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Places you have to visit before dead reach you

Places you have to go Guanajuato,a Magic Kingdoom Winter Vacations


Welcome to the city of Celaya if you would like to visit historical sites I recommend you visit the following that will describe below are the most visited by tourists. First you can get to the Calzada Independencia street located in the center of town there is first : Third Order Temple belonging to the Franciscan Order, its greatest feature is the high altar of this temple was built by architect Francisco Eduardo Tresguerras . On one side is : Ball Water ( Hydraulic Tower). It was built in 1910 , is a reservoir which supplies drinking water to the city center . Located in the garden cemetery of San Francisco and built by German ingenuity . In front of the water ball is the Temple of San Francisco The laying of the foundation stone was in 1683, could be said of the first temple of Celaya. In 1715 the church domes were closed until the year of 1725 ended the slender tower with a height of 69 m . The temple altars were a churrigueresque and at the time of the architect Francisco Eduardo Tresguerras change it to a neoclassical style, this church and convent in different historical periods have been military barracks , college and endless background . Tresguerras Chapel is located between the west side of San Francisco and the main door of the temple of the cathedral. This is a chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows, contains paintings by architect Francisco Eduardo Tresguerras whose tomb is saved there. Just behind the chapel is the cathedral, was initially called lace chapel guarded by the Franciscan order, the announcement of the creation of the diocese which was originated in the old chapel lace . The Column on Calzada Independencia this is the first monument commemorating the centennial of independence whose creator was the architect Francisco Eduardo Tresguerras Celayense currently located at the site , was previously located in the main garden city of Celaya. Then you can visit the Hidalgo Monument that is located next to Cathedral across the street on the Independence road and is a monument made in 1906 on the occasion of 150 anniversary of independence, to commemorate the arrival of the army of the city gentleman . You are on the street Calzada Independencia to go to Heart of Mary church must cross to the Madero street where the church is a temple sponsored by Manuel Villa Mr. and cervantes founded in 1739 , the institution beaterio of Jesus of Nazareth was initially called and was dedicated as a pious work to benefit homeless women orphaned or abandoned. El Templo del Carmen is on the same street but changes the name of the street is going to Carmen and half street address is the street corner of Carmen with Álvaro Obregón, the ancient temple which was founded in 1597 and burned in afternoon June 1802 for this reason in November of the same year the construction of the new film directed by Eduardo Francisco Tresguerras and was completed in 1807 construction began . You walk down the street and get obregón the main garden is located opposite the presidency . Murals of the Presidency are internationally known as metamorphic murals celayense Octavio Campo, some paintings are reflected in the sides of the steps. You continued walking to the next website is called Guadalupe Zaragoza and just next to the

Woolworth store Meson de Guadalupe is now a telcel . El Meson de Guadalupe was a very important stage in Hidalgo stay in Celaya, as it not only stayed in it, but from your balcony harangued the people to join the War of Independence on September 21, 1810 . Although today only the façade remains , the Meson de Guadalupe is an important historical building. Its walls were momentous episodes saved to form the country we know today. Continuing your journey beyond walking down the street turn right and walk one street there is the Monument you Allende Ignacio Allende Mexican Military insurgent , born on January 21, 1769 . His parents were Spanish Narciso de Allende and Maria Unzasa . Study at Colegio San Francisco de Sales, began his military career in 1975.Ignacio Allende, along with fellow Juan Aldama and Mariano Abasolo was who organized the 800 men who initially joined to take up arms against the colonial government and so was the priest Miguel Hidalgo performed the appeal known as the Grito de Dolores. Beside the monument Allende is the Temple of San Agustín San Agustín Temple is a beautiful building with Moorish influences plateresco style dating from 1609. Its sober façade has two bodies and a graceful tower which holds regular plan paths sculptures at the corners of the evangelists. The temple has the dimensions (20 m Front and former convent that is 56 m and 12.40 m height ) . The Culture House is next to San Agustín The House of Culture of Celaya in what was once the convent of San Agustín . He is considered one of the oldest and most important buildings of the town, because of its unique historical value. Today there is a great movement of children, youth and adults of both sexes and all ages enrolled in any discipline taught music at the individual , group, music, languages , theater , visual arts area .

