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In 2002 when we began to put together a strategic plan for La Lumiere’s future, we were told to dream and dream big. This new building will serve the students and teachers well for years to come. On behalf of all the science teachers, I express our eternal gratitude to all the people who worked so hard to make this dream a reality.

Bryan Smith

Assistant Headmaster and Science Faculty

We thank our donors for joining in this bold refounding of La Lumiere School and attesting to the value of a La Lumiere education for countless others who are yet to learn, grow and thrive here. Their strength of vision, like that of our founders, has lighted the way for others — now, and well into the future.

$500,000 and Above Anonymous Mrs. William P. Linnen

$200,000 - $499,999 Anonymous (2) Gretchen Sandin Jordan ’79 Anne and Joe Linnen ’84 Sandin Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. R. Keith Sandin ’77

$100,000 - $199,999

$50,000 - $99,999

$10,000 - $24,999

Mr. and Mrs. Shaw R. Friedman Mr. Michael Ganz ’83 Janice, Jeffrey, Josh ’08 and Justin ’11 Katz Kathleen Mack ’81 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miller Mr. and Mrs. John Rose John ’69 and Christine Rumely Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Siedlecki Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tristano Matthew ’86 and Margaret Tym Rev. Wayne Francis Watts Mr. and Mrs. Paul Whiting ’87 Mr. C. Joseph Yast ’70 and Ms. Helen Krowicky David and Bridget VanEekeren ’88

Mr. and Mrs. Carter Bearinger Jack† and Gail Daly Marcia Gaffigan Memorial Fund Mrs. Margaret F. Hiler Joan and John Hillenbrand Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hillenbrand ’84 William J. McKenna ’78 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Purcell

$25,000 - $49,999

Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Buck ’86 Mr. and Mrs. John G. Caplice ’81 Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Costello ’81 Dr. and Mrs. Charles Falcone ’83 Mr. and Mrs. Steven Ganster ’71 Jack ’71 and Catherine Hiler Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hurley ’77 Mr. and Mrs. William Igoe ’74 James and Jane Mack McDonald’s Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Mark McNabola Mr. and Mrs. John J. Schornack Mr. and Mrs. Victor P. Smith ’86 Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Streeter The Vanderboegh Family – Andrew ’88, Sally ’89 and Ida ’14

$1,000 - $2,499

Anonymous (2) Dr. and Mrs. Jamil Ahmed Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Coleman Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Daly III Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Dowling Mr. and Mrs. Michael Grote ’85 Mr. and Mrs. Walter Grote Mrs. Gretchen R. Hannan Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Hicks Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hoenk Mr. and Mrs. Paul Huebener Mr. and Mrs. Danny Ivanovich Patrick Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Michael Larkin ’86 La Lumiere Student Council 2009-10 Mr. Guy Lenardo ’76 Dr. Marjorie Miller Kihn

Anonymous (3) Mr. and Mrs. Don Berchem Mr. David Clough and Ms. Diane Powell Lawrence† and Ellen Frankle Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Gumz Mr. and Mrs. Craig E. Hiler ’89 Terry and Frances Jones Mr. and Mrs. James Kaminski Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kennedy ’86 La Lumiere School Parents Association The Daniel Luck Family Marquette Financial Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McComas Dr. and Mrs. Maurice Ndukwu Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Rampage Mr. David Rentschler ’77 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Sullivan ’83 Mr. Martin Whalen and Ms. Kathleen Kennedy ’83

$5,000 - $9,999

Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Craig ’79 Mr. Robert C. Cronin ’70 Knickerbocker Roofing Tripp ’86 and Christian Devers

Mr. Vincent Marino ’77 Mr. and Mrs. R. Joseph Nelmar Northwestern Mutual Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Paul ’69 Trish and Tim Preheim Kevin Spingler Theresa Spingler Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Tracy Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Webster Dr. and Mrs. Herb J. Yekel

$250 - $999

Mr. James Bachner Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Crane Evanston Capital Management Drs. Donald and Maureen Fehrs Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Grimm

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Bransfield Mr. and Mrs. William Devers Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Gaffigan ’83 Mr. and Mrs. John Jordan II The Leyden Family – Mark ’77 and Paul ’78 Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Newcombe ’69 Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Smith ’77

$2,500 - $4,999

Paul and Sue Bridgman Cynthia and John R. Dumelle Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Gaffigan ’81 Amy and Tim Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. John J. Schirger ’84 Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Whitlow ’85 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Yemc

Mr. and Mrs. Harry McCabe ’86 Victoria McHugh – Carroll Family Tim and Jackie Ohlund Mr. Chester J. Wleklinski

Up to $249

Mr. Charles Adam ’85 Amgen Foundation Mr. and Mrs. David Armstrong Bank of America Mr. and Mrs. William Caulfield Mr. and Mrs. James Crouch Mr. and Mrs. Drew Danik Tom Dieck and Katharine Nathan Chiara and Paul Duggan ’77 Mr. Patrick Hickey John ’74 and Amy Hillenbrand Ms. Sherri D. Jablonski

Ms. Betsy Kabelin Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Keay Mr. Kenneth Kinney† Mr. and Mrs. John J. Kryston Ms. Margaret Lingle Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. McNamara Mr. and Mrs. James J. Murphy ’85 Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. Pagels Mr. and Mrs. Roy Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Siedlecki Mr. John Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. David E. Tincher Mr. Jeff Tincher ’99 Karen and John Vanderwagen Mr. and Mrs. John Wilkinson Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Williams Mr. and Mrs. John R. Yast ’75

This campaign report includes information from donations and multi-year pledges made to the Courageous Vision campaign. It includes contributions made between July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2011. La Lumiere School is grateful for all gifts made to the school and has done everything possible to ensure the accuracy of the information listed in this report. If you discover an error, please contact the School at 219.326.7450.

