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Spring 2014

La LUMIERE MAGAZINE Spring 2014 Produced by La Lumiere School Michael H. Kennedy ’86 Headmaster

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Note from the Headmaster


Co-Editors Colleen Kennedy Judith Kunst

Contributor Marie Campbell


50th Anniversary Regional Celebrations

Campus Master Plan

Areas of Excellence



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Inspiring La Lumiere Alumni

Board of Trustees Rick-jan Dekker, Parent ’13 &’14 Connie Devers Falcone ’83, Parent ’16 Dan Hillenbrand ’84 Jim Kaminski, Parent ’08 & ’10 Michael Kennedy ’86 Headmaster Dan Kerrigan ’80 Mark Leyden ’77, Chair Tricia Luck, Parent ’11 & ’13 Johanna Miller John Rumely ’69 John Schirger ’84 Victor Smith ’86 Kevin Sullivan ’83 Ceil Tristano, Parent ’01,’04 &’07 Daniel P. Walsh, Jr. ’95 Rev. Wayne Watts


Events 2013-2014

Commencement 2013

Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. ’73


Class Notes

In Memoriam


the last word

Editor’s Note: La Lumiere Magazine is published in-house for Alumni, Parents and Friends of La Lumiere School. Every effort is made to contact all alumni germane to the magazine feature and contents. We welcome communication about our alumni accomplishments, news and current contact information to assist us in our ongoing efforts to improve alumni data. It is the policy of La Lumiere School not to discriminate in violation of the law on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, or physical or mental disabilities which are unrelated to the ability to work or enjoy the benefits of the School’s programs, facilities, or services. All persons are encouraged to apply.

Note from the Headmaster I’m lucky to have a window in my office that frames the iconic oak tree in front of Moore House. That view is something I cherish, and when I’m traveling, I miss it. This year I’ve been traveling a lot. We’ve held gatherings of alumni around the world, in Boston, Chicago, New York, Seoul, Shanghai, Tokyo and Washington, DC. It’s exciting to see graduates from across five decades talking together about the one thing they have in common: the experience they had at La Lumiere School. The image of that iconic tree has come back to me as I’ve watched these conversations: It’s clear that the roots put down in 1963 have taken. La Lumiere Magazine celebrates this with Fifty@50 a compendium of the accomplishments of fifty notable alumni/ae. I’m thrilled to share it with you.

We’ve done much to celebrate the school’s fifty year milestone, and rightly so. But perhaps the ultimate value of this anniversary lies less in celebration than in reflection, in the opportunity to pause and take measure. In Chris Lowney’s book Pope Francis: Why He Leads the Way He Leads, I find guidance for how to do this. His Holiness invites us to look to the “memory of our roots [and take] courage in the face of the unknown, capturing the reality of the moment.”

Memory of our roots – Reading “Eight Questions for David Kirkby” on the last page of this publication is a good start. What boldness the early leaders had! Five years or so after the founding, the school was clearly established. But the logo imprinted on team uniforms had none of the gravitas the weight of time has given it today. The shelves in the advancement office weren’t stacked with decades of yearbooks. To incoming students, the trustees, administrators, teachers, and parents of that era staked their claims on a vision that primarily lay in the future.

Courage in the face of the unknown – I believe we will need that same courage to make the forward leaps that future years will require of us. In so many ways, our society is in the midst of a true sea change. What does excellent education for character, scholarship and faith look like in the 21st century? This is the question that permeates every aspect of the Campus Master Plan for La Lumiere School, laid out for you here on pages 6-9.

Capturing the reality of the moment – In this moment, today, our curriculum is robust; our facilities are sturdy; our faculty is skilled and committed; and the 47th class of students who will graduate this spring may be the strongest total group we’ve ever matriculated. But the paradoxical reality of La Lumiere’s unique family is that each year the whole experience must be reinvented. Each year the vision of a caring, hard-working community of learners must be given to and grabbed hold of by a new entering class.

So to the entire La Lumiere community, let me formally say: Happy anniversary! And now I’ll get back to work. For while we have indeed arrived, we cannot stay put. Pope Francis, again, offers guidance: “Precisely as one is faithful, one changes…Fidelity is always a change, a blossoming, a growth.” I look forward to faithfully tending the past, present, and future of La Lumiere School with you and for you.

Mission La Lumiere School provides a college preparatory education based in character, scholarship and faith.

Michael H. Kennedy ’86 Headmaster

La Lumiere 50th Anniversary Issue



New York City

Brian Anyinam ’04, John Rumely ’69, Michael Kennedy ’86 and Dan Rosshirt ’84

Michael Kennedy ’86, Mary Ellen McNulty McCabe ’86, Matt Tym ’86 and Michael Larkin ’86

Jim Gaffigan ’84 with Jeanne and Dan Rosshirt ’84

Washington, DC

Chris Balawender, Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr ’73, Casey Nolan ’72 and Michael Kennedy ’86



La Lumiere Magazine 2014

Chris Balawender with Betty and Dick Webster

Chicago Regional Celebrations In celebration of our 50th Anniversary, Headmaster Michael Kennedy’86 hosted

Charlie and Mary Ann Bobrinskoy, Andy McKenna, Sr., and Dan Walsh, Jr. ’95

a series of gatherings around the country and the world, meeting with alumni, former faculty, friends and supporters to join in Anniversary festivities, and build momentum toward the 50th Anniversary


Gala in May 2014.

Throughout his travels to

New York City;

Michael Kennedy with parents and alumni in Seoul

Washington, DC; Boston; Chicago; Florida—and even Asia— Headmaster Kennedy spoke about La Lumiere’s success during the past decade and its commitment to the founders’ vision of an academically

Kathy March Breitowich ’83, Connie Devers Falcone ’83 and Kathleen Kennedy ’83

challenging school with a culture of connectedness. Each event demonstrated the enduring effect of a La Lumiere

La Porte

education for alumni, faculty and parents alike.

Join La Lumiere Alumni, Parents, Friends and Headmaster Kennedy F 50 th Year Regional Celebration

Elizabeth Dekker, Tricia Luck, Liz Kaminski and Ann Bartels.

Boston Wednesday, Mark Leyden December ’77, Meg Linnen 4 Caplice ’81 and Mary Lou Linnen pm 5:30-7:30 Harvard Club of Bo

Campus Master Plan

Building for Tomorrow While Respecting the Past La Lumiere today is healthy and vibrant in virtually every area. In our 50th Anniversary year, we have embarked on an historic journey to meet the challenges of the next fifty years with the development of a Campus Master Plan, and a concurrent programmatic strategy in our Areas of Excellence. The Campus Master Plan celebrates our strengths and traditions while providing a guiding document to aid in developing campus facilities to match the quality of the programs, faculty and students of our community. The plan is intended to be a living document to guide the School’s strategic decision making over the next 10-15 years. Emanating from the 2011 Strategic Plan, La Lumiere’s Areas of Excellence strategy, now in its third year, is designed to provide an intensive opportunity for our students in critical subjects and co-curricular offerings – reinforcing an unparalleled college preparatory program, and further distinguishing the La Lumiere experience. Our academic Areas of Excellence include the 21st Century Math and Science Program; the Global Studies Initiative; the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies; and our Institute for Leadership and Faith (in development). Each of these academic Areas of Excellence has been selected and developed in order to connect and integrate our curriculum more deeply and to provide our students with a broader perspective of the world and their responsibilities as global citizens. Co-Curricular and Athletic Areas of Excellence were identified and reinforced in the Strategic Plan – specifically in the Arts and Athletics. Experience in the Arts is owed to all students to help them explore their gifts, nurture their creativity, and help them learn to express themselves in vivid and distinctive ways. Athletics can teach crucial lessons of life in a single season. Athletics have been an emphatic feature of the La Lumiere experience since its founding – because sports are an incomparable coach of character. Both the academic and co-curricular Areas of Excellence serve as the programmatic foundation of the Campus Master Plan.

Learn more at



La Lumiere Magazine 2014

Phased Priorities The Campus Master plan recommends a multi-phased approach across areas of campus, allowing a flexible framework to guide the future physical development of the campus as funding and needs prescribe.

First Phase Priority 1 Priority 2 Priority 3 Priority 4 Second Phase Priority 1 Priority 2 Priority 3

New Performing Arts/Theatre FAB Converted to Chapel New Locker Rooms/Gym Entry New Dormitory Academic Enclosure/Team Collaboration and Student Space New Fitness and Recreation Center Winter Athletic Facilities

Third Phase Priority 1 Classroom/Practice Room/ Studio Expansion Priority 2 Turf Field/All Weather Track Priority 3 Additional Tennis Courts Priority 4 Bleachers

Learn more at


Campus Quad and Ceremony/Event Lawn


Moore House


Present Classrooms 1-6


Performing Arts/Theatre


Academic Expansion (future)

La Lumiere’s campus is an extraordinary asset, blessed with beauty and resources that provide a rich environment conducive to student learning and memorable experiences. The Campus Master Plan Tenets were established to organize priorities and guide the decision-making process: Build for tomorrow while respecting the past Create state-of-the-art facilities that build on our school’s heritage. Careful selection of materials and updates to existing buildings can accomplish this goal. Maintain and appreciate the landscape Winding paths through the wooded lakeside campus play a strong role in the overall campus appeal. Building with the environment and the use of authentic materials will maintain the unique aesthetic. Create memorable places Campus features should create lasting impressions and accommodate


spaces for the campus community to form bonds. Make the campus safe and accessible The campus must be made universally accessible to people of all abilities. New and existing buildings will transition to meet ADA and local fire safety standards.

Academic, Faith & Arts


In February 2014 La Lumiere purchased this corner property.

Proposed Improvement Property Line



La Lumiere Magazine 2014

Academic, Faith & Arts Most often the first place of arrival, this area creates a lasting impression. We envision a new quad for pedestrian, multi-use recreation, private reflection, and outdoor ceremonies on our upper campus. The proposed plan includes a new Performing Arts/Theater building with dedicated space for the School’s expanding arts program and student commons area, as well as additional instructional and collaboration space. A renovation of the Fine Arts Building is proposed as a dedicated Chapel space to accommodate the entire student body.

Residential Student and faculty housing are important to the school’s strategic model. Quality housing arrangements that meet the needs of a modern family aids in recruitment of faculty. Modern communal housing arrangements that meet the needs of young adults aids in recruitment of students. The proposed plan calls for the addition of a new dormitory along the Lake Road, further centering the residential campus around our most beautiful natural asset.

