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Justin Bieber drug bust

Jan 2013



Nicole Elizabeth "Snooki" Polizzi

Biggest baby born

Things that kill your sex life after the wedding

Barack Obama believes smoking marijuana is a "bad habit"


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HELP WANTED Laloma Digital Magazine is looking for Help. We are looking for volunteers Writers, and Photographers. If you are trying to enter into the News world this will be a good place to start. For Information contact us.

New LDM Missing Person Webpage LDM Now have a page to help with missing person In hope to find them. Visit our new page. With your help we can get the word out and help find them.

Concerned by inhumaneness' of Japan dolphin hunt By Arata Yamamoto and Henry Austin, NBC News TOKYO -- Caroline Kennedy has expressed her deep concern at the "inhumaneness" of an annual dolphin hunt carried out by fisherman in Japan, where she serves as U.S. ambassador. Long a source of controversy, fisherman from Taiji drive hundreds of dolphins into a secluded bay where they select some for sale to marine parks, release some back into the sea and kill the rest for meat. "Deeply concerned by inhumaneness of drive hunt dolphin killing," Kennedy tweeted on Saturday, adding that the U.S. government opposes drive hunt fisheries. More than 250 bottlenose dolphins have been rounded up this year, according to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The hunt became infamous after the 2009 release of "The Cove," an Oscarwinning documentary that was directed by former National Geographic photographer Louis Psihoyos. The film followed eco-activists who struggle with Japanese police and fishermen to gain access to the location of the hunt. The movie met with fierce opposition in Japan from groups saying it was "antiJapanese" and an affront to traditional culture. Japan has long maintained that killing dolphins is not banned under any international treaty and that the animals are not endangered, adding that dolphins need to be culled to protect fishing grounds. Defending the practice, local officials that they were conducting a legal and traditional fishing practice while at the same time adhering to the regulations and the quotas established by the Japanese government. Reuters contributed to this report. Henry Austin reported from London.

Magic in the streets By: Charles Laloma

Well the old saying is if you can make it at NYC you can make it anywhere. Well many people have try and many have made it. Well the most famous place to get notice is the streets and subways of NYC.

What does Houdini, David Blaine and Criss Angel have in commend with Justin Sight. Well they are all amazing Magician that would keep you amazing for days. The only thing that Justin Sight has that no other Magician has is that he has a rare case of blindness. He s not completing blinding but not seeing unless it right in front of him and using a magnifying glass to read does not stop him from amazing people with his card tricks. See him as he was interview on Teens Views talk show. He also can be book for parties or Events. So when you are in NYC look him up.

Upcoming star This young boy from Philadelphia, PA. Has a voice that we bring him to stardom. Cam Anthony is a young prodigy that brings a solid sound and expression to music. At the age of four, Cam Anthony’s parents realized their son had a special gift. After harmoniously singing the lyrics to a television commercial, they were convinced that this is what Cam was here to do. Since Placing Video on Youtube Cam Anthony has been a big internet Star. LDM New web show Called “Teens Views which is a Teens Web Talk show. Has Contacted Cam Anthony Manger in hope that One day he will be on their show. Keep in touch and log on To Teens Views Facebook To see if and when this Interview will take place.

Obama: pot "a vice" but no more dangerous than alcohol

President Barack Obama believes smoking marijuana is a "bad habit" but thinks legal penalties now fall disproportionately on minorities and that states legalizing pot should go ahead with their plans, he said in a profile released on Sunday. "As has been well documented, I smoked pot as a kid, and I view it as a bad habit and a vice, not very different from the cigarettes that I smoked as a young person up through a big chunk of my adult life," he is quoted as saying in a New Yorker magazine article. "I don't think it is more dangerous than alcohol." The president said he has told his daughters smoking marijuana is "a bad idea, a waste of time, not very healthy."

Heavenese DVD You might have seen us speak about this Japanese group on our Dec issue of LDM. Well together with Laloma Inc., Heavenese will be coming out with a DVD called “Heavenese beyond the stage” on March of 2014. You will see videos, Interviews and back stage clips of the USA Tour. Also a Music video of their tour of NYC. The DVD will come out before there next tour to the USA in the summer of 2014.

Singer, Rapper and Poets get together to help Survivors of Typhoon Haiyan Singer, Rapper and Poets came from all over to Brooklyn to help earn funds to help the Survivors of Typhoo Haiyan which hit the Philippines late 2013. Typhoo Haiyan was the worsted that anyone seen in history, cleaning thousands and keeping many with no home to return to. These are some of the groups and individuals that performed and you can see some music videos here The Peace Poets Smokey Robotic Deep Foundation DJ Kuttin Kandi Hydroponikz Rekstizzy Ryu Black aka MeccaGodZilla They also was on the Teens Views internet show. Check out the show.



From her first pee stick to her last breast pump, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi recounts her shocking encounter with pregnancy, culminating in August 2012 with the birth of her son Lorenzo Dominic Lavalle; Snooki is known for her hard-drinking, brash-talking party girl from MTV’s Jersey Shore, kicked her cigarette and vodka habits cold turkeys soon as her pregnancy was confirmed . Baby Bumps exposes the ugly side of pregnancy – gas pain, farts, leaky breasts, nausea, insatiable hunger and more – in graphic, hilarious details. Her fans came from all over just to get a moment and autograph with Snooki at Barnes & Noble in NYC on January 15th.


