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Family Math and Science Night By: Chloe and Madelyn

On February 7, 2012, many Old Town Texans came on down and brought their families. Everyone had a lot of fun playing math games. They were happy they had learned their facts, so they could answer all the questions. Every grade level had a few games to play. Students went to teachers that they had in the past, and played their games to learn math skills. We also saw fabulous science projects by kids in 4th, 5th, and other grade levels. What a great way to have fun learning games that you play at home with your family and that will help you get better at math.

Science Fair By: Ethan and Kristen

Valentine’s Day By: Isabella

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. You can buy some pretty cool stuff for your family. For a brother that’s 3 like mine, I would buy a Thomas the train engine. That would be the most awesome gift to get him. I like when we pass out all the valentines at our school party. What is your favorite part of Valentine’s Day? Mine is giving valentines to people and getting a valentine surprise every morning from mom and dad. Do you get Valentine surprises? If you do, then I bet it is a box of chocolates and some roses, if you are older than us. If you’re younger and you have class parties, you probably get lots of candy on Valentine’s day. Have Fun!

If you got first place, and are going to regionals, get ready. The regional science fair is Thursday, February 23 to Sunday, February 26. Everybody can go and watch as the students compete for first place. Wish them luck. The winners of the school science fair that are going to the regional science fair are: Congratulations to all of the people who are going to regionals!!!

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade

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THE AMAZING TARSIERS This is a tarsier. They are incredible jumpers and catch their food (insects, birds, and snakes) by jumping on them when they least except it. They have long toes and big eyes which help them spot their


food easier. They are nocturnal which means they only come out at night. Each eye is bigger than its brain! They are also able to twist their head 360 degrees. They have some owl in them. To scare away

Skele-toes! By: Amelia P, Thomas

The new (and improved) skele-toes! What are skele-toes, you might ask? It is the brand-new shoe, that comes in purple, blue, white, and pink! Of course, the ORIGINAL color is black! The wackiest part about the Skele-toes is: They have TOE-HOLES! That way, your feet (and toes) have more room to move around! The shoes ALSO have tiny holes that you can’t see in them for air to move in and out, so your feet won’t sweat, and get musty! ! You can buy this new and improved shoe at Academy, or the Rack Room Shoes shop!

predators they will open their eyes and bare their teeth. They can also furl and unfurl their ears!

Valentine's Day

This is a “tarsier.”

Across 3. The sign for love 4. A paper with candy inside 5. A treat everyone gives 6. A tom-boy's least favorite color Down 1. A feeling where the sign is a heart 2. The month this day is in 5. An angel with a diaper and arrows

The Interview, starring Mr. Baker!!!! By: Ella R. and Anna K. Do you have any kids? If so, what are their names? Mr. Baker said… 3 boys named Sawyer, Jack, and Finn. If you had $1,000,000 what would you do with it? Mr. Baker said… He would pay off all his college loans and spend the rest on bikes. How many jobs have you had? Mr. Baker said… More than 10 jobs. Do you have a favorite part of your house? Mr. Baker said… He does have a favorite part of his house, the Garage. Where is the best place you have been to? Mr. Baker said… The Angel Falls in Venezuela Where is your favorite restaurant? Mr. Baker said… Uchi that is located in Austin What is your favorite color and why? Mr. Baker said… Orange because it’s bright What is your favorite part of the school? Mr. Baker said… The library What is your New Year’s revolution? Mr. Baker said… Ride my bike more If you could get anything you wanted what would it be? Mr. Baker said… More time to hangout with my family What mood are you normally in? Mr. Baker said… Jolly

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Dear POISON RIDDLE Monday, August 31, 1995 Dear Diary, I am Poison Riddle, daughter of Lord Voldemort. Do not freak out , I am not like him. He tried to kill a baby, Harry Potter I think ‌ I live in a mansion located in Diagon Alley. When I am bored I cast spells with my wand, a 13 inch basilisk fang and ivy core wand. I am now thirteen and people believe I am dead. My hair is red and flowing while my eyes remain cold and hollow. My room is elegantly draped in lush, blood colored curtains. I am forced to wear flowing dresses of silk and satin. My owl soars gracefully to Gringrotts to get some galleons. A scar the shape of a flower blooms across my back. I am expecting a letter from Hogwarts, school of witchcraft and wizardry. Good night Diary. Read any further and I will jinx you. Poison Riddle

The Super Bowl of Caring By: Garrett

Ding dong! Knock Knock! The boy scouts went around collecting food for people in need. They ended up collecting over 2000 pounds of food! IT was not easy hauling all that food, but it was a great feeling to do something for others.