Athletics La Lumiere continues to be committed to athletic participation for all students, at all levels of ability. The proposed renovations and new buildings will meet the needs of our athletes competing on 20 athletic teams each year. • New locker rooms/gym entry • New fitness and recreation center • Winter athletic center • All weather turf field and bleachers • Additional tennis courts

Imagine a time-lapse video of a young tree’s

at home, nurtured at La Lumiere—have gone

growth over fifty years: the girth of the trunk

out from this place into countless lives. Now

expanding; the limbs stretching and dividing;

it’s time to celebrate the strength and height

the branches, twigs, buds and leaves exploding

and marvelous reach of the La Lumiere

into life. Imagine the life of La Lumiere School

family tree.

as such a tree, and the fifty alumni profiled in these pages as an anecdotal record of

It’s impossible to chronicle the full intricacy of

its growth.

influence that La Lumiere graduates are having on other people, on their professions, on the

Calls went out far and wide last spring to the

world. The alumni you’ll read about in these

La Lumiere community for nominations to

pages are only a small portion of La Lumiere’s

this group of fifty distinguished graduates.

legacy. Moreover, the five decades of

Teachers, classmates, siblings, and parents sent

La Lumiere history represented here are just

in names and impassioned descriptions of

a beginning. Not a backward look, Fifty@50

Lakers all over the world whose post-

is a profile of an institution still becoming, a

La Lu lives have borne an astonishing array of

vision still in formation. Each year the School

fruit. Scientific discovery, business innovation,

puts forth new branches and casts more seed.

athletic achievement, civic service at every

A whole forest springing up around us!

level, artistic mastery, parental devotion—no area of accomplishment seemed absent from the group of fifty that emerged during this nomination process. Fifty years after a little prep school in the woods of Northwest Indiana was founded, it’s clear that the values of character, scholarship and faith—planted



La Lumiere Magazine 2014

For Pete, son of faculty member Chris Balawender, “The examples of leadership I saw at La Lumiere, and within

Paris Barclay ’74

my family, helped keep me on the right path, no matter

As a television director, Paris Barclay has won two Emmy

how hard the course.” He continues his life of public

awards, two Directors Guild of America awards, and two

Peter Mieczyslaw Balawender ’03

service, supervising Marine recruit training in San Diego

Image awards and has been nominated for numerous

Captain Peter Balawender’s life after graduation is a

while completing his master’s degree in Homeland

others. In June he was elected president of the Directors

profile in courage. The fifteen awards and medals Pete

Security at American Military University.

Guild of America. He has directed over 130 episodes of

has earned since 2007 in the United States Marine

television dramas and comedies, including Angel Street,

Corps testify to his selfless dedication during multiple

Sliders, Diagnosis: Murder, Brooklyn South, NYPD Blue, City of

deployments. His is a courage rooted in “a tenacious

Heather Bankowski Anaya ’95

Angels, American Dreams, ER, Fastlane, The West Wing, Huff,

mental and moral commitment to his beliefs . . . and a

At La Lumiere, Heather Bankowski Anaya used to love

The Shield, Dirt, Lost, NUMB3RS, House, Cold Case, Weeds,

resilient, purposeful spirit of leadership,” notes former

tinkering in the physics lab, staying up late to prepare

The Mentalist, In Treatment, CSI, Glee, NCIS: Los Angeles, The

teacher and La Lumiere trustee Johanna Miller, who

for Science Olympiad, and playing soccer as the only girl

Good Wife, Miami Medical, and Smash. Currently, he is the

calls him “humble but tough.”

Laker on the team. Now, she’s an expert on gestational

executive producer and principal director of FX’s highly

diabetes, gestational hypertension, multiple births,

rated Sons of Anarchy, now in its sixth season.

The measure of Pete’s character was already taken during his years at La Lumiere, where he was known for unselfish leadership in the classroom, on the Science Olympiad team, and as Student Government vice-president and a varsity athlete in football and track. He graduated from Marquette University

and prenatal diagnosis. As Attending Physician in the Department of OBGYN and director of the OBGYN Medical Student Clerkship at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, Heather specializes in treating patients with high-risk pregnancies.

in 2007, earning the National Defense Industrial

She earned a BA in English and biology from Indiana

Association ROTC Award for Leadership.

University Bloomington and a DO in obstetrics and

The first African-American student accepted at La Lumiere, Paris graduated from Harvard University in 1978, majoring in English, though he admits to skipping many classes in order to write musicals. Taking a job in advertising, he continued to write musicals at night. He

gynecology from A.T. Still University, Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine. After completing her residency at Rush, Heather served as a Maternal Fetal Medicine

broke into the entertainment industry by directing music videos for stars such as Janet Jackson, Bob Dylan, and He was first deployed in the Mediterranean to

LL Cool J. His path has not always been smooth, as he

provide theater security as a part of Combat

has confronted racism and homophobia throughout his

Logistics Battallion 22, a component of the 22nd

career and worked to overcome early struggles with

Marine Expeditionary Unit. As a logistics officer, he

Fellow at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Heather is

interacted with and trained allied troops in various

also affiliated with Little Company of Mary Hospital and

Middle Eastern and Eastern Mediterranean countries.

Health Care Centers.

After the earthquake in Haiti, he served as a key humanitarian officer for his battalion, providing care, food, water, and medical supplies to the Haitian people. Later he deployed again to Afghanistan as executive officer in Transportation and Support Company, Combat Logistics Battalion 8 in Helmund Province. Pete planned and conducted numerous convoy operations and received the Navy and Marine Achievement Award.

alcohol and drugs. Paris names September 11, 2001, as creating an important shift in his work and his life. He and his

“I enjoy taking care of pregnant women,” Heather says,

husband were booked on the flight that hit the first

“and in this field . . . I have the opportunity to have a

tower of the World Trade Center, but they decided to

close relationship with patients. It’s very exciting. It’s also

leave Boston earlier than planned and took a flight the

just a nice feeling to get a mom and baby or babies

night before. After this, asking themselves “What does

safely through a pregnancy and to be able to have that

God really want us to do?” they began the process of

relationship with them at a really important time in their

adopting two sons. Professionally, Paris began to choose

lives.” She reflects with a simple eloquence, “There are a

projects with stronger social messages.

lot of rewards in this field.”

La Lumiere 50th Anniversary Issue



a teacher, starting the Science Olympiad program at Lisle Junior High, helping conduct a clinic for Science Olympiad coaches, and ultimately running an invitational Much respected for his talent and for the quality of his

tournament at her school. She and her husband John

work, Paris is credited by many in the entertainment

have a son, Thomas.

industry for nurturing them in their own careers. It’s no surprise to the La Lumiere community that he’s known in his profession for giving back, for he is quick to recognize and value the role the school played for him: “In terms of

Connie Devers Falcone ’83

Patrick Firme ’09

Connie Devers Falcone has committed her career and

Awarded a Fulbright US Student Program grant for

her community service to providing opportunities for

the 2013-2014 academic year, Patrick Firme is teaching

young people by holistically developing their bodies,

English at a public high school in Medan, Indonesia.

minds, and spirits. She says, “Human beings, no matter

Having graduated from Beloit College last May with a

how different their life circumstances might be, all

bachelor’s degree in theater, dance, and media studies,

Natalie Bergren Keigher ’96

feel hope and a need to be loved.” Connie is the Vice

Patrick incorporates theater and improvisation into

Natalie Bergren Keigher intended to pursue medicine

President of Development for Chicago Cubs Charities,

his lesson plans. “I feel very fortunate to be given this

after La Lumiere until she took a break from school to

which provides increased access to sports opportunities

opportunity,” he says of the “good path” the Fulbright

work as an expeditor at the Northwestern Hospital

for the children and families of Chicago and beyond,

offers him. “I’m just going to take it all as it comes and

Blood Bank. Observing the immoderate demands on

targeting improvement in health, fitness and education

enjoy the experience.”

the doctors there, Natalie realized that her calling was in

for those at risk. Previously she served as the Director

a different direction: to educate children in science and

of Finance and Development for Urban Initiatives—a

tracing the trajectory of my own path, [sending me to La Lumiere] was the biggest decision that my parents made for me, and it changed the course of my life.”

Patrick performed in a number of productions at Beloit, directing a play as his senior project. He was also active

devote time to her own family.

in Men’s Soccer, Phi Kappa Psi, and the Academic Senate. A graduate of Villanova, Natalie teaches 7th grade

He studied abroad at the University of East Legon in

science at Lisle Junior High School in Lisle, Illinois. The

nonprofit organization that runs health, education, and character development programming for inner-city youth in Chicago—and remains on its Board of Directors. Ghana, taking courses in dance, theater, and drama in teachers there take a unique approach, emphasizing

She holds a BA from Colorado College, a JD from the

hands-on learning and developing together their own

University of Notre Dame Law School, and an MBA

comprehensive lesson plans rather than using published

from the University of Chicago Graduate School of

Theatrical, athletic, involved, globally concerned,

ones. The students interact more with each other than

Business. In addition to serving on the La Lumiere

connected with others—that’s the Patrick Firme

with books—perhaps a familiar approach for a

Board of Trustees and the Advisory Board of the Rush

remembered by Ken Andert and others in the

La Lumiere graduate.

Neurobehavioral Center, Connie also serves on the

La Lumiere community. “You knew he’d be doing

Board of Trustees at the Catholic Theological Union and

something interesting,” says Andert, “and you knew he’d

as a National Advisory Board member for the Family

be doing it with energy.”

Inspired by her experience at La Lumiere in her chemistry classes with Mr. James Thomas, Natalie says, “A lot of my own teaching tactics, style, and even examples are borrowed from Mr. Thomas.” A Science Olympiad enthusiast as a student, she has been indefatigable as



La Lumiere Magazine 2014

Reach Foundation.

African societies.

Joseph Gaffigan ’83 La Lumiere Trustee Emeritus Joseph Gaffigan has over 25 years of leadership experience as a serial banking

James P. Flannery ’68

entrepreneur, building niche businesses that support

Flash back to Jim Flannery’s La Lumiere days in the late

financing lower middle market merger and acquisition

sixties and you see a rather imposing, larger-than-life, football playing teenager who already had developed

transactions. He began his career at American National

the keen sense of fairness, the talent for peacemaking,

Jaime Frankle ’04

Bank, running an asset-based lending division after

and the willingness to befriend people a quarter his

At first glance, Jaime Frankle’s pathway looks like a circle.

graduating from Georgetown University, where he

size that a good judge needs.

