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A warm welcome to La Mama Theatre and congratulations on being programmed in the 2011 Spring & Explorations Season! In this pack you will find everything you need for a successful and smooth running season. It covers finance, marketing and bookings plus venue and technical information. The first thing we would like you to do is follow the link below, so we can rest assured you have been able to open and read this publication, that you are aware of our requirements of you, and that we have your most up to date contact details.


Please ensure all members of your cast and crew have read this pack thoroughly and deadlines are noted. We look forward to you working at La Mama and hope you have a great season!

STAFF Artistic Director Company Manager Publicist/Education Coordinator Marketing Coordinator Communications Coordinator House Managers Community Producer Preservation Coordinator Script Appraiser

Liz Jones Pippa Bainbridge Maureen Hartley Louise Jones Nedd Jones Lisa HĂśbartner & Rebecca Etchell Mary Helen Sassman & Caitlin Dullard Fiona Wiseman Graham Downey

FRONT OF HOUSE The regular staff and Jo-Anne Armstrong, Alicia Benn-Lawler, Nicola Gunn, Tanya Harrowell, Mari Lourey, Merrilee Moss, Phil Roberts, Laurence Strangio, Raymond Triggs, Alex Desebrock, Susan Bamford-Caleo, Laura Hegyesi, Liz McColl, Annabel Warmington and Canada White. COMMITTEE OF MANAGEMENT Catherine Hill, Liz Jones, DurĂŠ Dara, Mark Rubbo, Tim Stitz, Caroline Lee, Rhonda Day and Emily Harms.




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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS La Mama’s Committee of Management, Staff and its wider theatrical community acknowledge that our theatres are on traditional Wurundjeri land, part of the Kulin nation. Our sincerest thanks to the volunteers who give their time in support of La Mama. La Mama is financially assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its Arts Funding and Advisory body, the Victorian Government through Arts Victoria and by the City of Melbourne. The La Mama Community programme is supported by VicHealth and the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation.

PRODUCTION CONTACT DETAILS Office Phone: (03) 9347 6948 Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 10:30am – 5:30pm VENUES La Mama Theatre 205 Faraday Street Carlton VIC 3053 La Mama Courthouse 349 Drummond Street Carlton VIC 3053 Below are the contact details for staff at La Mama. Please send enquiries to the relevant staff member where possible or email PROGRAMMING Liz Jones

FINANCE Pippa Bainbridge

PUBLICITY Maureen Hartley


MARKETING Louise Jones

TECHNICAL & VENUE Rebecca Etchell

Lisa Höebartner

LA MAMA COMMUNITY Mary Helen Sassman

LA MAMA MOBILE Caitlin Dullard


LA MAMA MUSICA Annabel Warmington


FINANCE PRODUCTION BUDGET La Mama offers a modest budget to all full productions programmed at La Mama. This budget is for the development and presentation of your production. Please nominate a person working in your production crew to be responsible for managing the budget. Contact Pippa on the office line or by emailing in order to organise payment of your production budget. She will indicate the amount that has been allocated to your show and will remit your budget to you by cheque or EFT. Once you have received your production budget, you will need to keep receipts for all of your expenses. Bring receipts when you come to your box office payment meeting, and please use this template when keeping track of your expenses:


BOX OFFICE TAKINGS La Mama staff bank all box office takings and hold these funds in trust until your season concludes. Unless otherwise negotiated, La Mama retains a 20% levy from box office takings. This contributes to the running costs of the theatre. The remaining 80% is available to you and must be shared equitably among all of the artists and technicians who have worked on the show. Once the bank statements are confirmed and your show has been reconciled (approximately two weeks after the close of your season) Pippa will be in contact to make an appointment for you to pick up your box office cheque. Please note that box office will only be paid when your season key has been returned and you have bumped out satisfactorily.

