when you sing “We Are Australian”, what the bloody hell are you? Indigenous or Imported? What if we’ve all been stolen? “Keen powers of observation... real talent on stage” - Kate Herbert Directed by Ella Filar | Special participation from Bruce Langdon Lyrics and text by Ella Filar, Sarah Berry, Neil Ryan and Mary Gentile Devised and performed by Sarah Berry, Tanya Heine, Mary Gentile, Linda Coleman, Justin Grant, Peter Condon, Carlos Gutierrez, Uraine Mastrosavas, Greg Fryer, Ian Michael, Robbie Thorpe and Jody Beeton Music by Ella Filar | Arrangements by Tanya Heine Image: Lisa Moore, Irfan Shah | Graphic Design: Grace Hilton-Harvey A Komissar Kabaret & Canto Coro Production Wed, Sun 6.30pm | Thu, Fri, Sat 7.30pm Running time: 75 minutes La Mama Courthouse



BARRY VON PEABODY AND THE SCARLET ST THEATRE April 10 - April 22 Hidden behind the lush velvet curtains of the Scarlet St Theatre, a miniature world of puppets play out a curious tale of unrequited love, ambition, revenge and redemption. The Cautionary Tale of Barry Von Peabody and the Scarlet St Theatre is epic in the miniature, unique and amazing. It has to be experienced to be believed. You really will see nothing else like it this comedy festival! “The claymation-style puppets are adorable, and Williams’ imaginative manipulations are surprising, dynamic and completely enchanting.” - Cameron Woodhead, The Age. Created & performed by Jacob Williams Sound design by Steph O’Hara (The Blue Grassy Knoll) A Lemony S Puppet Theatre Production Tue 6.30pm | Wed 8.30pm | Thu, Fri 9pm | Sat, Sun 4pm Running time: 70 minutes La Mama Theatre Courtyard


LINGUISTIC LOONACY April 12 - April 22 Linguistic Loonacy, featuring Razor Hope and Mavis Hart, is an inspired, absurdist journey to the heart of verbal madness. “Through a landscape of text talk, weasel words, acronyms and artspeak, Hope and Hart revive the ancient arts of verbal gymnastics and post cultural de appropriation.� - The New Yark Times Written by Graham Parker Directed by Lloyd Jones Performed by Graham Parker and Maureen Hartley Thu, Fri, Sat 7.30pm | Wed, Sun 6.30pm Running time: 70 minutes La Mama Theatre


LOCK UP April 25 - May 13 Jason is about to begin his tertiary studies. After exhibiting some anti-social behaviour at an orientation party, he gets locked up for the night. It is through this often hilarious but ultimately tragic ‘incarceration’ that Jason learns the lesson of his life.

Written and directed by Damien Richardson Performed by Martin Sharpe, Andrew Mabbott and Damien Richardson

Wed, Sun 6.30pm | Thu, Fri, Sat 8pm Running time: 60 minutes La Mama Theatre


BLACK BOX 149 April 25 - May 13 A Western commercial aircraft, passengers and crew are captured during Saddam Hussein’s 1990 invasion of Kuwait. A nightmarish journey begins. An exploration of how terror impacts the lives of civilians when governments betray them for the purposes of war. ‘... a tightly paced drama with a gripping dash of thriller.’ – The Age Written and directed by Rosemary Johns Consultant, Dramaturge and Mentor: Julian Meyrick Performed by Dion Mills and Osamah Sami Set design by Peter Mumford Lighting design by Stelios Kariagiannis Audiovisuals by Brett Ludeman Stage Manager and Operator: Phoenix Bade Image courtesy of Peter Mumford Selected for presentation at 2012 WPI, Riksteatern Stockholm Sweden Part of the 2012 VCE Drama Playlist Wed, Sun 6.30pm | Thu, Fri, Sat 7.30pm | Matinees Wed 1pm (May 2 & 9) & Thu 11am (Apr 26, May 3 & 10) Running time: 90 minutes La Mama Courthouse 13.