A National Merit Scholar and QuarkNet intern while

was captain of the Hoya football team and a four

at La Lumiere School, she graduated with the ambition

year starter. He received his MBA from the University

Elected to the bench on the Circuit Court of Cook

someday to teach physics at a small, community-oriented

of Chicago Booth Graduate School of Business. He

County in 1988, Jim is now the Presiding Judge of the

school like her alma mater. Majoring in physics and math,

formed and built Fifth Third Bank’s Structured Finance

Court’s Law Division. Previously, he served in the

Jaime earned a BA at Grinnell College. She taught high

Group, growing it to over $1 billion in assets. He

Criminal Division, the Fourth Municipal Division, and

school science in Iowa, and in 2010, fulfilling her ambition

then co-founded MFC Capital Funding in Chicago, for

the First Municipal Division. Before winning election as

with precision, she joined the faculty at La Lumiere,

which he was a finalist for the 2008 Ernst & Young

a judge, he practiced with the firm of Murphy, Preston

teaching algebra, pre-calculus, and physics.

Entrepreneur of the Year award. At present Joe is

and Jaffe, the Office of the Illinois Attorney General,

President and co-founder of TCF Capital Funding, But the geometric shape that best symbolizes Jaime’s

which provides leveraged cash flow and asset-based

professional life might be a double helix: she is as passionate about reading and literacy as she is about math and science. She is a longtime volunteer with Open

and the Office of the Corporation Counsel for the City of Chicago. Jim earned his undergraduate degree

loans nationally to lower middle market manufacturing,

from the Illinois Institute of Technology and his JD from

distribution and service companies. TCF Capital Funding

the John Marshall Law School in 1976.

is a division of TCF Bank.

Jim has taught trial advocacy at De Paul University School of Law; he has been a Board of Managers Member for the Chicago Bar Association, co-chairing the tort litigation committee; he was awarded the 2012 Judge Marovitz Mentoring Award by Lawyers Lend-A-Hand to Youth for supporting and mentoring other members of the bench without need for public recognition or acknowledgment; he was a Judicial Education Faculty Member for the 2011 New Judge Seminar, Supreme Court of Illinois; he was named

Books, an award-winning nonprofit literacy organization

Joe’s extensive community service includes the

in Chicago. In 2009, she worked in its bookstore from

chairmanship and over 25 years of service to LINK

its inception and was integral to one of its reading and

Unlimited, a Chicago area scholarship organization for

writing programs for young people throughout the city.

African American high school students, which provides

In summers she continues tutoring and volunteering

one-on-one, long-term mentoring to every recipient.

for Open Books. At La Lumiere, Jaime coordinates the

Joe oversees LINK programs that include leadership

bookmobile visits, runs a reading group, and coaches the

development, community service, summer school, and

Academic Decathlon team. This year she took full charge

college preparation and counseling. Joe also served for

of the school’s library.

13 years on the La Lumiere School Board of Trustees. During his three years as Chair, 2007-2010, La Lumiere’s

2008 “Celt of the Year” by the Celtic Legal Society

Jaime’s work is no self-contained circle; she touches

of Chicago; and he has published numerous articles,

enrollment grew and budgeted income increased

many lives in an outward spiral of teaching, advocacy, and

participated in numerous panels, and spoken at

significantly. He co-directed a successful fundraising

dedicated service to others.

campaign that exceeded goals and resulted in new

numerous seminars.

La Lumiere 50th Anniversary Issue



comedic material but also fulfills a deeper ambition to surround himself with the stuff that matters. His brother Joe ’83 traces that ambition back to La Lumiere School. He says, “Jim’s character, scholarship construction and the revitalization of much of the campus

Stefanie Greybar ’03

and faith were all solidified during his four years at

A 2007 Hope College graduate and RN, Stefanie

infrastructure. He oversaw strengthening of the faculty

La Lu. He learned to persevere (and probably to act) by

Greybar recently assumed the position of Clinical

and supporting a new school administration. All of this

successfully navigating English with Breslin, history with

Resource Nurse and Supervisor of the Post-Surgical

has been achieved in a self-effacing way, as fellow board

Doc Booms and Danik, math with Welter and Sullivan,

Care Unit at Lakeland Regional Medical Center in St.

member John Rumely points out: “Joe is a natural leader,

morals with Langley, and life with Webster and Kirkby . . .

Joseph, Michigan. She was a five-star award winner there

but in the way a shepherd ‘leads from behind.’ He would

His world is bigger now, but thankfully he

in 2009, honored for “going above and beyond” and for

build consensus to every major decision. He was bold

hasn’t changed.”

being a patient advocate. Stephanie is also an adjunct

and assertive when he had to be to rally support and make decisions quickly, but he also was a careful and patient listener.”

nursing instructor at Lake Michigan College. As her twin

Steve Ganster ’70 As a founder and managing director of Technomic Asia, a Shanghai based management consultancy, Steve

Jim Gaffigan ’84

Ganster has spent virtually his whole career working

brother, Sthele Greybar ’03, puts it, “She has devoted herself to her craft and has become exceptional at it. She has positively impacted the lives of those around her through hard work and has been humble about it. . . . [Stefanie] has an attitude about life that projects joy, and

The Wall Street Journal calls Jim Gaffigan one of the top

with Western companies to help them participate in

ten comedians touring in North America. His comedy

the Asian market. He has completed almost 1,000

special Mr. Universe was nominated for last February’s

assignments for many of the world’s leading companies,

Stefanie’s quick ascent from being a rookie in her

Grammy Awards. In May, his first book Dad is Fat,

such as General Motors, McDonald’s, 3M, PPG, and

profession to an award winning supervisor and instructor

it’s contagious.”

debuted at No. 5 on the New York Times bestsellers list.

testifies to how she has actualized the qualities already

His motion picture and television appearances include

exhibited at La Lumiere. Her decision to be a nurse

13 Going On 30, The Great New Wonderful, What She

followed naturally from being a hard worker and a leader

Knew, Away We Go, It’s Kind of a Funny Story, Going the

in the classroom, a good friend dedicated to including

Distance, Law & Order, The Ellen Show, Ed, That ’70s Show,

Caterpillar, assisting clients in international market entry and strategy development throughout Asia since the early 1980s. Steve is author of the book The China Ready Company, My Boys, Portlandia, Flight of the Conchords, The David Letterman Show, The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. In his recent Broadway debut That Championship Season, he shared the stage with Chris Noth, Kiefer Sutherland and Jason Patric. Jim collaborates professionally with his wife—writer,

a practical guide for companies entering the complex China market. He has won an Emmy for his role in the development of the DVD series On the Frontlines: Doing Business in China. Steve has a BA in English Literature and Asian Studies from Vassar College and an MBA from Thunderbird, the Garvin School of International Management in Arizona.

actor, and producer Jeannie Noth Gaffigan. With their

A frequent speaker on topics related to business

five children, they live in a two-bedroom apartment on

development and growth in Asia, Steve insists that,

Manhattan’s Lower East Side. With their five children,

even on the personal level, we “need to have a global

they have survived a 16-city comedy tour sleeping in

view. [Living overseas] changes your barometer for

a cramped bus. Jim’s world may be crowded, but it’s

compassion and has a cascading effect on who you

a crowd that not only provides much of his recent

are.” He and his family have relished living in Shanghai and Singapore.

everybody and spreading cheer, and a team player on the volleyball and basketball courts. Teammate Alexandra Penry ’03 offers this epitomizing image: “our best setter on the volleyball team, [Stef] always knew where each hitter liked the ball, and put it there.”

picture stays in my mind with God’s Hand there in the background.” The image of a leader in an attitude of service, superimposed over an icon of God’s sustaining

Jack Hiler ’71 Perhaps best known for serving five terms in the

and challenging presence—it’s no surprise that these are emblems for Jack Hiler.

United States House of Representatives, Jack Hiler attended La Lumiere during its early years. He earned a BA from Williams College and an MBA at

Leonard Jennings ’86

the University of Chicago School of Businesss. He

Christopher Hurley ’77

Recently named the evening news anchor for KMBC

served as a delegate to the Indiana State Republican

Holding a BA from Colgate University and a JD from

9, an ABC affiliate in Kansas City, Missouri, Len Jennings

conventions from 1978-1980 and a delegate to the

Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Chris started

spent nearly fifteen years as a journalist in Fort Myers,

White House Conference of Small Businesses in

his legal career as a defense lawyer for Baker & McKenzie,

Florida, where he covered the biggest news stories in

1980. Elected to the 97th and to the four succeeding

representing major hospitals, corporations, and insurance

southwest Florida from hurricanes to shuttle launches,

Congresses (1981-1991), Jack later served as the

companies. He founded Hurley McKenna & Mertz

from Superbowls to brush fires to elections. He

Deputy Administrator of the Government Services

in 1992, deciding to move to the other side of the

began his television career in 1992 as a sports anchor


courtroom to represent seriously injured people and

and reporter for WCAX-TV in Burlington, Vermont,

their families. “I spend nights awake thinking about these

after graduating from Boston College with a degree in

clients,” Chris says. “The work is so hard, so emotionally

communications. In 2005 the Associated Press awarded

draining, that if you don’t care about the clients on a deep

him Best Continuing Coverage for his series on ALS

level, you can’t be in this type of work.”

advocacy and treatment.

