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Family Giving Message from the LEAVE A LEGACY™ South Saskatchewan Chair When I was very young, I have a very vivid memory of my Mom, my older sister, and I riding in our minivan home from grocery shopping. The van was full of Superstore bags of milk, bread, lunch meat, and all the essentials. We were fortunate – we could buy bread when we were out, or run to the store for cheese on Sunday morning. So when my mom stopped the van on the side of the street and got out, I didn’t think anything of it. She came around and slid open the van door – filling a bag with half a loaf of bread, fruits, cold cuts, and chocolate milk. “What are you doing Mom?!”, I remember asking her. She looked at me and explained that there was a man on the street that didn’t have anything to eat and that we were lucky and had plenty to share. She took the full bag to a man sitting on the curb and got back in the van. As we drove

home, I remember feeling more fulfilled then I would have if I had eaten all those groceries myself. That feeling stuck with me – and carried me to working in the nonprofit field and starting a philanthropic discussion with my own family. My parents never spoke directly to me about giving money to charity – but their actions taught me to give what I can to others, whether it be money, time, or possessions. Now, with a family of my own, I want to instill these values in my own children. I have committed to bring philanthropic discussion into our household, including family discussions on charitable giving and decisions on what issues we will be supporting. Whether you are passing your charitable giving beliefs on through discussions, actions, or values – having a philosophy on family giving is so important to in-

spire our next generation and make a more meaningful giving experience for everyone now. There are examples of this all around us – big and small. What example will you make? I hope you find this publication inspiring, and maybe a topic at the supper table tonight. Kaleta Strain, Leave a Legacy™ Chair, Canadian Association of Gift Planners. Fund Development Manager, Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan

Over the next 20 years up to $1.5 trillion is expected to change hands – the largest wealth transfer ever in Canada. Recipients of those assets will be heirs, non-profit and charitable organizations and governments (through taxes).

universality • independence • neutrality • voluntary service • impartiality

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INSPIRE A HUMANITARIAN LEGACY OF RESPECT, DIGNITY AND CARING FOR ONE ANOTHER include the Canadian Red Cross as a beneficiary in your will.

| 306-692-9779 | ROBBIE.GAMBLE@REDCROSS.CA |


independence • neutrality • voluntary service • humanity


• voluntary service • humanity • impartiality • universality • independence •

• unity • universality • independence • neutrality • unity

Family Giving Growing Your Family Legacy Today, families come in many shapes and sizes. I’ve met families with nearly 100 grandchildren and families that are made up of a single person and his or her friends and pets. Families are created through birth and marriage. But, we also create “family circles” through leisure and social activities, volunteering and through our charitable giving. How can charitable giving create “family” with individuals we may never have met in person? It happens in so many ordinary things we do here in Saskatchewan. When we shop for groceries for our families and we pick up a few extra items for the food drive. When we’re shopping for our kids or grandkids and we pick up an extra set of pj’s for the women’s shelter, those children become our children too. We have lunch with our families but when we also spend a day

a month serving lunch as a volunteer in a centre for those in need, the guests become our brothers and sisters too. When we think about the legacy that we will leave for our families, we look for ways of passing on both our values and our wealth to our loved ones. Leave a Legacy is a movement that encourages ordinary people like you and me to remember charities when we plan our estates in the same way that we’ve remembered those who are served by charities in our everyday lives. A great way to do that is to include bequests in your will for charities. This portion of your planning can become like “adopting” an extra child, grandchild, friend to share what we have to give with – it’s just as easy as picking up those extra groceries for the food drive and just as much appreciated. I hope you’ll enjoy reading stories about

Christina Attard, CAGP South Saskatchewan Chair and Executive Director, South Saskatchewan Community Foundation (SSCF)


The South Saskatchewan Community Foundation is partnering with Leave a Legacy South Saskatchewan and the City of Regina to invite everyone in our community to give to their favourite charities. When you give, be sure to share your story on Social Media using #GivingTuesdayRegina or share a photo of yourself helping others using the hashtag #Unselfie

3934 Gordon Road 306-751-4756

ordinary families right here at home who have looked for creative and meaningful ways to help others through their giving.

The CAGP South Saskatchewan Roundtable is currently recruiting new committee members! Sit on a committee with other gift planning professionals and contribute to the further enhancement of Gift Planning in South Saskatchewan. All areas and levels of expertise are welcome. You must be a CAGP member.