MIRACLE MAN May 2 - May 13 To be born a human being is a great responsibility. This is a story about Derek from Seddon who experienced a miracle, changed his name to Shanti and found spiritual enlightenment in India.1 Unfortunately for Derek, his god turned out to be an ordinary guy with a knack for magic tricks and a thing for hairspray. Based on performer Pier Carthew’s own true story of spiritual seeking and ignorant bliss, Miracle Man is a funny show about wanting to find someone to believe in. “If you desire to overtake a train, you must speed in a car or board a plane. A vehicle slower than the train will not help.” - Sri Sathya Sai Baba Performed & co-devised by Pier Carthew Directed & co-devised by Nicola Gunn Designed by Lisa Höbartner, Gwen Holmberg-Gilchrist and Camilla Maling Stage managed by Laura Hegyesi Wed 8.30pm | Thu, Fri, Sat 6pm | Sun 4.30pm Running time: 60 minutes La Mama Theatre 1. Even though this story happened long after the Beatles and in fact, Derek has never even listened to Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, preferring Cat Stevens, it’s been suggested it is all the Beatles’ fault for making eastern mysticism global.


THE WEATHER AND YOUR HEALTH May 15 - May 27 Inspired by life in regional Australia, The Weather and Your Health is the enchanting story of a woman from a small town whose sunny outlook transcends the ups and downs of life.

Written by Bethany Simons Directed by David Wicks Performed by Bethany Simons with Daniel Mottau Produced by Bethany Simons and Ryan Barwood Part of the 2012 VCE Drama Playlist

Tue, Wed, Thur, Sun 6.30pm | Fri, Sat 7.30pm Matinees Wed 1pm, Thu 11am Running time: 55 minutes La Mama Theatre


QUARTET / THE RAZOR Heiner Müller’s Quartet with The Razor by Annie Hsieh May 16 - May 27 Classical music and contemporary theatre collide in an arena of decadence and depravity. Heiner Müller’s infamous refraction of Laclos’ “Dangerous Liaisons” set against a modern reduction of Haydn’s “Razor” quartet. Two duos perform a double quartet, a rare performance of possibility and indulgence. “eye-catchingly impressive” - Alison Croggon, theatre notes Written by Heiner Müller Translated from the German by Carl Weber Music composed by Annie Hsieh Directed by Xan Colman Performed by Felicity Steel, Andrew Gray and Duo Hesperides (violin/cello) Set design by Grant Cooper Lighting design by Suze Smith Costume design by Julie Renton Movement Consultants: David Backler and Dianne Heywood-Smith Stage Manager: Rita Verrocchi An A is for Atlas production Wed, Sun 6.30pm | Thu, Fri, Sat 7.30pm Running time: 70 minutes La Mama Courthouse Photo: Jeff Busby



WHAT is the question? What IS the question? What is THE question? What is the QUESTION? May 30 - June 10 It’s about making up answers then finding the questions…about power plays and abuse… about revenge…and…counter revenge…about unrepentance…and… remorse…and… This work explores (implicitly at least)…don’t hatch your chickens before they are layed… and…don’t cry over spilled beans…it relies heavily on…too late once it’s done… “… non-theatre theatre at its worst…” - Poultry Monthly A further development of the production from EXPLORATIONS 2011 Devised, designed and directed by Lloyd Jones in collaboration with JoAnne Armstrong, Pippa Bainbridge, Jessica Cherry, Cory Corbett, Tim Ferris, Greg Fryer, Maureen Hartley, Justine Jansz, Liz Jones, Chris Molyneux, Peter Murphy, Elnaz Sheshgelani, Raymond Triggs, Germaine Wattis and Scott Welsh Wed, Sun 6.30pm | Thu, Fri, Sat 7.30pm Running time: 60 minutes La Mama Theatre 21.

ROBOT vs. ART May 31 - June 10 Robots have taken control of the planet and executed most of the human race. Those who survived have been forced to work in mines. When Executive Bot writes a play, he drags Giles, a theatre director, out of the mines and orders him to direct a production for a robot audience.

Written & directed by Travis Cotton Performed by Daniel Frederiksen, Simon Maiden, Natasha Jacobs and Paul Goddard Produced by Paul Ashcroft

Wed, Sun 6.30pm | Thu, Fri, Sat 7.30pm Running time: 90 minutes La Mama Courthouse


SQUARING THE WHEEL June 5 - June 17 When an eccentric misfit meets a strange world of contraptions, everything turns into a challenging and surprising discovery. Squaring the Wheel brings together circus skills, puppetry, magic, wacky mechanisms, unexpected music and audience participation. It is all inserted into a theatrical stage extravaganza with a comical and physical language. Indulge in watching a life perspective of how to complicate simple things! Kooky antics, absurd gadgets, tomfoolery and high energy are balanced with themes of loneliness, thinking outside the box, friendship and achieving, in a story of finding one’s place. Squaring the Wheel comes with an entertaining educational component after the show, giving some interactive explanations of physical principles behind the used contraptions! Great fun (even for kids that normally don’t like technical stuff).  Directed by Jens Altheimer Performed by Leo Cartouche aka Jens Altheimer Tue, Thu, Fri 1pm | Sat, Sun 2pm Running time: 60 minutes La Mama Courthouse All tickets $15 (Kids & Adults) Recommended for ages 5 - 15