Outside the courtroom, Chris is a strong supporter of education, beginning with his high school alma mater. He served La Lumiere as a member of the Board of

After his government work, he returned to La Porte and to his family’s foundry business. Currently president of Hiler Industries, Jack has volunteered extensively both in the industry and the community,

Len has devoted hundreds of hours serving the

serving on numerous boards, including La Lumiere’s.

communities he covers, once abstaining from food for a

His years of service on the Board of Trustees for

weekend to draw attention to the plight of the hungry,

Beacon Health System in Elkhart and South Bend are

for example. He has volunteered for Meals on Wheels,

particularly notable. He is known for his integrity and judgment. Inextricable from Jack’s positions of leadership is his dedication to service. He describes a strikingly vivid La Lumiere memory that suggests the foundation for this sense of mission: “[I]t was after the first graduation. . . . I was only 14 or 15 at the time. I recall seeing Jim Moore on the lawn mower out mowing the upper level area and out by the football field. . .In 1963 he had come out and put blood, sweat and tears into this place and actually made it four years, and there was a successful graduating class. Over the years that

an Alzheimer’s resource center, the American Lung Directors from 1994 to 2003. Former headmaster Larry

Association, and the American Cancer Association, to

Sullivan remembers Chris during that time as “always

name a few. La Lumiere classmate and Boston College

an active, loyal alumnus and a devoted trustee.” In

roommate Michael Kennedy isn’t surprised by Len’s

addition, he is the past President of the Alumni Board of

dedication to these endeavors, commenting, “He has

Governors of Loyola University of Chicago Law School,

always demonstrated a significant care for others, and

where he also served on the Elder Initiative Advisory

now he is utilizing his role as a public figure to help

Board. He sponsored the Christopher T. Hurley Lecture,

raise awareness of those who need the help of the

part of a series held by the school on legal issues affecting

more fortunate.”

the elderly, and he and his wife Becky have established scholarship funds not only at Loyola but also at Colgate. They have been active volunteers with Project Common Hope, supporting the disadvantaged of Guatemala through education, housing, and health care.

La Lumiere 50th Anniversary Issue



Michael Kennedy ’86 One way Michael Kennedy’s accomplishments as the fifth Head of School at La Lumiere can be measured is in numbers. Since his return to La Lumiere in 2004,

Jen Cullerton Johnson ’90

student enrollment has increased 83%. Between

“Find tongues in trees, books in the running brooks,

2006 and 2013, total giving has increased nearly 100%.

sermons in stones, and good in everything,” writes

Josh Katz ’08

Shakespeare, and author/artist Jen Cullerton Johnson

A 2012 graduate of Reed College, Josh Katz is an

listens. And writes. And acts. Connections between nature

have been addressed through renovation, restoration

environmental chemist at Cooper Environmental

and people motivate Jennifer’s publishing and mentoring.

and new construction.

Services, a Portland, Oregon, company that specializes

For every book sold, she contributes to an environmental

in the measurement and interpretation of elements

cause; for every school visited or workshop led, she

in source emissions and ambient air, providing a vital

ensures a tree is planted.

environmental monitoring service.

With an MFA in non-fiction from the University of New Orleans and an M.Ed in curriculum and development from Loyola University of Chicago, Jen has overcome the

Approximately 90% of campus facility issues identified

It’s no surprise to his mother, Jan Katz, that Josh has chosen a career in chemistry. “He’s always been one to experiment in the kitchen, mix household substances to explore reactions and generally try to blow stuff up,” she says. His passion and curiosity about the workings of the world were nurtured richly in the science program at La Lumiere. Bryan Smith remembers, “Josh was one of

At the heart of these percentages is something less quantifiable: Michael’s understanding that while character, scholarship and faith are rooted in tradition, at the same time they issue the challenge of change. He has fearlessly moved La Lumiere forward in all facets of school life, not just fiscally but also academically, obstacle of dyslexia that initially daunted her at

athletically, and artistically. Joe Linnen (’84) calls him

La Lumiere. She credits Judy Smith for “radically

a “true School Man,” someone who, “committed to

chang(ing) my life” by providing the practical support and

excellence, internalizes his job and lives the motto.”

“the determination to never let my limitation stop me.” Michael’s concern for the individual student, teacher, and Jen leads writing workshops in schools, coaches other

staff member is striking. “The portrayal of La Lumiere

writers, plans literacy festivals, and facilitates teacher

the rare people who can see science in his mind very

as a family didn’t originate with me,” he says, “but as

in-services. She is a founding member of MuseWrite, a

clearly. He could balance a very active, teenage, zany zest

Head of School, it is my honor to sustain it as a living

Chicago literary arts organization. Her award winning

for life with genuine intellectual inquiry.”

metaphor.” For him that means “how each student

children’s biography, Seeds of Change: Planting the Path to

addresses challenges is how I measure success.” Kevin

Peace, celebrates environmentalist and Nobel Peace Prize

That inquiry led him to Reed College, where he earned

Kunst, Assistant Head of School, has characterized

recipient Wangari Maathai.

the opportunity as a senior to participate in the Juneau

Michael’s success this way: “I think young people and

Icefield Research Program, helping to collect glacial data

adults alike want a leader whom they can trust, who

on how pollution travels over long distances. His senior

listens, who cares about them and their families. But they

thesis focused on the design and synthesis of metal-free

also want to be led with confidence and decisiveness.

organic catalysts which could reduce the environmental

Michael Kennedy strikes that balance well.”

footprint associated with modern synthetic organic chemistry.

Michael holds a BA from Boston College and an MA from the University of Notre Dame. He taught history and morals at La Lumiere from 1992-1996. He was Director of Admissions at Latin School of Chicago



La Lumiere Magazine 2014

before returning to La Lumiere as Head of School.

Justin Knoll ’10 Justin Knoll’s academic accomplishments, compassion

Dan Kerrigan ’80

for animals, and dedication to their care recently earned him acceptance into Purdue University’s

Holding a BA and an MBA from the University of

prestigious College of Veterinary Medicine. When he

Notre Dame, Dan Kerrigan is the Managing Director

graduated from La Lumiere, he set his sights on this

of Equity Execution Services for Citigroup Global

objective, choosing Purdue North Central’s biology

Markets Japan, Inc. Previously he served as CEO

program and working as a vet assistant at North

of Prospect Asset Management, Inc., in Honolulu;

Central Veterinary Emergency Center to achieve it.

Managing Director at UBS Securities Japan; and Vice

Jeremy Kredlo ’92 Founder and Senior Project Manager of IPM Technologies, which provides project management consulting services to Fortune 500 clients, Jeremy Kredlo holds a BA and an MA in information technology. At La Lumiere, he was an independent thinker and an avid reader.

President of Sales at CS First Boston in Japan. You might call this distinguished global career the

But no educational program prepared him for taking

meat in a La Lumiere sandwich. Upon graduating

on full custody and care of his granddaughter Kylee

from Notre Dame, Dan started his professional life

who, deprived of oxygen shortly before birth, suffers from cerebral palsy, blindness, an inability to regulate body temperature, and other medical issues. He’s learned to provide for her needs through sheer

As a student at La Lumiere, Justin was known as a goal setter and a goal achiever. He started his Eagle Scout project by asking the La Porte County Small Animal Shelter for a wish list. Rather than choosing one or two items as expected, he completed the at La Lumiere, meeting the demands as a teacher and

entire list, including building shelves, a picnic table,

coach even while a fulltime graduate student. And last

and a bench as well as planting trees and creating a

fall, he assumed a position on the La Lumiere Board

fenced outdoor exercise area. He was named 2010

of Trustees, making that commitment even while living

Eagle Scout of the Year in Indiana by the American

in Japan.

Legion for the project and placed second in the legion’s national competition. He is a ten-year 4-H

“Nothing has ever been handed to Dan,” says Michael

member who continues as an adult leader today.

Kennedy, “yet he is always giving back, always quick to express how much he values his La Lumiere and

At PNC, Justin translated his La Lumiere dramatic

Notre Dame education. Cherishing what he’s been

experience into creating the popular improv group

given has been a big factor in his hardworking, self-

Ranting Llamas which performs in the style of

made success story.”

Whose Line Is It Anyway. La Lumiere math teacher Tom Falcone says, “His accomplishments don’t explode like a supernova; they’re more constant, like the sun.”

perseverance and uncompromising love. He stated in an interview with a local television station recently, “I want her to only be limited by her abilities and not her opportunities.” Lawrence Wong ‘92 considers Jeremy the embodiment of La Lumiere’s values of character, scholarship, and faith in both his professional accomplishment in running a successful business and in his dedication to his family: “[He] proves if you are willing to learn and you work hard, you can achieve anything.”

La Lumiere 50th Anniversary Issue



Mark ’77 & Paul ’78 Leyden

the board of the National Association of Financial and

The Leyden brothers are leaders in their respective

Insurance Advisors. At the Million Dollar Round Table,

professions. Mark Leyden owns and runs Mark Leyden

Mark is a member of the Top of the Table. Paul holds a

and Associates, LLC, advising business owners and

BS in Business Administration and Management from

families on the acquisition and management of life

Babson College and serves on many local boards in

insurance assets for business and tax planning. Paul

his adopted state of New Hampshire, including the

J. Leyden is a senior managing director for the Royal

Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce, The

Bank of Canada, serving as the Boston Complex

Bedford Basketball League and the VNA Foundation of

Director of RBC Wealth Management, a securities firm.

Manchester and Southern New Hampshire.

But perhaps the fact that they both recently have

Dan Linnen embodied the spirit of La Lumiere in “such a natural way,” says Andy McKenna, Jr. ’75. “He was smart, a great athlete and simply a lot of fun to be with. He was everybody’s friend, always ready to help someone who needed help.” Dan was comfortable in leadership roles: he was co-editor of The Torch, a member of the Student Council Executive Committee, and captain of the track and football teams. However, titles never meant much

been named Chair of the Board of Trustees at two

to Dan. He defined success in terms of everyone

separate independent schools would be the biggest

doing well. McKenna says, “I recall La Lumiere being

accomplishment in the eyes of their mother, the late

a place of ‘folk heroes’ – individuals who brought a

Catherine Riley Boege, who served as Chair of the

special life to the campus. Dan had this quality.” At La Lumiere, Jim also was a model of Character, Scholarship and Faith. “His enthusiasm for life was

Daniel ’75 & James ’77 Linnen “Sometimes an early life, full of promise, cut tragically short, can serve as a lasting inspiration.” So says David Rentschler ’77, one of four alumni who Campion Jesuit High School Board of Regents in the 70s and who was always an active friend of La Lumiere. Mark reflects, “Everything we do, we do in her honor.” For Mark, who assumed the chair of La Lumiere’s board last fall, and for Paul, who chairs the board of The Derryfield School in Manchester, New Hampshire, committed service was taught to them not only by their mother’s example but also by their uncle’s. One of the original founders of La Lumiere School, William J. Riley was a surrogate father to the Leyden boys upon the death of their own father when they were very young.

The American College, Mark has served as President of the Society of Financial Service Providers and on


distinction. Even 34 years after dying in a plane crash with their father Bill, these brothers still influence those who knew them at La Lumiere. contagious,” remembers David Collins ‘77, adding, “I don’t know if Jimmy ever had a bad day.” He served as sacristan, earned letters in three sports, edited the yearbook, and chaired the Student Activities Committee, the Choral Club, and the Prom Committee. David Rentschler says, “He wasn’t just in, he was all in, for everything, and his classmates loved him for it.” David Collins adds, “He lived life to its fullest, made the most of his capabilities, and truly made the world a better place for those around him.”