For more information, please contact Kaleta Strain at or 306-949-0640.

Family Giving Hockey and Business Education Made a Great Combination for Rick Uhrich Rhys Renouf remembers his friend Rick Uhrich — U of R grad, hockey player and businessman — as a leader. “When he played hockey for the Pats and Cougars, he was a leader. When he was in business, he was a leader and established a successful company and mentored people.” So when Rick passed away on September 4, 2014, at the age of 60, Rhys says “I got an idea that a Memorial Award would be a good way to honour such a good friend, and a person who contributed in different ways.” The Rick Uhrich Memorial Award was established through donations made in his memory to assist University of Regina students who are members of the Pats or men’s or women’s Cougar hockey teams, who are pursuing an undergraduate degree in any faculty and demonstrate a financial need. Rick excelled in both hockey and business, and they were both important elements of his life. Rick played for the Regina Pats and they won the Memorial Cup in 1974. He then studied business at the University of Regina, and played hockey with the U of R Cou-

gars, helping them win the conference title in the spring of 1978. He graduated from the U of R with a Bachelor of Administration degree. After working as a computer programmer in Regina, he later moved to Toronto and founded ISA, a company he led for over 22 years to see it become one of largest IT Security providers in Canada. And his love of hockey remained with him, as he enjoyed coaching and playing recreational hockey. Through both hockey and business, Rick touched the lives of many people. “Rick was a friend of so many people, and education was very important to him,” Rhys says. The Rick Uhrich Memorial Award was established to honour Rick’s memory and pay tribute to his legacy. Leanne Posehn, Senior Development Advisor, External Relations, University of Regina


Plan for a Miracle A planned gift to Telemiracle, whether it’s made during your lifetime or after, is a tremendous way to make miracles happen for people right here in Saskatchewan. There are so many, young and old, who can’t afford the specialized medical care they need. Telemiracle provides funding for things like medical travel and specialized equipment— wheelchairs, scooters, lifts, handi-vans and much, much more. By planning your gift today, you can realize some importantly, you can make miracles happen tomorrow.

Carmichael Outreach Hands to help. Hearts to hope.

Carmichael Outreach has helped alleviate the ill effects of poverty in downtown Regina for over 20 years. As a small organization, your contribution can have a huge impact on the help we are able to offer.

1925 Osler Street, Regina 306-757-2235

2217C Hanselman Court Saskatoon SK S7L 6A8 phone 306.652.2161 LEAVE A LEGACY NOVEMBER 2015 IV

Family Giving Giving Starts The Receiving Process Debra Duncan and Craig Adam have called Regina home for about 20 years. They work hard, are grateful for good health and feel fortunate to live and work in one of Canada’s fastest growing cities. Family, friends and community are pivotal priorities in their lives. Both Debra and Craig describe community involvement as an honour and a privilege. They have volunteered and fundraised for several causes, including The Arthritis Society of Saskatchewan Joints in Motion, Autism Resource Centre, Habitat for Humanity and Children’s Miracle Network. The couple’s popular “MOvember Cocktail Party” fundraiser, in support of the Hospitals of Regina Foundation, has raised over $26,000 towards equipment for the Prostate Assessment Centre at the Pasqua Hospital. “Good healthcare is the backbone of our community,” says Craig. “Quality of life is so important.” Both Debra and Craig have

been touched by healthcare; Debra lost her little brother at age nine to illness and Craig has experienced the loss of a baby niece. “Kids are innocent and they need protecting,” adds Debra. For that reason they have each planned a gift in their wills to the Hospitals of Regina Foundation in support of pediatric care. “We did our homework,” says Debra. “We know a well thought-out estate plan is important. We want to make sure our money will make a difference and don’t want to leave it up to someone else to make those decisions.” Not only can the tax savings accomplished by a charitable gift in will actually increase the value of your estate, but, as both Debra and Craig agree, it’s the legacy of caring for friends, family and the community that really adds meaning to their decision. “It’s invigorating, that feeling you get

when you just know you’ve done something good that will make a difference,” remarks Debra. “We feel recharged every time we can do something to give back.” “You never know when your life will change, good health is not a guarantee,” Debra adds. By giving back to the community through a gift in their wills Craig feels they have gained so much, stating “giving starts the receiving process.” Jakki Crowe, Manager Annual & Planned Giving, Hospitals of Regina Foundation

Your YMCA Everyday to make a difference

Help the YMCA build for the future through a planned gift. Become a part of our YMCA Heritage Club.