By Garrett M. and Geoffrey D.

Super Bowl By: Calum M.

It was Patriots vs. Giants for Super Bowl 46! On February 6th, these team faced off in Indianapolis, Indiana to see who would be football champions of the world. The Underdog Giants had already beaten the top 2 teams in the league, the Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers. Then, there was the New England Patriots who knocked out Tim Tebow and the Broncos. Patriots, and also upset the Baltimore Ravens. Tom Brady, New England Patriots QB, took to the field against Eli Manning, the New York Giants QB. It was a great game, but in the end, the New York Giants walked away with the Lombardi Trophy and the win.

This is an important public announcement! The online game called Balloons Tower Defense (B.T.D.4) is OF THE DAY! a game that grows your mind by making you think about the JOKE BY: JASON S. proper way to spend money and use strategies .You try to What happened when the catapult got sick? stop balloons from entering your village. The game can be found on Safe Google, Ninja Kiwi. Remember, it is a great ANSWER: It hurled!!!! game for your mind! We both recommend this game highly.Â

RIDDLES BY: ELIZABETH There is a prison with no windows and a door that can only be unlocked with the right key. In your room there are 3 items. A piano, a baseball bat, and a table. List three ways to get out. You can only use each item once. 2. What has four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs at night?

The Cold is Brewing In! By: Jason S. If you like the cold, this is the story for you! Since I love the cold, and I thought a lot of other people did too, and that’s why I wrote this story. The cold is brewing in and you know what that means….snow!!!!! Well if you like to chew on cold stuff like ice, that means snow pies!!! A snow pie is just a pile of clean snow in case you didn’t know. Who likes to have snowball fights? Do you have neighbors that spoil the fun? Well if you do have those neighbors that say snowball fights are “immature”, then I have a solution. [Warning if you are a snowball spoiler, skip this part!] Get on the ground, scoop up as much snow as you can, use all your power to pick it up, then chunk it at them like a grenade!!!! Or if you don’t like snowball fights you can make a snowman! Just in case you don’t know how to make a snowman just scoop up snow, and pile it up. Once you’ve done that, shape that pile you made into a ball. Next, make a ball smaller and another one smaller. After that put the balls in order from biggest at the bottom, and smallest at the top. Last, stick sticks on both sides on the middle ball. Stick three buttons on his body diagonally, and two more buttons for eyes. And finally stick a carrot in the place of his nose, a top hat upon his head, and a scarf around his neck! Congratulations you just made a snowman!!BUT, If it does not snow, everybody will be sad, but on the bright side it’s still cold right?! But if you don’t like the cold, and you just like the cold because of snow, you might as well go inside and play games with friends or family. Bye, I hope this helped you have more fun in the snow!!!!!

Hunting in Rechester Chapter 1 By: Peyton

I hunt. I kill. I survive. I live in Manchester. The world is damp and dry… except where I live. Manchester. I live in a mansion. I prefer the grubby shed outside. My best friend is a knife and a bow, not snobby girls with high pitched voices. People douse me in presents and comments. I throw away the comments and give away the presents. My name is Bueax. I have jet black hair rippling down from my scalp to the belt on my waist. I wear a simple pair of ripped dark jeans and a black tank. My bow is slung over my arm with a quiver of arrows and belt full of knives. I am dangerous. I mull over what has happened as if the events are a gumball in my hand, being rolled over and over. 1. My dad is dead from an expedition. 2. I found his papers on a place called Rechester. I am surrounded by menacing guards asking me questions about my dad. The guards are still shouting when a man comes in. You can tell nothing about him except that his eye shows the story of a killer. “What do you want?” I say menacingly. “You will know soon enough.” He smirks. I then know what he has done. He snaps his fingers and a cart rolls in with my mom and sister… dead.

FUEL UP TO PLAY 60! BY: AMELIA Fuel Up to Play 60 is fun way to track your healthy eating, and your exercise that you do! Exercise: You want to do 60 minutes of exercise every day, or more! It’s really healthy for you, AND a great stress reliever! Healthy eating: Cake, soda, ice cream, and popsicles. These are all foods that you want to avoid completely, or eat very minimum. The food you want to ENJOY are the meats, beans, nuts, veggies, fruits, and milk. These are “go foods,” as in the gym, as well as the junk food, which is “whoa foods.” Advertising: You might have seen the Fuel Up to Play 60 ambassadors talking to you about the program in gym a few weeks back. I happened to be one of those ambassadors! The website is: Have fun!

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