Holding a BS from Indiana University and a CLU from


nominated Dan and Jim Linnen for the Fifty@50

La Lumiere Magazine 2014

A scholar-athlete when he was at La Lumiere, Joe gives back to young people through sports. In 2009 he was

Joe Linnen ’84 Emeritus Trustee Joseph Linnen was already notable as a leader when he was a student at La Lumiere, not only on the football field, basketball court, and baseball diamond, but also in the classroom. He remembers Head of School Dick Webster’s favorite theme for morning meetings— ”Be the best you can be!”—as the heart of the school’s message about leadership: “[We] all joked about it as

one of the founding directors of the Oz Park Baseball Association and currently serves as its Vice-Chair. The association provides instructional baseball and softball leagues for over 1,200 children in the Lincoln Park

Eric Martin ’02

neighborhood of Chicago, where he lives with his wife

Lieutenant Eric Martin is a 2006 graduate of

Anne and twin boys Liam and Colin. He served as a

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where he received

La Lumiere trustee for 12 years and remains a faithful

a BS in Nuclear Engineering. He received his

friend of the school.

commission through Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps and was designated a naval aviator in 2008.

teenagers do, but [it] was emphasized so much that I

Eric deployed with Patrol Squadron 47 to the

think it worked a lot –with a lot of people.” After earning a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from the University of Notre Dame and beginning a successful business career in

Western Pacific and Middle East during Operation

Kathleen Mack ’81

Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. He

La Lumiere’s first female valedictorian, Kathleen Mack

is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Systems

has crafted a life around excellence in education.

Engineering at the Naval Postgraduate School and

She graduated from the University of Notre Dame,

will be attending Test Pilot School in July, 2015. Eric’s

then returned to La Lumiere as an English teacher. She then earned a JD from the Indiana University School of Law, Indianapolis, practiced law, and was again drawn to teaching. First an assistant professor at the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business, Kathy is currently a tenured Associate Professor of Legal Studies at Harrisburg Area Community College.

Chicago, Joe assumed the helm of the La Lumiere Board

decorations include the Air Medal, the Navy and

of Trustees in 2001. The youngest Chair in the school’s

Marine Corps Commendation Medal, and the Navy

history, he recognized early the need for those-who-

and Marine Corps Achievement Medal.

have-come-before to sustain an institution for those-tofollow. His leadership in the development of a strategic

His sister Kayla Martin Flores ’05 points out that “he

plan in 2002, his tough decision making during a time of

lives and breathes integrity” and that it’s his deep

transition in the school’s leadership, and the significant

faith in a greater plan that grounds his service of

role he played in the Courageous Vision capital campaign have made La Lumiere what it is today. Michael Kennedy calls him “the prototype independent school trustee, generous with his time, talent, and treasure.” Currently, Joe is a Senior Partner at The Jordan Company LP, a private equity firm where he sources, originates, and evaluates potential acquisitions for equity investments. He also serves on the board of directors of WCT Holdings, Ltd., which manages clinical trials in the development of medicines.

country before self. Eric remembers his high school Kathy believes that it isn’t just the opportunity for

years as formative: “The La Lumiere education

education that leads to achievement but also how

managed to transform students into leaders rather

much the people surrounding a student promote

than just followers. At the end of the four years, I

success. Having forged a path for women students

didn’t just leave with a high school diploma, I left with

when she was a teenager, she now works with many

friendships that last forever, not just in the USA but

students who have not had educational privileges.

in China, Thailand, Japan, Germany, and many other

She empowers them with encouragement and the

countries. Just as important, I left with character,

expectation of success, noting that “it was the belief

scholarship and faith.”

that my parents and La Lumiere teachers had in me that allowed opportunities to become reality.”

Eric married his beautiful wife Danielle in 2012 and is celebrating two years of marriage this March.

La Lumiere 50th Anniversary Issue



William J. McKenna ’78 Currently serving as the Chairman of Footprint Retail Services, a third party logistics management firm, Bill

Sydney McBride ’11

McKenna has founded, developed, and led a number of successful businesses, including Kinetic Search, Schwartz

A junior at Earlham College, Sydney is a manager

Supply Source, Integrated Merchandising Systems,

for the varsity baseball team, teaches a strength and

and Alvine Pharmaceuticals. Bill started his career as a

conditioning course, volunteers at the Wayne County

corporate transactions lawyer with Bell Boyd & Loyd

Health Clinic, and leads an MCAT prep course. She

(now K&L Gates) in Chicago.

interned last summer at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, working on thermal analysis with a Modulated

Bill has also given his time and talents to multiple

Differential Scanning Calorimeter. All this, in addition

charitable pursuits. He is founder and President of the

to excellent academic performance as a biochemistry

Will Foundation, named for his son, which focuses

major with pre-med intent, adds up to something

on funding research for rare metabolic disorders.


He is also an advisory board member of Stanford

Guy Meikle ’95 Chef Guy Meikle developed his impressive reputation in the culinary arts as Sous Chef at Café Baci, South Gate Café, Bank Lane Bistro, and Carlos at Ravinia; Chef de Cuisine at Bin 36--Bin Wine Café; and Executive Chef at Nana Organic and Finesse Cuisine. Currently a Corporate Chef for Charlie Baggs Culinary Innovations, Guy specializes in fine dining, operations, and product development.

University’s Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, which is Stanford’s principal policy center for addressing major international issues and challenges. Additionally, Bill serves on the boards of the Children’s Memorial Medical Center, the Children’s Memorial Foundation in Chicago and the Pathways Awareness

With degrees from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts-Chicago and from Valparaiso University, Guy is passionate about the ethnic That specialness was recognized at La Lumiere when

anthropology of food, developing recipes in a broad

Sydney was awarded both the One of Us student

range of cuisines from North African to American

award and the Alumni Memorial Award for the

Neo-Southern. Nominated for Breakout Chef of

graduate who best portrays the La Lumiere ideal.

the Year by Time Out Chicago Magazine in 2011,

She will be remembered for the plastic bag recycling

he was a Michelin Bib Gourmand winner in 2010,

program she started—and continued—and for the

Foundation, which promotes early detection and

poise and empathy she brought to the hundreds of

intervention for children’s sensory, motor, and

tours she led for the school’s Admissions Office. At

communication development.

Earlham, Sydney is leading tours again, where she is already considered “indispensable.” La Lumiere’s former

After graduating from La Lumiere, Bill earned degrees

Admissions Director Mary O’Malley says, “I think

from the University of Notre Dame, Stanford

you’ll hear that word over and over again when people

University, and both Northwestern’s Kellogg School

talk about Sydney.”

of Management and School of Law. Despite these accomplishments, says classmate Tom Crepeau ‘78, “Bill retains the same sense of humor and humility he did 39 years ago when I first met him.” He was inducted into the La Lumiere Athletic Hall of Fame in 1998.



La Lumiere Magazine 2014

2011, and 2012. As a student at La Lumiere, Guy was considered hard working and positive, quietly passionate, sensitive to others, and comfortable with himself— the right list of ingredients in an industry that demands a high level of teamwork. He says, “La Lumiere instilled in me a sense of responsibility to others and the environment. Perhaps my work now is the natural outcome of seeing so many wonderful cultures come together.”

David Moore ’70 The eldest son of La Lumiere’s founding headmaster, David Moore’s roots go deep at La Lumiere. After

Jay Nawrocki ’69

graduating from Colgate University, where he earned

Holding a BA in Economics from Williams College

Laura Miller ’07

the honor of Most Valuable Player in football in 1973,

and an MBA in Finance and International Business

An elite rugby player, Laura Miller is currently training

David returned to La Lumiere to teach English and

from the University of Chicago, Jay Nawrocki had a

with the US Women’s National Rugby Team for the 2014

coach for two years. He has returned other times as

distinguished career in global financial markets before

World Cup in Paris this August. She was a Collegiate

well, most notably in 2005 when the Main House was

retiring in 2002. He was Managing Director, heading

All-American in 2010 and 2011 playing for St. Mary’s

dedicated as the Moore House in honor of his father,

the global high yield bond business, for WestLB

College of Maryland and for the Washington DC Furies.

James R. Moore, and in 2011 when he delivered the

Panmure in London. Previously, Jay served in a number

She earned her first two international caps in the 2011

school’s commencement address. He said on that

of senior management positions in some of the world’s

Nations Cup in Toronto and one more on the national

occasion, “The ethical quality of your decisions and the

largest financial institutions, from JP Morgan to Drexel

team’s 2012 tour to Italy and France.

fortitude with which you stand by them will become

Burnham Lambert to Warburg Dillon Read.

the cornerstone of your character.” Laura was already playing rugby on a team in South

In 1963, when Jay’s parents asked how many students

Bend when she came to La Lumiere as a sophomore,

were enrolled at the nascent La Lumiere, Jim Moore

but her dedication to the sport didn’t prevent her from

answered, “If Jay comes, there’ll be one.” Jay came,

embracing her new school community. Teacher Kasey

and he took part in every opportunity presented,

Ryan says, “I don’t think there was anybody on campus

from serving as a sacristan to scoring the winning

Like so many alumni whose roots are here, the branches of David’s professional and personal life extend broadly. Currently, he is the owner of The David S. Moore Company, which specializes in who didn’t know her name. Everybody loved her.” Laura’s

recruiting the most senior executives to the portfolio

description of rugby reveals much about her character:

companies of private equity firms on a national basis.

touchdown against South Central. There are stories

“The game challenges me unlike anything else I’ve ever

Formerly, David was a founder and senior partner of

about the twenty students living at Moore House in

attempted. It is all inclusive, with a position of influence

Lynch Miller Moore O’Hara, which became the leading

those first years, under the influence of Mr. Kirkby

for every type of athlete. You learn, playing this game, that

US executive search firm serving private equity clients.

and the first James Bond movie, sneaking around the

you can only really be successful when you rely on the

He has been married for 38 years; he and his wife Pam

dorm spy-fashion. Having spent much of his career

strengths of all the different athletes on the field.” Is this

have five children and three grandchildren.

internationally, living in a historically significant house

an intentional metaphor for being a member of the La Lu

in England, and enjoying an enviable wine collection

family? Probably not. But Laura does say coming back to

and his Aston Martin, perhaps Jay gets the last laugh in

teach or coach at La Lumiere is on her bucket list.

this 007 fantasy. For many years now, Jay has made his home in Williamstown, Massachusetts, where he is an active supporter of his alma mater.