YMCA of Regina Celebrating 125 Years 1890 - 2015 Realize. Creating a future legacy.


For more information call Randy Klassen at 306-757-9622 ext 214

Family Giving An Inspired Legacy When my uncle Irwin died at age 63 from a lengthy illness, complicated by multiple mini-strokes, our family wanted to ensure his legacy would benefit Canadians for generations to come. In conjunction with the Heart and Stroke Foundation, we established the Irwin Bernick Summer Medical Student Scholarship in his memory. While honouring his life in a meaningful way, we also wanted to remember him in a way that was associated with the illness he fought bravely. Irwin’s son Paul had received a scholarship from the Heart and Stroke Foundation

when he was in medical school. It had an enormous impact on Paul, giving him the opportunity to learn from an experienced heart disease and stroke researcher. Given Paul’s experience, a Heart and Stroke Foundation scholarship was the perfect legacy. There are many ways to leave an inspired legacy and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate a life than to include a gift to your favourite charity in your will. Howard Bernick. Submitted by Heart and Stroke Foundation, Saskatchewan

Your legacy. Their memories.


Celebrate your life by changing someone else’s.


Plan a gift in your will to the Hospitals of Regina Foundation.

1.888.766.7500 |

When you think about your life and your legacy, think about the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation. Planning today can make a difference for wildlife tomorrow, and for generations to come. To include the SWF in your planning, contact us at 306-692-8812 or visit

Did You Know? People from all walks of life can “make a difference in the lives that follow” through a charitable bequest. Charitable giving is not only for the wealthy!


Family Giving The Joy of Giving, Passing It On John and Debbie Gordon were long-time members of their local church, and had financially supported it and other social ministries. Over the years they had learned to give of their time, talents and treasures, and experienced real joy in serving others, seeing lives enhanced and people grow in health. Truly they came to believe that givers are truly blessed. So, with a thankful heart they came to a point in life when estate planning, especially gift planning, was becoming more important. As their assets had grown over the years, they began to realize that they could leave a sizeable gift to their children Ron and Barb as well as their favorite charities. To gather some gift planning ideas, they arranged a meeting with the Development Officer for their church’s Foundation. They wanted to provide for a stream of funds to be distributed over a long period of time. In addition, they hoped to have a say in where the funds might be distributed and to have their children involved. At the meeting the Development Officer, made the following suggestions: • Set up an endowment, a trust, in the Foundation indicating which charities should receive the annual income. The Gordons

suggested starting the fund with $50,000. • Each year, as the time comes to distribute the income from the endowment, the parents and the children would meet to confirm, or guide which charities were going to receive the financial support. By involving the children, John and Debbie helped to ensure that their children had an opportunity to learn how to give. Hopefully, passing the knowledge on to the next generation (their grandchildren) to carry on the Gordon’s legacy of giving. In addition, John and Debbie arranged for a substantial gift in their will to further increase the endowment. The parents encouraged their children to add to the endowment, making it a family endowment which could go on for generations. The seed had been planted, and a great example provided which will “water the seed.” As you go about “watering the seed” here are some steps that will help: • Involve the key people. Open up a discussion with parents and children. • Seek outside help from your financial adviser, your charity’s gift planner, your accountant and lawyer.

Help us make the world a better place for girls and women.

• Start with a gift now. The size does not matter, it’s important that you start. • Once started, walk together as a family on this path of giving. • Rejoice in hearing the stories of how your giving has changed people’s lives. Leaving a legacy gift is a special way of giving that will provide your family the privilege of helping the community for years to come. Brian Wonnick retired Gift Coordinator, Lutheran Foundation Canada

Know the joy of helping others find life in Christ! Please make a gift to your Catholic Church in your will. Even a seemingly small act of generosity can grow! —Ephesians 3:20

Be a friend and mentor now. Give a financial gift that will make a difference for years to come.