PUBLICITY Please note: All media content (images, blurbs, cast updates etc) needs to be sent to the following email address: This will ensure that your publicity content is recieved by our Publcitiy Coordinator, Maureen Hartley, and our Communications Coordinator, Nedd Jones. We ask that you only use this address to submit media content. SEPTEMBER 5 DEADLINE You will need to submit the following: - Show title & blurb (20 – 50 words) - 1 - 3 high resolution images - A list of those currently involved in the production - Any company / sponsor logos associated with your production This information will then be used to publicise your show: - In the printed La Mama Programme Brochure - On the La Mama Website - In Festival Programmes & Brochures - On Social Media sites (Facebook, Artshub, Theatre Alive, The Program, That’s Melbourne, etc) LA MAMA THEATRE IMAGE GUIDELINES CONTACT SHEET La Mama requires a contact sheet detailing the cast, crew and all personnel working on your show. This information is kept confidential however it will be used to contact you during your season. Please visit the link below to complete the attached Contact Sheet for your production as soon as possible:


PUBLICITY INFORMATION SHEET You are required to send the information for your Media Release, and complete the Publicity Information Sheet, four weeks ahead of your season. These will be used to publicise your show. E-flyers and Invitations (and Media Releases where appropriate) will be emailed to arts editors, reviewers, interviewers, representatives of Melbourne theatres, funding and touring bodies, Green Room panels and the La Mama Committee of Management and guests. Please visit the link below to complete the Publicity Information Sheet for your production, and always send any newly created publicity images to


PUBLICITY MEETING A publicity meeting will be arranged by Maureen approximately three weeks prior to your season, to discuss publicity strategies for your show. Please nominate a member of your team to be the publicity contact and to attend this meeting. PROGRAM La Mama provides a complimentary program for your show. All copy/details for the program need to be emailed to at least 1 week ahead of your first performance. ADVERTISING La Mama will place advertising for your show in The Age Arts Directory on the day of each performance. Paid ads are also placed in Trouble Magazine, and sometimes in Beat, In Press, RealTime or other publications as relevant. ONLINE Website: Details of your show will be included on our La Mama website, and also on Artshub, Citysearch, theatrealive, that’s melbourne, and other online sites as relevant. Facebook: An event page will be made for your show through La Mama’s Facebook. Please invite your friends to come and see your show, post to your own profile and interact regularly. Twitter: La Mama “tweets” regularly so if you have something you’d like our followers to know about your show email Youtube: It is also recommended that you provide a short teaser video for your show. Upload footage to Youtube and email the link to if you would like this to be embedded on the La Mama website. Enews: An e-newsletter is sent out to La Mama subscribers weekly. If you have something that would be of interest to our subscribers please email FLYERS / POSTERS You may wish to use a portion of your production budget to produce flyers, postcards, posters or other printed publicity materials for your show. If you wish to use the artwork and copy from the La Mama Season Brochure please email for a print ready version. If you are designing your own flyer please include both La Mama and funding bodies’ logos, which you can download from the link below. Please ensure your read the La Mama Style guide before using any La Mama logos, and email a copy to for proofing before they go to print.



BOOKINGS Tickets are often available from the box office on the night of the performance however booking is recommended. There are three ways that your audience can book to see your show: ONLINE / PREPAID The La Mama website offers a book now link from your show’s page allowing users to book and prepay for their ticket. They will receive a confirmation email and will be listed as prepaid on the La Mama booking sheet for the requested performance. PHONE / DOOR SALE Staff are available to take reservations by phone on 9347 6142 from 12pm – 4pm weekdays and 12pm – 2pm weekends. Tickets booked using the phone booking system are to be paid for in cash at the door on the night of the performance at least 15 minutes prior to the advertised start time. IN PERSON Bookings can be taken by staff in the La Mama office from 12pm – 4pm weekdays and 12pm – 2pm weekends. These tickets may be prepaid or can be paid for in cash at the door. GUESTS Each production will need to invite their own guests, especially to the Opening Night and first few performances. Generating positive word-of-mouth as soon as possible is still the most effective publicity for your show! You can email a guest RSVP list to Maureen for first performances, or request that your guests book via the booking line – 9347 6142 (Mon – Fri 12pm – 4pm / Weekends 12pm – 2pm). Please ensure that all guests are booked well in advance as shows can book out quickly.