La Lumiere 50th Anniversary Issue



needed it . . . . The emphasis on studying and learning, combined with sports and other physical exercise, and the school’s Catholic heritage, make La Lumiere a very unique place.”

Rick Newcombe ’69 Any La Lumiere alumnus/a who has written for or read The Lamplighter has Rick Newcombe to thank: he founded that august publication. At Georgetown University, from which he graduated Phi Beta Kappa in

Anna Nti Asare ’10 A senior at Stanford University majoring in medical

1972, Rick did it again, as one of the founding editors

anthropology, Anna Nti Asare was named one

of The Georgetown Voice. Now he is the founder,

of ten 2013 winners of the Dean’s Award for

chairman, and CEO of Creators Syndicate, a media

Academic Achievement, cited for her “successful

organization that represents more Pulitzer Prize

amalgamation of academic excellence, rigorous

winning columnists and cartoonists than any

scholarship and civic-mindedness.” She has received

other syndicate.

a number of fellowships, including the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship and Chappell Lougee

Creators Syndicate is one of only three new syndicates

Scholarship, enabling her to conduct her own

Bill O’Connor ’68 Two years ago, in a speech accepting his induction into the La Lumiere Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame on behalf of the 1967-68 football team he captained, Bill O’Connor described one particularly devastating defeat—one game in an otherwise undefeated season, lost by one point. “And then, Monday came,” he remembered. “And [the La Lumiere coaches] told us to put our pads back on. . . . And we walked back out on the field and won the next

to succeed in the past half century in part because,

game. In every endeavor that I’ve ever been involved

insisting that creators of syndicated content should

in since, I’ve told whoever would listen to me, ‘Let’s put

have more rights than previously given, Rick offers

the pads back on and play.’ ” To “learn from losing,” he

them freedom in their contracts. He syndicates

continued, “has brought me a lot of incredible gifts.”

talent as diverse as John Stossel and Mark Shields, the comic strips B.C. and Heathcliff, and a broad range of

research on sex education. She has presented her work at Stanford, UCLA, and UC Berkeley and has been published in Problematics: Undergraduate Journal of Anthropology. Anna was known at La Lumiere for being a leader political cartoonists. Over the years he has represented

not only in the classroom but also on the athletic

Hunter S. Thompson, Bill O’Reilly, Hillary Clinton,

fields and in the dorms. Having grown up in places

Arianna Huffington and others. Before establishing

like Dubai, Estonia, Mexico, and Azerbaijan, she

Creators Syndicate in 1987, Rick was a reporter and

blends her love for learning with a concern for

editor at United Press International, vice president and

social change. These passions find broad expression

general manager of The Los Angeles Times Syndicate,

at Stanford, where Anna has served as Executive

and president of News American Syndicate. An

Director of the Alternative Spring Break Program

avid weight lifter and pipe smoker/collector, he has

and was elected president of the Black Student

published books on both subjects.

Union. She sings, acts, and dances, taking lead roles in The Color Purple and The Bluest Eye, among

Serving on the Board of Trustees from 2001 to 2013,

others. Anna founded and serves as Executive

Rick remembers his own “astounding” transformation

Director of Photography Competing to Raise

during La Lumiere’s early years: “The school played

Support, a non-profit organization that raises

such a pivotal role in my development, just when I

money for women’s health clinics through fashion photography.



La Lumiere Magazine 2014

Those gifts are evident in Bill’s work as a managing director of the successful Chicago law firm Stack & O’Connor Chartered. He counsels on corporate, commercial and international transactions; on licensing and gaming regulatory matters; on education law and accreditation; and on other complex regulatory and governmental matters. He served as a State Representative in the Illinois General Assembly from 1998 to 2003. Previously he was Outside Counsel for the Illinois Gaming Board, Vice Chair of the Illinois Judicial Inquiry Board, and Counsel to the Governor of Illinois. Bill earned an AB in 1972 from Colgate University and a JD in 1977 from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago-Kent College of Law.

Michael Paul ’69 After studying psychology at Dartmouth, Michael Paul received a Master of Science in Civil Engineering and a Master of Architecture from MIT. Currently he

Soo Bin (Shaylee) Oh ’10

is the principal structural engineer for Philadelphiabased Built Form LLC, providing structural

A recent graduate of the prestigious School at the Art

engineering for buildings of all types with special

Institute of Chicago, Soo Bin Oh left her mark on

expertise in historic structures.

La Lumiere—quite literally. Her eleven- by six-foot legacy painting honoring the English Department

A long-time volunteer in community revitalization

hangs in the school stairwell. Shaylee is one of the

projects, Michael has served on the board of

most award winning student-artists ever to attend

directors of Philadelphia’s Community Design

La Lumiere, graduating magna cum laude, receiving

Collaborative, providing pro bono design services to

Alexis Pontius ’99 Alexis Pontius is Vice President of Lakeshore Foods Corporation, comprised of the five area Al’s Supermarkets as well as Barney’s in New Buffalo. She is a third-generation leader in the supermarket chain founded by her grandfather over 66 years ago. Trained to run the business and eventually take over for her father, former La Lumiere board member Gil Pontius, Alexis holds a BS in communications and marketing from Saint Mary’s College and an MBA from the

the 2010 Alumni Memorial Award given to the

Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre

graduating senior who best embodies the La Lumiere


ideal, and earning recognition in nearly every art show she entered, most notably Honorable Mention

Born to a family of leaders, her experience at

in a national competition sponsored by Utrecht and

La Lumiere reinforced their lessons. “La Lumiere

Savannah College of Art & Design.

nonprofit organizations. He is the course coordinator and former instructor of the University of Delaware’s capstone course in civil and environmental engineering. In 2010 this senior design class received the engineering award grand prize from the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying Accomplished at painting, sculpting, illustrating—any


medium she put her hands to—Shaylee was also known at La Lumiere for her remarkable generosity

Michael served on the La Lumiere board for 12

of spirit and thoughtfulness. Currently in South Korea

years and is an emeritus trustee. He gave the 2010

teaching art classes for children, Shaylee continues to

commencement address, and said: “Though I practice

be an innovator in her own drawings and paintings.

in a profession that talks about projects, projects,

She recently won a first place award from Eye Level

projects, I tell you that people are what will count in

for a children’s book illustration.

your careers and your lives. . . . Trust is the foundation for good relationships with all of the many and varied people who will fill and who will help fulfill your life.”

teaches you about leadership,” says Alexis. “Core skills I learned at La Lumiere were work ethic, discipline, persistence, and passion for learning.” Something else she inherited from her father and grandfather, and found bolstered by La Lumiere, is dedication to community service. Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of the United Way of La Porte County, Alexis co-chaired its highly successful 2009 and 2010 fundraising campaigns. Under the direction of Alexis and her father, Al’s Supermarkets supplies much of the bread for local food pantries, leads Salvation Army food drives, and supports many other local philanthropic efforts.

La Lumiere 50th Anniversary Issue



John G. Roberts, Jr. ’73 Ever since his confirmation in 2005 as Chief Justice of the United States, the La Lumiere community has been intensely proud of John Roberts. Last May, we got him back. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of his own graduation and the 50th anniversary of the school, he not only delivered the commencement address but also met each faculty member, shook hands with the graduates, and posed for pictures and chatted with a number of their families. In his genuine enjoyment of the day, he enacted Michael Kennedy’s introduction of the Chief Justice as a man who “stands out, but not apart.”

in 2003, he was first nominated in 2005 by President

Dame and a master’s degree from Harvard. He has

George W. Bush to be an Associate Justice of the

written a nationally syndicated column for Creators

Supreme Court, replacing the retiring Associate Justice

Syndicate, founded by La Lumiere alumnus Rick

Sandra Day O’Connor, and then re-nominated to


succeed Chief Justice Rehnquist following his death. Tom says that his years at La Lumiere School While a litany of his accomplishments registers only

transformed him from a troublemaking, wisecracking

success, John Roberts counseled the graduating class

“emergency refugee from a giant high school in

of 2013 that what awaits them and every distinguished

suburban Chicago” into a student eager to do well.

life is a series of disappointments and failures. It’s

He told La Lumiere graduates in 1999: “Every

their persistence—the only characteristic they can

La Lumiere teacher of mine was insulted if I ever

truly control—that will lead them to overall success.

handed in less than my best. And they took my idea

Persistence. That was the lesson of his years at

of my best, and made it better.”

La Lumiere, his debt to the founders of the school. That was the “best education” that set him on the road

In his 2012 commencement talk, Tom said: “My

to the “best job.”

teachers wanted more than good grades. They wanted good character.” Character, Tom learned at La Lumiere, means treating everyone with respect

Thomas Rosshirt ’77 Tom Rosshirt served in the Clinton White House as Special Assistant to the President and a Foreign Policy Speechwriter. He also was the Foreign Policy Spokesman for Vice President Al Gore and before that

and never separating yourself from people you think are different. This, he believes, is the secret to La Lumiere’s extraordinary community. He told the graduates: “Here at La Lumiere, my teachers and coaches and classmates knew me well—and liked me anyway. And I liked them back. It wasn’t one or two friends. It was a network of deep friendships built on affection and respect. That is what it means to have a community, and once you taste it, you don’t ever forget it.”

As an 8th grader, he wrote in his application essay, “La Lumiere School will force me to work as hard as I can. I won’t be content to get a good job by getting a good education. I want to get the best job by getting the best education.” A superstar in the classroom at La Lumiere, he went on to study history at Harvard University, completing his degree in three years and graduating summa cum laude. After earning a JD from Harvard

served as an aide to a Member of Congress, a Governor,

Law School, he served as a law clerk for then-

and a State House Speaker.

