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Students encouraged to report Peeping Toms Peeping Toms from Page 1

in, because when you first move in you’re not as guarded.� Junior dance and biology major Rachel Head agreed. She had an experience mid-July with a Peeping Tom in the Westchester house where she was staying. “They know that there are sorority houses and stuff like that,� Head said. Head had been in the house alone between 7 and 11:30 p.m. when her roommate came back. When she first got home, she noticed a truck across the street, but didn’t think much of it, because she knew there had been a lot of construction going on nearby. When her roommate came home and went straight to bed, though, they quickly realized the truck’s owner had been watching her house. “My roommate woke up to someone in the bushes in the backyard rattling the bushes,� she said. She looks out and there’s a guy snooping in on the house. So she yells at him and he hops over the fence into the neighbor’s backyard. And she freaks out. She runs to me and we look out the front door and he runs to the truck.� “It was honestly the most scary thing. We had our gate locked, so he must have hopped it. Who knows how long he was watching me?� Head said. Head’s roommate thought she saw the man doing construction work down the street a few days later. Senior philosophy major Gabbi Gallego’s father had a direct confrontation with a Peeping Tom at her house at about 9 p.m. one night during the second week of school. “My parents were coming over to

help me with some stuff and there’s like an alley, pretty much, on the side of our house, so [my dad] went to go put my bike back there and he saw a guy by my window, crouching behind there,� Gallego said. When her father asked the man who he was, the man stuttered before saying that he was a plumber. “He tried to run and my dad threw the bike at him. He took off running and my mom saw him. He ran through the gate and was just yelling things about being a plumber,� Gallego said. “He got into a sketchy white truck and drove off.� Hill, Head and Gallego all recommended that women living in Westchester homes take care to lock their doors and windows and close their blinds. “Girls need to really watch out behind those gates, because you never know who’s watching you,� Head said. The Department of Public Safety (DPS) has not had any complaints about Peeping Toms this semester, according to Chief Hampton Cantrell. However, they have received past complaints. “We encourage all LMU students who have problems like these to notify Public Safety,� Asst. Chief Patricia Coffelt said. “We can’t make arrests, but we can offer mediation services.� Both Cantrell and Coffelt suggest that women experiencing these issues close their blinds when they are home and if the issue escalates, call LAPD. Hill’s house of girls has opted for more protection by getting a dog. “We’re getting a boxer. It’s scary to sleep alone,� Hill said. “There haven’t been any problems since that I know of, but I’m asleep, so I don’t know if this man is staring at me while I sleep.�

Safety Tips regarding

Peeping Toms


Call Department of Public Safety (DPS) Contact Chief Hampton Cantrell or Asst. Chief Patricia Coffelt.

2. 3.

Keep a log Write down dates, times and incidents.

Schedule a meeting with DPS They will walk you through more detailed safety tips.

Information compiled by Allison Croley, News editor; Graphic: Mercedes Pericas | Loyolan


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September 30, 2013  
September 30, 2013