FRONT OF HOUSE STAFF La Mama provides a Front of House staff member for each performance during your season. Front of House staff represent La Mama and are the venue managers at each performance. They will arrive one hour prior to the start of your performance and will welcome guests, sell tickets, light the brazier (in winter) and make complimentary tea and coffee for audience members. Front of House will also liaise with the Stage Manager regarding any specific instructions for your show. This includes the Stage Manager communicating how the show will begin, when to let audience in, whether the welcome and raffle can occur in the space and seating capacity for the performance. Good communication in the tense hour before a performance will make all the difference to the smooth running of the show. Front of House will finalise bookings and lock the door at least 5 minutes after the advertised starting time (not before). All performances are assumed to be a lockout unless otherwise specified. WELCOME & RAFFLE PRIZE Every performance at La Mama begins with a warm welcome by the Front of House staff member on duty, who will also conduct a raffle. Each member of the audience is given a raffle ticket, which is also their ticket for entry. The raffle is drawn and prize given to the winner. Each production may suggest or provide a raffle prize that is relevant to their show. Alternately, La Mama will provide a script or tickets to be raffled at each performance. BAR The La Mama Courthouse foyer and side courtyard is licensed and Front of House staff will sell drinks before and after every show. Alcoholic beverages cannot be taken into the theatre. All proceeds from bar sales go to the La Mama Trust. Cast and crew are able to purchase drinks at a discounted price and we encourage you to stay and socialise with friends and other audience members. AFTER EACH PERFORMANCE At the end of each performance, Front of House will invite the audience to stay for the chance to meet and discuss the show with cast and crew. Please join the audience as soon as possible to socialise. Notes are best left to later or the next day. On opening night the audience will be invited to stay and celebrate with a complimentary glass of champagne.Assistance with washing up and tidying the venue is greatly appreciated. Occasionally, schools and other groups attending your show may stay for a 10 - 15 minute forum. Front of House will lead the forum discussion and we ask that you participate. Maureen will advise you if this is likely to occur and can assist with any necessary preparation. BANKING One member of your crew will need to remain until Front of House have completed their duties in order to escort them to the bank at the end of each night. At least one other member of your crew should rmain in the space while the box office takings are being banked.

VENUE & TECHNICAL INFORMATION TECHNICIANS Please note that La Mama does not have a technician on staff. The House Managers may be able to assist you should any problems arise however it is the responsibility of each production to provide a technician/stage manager to install and operate all technical equipment. PRODUCTION MEETING A production meeting will be arranged by the House Managers approximately three weeks prior to your season to discuss the design and technical aspects of your show, as well as venue information. The director, stage manager and designers should attend this meeting. REHEARSALS Limited rehearsal time is available in the space prior to your season. Please book rehearsal dates and times with the House Managers. If you will not require the time you have booked, please let House Managers know as soon as possible so that another group can use the space. Always allow 90 minutes between the end of your rehearsal and the scheduled starting time of performances. Please be aware that you will be rehearsing on the set of the current production. You will not be able to move any of the set items or lighting and will need to be respectful of others property. You will also be required to clean up at the end of the day ensuring any dishes have been washed, props put away and the space left as you found it. Remember that subsequent productions will be using the space to rehearse during your season. SET DESIGN Please provide the House Managers with a copy of your design for the space at, or prior to your production meeting. This can be as detailed as a scale plan or model, or as simple as a sketch, however your plan will need to clearly indicate how the seating will be configured and whether it will impede access, fire exits and heating/ cooling systems. Please visit the links below to download the relevant floorplan: LA MAMA COURTHOUSE GRID PLAN You are welcome to paint the space any colour, however, you will need to discuss this with the House Managers at your production meeting. If you are sharing the space you also need to negotiate this with the other production team. Please note: production teams are not required to paint the space black after each season so please confirm the paint conditions for your bump in with the House Managers.

LIGHTING DESIGN Please visit the link below to download the latest lighting stock lists.


All lights are serviced by La Mama and have been tested and tagged. Please provide a list of any extra lights or equipment that are being brought in. Note that all external electrical equipment must be tested and tagged. La Mama can test and tag your equipment free of charge however please let a House Manager know at your production meeting if this will be required. Always remember to turn the three-phase power off and cover the lighting board at the end of each night. Please note that a $10 fee will be levied from your box office if the power is left on over night. There are replacement globes for all of La Mama’s lighting stock stored upstairs. Please see one of the House Managers if you require spare bubbles or light globes.