Associate Justice William Rehnquist on the Supreme Court of the United States. During his career as a

In 2001, Tom co-founded West Wing Writers, a

lawyer, he served in the Reagan administration as

Washington-based writing and strategic communications

Special Assistant to the Attorney General of the

firm. Tom has specialized in writing, message

United States, and as Principal Deputy Solicitor

development and strategy for some of the world’s best

General in the George H.W. Bush administration,

known names in business, politics, philanthropy and

and he practiced law at the DC-based firm Hogan

entertainment. Tom has a bachelor’s degree from Notre

& Hartson. Appointed a judge of the United States Circuit Court for the District of Columbia Circuit



La Lumiere Magazine 2014

Victor Smith ’86 John C. Rumely ’69 A member of the second class to graduate from La Lumiere, John Rumely earned a BS in Economics at Boston College and a master’s degree in City and Regional Planning from Harvard’s Kennedy School. He has spent much of his professional career in the municipal finance industry, including work for large banks, bond issuing authorities, and trade publications. Currently he is Senior Manager for Business Development for Nixon Peabody LLP, a large law firm active in public finance. A La Lumiere Trustee since 2004, John also has served on the boards of the Legal Marketing Association and of the Cathedral School of St. John the Divine in New York.

Jenifer Shreve Balawender ’00

La Lumiere Trustee Victor Smith is Secretary of

A family physician in Lansing, Michigan, Jenifer Shreve

Commerce for the State of Indiana. In this role, Victor

Balawender earned her DO from the College of

is a member of Governor Mike Pence’s cabinet and

Osteopathic Medicine at Michigan State University

leads the state’s domestic and international economic

in 2009. She was the only student to receive three

development agenda.

awards at graduation: one recognizing a woman graduate outstanding academically, professionally,

After La Lumiere, Victor earned a degree from

and personally; one acknowledging dedication to

Colgate University before moving to Washington,

community service, commitment to primary care

DC, working in the White House for two years and

disciplines, and service to medically underserved areas;

earning a law degree from the Catholic University

and one rewarding exceptional achievement in the

of America. After law school, he accepted an

field of osteopathic manipulative medicine.

offer from a Silicon Valley manufacturing company specializing in semiconductor capital equipment. He

Jeni chose osteopathic medicine because it

lived in California for 17 years, working for the same

“emphasizes the interconnection between the body’s

company in many leadership positions, including President and CEO, before ultimately acquiring

He is highly regarded for his ability to convene people,

the company as it grew from one location to eight

draw them in, and make connections. His sister Frances

locations in the US, Europe and Asia.

Rumely Jones underscores his finely-tuned talent for listening to others: “John has never met a stranger.”

systems and recognizes the importance of a quality patient-doctor relationship.” Interconnection is a word that characterizes Jeni’s commitment to her family, her community, and her own well-roundedness as a

John’s connection with La Lumiere has been life-long, literally. As a child he and his siblings attended gatherings at the Lalumier estate before the school was founded, and today John spearheads the Rumely runion, a quadrennial summer gathering at La Lumiere of 100+ relatives affectionally referred to as “family camp.” When he addressed the graduates of 2006 at their commencement, John Rumely closed with a paradoxical challenge that reveals his own life’s groundwork: “If you care to think about it, and if you’re smart, you’re going to realize that your future is behind you. It’s your La Lumiere training.” In fact, one friend says that “being a graduate of La Lumiere is more significant for John than his Harvard Degree.” His heart is in La Porte and with

doctor, a mother, a cook and a hiking enthusiast. At

A native of Muncie and always a Hoosier, Victor

La Lumiere, Jeni was outstanding in drama, in Science

returned to Indiana with his wife, Kathleen, and

Olympiad, in track and basketball, even in boys’ soccer.

their three children at the invitation of Governor

She has been called a Renaissance woman. She and

Mike Pence to serve in his current role as Indiana

her husband Mark ’99 have two children.

Secretary of Commerce. Believing Victor’s knowledge and experience running Asian, European, and US businesses is critical for leading Indiana’s job-creation efforts and accelerating its reputation as a premier state for business, Governor Pence appointed him “because he’s a native Hoosier, he’s successfully grown and managed national and international businesses, and he has a desire to come home to Indiana.” Governor Pence continues, “I just think he is uniquely qualified to tell Indiana’s story across the country and across the world.”

La Lumiere, and he returns as often as he can.

La Lumiere 50th Anniversary Issue



the fullest and never wasting a moment on drama or anything that would otherwise cloud his mind and soul.” Those who knew him at La Lumiere understand Victor’s unique qualifications. While at La Lumiere, he was recognized as a fierce competitor, wrestling and playing football, but also as a loyal and compassionate person. That balance of compassion, consideration and a competitive spirit serves him well as Secretary of Commerce, as does his loyalty to the Hoosier state.

Christopher Trausch ’96 Holding a degree from Purdue University in Computer Graphics Technology, Chris Trausch has successfully launched three businesses since his days at La Lumiere. As founder and owner of LunaseaMedia Productions,

Jenny Tristano ’01 After four years of competing at Science Olympiad

Dan Walsh ’95

and studying biology with Bryan Smith and physics

Dan Walsh is the Vice President and Business

with Ken Andert, Jenny Tristano considered science

Group Leader for the Heavy Civil Group of Walsh

in college “a breeze.” That included independent

Construction, his family’s Chicago-based company which,

undergraduate research at the University of Chicago,

based on revenue, is the 14th largest construction

where she spent the first two years after graduation

company in the nation. But Dan measures success

from La Lumiere. She took a leave from the

according to a different standard: “There’s really nothing

university to live in Cuernavaca, Mexico, developing

to a construction company except people,” he says.

fluency in Spanish. Returning to the United States, she transferred to the University of Notre Dame,

A four-generation family-run corporation, the success of Walsh Construction depends on applying the culture

a web design and development company, Chris works

of family to business. For Dan, a sense of community

with all sorts of clients, from small start-ups to Fortune

and connectedness is the most important asset, one

where she discovered she was remembered from her summer research at QuarkNet during her time 500 companies, in developing custom online marketing solutions. In 2009, along with his wife Lindsey, Chris incorporated Iron Aces Speed Shop, a manufacturer and online retailer specializing in aftermarket parts and accessories for Harley-Davidson touring motorcycles. In addition, Chris established a partnership with Charles Maier, a company that specializes in handmade Italian carbon fiber luxury goods. Chris’ passions for graphic arts, technology, and motorsports fuel his entrepreneurial spirit, and his tireless work and dedication drive his success. La Lumiere classmate Nicholas Wawok ’96 credits Chris’ accomplishments to “his devotion to living life to

at La Lumiere. Jenny completed UND’s pre-med program summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa in 2005. Graduating from the Feinberg School of

that he learned not only from his family but also from

Medicine at Northwestern University in 2009, she

the students and faculty of La Lumiere. He points to

began a dual residency at the University of Illinois

the opportunities he found as a student for

Medical Center at Chicago in emergency medicine

selfresponsibility, accountability, and community as key

and internal medicine. She is now Chief Resident,

factors in preparing him for his own life’s work and

scheduled to take her boards in 2014 in both

personal character.

specialties. In July, she will assume a position with Emergency Physicians Medical Group, on staff at St.

A member of the Board of Trustees at La Lumiere

Anthony’s Hospital in Michigan City. She is slated to

since 2011, Dan has lent his particular expertise in the

retain an academic faculty position at the University

construction field to the board’s Facilities Committee for

of Illinois.

a number of years.

Deeming the concerned attention she received at La Lumiere as instrumental to her growth, Jenny considers returning to the area as a way to give back to the community that has been so good to her.



La Lumiere Magazine 2014

David Webster ’84 A graduate of Dickinson College, Dave Webster inaugurated the lacrosse program at Marymount University, coached the Franklin & Marshall College Diplomats to the 2001 postseason ECAC playoff game, then returned to Dickinson College in 2001 to assume the head coach position for the men’s lacrosse team and to serve as Assistant Athletic Director.

Kate Zrenner Myers ’83 Many La Lumiere alumni distinguish themselves in

Named Centennial Conference Coach of the Year

visible ways. They are doctors, lawyers, educators,

multiple times, Dave is the Red Devils’ all-time win

writers, performers, entrepreneurs, public servants.

leader, recording his 100th career win in his fifth season

They may not seek attention, but they are noticed. Some alumni, though, inspire more individually. Kate Zrenner Myers musters a degree of courage in her daily life that not only makes all the difference to her son Joe, who has autism, but also provides for those who know her a personal model of “the honesty, persistence and character that we see in so many of our La Lu alums,” as her classmate and La Lumiere trustee Connie Devers Falcone points out.

at Dickinson. He serves the game at a national level as a longtime member of the NCAA Lacrosse Rules Committee. As the son of Richard Webster, La Lumiere’s Headmaster from 1979 to 1984, Dave was steeped in character, scholarship and faith from an early age, and these ideals are now clear benchmarks of his work in Dickinson’s flourishing lacrosse program. Dave’s players have been honored for outstanding community service

Kate’s blog, Autism, Chicago & Me, chronicles her

by both the American Red Cross and the National

life as a widowed mother of “my Joe,” her beloved

Association of Athletic Administrators. Dave has made

5th grader. His days are a rollercoaster of seemingly

service excursions a Red Devil preseason tradition,

insurmountable challenges and precious successes,

including trips to West Virginia to build homes with

of sometimes violent outbursts and sweet moments

Habitat for Humanity and to New Orleans to help

of connection. Kate tells their story of love, anger,

clean up after Hurricane Katrina. He is married to

humor, exhaustion, and heroic determination with

Megan and the proud father of Grace, Luke, and Lily.

a raw truth that eloquently advocates for all people with autism and sets a standard of brave devotion for all parents.

La Lumiere Magazine 2010






Annual Golf Outing & Alumni Reunion September 2013

Beyond Campus Beyond Campus Class Notes La Lumiere School Parents Weekend October 2013

In celebration of the School’s 50th Anniversary, the School’s most illustrious alumnus, Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., Class of 1973, delivered an inspirational keynote address to over 1,000 parents, students, alumni and guests. Sixty-two graduates walked across the stage on May 24, 2013 at La Lumiere’s 46th Commencement Exercises, representing the largest graduating class in the School’s history. In his remarks to the graduates, Chief Justice John Roberts wisely counseled that disappointment awaits them, but that, “How you respond will determine what kind of life you lead. You will succeed if you resolutely determine not to fail.”