† deceased

As you walk onto La Lumiere’s campus today, you will be surprised to see just how much has changed in the last few years – transformations made possible through donations to the Courageous Vision capital campaign. In the five years since the capital campaign was launched, alumni and friends have donated more than


$5 million. This generosity and belief in the future of La Lumiere has made a lasting and dramatic impact on the campus and our community. The importance of these gifts can be seen in the faces of our students and faculty as they inhabit and learn in the new buildings and renovated spaces. In 2005, as the School celebrated the graduation of our 1,000th student, we stood at a moment equal in


consequence to the founding of La Lumiere. The Steering Committee worked to address the School’s most pressing needs, but also looked ahead to anticipate the demands of tomorrow. The School’s immediate priorities included expanding our academic facilities and addressing deferred maintenance needs across the campus. Beyond these goals, we envisioned a day when our student life, residential and athletic facilities would reflect the excellence cultivated at La Lumiere—and stand as a benchmark for comparable secondary schools in the region. With the culmination of the Courageous Vision capital campaign in 2010, we gratefully thank those who committed the funds necessary to build our Science Center, fulfilling the resources necessary for our first academic Area of Excellence.

Academics & Residential Life | SUMMER 2007 Classroom renovations, infrastructure investments and dorm improvements began in earnest in summer 2007. Four classrooms were added, life-safety issues across campus were addressed along with pedestrian walkways, and an academic office suite was completed. Dugouts were added to the baseball diamond and a new softball field was constructed behind Linnen Dorm.

Moore House & Kitchen | SUMMER 2008 A major kitchen addition and renovations to the dining hall were completed in Moore House during summer 2008. Renovations resulted in increased capacity for food service and dining, as well as the addition of a conference room, instructional space, and renovated office spaces.


Faculty Village & residential life | SUMMER 2007 Construction of four new faculty townhomes was completed in summer 2007, adding much-needed quality residences for our greatest asset – our faculty. The townhomes rounded out the faculty village facing the lake dormitories. Renovations were made to Decio House and existing faculty housing across campus.

Main office & Athletics | SUMMER 2010 In the summer of 2010, the Main Office underwent the first renovation in over 30 years with the addition of dedicated Admissions Office space. A new wood floor was installed in Marsch Gymnasium along with improved facilities for training and athletics.


All of these facilities are built, fully-furnished, fully-funded and in use today.

Science Center | SUMMER 2009 A 7,200 sq ft Science Center with two state-of-the-art biology and physics labs and science department office was constructed which completed the vision for our science facilities. As the first academic Area of Excellence, our science program has benefited greatly from expanded space, improved technology and the latest lab equipment.

Head of School’S House | FALL 2011

Honorary Chairs: Frederick M. Bransfield Mary Lou Linnen Andrew McKenna, Sr. Richard Sandin General Chairs: Gretchen Sandin Jordan ’79 Michael H. Kennedy ’86 William McKenna ’78 Operating Chairs:

An anonymous gift was specified for the construction of a new Head of School's house on campus. The Head of School’s house will provide public gathering space on campus for students and our greater community. The design of the new campus home mirrors elements of the original Moore House and our campus vernacular.

Connie Devers Falcone ’83 Mark Leyden ’77 Joseph Linnen ’84 Steering Committee: Joseph Gaffigan ’83 Daniel Hillenbrand ’84


Michael H. Kennedy ’86

Looking Toward Tomorrow

Randolph Smith ’77

As we move into the School’s sixth decade, our strategic planning process, begun in fall 2010, has provided the necessary blueprint for continuing the work of the Courageous Vision campaign – on our way to being the “premier day and boarding school in the Midwest.”

Facilities Committee:

Through planning, surveys, town meetings and strong communications, we have generated a powerful roadmap that affirms the direction we as a School are headed, but more importantly, the spirit of healthy school-focused dialogue.

Michael J. Paul

In February 2011, the Board of Trustees of La Lumiere adopted the Strategic Plan with six areas of focus: Community; Faculty and Staff; Academic Program; Co-curricular Activities; Faith Identity and Financial Health and Alumni Relations. La Lumiere School’s trustees and faculty will ensure that the plan remains vital and relevant. In the last five years, La Lumiere has enjoyed a continuous wave of construction and renovation that has resulted in transformative improvements to our campus. In the next five years, La Lumiere will pursue the remaining priorities of building our Endowment and adding new programs and spaces designed to further enhance the School’s ability to care for and challenge our students.

Patrick R. Buck ’86 James Kaminski Michael H. Kennedy ’86 John Rumely ’69 Dan Walsh, Jr. ’95 Colleen Kennedy, Director of Advancement Jay Miller, Director of Facilities Cindy Pagels, Director of Finance

Courageous Vision campaign report  

La Lumiere School's report of the Courageous Vision capital campaign 2006-20112.

Courageous Vision campaign report  

La Lumiere School's report of the Courageous Vision capital campaign 2006-20112.