AUDIO There is a dual CD player, a small 4 channel mixing desk and 2 powered speakers. Please note that La Mama do not stock any extra sound equipment. SIGN BOARDS La Mama has an artist who paints the front signboard for each production. The board will be painted on the first day of your bump in and you are welcome to liaise with the artist if you have specific requests. All materials are provided and La Mama subsidises the fee for this service. If you prefer to make alternative arrangements for the signboard, you must let the House Managers know at your production meeting. PARKING There are no parking facilities at the Courthouse and limited parking is available on Drummond and Faraday Streets. The City of Melbourne has an underground car park in Elgin Street, near the corner of Lygon Street, where the after hours rates are quite reasonable. Please be aware that street parking is usually in demand and can be difficult in the Lygon precinct.

BUMP IN You may bump in after the final performance of the show that precedes yours, however you must negotiate a convenient time to do so. Please be considerate and allow for others to celebrate the end of their season without feeling pressured. Remember you will be in the same situation at the end of your season. You may find some leftover paint from previous shows and paintbrushes stored under the stairs in the courtyard. If you require any additional stock you will need to purchase it with funds from your production budget. Please follow these instructions when painting the space: - Please use water based paints wherever possible. - Always clean brushes immediately after you’ve finished painting. - All paint brushes, rollers and trays must be washed with water or turpentine in the buckets provided and at the gully trap only. - Do not pour paint down the drain. Any unused paint is to be poured back into the paint tin. - Please do not use cups/glasses for paint receptacles. If your set is being build on site, please make sure to bring all tools needed. La Mama Theatre owns some tools and fastenings on the tool shelf upstairs, however this might not be available at all times. Please return everything to where you found it and keep the tool shelf tidy. You will need to provide your own gaffa, electrical tape and lighting gels. Please do not use the chairs to stand on, paint on, or leave them outside. Please ensure that the theatre and the courtyard are clear and clean in time for your first performance. DRESSING ROOM Please tidy the dressing room each night before you leave, ensuring that all of your props and costumes have been put away. You may also use the kitchen in the foyer however please ensure all rubbish is put in the bin, dishes are washed and all surfaces wiped. Please remove all food items when you bump-out. General public including friends and family are not permitted in the dressing room at any time.

SAFETY Please familiarise your production team with the location of fire extinguishers and their appropriate applications, as well as the location of fire exits. Please ensure pathways to the fire exits are clear of props, set, ladders, rubbish and other debris. All safety concerns or incidents that result in injury or damage must be reported to the House Managers as soon as possible. Please prepare an appropriate safety plan and notify the House Managers if your production contains naked flame, firearms, smoking / smoke effects or strobe lighting. Should you require a first-aid kit, it is mounted on the wall in the foyer kitchen. HEATING & COOLING The air conditioner/heater must be used during each performance. You are not permitted to cover or paint it and will need to allow 1.5 metres in front of it when designing your set. The Stage Manager will be responsible for ensuring that the air conditioner is switched off at the end of the night. Please note that a $10 fee will be levied from your box office if it is left on over night KEYS & LOCK-UP PROCEDURE The House Managers will give you a season key at your final production meeting and will walk you through the lockup procedure. Stage Managers please ensure that you have followed the lock-up procedure at the end of each night. An emergency key is kept at Readings bookstore. If you forget your keys you can access the emergency key between 9am - 11pm, Monday – Saturday and 10am – 9pm on Sunday. You will need to sign for the key and return it ASAP. This key must not be taken home with you. You will need to return your season key to the House Managers as soon as possible after your show has bumped out. Your box office will not be paid until you have returned your season key. BUMP OUT Your bump out will need to take place on the evening of your final performance. Please take all props, costumes, set items and rubbish with you and ensure nothing is left in the space, in the office or the fridges. If you need to arrange for any items to be picked up the following day, please discuss this with the House Managers. You will also need to sweep the theatre, vacuum and wipe all surfaces upstairs and de-rig the lighting before you head out to celebrate. The House Managers will email bump out notes specific to your show in the final week of your season.

La Mama Courthouse Production Information  

La Mama Courthouse Production Information

La Mama Courthouse Production Information  

La Mama Courthouse Production Information