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The ending of the 5th round Pacquiao left his left hand just a tiny bit too low as he attempted one final rush at the bell. Marquez unleashed an absolute beast of a right hand, sending Pacquiao facedown, right as the bell sounded. The referee waited for Pacquiao to rise so he could give him a standing eight count before sending him to his corner, however, he was lifeless. -- Pacquiao was sleeping for a good 90 seconds while the Marquez camp swarmed the ring in shock and unbridled excitement. It was fight of the year while it lasted. It was the knockout of the year when it ended.

Dec. 8th 2012 was the much awaited and much anticipated fight of the year, the fourth ensembles of the pound for pound king Juan Manuel Marquez and his mortal enemy in boxing, the Filipino boxing superstar Manny “Pacman� Pacquiao

Three Top Games

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First Annual Football games are going to being starting in January of 2012. Come try and be the first AllSport Football Champions. 1st Place Team League Crusher QB Mike speak to his team and gets advice Click photo to see video

-2011's suicide of former #22 Chicago Bears safety Dave Duerson, who, like Seau, shot himself in the chest. Prior to his death, Duerson had made arrangements to donate his brain to a Boston hospital for study.

Sat, Dec 1, 2012 12:12 PM EST The Murder/Suicide of Chiefs player Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend is the latest of a series of recent tragedies for the NFL and its former players. I ask is NFL death a tragedy or is this going to be an on going event. Is these player returning to their homes with a impacted that hit them harder then players on the field would. I sit a wonder is it the last super bowl of their life or maybe the game play outside the field that is harder then the in field.

-In April, former #32 Atlanta Falcons safety Ray Easterling died of a selfinflicted gunshot wound at his home in Richmond, Va. Easterling was one of seven players who sued the NFL in 2011, charging that the league did not properly inform or protect its players from head injuries. The NFL has denied that it tried to conceal any information regarding concussions and player safety. -In May, former Chargers #55 great Junior Seau committed suicide by a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest. He was 43 years old. -In July, Tennessee Titans wide receiver OJ Murdock also committed suicide by gunshot after leaving regretful messages for former coaches and sportswriters. While the similarity between these events is troubling, it is both premature and irresponsible to draw any kind of immediate link between these deaths and any of the NFL's practices or procedures

Knicks' Anthony considered questionable Saturday with sprained ankle

Laker with a record of 9 – 14 will they find away to get back up. On December 13 2012 even the crowd boo head coach Mike D’Antoni of the lakers showing their dislike of the lost to the Knicks 116 – 117. So the question is what is one Kobe Bryant and the Lakers going to do so they can get back what once a team to be worry about. Now they are the team that give win to others. Gossip Section Kobe Bryant rips media for criticizing Carmelo Anthony J.R. Smith Takes Shot At Kobe Bryant On Twitter J.R. Smith And K Michelle Spotted Kissing In The Club

COMING June 15 2013

4th Annual Battle of the Boros

Who will be the Next Champions. Battle the returning 2012 Champs Travel with our Travel League We will be in all four local boros

AAL is against Bully Help Stop Bully Click to see video

AAL walk CAN

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AAL Social Media Vol 1  

All Sport Athletic League Media Magazine Vol 1. A Sport Magazine of all sport play in New York

AAL Social Media Vol 1  

All Sport Athletic League Media Magazine Vol 1. A Sport Magazine of all sport play in New York