Juventino is located near Celaya in the state of Guanajuato. Juventino Rosas is an amazing place because you can visit and see many places inside and outside the city. You can buy handicrafts, traditional food in the local market; very close to the local market you can find the main garden. In the main garden very people are with their families eating ice cream and chickpeas especially in December. On December 10 is the parade of the “Virgen de Guadalupe” where all people will see it. This is a beautiful tradition where everyone joins.

You can come in times of summer, drink a soda very cold and eat a manly cocktail, a lot of people like. Maybe you can try if you come It is delicious. This place is famous because is a land of witches, long time ago in this site many people called himself witch because healed people with remedies that most people don´t know.

In front of the main garden this church, many people come here especially on Sunday at eight o'clock. It's where the parade begins and ends on 10 December.

Las Fuentes, a place of magic, history and mystery, this place is better known by the caves of the GIRO, a character very similar to Robin Hood because he stole from the rich and he gave to the poor.

This is the famous GIRO hideout where he hid his treasures. A cave where it enters not returns because it is a maze where you die before leaving, itツエs frightening. All Juventino Rosas is amazing from any point of view, come and enjoy a quiet place away of noise, resting for a few days. Come We hope you !


Parácuaro is a small town in southeastern Guanajuato. In Parácuaro we can find the “ojo de agua” in the center on the main market. There we can spend some time listening to the stories that spring and we can relax watching the fish.

Then if we make a right to the corner and again we make a rigth we will get to “los tacos de tino”. Make a left and go to the front to the finish of the Street. You will se a road…

get into the road follow i and you will get to the Cuevas de moreno. They are a legendary cave where bandits were hiding to escape the feds.

Finally we take the road south of the caves and got to a viewpoint called "The fort" is on the top of the town and from there you can see a beautiful landscape.

Apaseo el Alto is one of the most beautiful cities in the state of Guanajuato. Currently the town is known as craft village.

The village is quiet, great cuisine, variety of hotels, shops and innovative. Some of the most interesting places are:

Temple of the “El Sagrado Corazon de Jesus�

This is a replica of the Basilica of St. Peter located in Rome. if you are in the bus terminal to reach the temple of the sacred heart of jesus turn right and walk one block, then turn left and walk two blocks. In front is the main yard where you can enjoy traditional snacks. For many years , the output of the first Mass, the CITIZENS approach the traditional tamaleras standing on the makeshift market street of the town, there has been enjoying a saucepan of Atole Champurrado or Atole Blanco and a couple of tamales of Sugar or Chile . Temple of St. Andrew the Apostle

Saint venerated by the inhabitants of the village of San Andrés del Paso. This temple is located across the street, directly opposite the main yard.

Another interesting place “El Salto”,

Is located to the west, is a kind of waterfall that only carries current in wet weather or when it rains at least three days so that you can see from the free road.

Another tourist attraction is the pool "mary" Which has a variety of slides and pools that have different depths, plus multipurpose courts.

Best places to visit Comonfort: 1. The main church of San Francisco. Both internally and externally has a great architecture. It's walls are large murals of Bible passages and images of many of the most important Saints Comonfort. There is a small chapel in the same church, which is dedicated to the holy , this room always has people praying , it is a very quiet place. There is also another room dedicated to the polls for many people , is a very cold room and gives a bit scary . If you're lucky to visit in the days of San Francisco , you'll take the pleasant surprise that is filled full of flowers and beautiful ornaments , the whole interior smells very nice . 2. The Temple of Los Remedios. This is a very curious temple itself , the temple is not very big , which draws the attention of this is that the yard is quite large and staggered , says an old story that is because he is under the pyramid . How much yards with 7 different heights and among these there is a truck by which we come to the temple. The day of the Virgin of the Remedies is a big party in his honor, and in each of the courtyards, dance different dances. 3. Camacho It can be considered as a very small Camacho Paracho . Here you can find all kinds of crafts, from the typical Comonfort, as are the famous molcajetes ,

the mortars are very symbolic to this people, and talking about them a few weeks , a craftsman of Comonfort ago, won a award for making a beautiful molcajete statewide craftsman wondered how he felt and this is what I say : ¨ I am very proud to have achieved this, I think I showed a lot of people being very humble can achieve great things , and I could make our little village was renowned for the quality of crafts made in the ¨ . Besides molcajetes are pots, mud pots, talavera dishes , vases and many decorations for the home and beautiful memories . 4. The church of misericordia located on the hilltop of remedies 40 minutes from downtown becomes a place to live with family and friends away from the noise and stress also that you can see a beautiful view of the city of Comonfort accompanied by good sunset becomes an unforgettable experience and surely want to repeat more than once.