Tying Knots June 13 - July 1 Tying Knots is a brilliant dramedy about marriage, or more specifically the lack thereof: two couples who are best friends, two guys and two girls, fed up with the fact that this country refuses to recognise their love and devotion to each other, decide to marry each other.

Written by Indigo Brandenberg Directed by Oscar Lopez Performed by James Harvy, David Summers, Pippa Bainbridge and Zak Zavod Set & Costume Design by Fiona Kiernan-Molloy Lighting Design by Julia Knibbs

Wed, Sun 6.30pm | Thu, Fri Sat 8.30pm Running time: 65 minutes La Mama Courthouse


The Unstoppable, Unsung Story of Shaky M June 20 - July 1 Shaky M has waited twenty-three years, three months and sixteen days to be rescued. Now she’s decided to become her own hero, tell her own story, and make the ultimate mixed tape. Combining elements of physical theatre, clowning and puppetry, Shaky M plunges us into the world of a woman held captive by her own body and her imaginative quest to set herself free. Created by Rowena Hutson & Felix Preval Directed by Felix Preval Performed by Rowena Hutson Design by Jake Preval Production Manager: Anna Schoo Produced by Brian Robertson A Dr S and Professor J production, in association with crossditch and THE BRIAN Wed, Sun 8.30pm | Thu, Fri, Sat 6:30pm Running time: 50 minutes La Mama Theatre 29.

OF WORDS AND WAR June 20 - July 1 Four young German women serve at an air force base in the dying days of WWII. They begin to write their memories and recover the youth that was torn away from them, but an unexpected occurrence forces them to examine beliefs never questioned before. Based on true events, Of Words and War is a story about the enduring nature of creativity, set amidst the duty and secrecy of war. Written by Nicola Germaine Directed by Karyn Lee Greig Performed by Jessica Bassano, Alyson Gale, Georgia Kelly and Stephanie Lillis Design by Karyn Lee Greig and Michael Coe Lighting Design by Michael Coe A Highway One Theatre Co. Production Wed, Sun 6.30pm | Thu, Fri, Sat 7.30pm Running time: 60 minutes La Mama Courthouse 31.

Stand up mime, comedy for the hard of hearing March 31 & April 1 Komedy for Kids features two mime shows... At 11am Anthony loses his hat in the clouds in the slapstick, physical theatre show, Head for the Clouds. Recommended for ages 3 - 8 At 2pm he invites you into the world of George the Conductor. Snappy pantomimes for the modern day attention span, 13 vignettes and 22 characters in 50 minutes! A family show that appeals to young people.

Written & performed by Anthony Verity Directed by Kirstie Babbage Produced by Helena Read Set design by Anthony Verity and Helena Read Lighting design by Helena Read La Mama Courthouse Running time: 50 minutes (each performance) Single show $12 | Double bill $20 (Adults and children)

May 19, 20 & 26 By Teacup Tumble It’s Not Circus It’s Science is an action-packed show complete with acrobatics, clowning and physics. Professors Wild and Barnard demonstrate the principles of force and pressure, tweak your neural pathways and create a sonic boom.

“Two brilliant, comical characters dazzled the audience with quality circus tricks and gripping science demos.” - Beth Askam, CSIRO Event Manager “Professor Wild is the wildest scientist I have ever, ever, ever, ever encountered!” - Hannah, 9 year old blogger Adults love it, children love it, scientists wish they were it; this is circus for the elite minds of the 21st Century!

2pm | Running time: 40 mins La Mama Courthouse All tickets $12 | Recommended for ages 4 - 12 33.

