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Old Town Times “By Kids, For Kids!”

NO PLACE FOR HATE! Chokecherries on Campus By: Peyton & Teddy Ever wonder what chokecherries are? Probably not! They are not very common. Despite their sour taste they are made into jelly, jam, wine, and syrup. Here are some ways to identify chokecherries in the wilderness: 1 . They are usually found in clearings and woods. 2 . They have a lot of pigment ( Coloring) so look for dark purple to red berries. 3 . Chokecherry trees rarely reach the maximum height of 2 0 feet tall. The trunks are no thicker than 6 inches. 4 . Chokecherry bark is smooth and might be scaly near the base of the tree. The color of the bark is reddish/ grayish. 5 . The leaves overall are oval and flat. 6 . Be careful! There are many look -alike to chokeberries so make sure you pay attention and are sure they are chokeberries. When it doubt do not eat the plant. M any N ative Americans ate the chokecherry, they also used them for paints. I f you like chokecherries you should read the book “ Hatchet” .

New 4th Grade Teacher By: Ella Have you met the new fourth grade teacher? Well, let me tell you about Mrs. Summers. Mrs. Summers previously taught at Black land Prairie and Cypress Fairbanks for seven years. Her favorite subjects to teach are Science and Writing. Mrs. Summers taught grades 2, 3, and 4. Guess what her favorite childhood book is The Giving Tree. That is such a good book. Mrs. Summers has 2 boys, Luke is

16 months, and Jack is 3 and a half. She also has no pets hopefully she will get one soon. her hobbies are reading, soccer, triathlons, gardening, and stamping. The little things that make her happy are Starbucks, hugs, and the sound of laughter. If Mrs. Summers was granted one million dollars towards education she would spend it on books, science materials, and class supplies.

Veterans’ Day By: Madelyn On Friday, November 11th 2011, veterans came to Old Town. Then some fifth graders led us in “This Is America”. The student council helped the veterans get breakfast in the morning. There were over 30 veterans that have served in the military who came to Old Town. We had a great time.

Answer: ground beef! (Pg. 4)

Reading Under the Stars

By: Ekaterina

In Reading Under the Stars people read different stories in different languages. There were 21 different languages and about 400 people attended. I was reading “The Three Pancakes” in Russian and my mom translated the story into English. Before the event, I was so scared!!! I didn’t want to mess up. It was also exciting, because it was my first time reading with my mom. I was ready, because I practiced and practiced. My first time, I was reading it was great. After the story, we showed the kids a matrushka, a Russian doll, and Russian money that are over 100 years old!!! At the end, I was proud of myself and we got COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dolphin Tale

Dolphins are the happiest fish in the sea!

Spirit Bears By: Ashley The Spirit Bear is a bear that is white like a Polar Bear, but it doesn’t live in the Arctic. The bear I’m talking about is a black bear born with white fur. The Spirit Bear lives in the temperate rainforest on the West Coast in Canada. Did you know…? That less than 10 percent of black bears in the Great Bear Rainforest are spirit bears? When a Spirit Bear wants a salmon out of the stream, he/she stands super still, and then POW, they grab the fish straight out of the water. Now to some of you may think that waiting for what might be hours is boring, but to the bear they are glad to do all the work for a special treat for dinner.

By: Lily

Have you seen the newest movie Dolphin Tale? If not, go see it! It is an amazing movie about a dolphin that lost her tale, and learns to survive in the ocean. This movie is based on a true story and the real dolphin plays herself in the movie!!!! This story is a must see for people who believe in miracles. There are a lot of good movies, but this one particularly caught my eye because an animal that lost an important part of its body is an interesting story. This story is rated PG, because there is some blood, but nothing to serious. Nobody thinks she can make it, but anybody or anything can do anything they want if they set their mind to it.

The State of the Month By: Anna and Ella

Guess what the state of the month is? If you guessed Texas, then you’re wrong. If you guessed Ohio, then you’re correct! Did you know that Ohio’s state bird is a Cardinal? Did you know that the state flower is the Scarlet Carnation? The state beverage is tomato juice. But guess what? The state mammal is a white- tailed deer. But that’s not all! The state insect is the ladybug; the state reptile is the black racer snake. Finally, the state motto is “With God, all things are possible”.

Dr. Staggs Explains: Phobias A phobia is something that triggers the fear emotion. If you have a phobia of bees, as soon as you see a bee, a red flag goes off in your brain. That “flag” triggers your fear emotion, so you will decide to flee. If you want to get rid of a phobia, you should stay around the thing you’re afraid of. That way, you will

get used to that thing and you won’t be scared of it anymore! If you don’t try to get rid of your phobia, you will start to feel stressed due to anxiety. For more on phobias, search “phobias” on Google (if I ever make a Dr. Staggs blog, I will inform you).