5. Train station Surely if you will spend by Escobedo Comonfort where you can see an old train station which was filmed part of a movie is unusual in that it is in very good condition and can be accessed at no cost surely will not regret it.

Apaseo el Grande is the county seat in the state of Guanajuato.

The municipality is bordered on the north by the municipalities of Comonfort and San Miguel de Allende, to the east by the state of Querétaro, to the south with the municipality of Apaseo Alto, and to the west by Celaya.

First begin with an appeal that is located in the center: Palacio Herrera, also called “ Casa de los Perros”. Legend has it that Hidalgo's troops have occupied the town on September 20 and delivered to the looting, but the house of Don Francisco was untouched, in the few hours they were insurgents in Apaseo, something that mansion that had attracted Hidalgo, for while his army prepared to continue to Celaya, the priest knocked on the door of the House of Dogs and met with Don Francisco, who have offered chocolate, after a brief conversation retired. Great building that draws attention to any tourist visiting the Municipality

ďƒ Then we can go to the top of the village, The temple of La Villita, named because just to get here the way is an increase that gradually increases its slope here in January celebrates the Virgin of Guadalupe as it gets many years made its appearance on a stone that was placed inside the temple for thousands of pilgrims visit the day of his birthday. All the way traders of all kinds, games, dancers paying tribute to the virguen standing with their dances. Great spot to visit for one of the many traditions of the municipality.

ďƒ And finally we ended up at the entrance of Apaseo el Grande with the majestic statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe, this was laid by the great faith that apasenses have you and your position is very well as people when leaving or entering the municipality commits his way to the virgin, and this is the perfect place to end our recorridfo for the most important places.

Ranch of San Antonio and The Gate of the Knight. Entering Tamayo turn right, walk 40 meters, the gate is located at the back. The farm gate together with a lot of history are ancient ruins relating to the founding of Rincon de Tamayo. It is called Rincon de Tamayo that this middle of several hills and the first owner of the by the first owner of the Ranch Antonio Tamayo, and built the estate to invite to live the franciscan of Apaseo el Alto to evangelize the indigenous people in the seventeenth century, in the time of the Revolution was flog by carrancistas and villistas, committing murders and outrages. Years later, was again flog by the rebels and religious persecution and was abandoned. Today it is a homestead for Alcoholics Anonymous.

Week Easter From the entrance of Tamayo walk a block, turn right, walk 10 meters, turn right, walk 2 blocks and turn left and there is the temple. Held at Easter Week. On holy Thursday is personified the Last Supper in the Atrium of the Temple and Holy Friday also the three falls. In the evening there is a procession to All Saints Village neighborhoods. On Easter Sunday the image of Mary Magdalene runs through the Atrium. Around the garden there are people sell bread, toys, and the famous charamuscas made brown sugar, water and anise are placed, yummy, yummy.

From the entrance of Tamayo walk a block, turn right, walk 10 meters, turn right, walk 3 blocks and turn left, walk one block, turn left, walk for 20 meters in front of the pharmacy there is the Cafe A perfect place to enjoy a nice coffee and any snack. And just enjoy the works of art that exposes the same owner. And enjoy live acoustic music on Saturday night with the duo of Abiel and Carlos.

Hotel Pocitos From the entrance of Tamayo walk a block, turn right, walk 10 meters, turn right, walk for 3 km, to reach the entrance, after the bullring turn right, walk 30 meters and turn right hand. The hotel is there. Is located on the outskirts of Rincon de Tamayo in the Ranch Las Canoas. Tented with several rooms and an artificial lake where you can swum and outdoor activities, just to rest.

Bohemian Corner. CafĂŠ / Gallery

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