Talk To Us About Opportunities To Give and Volunteer Call 525-2141 ext. 145 1940 McIntyre Street, Regina, SK E: LEAVE A LEGACY NOVEMBER 2015 VII

Call or email us for your free Catholic Estate Organizer:


Family Giving Inspired Giving Born in 1922, Glenn Stokes grew up on a farm near Hardy, Saskatchewan. After three years in the army during the Second World War, Glenn took a business course in Regina and went on to teach in many communities in Saskatchewan including Moose Jaw area, Rosetown, Lajord, Weyburn and at a Hutterite Colony. Throughout his life, Glenn also worked as a custom agent and at the Weyburn hospital. However, Glenn’s greatest passion was education. Glenn was never married and did not have any children of his own, but a loving family he valued surrounded him. One of Glenn’s greatest experiences was a summer trip that took him around western Canada, the western USA and to Mexico in a school bus with 27 teachers. They traveled for 54 days pulling a large trailer. The women cooked the meals and slept in the bus while the men set up for the meals and slept in the trailer.

Over the years Glenn’s work in his community kept him busy. After teaching for 25 years, Glenn decided to go back to the family farm and help his parents. Family giving comes in several forms and for Glenn, his legacy would reflect how his family and community inspired him to give a gift in his will to the Canadian Cancer Society as well as 10 other charities. Glenn’s cousin Bonnie Camirand was not surprised that her uncle left a gift in his will to so many charities. “He was always one to give back to the community.” Bonnie mentions. She also told us how her husband Leo was diagnosed with cancer and while going through treatments, Glenn became aware of the importance of cancer research and the advancements that have been made. “Because Uncle Glenn was an educator; he understood the importance of research and how my husband became a beneficiary of that research.” Bonnie stated.

Inspiration comes in many ways, and like Glenn, your family and friends’ experience may inspire you to consider leaving a gift in your will. The Canadian Cancer Society appreciates Glenn’s generosity and his desire to help his community well into the future. Trina Owens, Planned Giving and Stewardship Manager, Canadian Cancer Society, Saskatchewan Division

Help the residents of our great province breathe a little easier with your compassionate legacy gift. Give the gift of life and breath to the future.

THE LUNG FOUNDATION OF SASKATCHEWAN Phone: 1 (866) 370-2004 Email:

They’ve always been there for you. Now you can be there for them.

WE ARE HERE FOR FAMILIES WITH EPILEPSY WE PROVIDE: Support group meetings Camp for children with epilepsy Education and awareness Scholarships Neurosurgery travel support

Regina: 306-359-0905 Swift Current: 306-773-1544 E-mail: To discuss how a gift in your will can help homeless animals in need contact: Karen Mercier, CFRE (306) 543-6363, ext. 236 LEAVE A LEGACY NOVEMBER 2015 VIII

Did You Know? There are 83,500 registered charitable organizations and 80,000 federal and provincial not-for-profit organizations.

Family Giving Giving to Create Joy in the Lives of Others My name is Janet Barber. I am a bornand-raised Saskatchewan resident. As such I have grown up in a culture of giving and the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation has been a part of my life in one way or another for a long time. I have watched with awe and respect the generous nature of my extended family and also family friends and business associates who have been involved with giving back to others in need right here in our neighborhoods and towns. The South Saskatchewan Community Foundation has been their chosen avenue for lasting gifts that benefit our communities. My own journey began when I became involved as a volunteer in a small community fund. In 2001 we realized that by combining our fund with the Community Foundation we would be able to produce a real contribution directed specifically to our community. This fund now gives a bursary to a

Lumsden High school grad who has shown significant volunteer involvement in the Regina Beach area. We also provide a grant to the South Shore Elementary Shore playground committee which supports a play area utilizes by many community groups. On a more personal note, in 2005 my immediate family suffered an immeasurable loss with the passing of my young son. When we tried to make sense of it all we decided that a lasting legacy with emphasis on a memorial project to benefit our community would best fit our wishes. We wanted to remember the joy that our son brought to our lives by bringing joy into the lives of other children. Forever. We chose the SSCF as they were able to create a permanent fund that will make annual grants to charities and charitable projects every year. In 2015 we were able to direct our giving toward completing the Regina Beach Pier


Restoration Project including a “Barber Pole” to memorialize our son Douglas. The pier is a huge addition to our community. It is enyoyed by “kids” young and old. Our family would hope that every person in our community might have the chance to experience what it means to use giving to create joy in the lives of others. Janet Barber, Submitted by South Saskatchewan Community Foundation


LEGACY By leaving a Legacy Gift to Saskatchewan Polytechnic, you will be making a very personal statement about the values you have embraced throughout your lifetime. Investing in higher education…Tomorrow in the Making. For more information on making a legacy gift, please contact Alison Matheson, CFRE, Senior Gifts Officer, 306-775-7717, or visit


Family Giving Getting Started If leaving a legacy is of interest to you, take the first step.