“Old Town Times: By kids, for kids!”

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Shark Ray By: Elizabeth

For more info go to strange Habitat: This creature‘s found in the Indo-West Pacific, East Africa, North Japan, New Guinea, and Australia. It usually swims near the sea floor in water that ranges from 10 through 300 feet deep. Description: Shark Rays can get up to 8.9 feet long and can get up to 300 pounds! Shark Rays look like a combination of a ray, shark, and guitarfish. They have 5 gills on each side and their highest known lifetime is 7 years. Diet: These creatures are carnivores. They mostly eat crabs and shrimp. They use smell to find and trap their prey. Main Predator: Tiger Shark.


How Do You Write A Letter By: Ashley Now even though we have e-mail, texting, Facebook, and all that stuff you still need to know how to write a letter.

First, in the left hand corner you need the address you sent it from A.K.A the return address. Next, you need to write your greeting, like Dear Jacob, or something like it. After that you write your body. Make sure you indent your first word in every paragraph. After that you will need to write your closing, an example is Your friend,. Then last but not least, you need a signature/ your name. (NOTE: 5TH GRADE STUDENTS WILL ALL GET PARIS PEN PALS!)

This is a picture of a Shark Ray.

CHEETAHS By: Ekaterina

Cheetahs are the fastest mammals on Earth. They can run 70 miles per hour!!!! They actually have to take 30 minutes to catch their breath. A lot of them live in some parts of Africa and the Middle East. Cheetahs usually have 3-5 cubs in a litter. They stay with their moms until they are 12-20 months. Their scientific name is: Acinonyx jubatus!!! They are close to extinction so save the cheetahs!!!! I found my information at m

“Old Town Times: By kids, for kids!”

MOUNTAIN BIKING By: Calum Sometimes my family and I go mountain biking, like we did on October 16.When we go biking we usually do about 7 miles. Yesterday we did 6.82 miles. Yesterday I fell off once, but got right back up and kept on riding .If you want to start riding, I would recommend Walnut Creek. It is where my family and I go biking. We go on a little bit harder trails than most beginners do. If you want to start, here are some tricks: always keep an eye out for other riders , walkers, tree roots, rocks, and tree stumps. Another trick is to always have a hand ready to pull on the brakes, because you may be going around a corner and after the corner a huge drop so you need to be ready for a drop. So what are you waiting for ,tell your mom or dad ,look up Walnut Creek online, find the location, then find a day to go biking.

Greek Myth Presentation By: Brooke and Ethan Last Friday on November 4, people came to act out different Greek myths. The myths that they preformed were: King Midis and the Golden Touch, Narcissus, and Psyche and Her Invisible Husband. In King Midis and The Golden Touch, Midis wanted all the gold in the world for his daughter, Marigold’s, education and happiness. He finally got the golden touch when he touched his daughter. She turned to gold and his sorrow grew until he couldn’t take it anymore. He did everything in his power to bring back Marigold. That shows that family is more important than anything. In Narcissus, all he loved was himself. He didn’t care about anything or anyone else. When he saw his reflection in the stream, he was so amused, that he wouldn’t eat, sleep, or drink. Then he slowly started to fade away until he died. This myth shows that you should not love yourself too much. In Psyche and her Invisible Husband, Psyche heard that if she jumped off a cliff, a brave man would save her. She was so lonely, that she thought she would try it. When she jumped off, a brave god saved her. He took her into a beautiful house. They got married but Psyche could not see her husband’s identity. He wore a mask to make sure she didn’t. But when Psyche’s sisters came, she became curious about what he looked like. So one night while her husband was sleeping, she lit a candle so she could see his face. When she saw his face, she was shocked. He was the son of Athena, Eros. Suddenly, Eros awakened. He was so mad at Psyche, that he vanished.

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Charlie By: Calum On July 13 , 2011 my family and I got our very first dog, Charlie. He is black with white paws (they look like white socks), a white chest, and a white strip on his nose. He has been to beginners’ obedience school, and will continue on to intermediate after thanksgiving. If your family is about to get a dog I would recommend Austin Pets Alive. th

Joke of the month: What kind of cow has no legs? By: Amelia P. (Answer on Pg. 1) The Spelling Bee Is Coming Soon!!! By : Camdyn Make sure you have practiced all your words, and spell out loud, too! It’s the first year the spelling bee is here, make it worth it with practicing all those spelling words. Be the champion, get a scholarship, and go to nationals .We will be following the official rules so you can ask to have the definition of the word and the part of speech to help you out. Good luck to all of you spellers, and don’t forget to have fun.

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