Laloma Inc. New Charles Laoma CEO of Laloma inc and founder of LDM and AAL sport Magazine is now adding a new project on their list. Now they bring you a teen web show called “Teens Views� Teens Views is a talk show that deal with teens issue as well as seeing the world in teens eyes. With this show Laloma inc will help teens get a better tomorrow. The show is hosted by teens and many of the stories are found and researched by teens. With segment like Teens Views beyond the scoop by Cindy Lopez will bring you stories that go beyond what you seen or heard. They will also have segments like, Girl talk, Celebrity Gossip, Behind the music, Word on the streets.

Teens Web Show Teens Views also will be making web commercials about , No text and driving, Child abuse, and doing family things.

Please help this teen show by donating here. Also if you have a show idea let us know.

Online charity scams on the rise 'Tis the season to be jolly. Unfortunately, 'tis also the season for charity scams. Consumers often become more generously minded in December, thanks partly to the many appeals they see and hear in malls and on the streets. A survey by Charity Navigator found that charities receive 41 percent of their donations in the last few weeks of the year. . The approaching year-end tax deadline also makes December a great month to take charitable deductions. But the very impulses that make us want to give can make us less cautious about whom or what we give to — and scam artists are all too aware of this. Currently, certain online types of charity scams are on the rise, according to several experts. Crowd funding, for one, offers increasing opportunities for charitable giving — and for scams, according to Bennett Weiner, chief operating officer of BBB Wise Giving Alliance, the charity-monitoring organization affiliated with the Better Business Bureau. "You can read stories about individuals in need, or organizations that may be soliciting for various projects," he said. "Don't assume that the organizations or individuals on those sites have necessarily been vetted to any great degree. They may have verified that the organization has tax-exempt status, and that may be it." In other words, you may be able to take a deduction for your donation, but that doesn't mean the entity you are funding is putting your money to use in any way close to what you intend.

This week Horoscope Predictions

Bieber had ‘cookie jars’ of weed during cop raid Someone in Justin Bieber's camp sure seems chatty about what allegedly went down during the Jan. 14 raid of his Calabasas, Calif., home. TMZ has two new stories detailing what the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department supposedly saw when they entered the pop star's mansion with a search warrant to look for evidence in his purported egging of a neighbor's home. According to sources, there were "drugs and drug paraphernalia strewn all over his house," including "two large cookie jars filled with weed in plain view," "four or five empty codeine bottles" and three bongs -- "one in the TV room and two in the kitchen." Cops also located a "dedicated smoking room … complete with hookah pipes.“In addition, TMZ claims that Bieber, 19, has been downing high-quality Sizzurp, a cough medicine-with-codeine concoction typically laced with Sprite and Jolly Ranchers (it's suspected that someone in the Biebs' house preferred pineapple Fanta to Sprite). Insiders also contend he's been popping "prescription pills, including Xanax, in addition to lots of alcohol and weed." Justin's inner circle is said to be urging him to check rehab,of "but so far he's been resistant." While Bieber's pal Lil Za was arrested oninto suspicion felony drug possession, police reportedly didn't seize the cookie jars or other items, because the warrant was only for evidence related to the egging, including surveillance footage. Justin is concerned about any of this, he's playing it cool. Over the weekend, he posted images on Instagram of him "snowboarding with the fellas," along with a video that shows him dancing to French Montana's "Ain't Worried About Nothin'."

NYC takes the street to help the homeless

Above photo from left to right., Ceo of Laloma Inc., Charles Laloma. Host and Co owners Reza Pazooki and StevieAnn Nance.. StevieAnn Nance and Reza Pazooki is at it again running for a good reason. They are running to help the homeless. January 25th at Chelsea brewing at 11am many people will be running no matter what is the weather. Come join LDM and Teens Views as they cover the story and bring you some interviews and clips of the event.

Fruits with a Look

How do you like your next event to look a little more special and have everyone speak about it. Well try having fruits design shown on your next event email us A Duck made of an apple. Strawberries shape like Rose. Melon looking like Swans. These are some of the things that we can do to help your next events.

Your gut may tell you how happy your marriage will be, scientists say

When it comes to a couple's longevity, people may want to follow their guts as well as their hearts. A Florida State University study found that visceral feelings about one's spouse in the early stages of marriage may be a predictor of long-term marital satisfaction, even if the participants couldn't totally articulate those feelings. Researchers showed newlyweds pictures of their significant others and measured reaction time and the type of response (positive or negative). When the scientists followed up four years later, the couples who had responded more slowly or with lukewarm responses reported more marital dissatisfaction than those who had quickly answered with positive responses. "I think the findings suggest that people may want to attend a little bit to their gut," study leader Dr. James McNulty told Science Daily. "If they can sense that their gut is telling them that there is a problem, then they might benefit from exploring that, maybe even with a professional marriage counselor."