April 16 Peter Knight - trumpet, live laptop electronics, pedals Scott Tinkler - trumpet, buckets, water, drums, preparations Two of Melbourne’s most adventurous trumpeters play solo and for the first time as a duo. May 21 Anita Hustas - bass, objects Alice Cummins - dance Alice and Anita present an evening of collaborative improvisation, blurring the line between dance and music. Joe Talia - solo drumkit June 4 Ronny Ferella - drumset, melodica, ngoni, synthesizers & electronics Miroslav Bukovsky - trumpet & percussion Ronny and Miroslav navigate a path between ancient musical traditions and contemporary improvising practice - a personal exploration of sound, mood and shape. Box Office & Bar 7pm | Concert 7.30pm | La Mama Theatre $15 Full | $10 Concession (includes free hot drinks and nibbly treats)

ANTIΘESIS presents Exonerating the body Three women, three generations, one intersection

Words: Angela Costi, Koraly Dimitriadis and Helena Spyrou Music: Nick Tsiavos April 30 | La Mama Courthouse Box Office & Bar 7.30pm | Performance 8pm | $12 Full | $8 Concession More information on Antiθesis can be found here:


LA MAMA Æsoterica

Æsoterica is a new program of explorations in hybrid, electronic and new media performance works

Hish’ry Cosh’ry Awareness Day Mandek Penha is my Father. Mandek Penha is my Mother. The Hish’ry Cosh’ry is a terrible spirit; it is the direct cause of all Man’s pain and suffering. To help combat this great threat, join the Current Earthly Embodiment of Lord Mandek Penha and The Church of Sarrean Alignment on the official Hish’ry Cosh’ry Awareness Day! May 21 | 7:30pm | Running time: 90 minutes | La Mama Courthouse | $12 Full | $8 Concession

Shadowlands A people always ends by resembling its shadow – Rudyard Kipling A live art collaboration featuring electronic musicians and VJs who create apocalyptic landscapes populated by large scale artworks that emerge from the shadows. June 25 | 7:30pm | Running time: 90 minutes | La Mama Theatre & Courtyard | $12 Full | $8 Concession

Support After Suicide presents:

Readings, songs and performances by people who have had a family member or loved one suicide. Artistic facilitation and direction: Rebecca Lister May 7 & 8 | 7.30 pm | La Mama Courthouse Performance will be followed by the launch of the book, Nothing prepared me for this. This is a free event – booking essential. This project was assisted by funding from the Department of Health and Ageing under the National Suicide Prevention Program


PLAYREADINGS Sarah and the Great Love Story Written by Danny Matier | Directed by David Myles Performed by Constance Washington Sarah and the Great Love Story represents the age-old conflict between man and woman, circumstance and will, betrayal and redemption. May 5 | 2pm | La Mama Theatre | All tickets $5

Death of a Comedian Written by Fred Rowan | Directed by Bruce Langdon With Jeremy Kewley Johnny Mazing was an Oz comedy superstar in the 80s. Coke addiction drove him into the wilderness for 25 years. Now he’s back... sort of. May 12 | 2pm | La Mama Theatre | All tickets $5

All Things Are True Directed by Renee Palmer | With Kurt Mottershead, Leo Thompson and Beth Liston In a sparse room of a deserted petrol station, Albanian shop owner Iazim Naco reveals intimate and personal tales of life under a brutal communist regime. May 19 | 2pm | La Mama Theatre | All tickets $5

STUDENT WORKSHOPS Suitable : Year levels 8 – 12 Workshop Option 1 – at La Mama / Carlton venue. Duration: 90 mins 4 dates/times available: Wed May 16 at 9am; Thu May 17 at 1pm; Fri May 18 at 1pm ; Sat May 19 at 9.30am Workshop Option 2 – at your school. Duration: 90 mins Dates / times available: May 10 – 14, on request. For further information please contact Maureen Hartley at La Mama: 9347 6948

La Mama would like to thank the following for their generous support in 2012


Information Phone: 03 9347 6948 Monday - Friday 10.30am - 5.30pm Weekends 2pm - 4pm

Venues La Mama Theatre 205 Faraday Street Carlton La Mama Courthouse 349 Drummond Street Carlton

Tickets Full $25 Conc. $15

Please note that parking can be difficult (try Safeway or Carlton Clocktower, both off Drummond Street, or City of Melbourne parking in Elgin Street near Lygon)

Bookings Phone: 03 9347 6142 Bookings close @ 4pm on the day of the performance Please pick up your tickets 15 minutes prior to the starting time of the performance La Mama is on Wurunjeri land, part of the Kulin nation, and the Committee of Management, staff, and wider theatrical community acknowledge its traditional custodians

Both venues are just a short walk from Melbourne University tram stop at Faraday & Swanston Street La Mama Theatre is registered by the Heritage Council Victoria and has recieved National Trust status

La Mama 2012 Autumn Program  

La Mama 2012 Autumn Program