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History of baseball

Volume 10 issue 2

By: Dillon

Babe is calling his shot, BOOM! There it goes, all the way over the fence for a home run! Babe Ruth is known for calling his shot at the regally field in 1806.He so famous because he was the top ten homerun hitter at all times. Here are some things I will be writing about. The start of baseball, baseball equipment, and playing in the MLB. The giants went to the World Series last year with the tigers. The giants won. I already knew that the giants were going to win the World Series. The start of baseball started in 1800 with only a hat a pogo ball and a stick. A pogo ball is like a rock but a lot softer than a rock. The first game of baseball was played by kids on the street. Then a guy saw them playing the game and wanted to start a real game and event a new sport. He knew that he was going to be a billionaire. The guy who invented baseball died on the first real game of baseball. His wife was so rich he died. The rules of base ball are placed on line at history of Here are some more facts about baseball. Josh Hamilton on the Texas rangers hit the most home runs in 2007. He was a pitcher in 2001, but only had 23 strikeouts. His coach knew that he would not make a good pitcher so they moved him to center field and he did way way better at that. He got 47 outs in center field. Here’s a connection I have about baseball. My coach was in the minor league. So come on and get up and go outside and play catch with your dad or do something that has to do with baseball.!

Heisman-ziel Johnny Manziel has won the Heisman trophy breaking an NCAA record of the first freshman to win the Heisman ever! He has broken over a dozen SEC conference records held by other past players in the SEC. He was a hero at his hometown high school in Kerrville and at first ended up at 2 nd string at Texas A&M but now he is the best quarterback in the NCAA! Johnny Football has exceeded expectations of what a quarterback should play like. His biggest competition was Notre Dame Linebacker Manti Te’o and Kansas State Quarterback Collin Kline. Earlier this December “Johnny Football” was in the lead but Manti Te’o was coming on. Collin Kline did not have much of the vote so it all came down to December 8th. Now “Johnny Football” is “Johnny Heisman”.

We are animals, we barely know what a bath is! No wonder you are so dirty you must hate water!

I am hiding from your dirty hands!

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Flu season has started up again and to many people are falling a victim of it. So…

January, 2013

Old Town

Times “ By kids, for kids!”

Walk to Read! By: Mia S. Walk to Read, what is it? It is a learning experience for kids that partners education, physical fitness, and philanthropy. Kids can give the precious gift of books to children in Africa, simply by getting involved. How will OTE be helping Walk to Read? Students will be participating by going to a school wide assembly with the founder of Libraries of Love, Trudy Marshall, on Monday January 28th. Grades 3-5 will meet in the cafeteria from 1:00-1:30. Grades PK-2nd will meet in the cafeteria from 1:45-2:15. What is Libraries of Love? What it’s Like in Newspaper! By: Peter and Garrett Newspaper is a great experience. It puts your writing skills will be put to the test. You are not allowed to goof off and play games; you must stay focused and write. You write different articles for each different month. You can also team up with a partner to work on an article. There is always one person in newspaper that puts all of the articles together to form the actual newspaper. There is also an editor who has to check your story before it is published. They both have to be fifth graders. Only fourth and fifth graders can even be in newspaper, so join up today!

Library of Love is a partnership with Africans to create libraries in individual schools that will develop students’ love of literature as well as strengthen their knowledge in curriculum subject areas. In Uganda, there are no government sponsored school libraries, so Libraries of Love makes it happen. Each library serves as a bridge to a better future for the children in Uganda. Lifelong readers mean lifelong learners.

By Bryson IT’S THE SUPER BOWL! Who is going to win?... the San Francisco 49ers or the Baltimore Ravens? I am rooting for the 49ers . That’s one of my favorite teams. It’s Kapernick vs. Flacco the QB’s of the 49ers and the Ravens. I love the SUPER BOWL! Whoever you are rooting for to win is great!. My favorite used to be Smith but now it is Kapernick. I have to admit that Flacco can throw really long passes, but I don’t like the Ravens because they beat my two favorite teams: the Indianapolis COLTS and the Denver BRONCOS!

By Peyton

5th grade visit to Walsh MS By Drew Tue, February 5, 9:30 am: 5th grade is going on a very exciting field trip to their NEW school Walsh Middle School: 5th Graders Visit When Tuesday, Feb 5, 2013 For any parents that want to know when Parent Information night is for the new 6 th graders:

5th grade Parent Information Night When Tuesday, Feb 26, 2013 Walsh Principal Toni Hicks

An interview with Mrs. Ager By Emily and Mattie

Interview: Geoffrey, the Spelling Bee Winner Interviewer: Garrett M. Q. How many rounds did you think you went through? A. 32 or 33. Q. Was it hard to study all the words? A. No it was pretty easy. Q. Were you nervous? A. Yes, I was very nervous. Q. Was the competition tough? A. Yes, it was very tough. There were a lot of smart kids. Q. Did you study with your twin sister Peyton? A. Yes I did. Q. How were you motivated? A. I was motivated by last year’s defeat.

By Bailey and Krista Here are some ways to help you prevent and get rid of the flu: 1.Get a flu shot or nasal spray as soon as they are available. 2. Wash your hands before you eat and after you go to the bathroom. 3.stay home If you have the flu: Don’t go to school Go get your flu shots or nose spray Keep washing your hands Here are some symptoms of the flu: A high fever Cough or sore throat A runny or stuffy nose Head and body aches Chills


What is your favorite part of your job?

What college did you go to?

What is your favorite food?

What is your favorite pastime?

When did you start working at a school?

Her answer

I love working with kids.

Stephen F. Austin state university.

I love Mexican food.

I love to shop.

This is my second year.

Science Fair Tips By Drew and Peter Science Fair projects will be due on January 29th and you will most likely need to be starting soon, so here are some tips to help you get an A on your project! First you’ll need to know some of the rules for your project: you can’t bring living or dead items, you may not include your face in pictures, if any one helped you put the project together, you have to put them in the acknowledgments. You should have gotten a full rubric from your teacher with the full details. If not than you can ask him or her to get you one if possible. You should do a project that you are capable of completing, and that does not sound impossible, but you can also do one that the judges will appreciate. Some good ideas for a project would be something that might include magnetism, lots of projects last year involved magnetism! I hope you have a good science fair!

Fashion Ideas from Hannnah

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