California mom gives birth to 15-pound baby, biggest ever in the state Vanessa Cervantez of Southern California knew she was going to deliver a big baby. Her other two children were large at birth, weighing 10 lb, 10 oz and 9 lb, 14 oz. but nothing could have prepared her for 15 pounds. “I couldn’t even believe it,” Ms. Cervantez told the Victorville Daily Press. “They had to double check because I didn’t believe them; I thought the machine was broken.” Andrew Jacob Cervantez was born via an emergency Cesarean section last Thursday at Desert Valley Hospital in Hesperia, Calif. At 38 weeks, Ms. Cervantez went to the hospital for a routine check up. During a non stress test, doctors discovered decreased fetal movement and she was quickly carted into surgery. Andrew Jacob tipped the scales at 15 lb, 2 oz, and measured 24 inches long. (To put this in perspective, my 6-month-old baby weighs 15 pounds.) After birth Andrew Jacob was immediately transported by airplane to Loma Linda Children’s Hospital. “He’s having trouble breathing on his own,” Ms. Cervantez told the Daily Press, “that’s what they’re monitoring him for right now.” Want to get better in your life and relationship then you need to get this book. You want to learn more about it then click on the video image and see the interview with Charles E. Bailey M.D.

Three Ways the Winter Season Affects Your Sleep With cold air surging across the country and snow lingering from several winter storms, the winter season is nearing. But as this time of year ushers in less sunlight, colder air and holiday indulgences, it can have a significant impact on the human sleep cycle. "Sleep is the time for the body to rest and repair itself and get ready for the functions of the day," Associate Physician in the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School Lawrence Epstein, M.D., said. The amount of sleep each person needs varies by individual, but most people need between 7.5 and 8.5 hours of sleep each night. 1. Lack of Light "The change in light can have a big effect on the time and quality of your sleep," Epstein said. The amount of daylight during the winter is more limited than in the other seasons, impacting the body's cycles. 2. Colder Air Winter is notorious for an increase in utility bills as temperatures drop and heat gets turned on. However, heating can have undesirable effects on sleep quality. 3. Change in Eating Habits Christmas cookies, along with other holiday sweets, can alter the body's hormone levels and, as a result, impact the sleep cycle. Tips for Better Winter Season Sleep 1. Set a routine. 2. Set the room temperature to be cool and comfortable, but not too dry. 3. Turn off electronic equipment an hour or two before going to bed. 4. Get moving or get some exercise everyday. 5. Try to relax before going to sleep. 6. Get some light exposure everyday. 7. Try not to eat three to four hours before going to bed.

Help this Teens show Teens Views is a program is run with donation, sponsors, and advertising. You can help us by donating or giving equipment that we can use. For information or how you can help this program grown please email us. . You can also see some of the sport interview and play by play by teens on our sport YouTube page.

We are starting a web news for LDM and AAL magazine. We are looking for Volunteers to learn. Watch the Video

We are looking for adult to do the part of adult news and Youth to do the Sports and any Kids news.

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PLAYBOY SUES MAG OVER PHOTOS OF MODEL KATE MOSS NEW YORK (AP) -- Lawyers for Playboy magazine are suing Harper's Bazaar publisher Hearst Communications over its online use of photos of fashion model Kate Moss. RELATED: Kate Moss to pose for Playboy's 60th anniversary cover Court papers filed Friday in federal court in Manhattan say the magazine violated Playboy's exclusive right to publish the pictures taken by fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcos Piggott for the publication's 60th anniversary issue. The suit alleges Harper's posted on its website a clothed photo of the 40-year-old supermodel from the Playboy shoot but added a hyperlink that took readers to another website showing the nude and partially nude photo spread.

Don't let these turnoffs kill your sex life

Some completely treatable health ailments can put a damper on your sexual allure. Here are 12 turn-offs to treat so that your partner stays turned on. Who doesn’t want to be sexy and alluring – or hot and studly? The problem is that some treatable health or hygiene issues can shake your special someone straight out of the mood. Sexual attraction is a complex and multi-faceted phenomenon. But at its heart is the evolutionary drive to seek out mates with whom to procreate. Signs of strength, stamina, fertility, security and good genes all play a role in the mating game 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Sweaty armpits Body odor, greasy hair, stinky clothes Flab Bad skin Bad breath Poor posture Low energy Whiny voice Drinking too much Condoms Monogamy Negativity and self-disparaging comments

6 tax breaks for pet owners

Pets play an important role in our lives. We feed them, clean them, play with them and spend some of the best times of our lives with them. We provide them with all the same medical care and comforts afforded to any one of our family members. After all, our dogs, cats and other diminutive friends are no different than people, really; they're our family, so shouldn't it seem obvious that Fido and Rex get the same tax return breaks as their human brethren? No. 1: Moving the family pets : No pet is an island -- at least to the tax man. Pets are property like any other household belonging, and can be taxed as such if you're relocating, since moving costs are sometimes deductible. It might sound strange to lump Rover and Checkers in with your ottoman, sofa and dining room set, but when they're tax exempt, who's complaining? No. 2: Pet food No. 3: Guard dogs No. 4: Animal adoption fees No. 5: Service animals No. 6: Leader of the pack

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