Senior Award for Stellar Academic Performance........................................................................................................................ Lucas Michael Tang James R. Moore Scholar Athlete Award..................................................................................................................... Margaret Sutherland Costello Alan R. Hannan Unsung Hero Award................................................................................ Cheryl Agowah Cobbold and Pascal Andrés Arteaga Trustees Award for Leadership Based on Character.......................................................................................................Kathryn Elizabeth Knight Headmaster’s Award for Growth and Distinction............................................................Madison Anne Newbanks and Dustin Michael Price Copy Here The One of Us Award...................................................................................................................................................................Keith William Miller II Senior Award for Service to Younger Students.......................................................................................... Liu Jiayuan and Keith William Miller II The Alumni Memorial Award........................................................................................................................................................... Alexa Nicole Hicks

“We carry with us the knowledge that we can maintain strong character and remain true to ourselves and our beliefs no matter how daunting a task or decision may appear, and that our actions can speak louder than our words as we strive to accomplish great goals in life. We carry with us the knowledge that we must be lifelong learners. The foundation we have developed here is something that cannot be taken away, only built upon.”

Kathryn Elizabeth Knight, Head Prefect

Alexa Nicole Hicks, Alumni Memorial Award – The highest award La Lumiere confers on a graduating senior, it is given each year in recognition of the graduate who best portrays the La Lumiere ideal. This award is given as a tribute to deceased alumni and students whose character, scholarship and faith are respectfully acknowledged and fondly remembered. La Lumiere 50th Anniversary Issue



May 2013


| La Lumiere Magazine 2014

Class Notes

Kayla (Martin) and Anthony Flores with Eric and Danielle Martin

Jay Nawrocki and daughters Julia and Cristina

Teresa Brooks with Senator Nancy Pelosi

Elliot Daniel Tincher

Tom and Sarah Sullivan at Stonehenge

Jeffrey Tincher and Christina Tincher welcomed a baby boy to their family. Elliot Daniel Tincher was born on September 7,


2014 in Chicago.

Just in case you thought we were making it


Brittany Scholl announced the birth of her

Rory Quirk and his wife Lumiao were

son, Elias Lee Black, born February 5, 2014.

married on La Lumiere’s campus in June 2013.



Teresa Brooks, who will graduate from Butler

Caitlyn Bolton earned her Masters in

University in May 2014, was selected among

Environmental Management and Sustainability

six finalists across the country to serve as an

from Harvard University and now serves

intern for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

as Executive Director of the Pet Industry

from September to December 2013.

up in the Fifty@50 article, here is a picture of Jay Nawrocki with his two daughters, Julia and Cristina, standing behind his DB4 Series 5 Vantage GT Aston Martin.

1986 Victor Smith was appointed Secretary of Commerce for the State of Indiana in January 2013.

1997 Tom Sullivan and his wife Sarah are still

Sustainability Coalition in partnership with National Capitalism Solution in Boulder, Colorado.

enjoying life in Europe. Tom is working for C.H. Robinson in Warsaw Poland and the

Kayla (Martin) Flores

couple is looking forward to the birth of their

married Anthony Flores in Los Angeles in

son this spring.

September 2013.

1998 Amélie Olivia Weigel was born August 30, 2013 to Brent E. Weigel and Chantel Lockridge Weigel in San Mateo, California.

1999 Mark Balawender and Jenifer (Shreve) Balawender ’00 welcomed Brian James, born February 25, 2014.

Alexander Kellenberg

Alexander Kellenberg completed a 2,100 mile thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail this summer. The photo shows Alex at the summit of Mt. Katahdin, in Baxter State Park, in Maine the final day of his hike in August 2013. Anna Nti Asare was among ten Stanford University undergraduates honored


with 2013 Deans’ Awards for Academic

Natalee Allenbaugh lives in Washington, DC

Achievement in April 2013.

and attends George Washington University Law School. Since graduating from Beloit College in May 2013, Patrick Firme is currently teaching English in Indonesia through the prestigious Fulbright Scholar Program.

2012 Stephanie Alvarez has been named a McNair Scholar. Stephanie will be participating in the McNair graduate school preparation program at Ripon College.

La Lumiere 50th Anniversary Issue



In Memoriam James Henneberger ’85, Evansville, IN – November 17, 2012 Betty Ringo, Michigan City, IN – May 13, 2012 Mother of Peter ’83

Class Reunions The Class of 1973 gathered on campus as their classmate, Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. delivered the Commencement address in May 2013.

Judith Santana, Brown County, IN – November 8, 2012 Mother of David ’88


Paul Brietzke, Ogden Dunes, IN – January 2, 2013 Father of Colin ’94 Phyllis Waters, Michigan City, IN – January 20, 2013 Mother of Brian ’68 Edward Hussey, Goshen, IN – February 7, 2013 Father of Daniel ’76 and John ’79 Cliff Stockamp, Indianapolis, IN – April 9, 2013 Father of Brant ’09 Sridhar Mothkur, Chesterton, IN – April 30, 2013 Father of Swathi ’92 and Preeti ’93

Steve Rentschler, Brad Johnston, Mike Shannon, Rick Everist, Bob MacLaverty, Chris Filipic, Chief Justice John Roberts and Doug Newcombe.

James Kennedy, Michigan City, IN – July 11, 2013 Father of Jim ’79, Kathleen ’83, Michael ’86, David ’88, Sarah ’89 and Patrick (Faculty)

The Class of 1983 gathered from far and wide at the September 2013 Annual Golf Outing. winning the Alumni Award for the greatest number of reunion attendees.


William Hartnett, Northbrook, IL – July 15, 2013 Father of Christopher ’71, Daniel ’75 and Patrick ’78 Rodney Mannion, Long Beach, IN – September 23, 2013 Father of Richard ’75 and Rodney ’78 Rev. Lawrence Heeg, Chesterton, IN – October 6, 2013 Former Faculty Thomas Compall ’73, Chicago, IL – October 31, 2013 Michael MacLaverty, Vernon Hills, IL – November 29, 2013 Father of Robert ’73 Michael Andert, South Bend, IN – November 30, 2013 Father of Ken (Faculty)

Tim Grote, Sarah McAdams, Peter Krop, Norah Globensky-Blum, Kathy Breitowich, Joe Gaffigan, Connie Falcone, Kathleen Kennedy, Mo Vear, Mark Connolly, Katie Kleihege and Hugo de la Uz. Members of the Class of 1988 celebrated their 25th Reunion at the Golf Outing.

Barbara McNabola, Wilmette, IL – January 8, 2014 Mother of Thomas ’76, Mark ’77 and Edward ’85


Fred Hirt, La Porte, IN – February 12, 2014 Father of Indré ’14 Thomas Knoll ’70, Huntingburg, IN – February 15, 2014 Joseph Casey, Michigan City, IN – February 25, 2014 Father of Danielle Geiser ’95 Thomas Sperling, Long Beach, IN – March 3, 2014 Father of Andrew ’87 and Jeffrey ’87 Thomas Scott Farr ’93, Portland, OR – March 20, 2014



La Lumiere Magazine 2014

Back: Mike Mack, Matt Barnicle, Bridget Van Eekeren, David Kennedy. Front: Andy Vanderboegh, Katie Foley Fitch, and John Fitch.

the last word Questions & Answers with David Kirkby Founding Headmaster Jim Moore hired you as La Lumiere’s second teacher. How did he convince you to come? In 1958, I graduated from Canterbury School in Connecticut, where Mr. Moore had been a teacher, coach, and dormitory master, as well as Assistant Headmaster. I spent the 1963-1964 academic year at Cambridge in England in graduate school, and Mr. Moore found out where I was and what I was doing. We corresponded frequently by letter, and he eventually offered me what became my first full-time job. What convinced me was that he was who he was and I thought I could predict what a school of his would be like.

What surprised you the most when you got here? I’d taken a train from Grand Central Station in New York City to La Porte, and when I disembarked I looked for a taxi.That was what we did in NYC; we hailed a cab.The only cabs in this place turned out to be the front portions of semis. No cabs in La Porte—this was the first of many surprises in store for me.

Was there a moment when you knew this fledgling idea of a school would really work? Jim Moore always knew it would work. My founding teaching colleague Ron DeNardo and I sometimes felt it would work and sometimes felt we were nuts. I became convinced after the first three or four days of school when we had loaded unbearable amounts of homework on these poor two dozen boys, run them through long and hard football practices when half of them had a hard time not putting their helmets on backwards, and created dormitory rules that were nothing like what they had experienced at home, and NOBODY complained. The three of us knew then that this idea was going to succeed. The charter class of kids was going to make it happen.

A humorous moment from your early years on campus? I recall one early spring morning, perhaps around five am, when a sample of boys from the class of ‘77 decided to pull off a raid of some sort on the guys living in the main house. Of course I heard them leave the dorm. They claimed I never slept, and this time they were right. Their work accomplished, they came racing down the path and across the wooden bridge over the stream towards the dorm. Suddenly they came upon me, sitting peacefully on the hillside below Augustine House in a folding chair enjoying the dawn. I wished them a good morning, they looked down and slowed to a walk and quietly reentered the dorm. Nothing was ever said, but it sure was fun watching them looking at me every minute waiting for a reaction.

How would you define “School Man?” “School Man” is a term from the English boarding schools and then in the schools of that type in the New England area. Such a person loves to teach, knows his subject matter like the back of his hand, and is an expert at the profession. HOWEVER, the teaching part of his job is down the list in terms of his value to his institution. He can and does take on any responsibility given him, and then probably several more that just arise. The School Man is that person who best represents what the institution stands for.

How many roles did you hold at La Lumiere during your tenure? Assistant Headmaster, Director of Athletics, Director of Studies, Director of College Counseling, Director of Student Services, Director of Development, Student Council Advisor, Dorm Master in Augustine and Becket Houses, teacher of Math,Theology, Science, Latin, and French,Varsity Head Coach of Wrestling, Football, Soccer, Basketball, and Baseball, and operator of the school store.

In your opinion, what five ingredients are essential in preparing a young person for college?

Fifty years from now, what do you think will still be the same about La Lumiere?

These are in no particular order: Integrity as a person, confidence in the ability to succeed at any type of challenge, solid grasp of the academic material to which one has been exposed, the combination of maturity and excitement at moving to the next stage in life, and reliance on family and faith.

I hope the quality of the education received and the imprint of this place upon each graduate will be the same. I may be a bit long in the tooth by then, but fifty years from now I still plan to wear my “I Didn’t Come Here To Lose” t-shirt when I attend athletic competitions. Presorted First Class U.S. Postage PAID MICHIGAN CITY, IN PERMIT NO. 3

P.O. Box 5005 • LaPorte • Indiana 46352-5005

La Lumiere Magazine 2014