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Writing Sample Written for a Bangladeshi NGO in 2000, this excerpt and photos (next page) are a sample of my work with local organizations in the Peace Corps. In a predominately Muslim country where men outlive, outnumber and socially dominate women, Naria Depita is fighting an uphill battle for the rights of Bangladeshi women. Written laws fail to help this demographic, most of whom have no access to medical or legal facilities. Often these women find themselves the brunt of harsh and misogynistic cultural practices and social rules. Forced to endure many forms of brutality, Bangladeshi women are given no escape, as their soaring suicide rates demonstrate. Bangladeshi women now have a place to go. Naria Depita draws women from around the country and provides them free legal council and representation. Most importantly, they are given a safe haven. The women who come to Naria Depita are victims of abuse, acid throwing and dowry demands from small villages. The members of this organization throw themselves whole-heartedly into supporting their clients, educating them on their rights and working towards justice. A new story of woe presents itself on the doorstep daily; the workload never ceases. As the population of the country doubles, triples and will soon quadruple, women’s lives grow increasingly desperate and destitute. Inequality makes employment and independence a distant dream, while the realities of large impoverished families drag women’s lives into difficult responsibilities and physical slavery. To educate a woman is to educate a family. In Bangladesh, a country based on families, this is a very powerful idea. To empower women is to empower the nation. Undoubtedly, Naria Depita has taken on a difficult and strenuous task that could mean everything to a country in need and has meant the world to the women it has touched.

As the Project Manger for Colorado Campus Compact’s rebranding and website redesign in 2005, the organization saw a dramatic increase in membership engagement.

Promotional Materials

Project Management of rebranding, website design and promotional materials

Beginning with a Facebook contest directly engaging students in the organization’s work for the first time, I created a series of 12 unique postcards intended for legislative outreach in Indesign.

I used publisher to redesign this promotional brochure in 2002 for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Alaska.

Amachi Brochure

The stories of these matches illustrated the impact of the mentoring relationship.

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Alweis Portfolio  

Portfolio of my work in Marketing and Communications.

Alweis Portfolio  

Portfolio of my work in Marketing and Communications.