Think about to whom and why you’d like to leave a gift. Maybe you or someone you know has been helped by a particular charity. Maybe you’re an active volunteer or believer in the mission. You might

want to leave a gift in memory of a loved one or for a specific use.

do and what opportunities are available for giving.

If you need more help or you need to know more about a particular organization, do some investigating before leaving a gift. Call the charity of your choice. They can help you better understand what they

Contact your professional advisor for help. He or she can make sure that you are getting the maximum tax and legal advantages allowed for your gift.



We see the hope and potential in every young person

Let saving lives and creating hope BE YOUR LEGACY

By including the Heart and Stroke Foundation in your estate plan, you’ll support life-saving heart disease and stroke research — and give Canadians more time to laugh, love and live!

COMMUNITY PROGRAMS • ADVENTURE BASED LEARNING • YOUTH HOMES For information on making a gift in your will contact Byron Toth at 306.347.1900 or

To start planning your Legacy Gift, call Debbie Brown at 306-500-6024 or 1-888-473-4636 or visit

Your United Way Legacy Gift means . . . Giving people opportunities to move from a life of poverty to one of possibility; empowering families to live better lives; and giving children and youth the chance to achieve their full potential.

Please consider making a United Way legacy gift A gift to our community offering the possibililty of real and lasting change for generations to come.

December 1st is Giving Tuesday Give a legacy gift to CNIB and make a lasting difference in the lives of people who are blind or partially sighted. For more information: 306-525-2571 LEAVE A LEGACY NOVEMBER 2015 X

Family Giving Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Leaving a Gift Do I have to include my wish to leave a gift to a specific organization in my Will? To be certain that the charity receives the gift, you must state your intention in your Will. Without a Will, however, you have no control over your belongings after death. Your property and finances will be settled according to provincial laws-regardless of your intent. Must I have an estate in order to leave a gift? "Estate" is simply a term used to describe any property, money or personal belongings that you have at the time of your death. Most people will have some assets when they die, even though they may not have a great deal of wealth. It's also important to remember that there is no such thing as an insignificant gift. Anyone can arrange to leave a charitable gift from his or her estate, no matter how large or small. How do I leave a gift for an organization that I admire? There are many ways of leaving a gift - the most common being through a Will. Some people specify a certain dollar amount,

while others leave a percentage of their estate or any assets that would be left over after they have provided for their families. You can also leave property, life insurance, charitable remainder trusts, or other kinds of gifts. How do I leave a gift in memory of a person or for a specified purpose? A charitable gift is a meaningful way of recognizing someone who has made a difference in your life. You may also want to give to a specific cause like research or a new building. These kinds of memorial gifts can be arranged in your Will. You should specify that the gift be given in memory of a particular person or for a specific use.

Can I leave a gift to charity without taking away from what I leave my immediate heirs? Absolutely. There are many ways to fulfil your charitable goals while still providing for your family and other loved ones. Many vehicles for planned giving, such as life insurance, allow you to leave a variety of gifts to both a charity and family members, all the while providing tax benefits to you.

Do I tell the charity I've left the gift? This is entirely up to you. Many charities like to know of planned gifts so they can recognize your generosity. They can tell you about specific opportunities for giving. They can also assure you that your wishes can be fulfilled. Still, whether you let the charity know of your plans or not, the decision is yours to make.

All gifts to the St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation stay in Estevan and your contributions go to improving Health Care right here in your community.

To donate, call 306-637-2474 1176 Nicholson Road Estevan SK S4A 0H3

“Dream your dream, make it a great dream and dream it greatly.” Plato & Pere Murray

Invest in their dreams with your legacy gift! Athol Murray College of Notre Dame PO Box 100, Wilcox, SK S0G 5E0 306.732.1218 |



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