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28-29 aprile 2012

Invitation Swiss Middle Distance Orienteering Championships 2012 National Sprint Orienteering IOF-Wold Ranking Event [ECHT BIO.]-OL-Grand Prix 2012 Stadt OL Cup 2012



Dear friends of orienteering,

Maurizio Mina Head of operations

The O-Club Orientisti 92 Piano di Magadino welcomes you all to these two competition days to celebrate its 20th anniversary of foundation. On Saturday 28th April 2012 we will be honoured to host the Middle Distance Swiss Championships in the Arcegno forest. This forest has been previously used for several national and international events, the most famous of which were the Long Distance Junior World Championships in 2005. The area is widely acclaimed for its outstanding technical features and offers an ideal terrain for a middle distance event. The following day, the renowned leisure destination of Ascona will host for the first time a sprint orienteering event on the brand new town map. The competition area consists of the old town of Ascona and of the modern residential areas around it, and will require very accurate navigation and route choices skills alike. We look forward to welcoming you in Ascona next April and wish you all the best for this thrilling week-end of orienteering! Greetings for the National Contests and Swiss Championships of Arcegno and Ascona

Paolo Beltraminelli Councilman of Cantone Ticino

Orienteering is a fascinating and spectacular sport for those who practice it. Unfortunately it is usually followed by a few spectators because of its nature being an individual time trial sport where everyone is free to choose his own way, unless the race is moved from its own natural surrounding, the forest and it is brought into town for example to Ascona! If the fascination of the orienteering gets you, it will last for a lifetime. As soon as I can find some time despite my commitments of Councilman of Canton Ticino, I participate in a race and thanks to this I keep myself in shape. In Ticino the number of the participants is increasing, partly because orienteering allows the families to spend their free time nicely together. I am therefore particularly pleased to congratulate the club O-92 Piano di Magadino for the splendid initiative to celebrate its twenty years of activity by organizing two-days of national importance with the Swiss Middle Distance Championships in one of the most handsome regions of Ticino, the Locarnese, in the city of Ascona, the pearl of Lake Maggiore and in Arcegno, one of the most beautiful forests in Switzerland. Organize an orienteering race is a challenging task. It requires numerous collaborators, all volunteers, to enable the success of the competition. But it is certainly worth satisfying 1500 orienteers coming from all over Switzerland who will have the opportunity to enjoy our beautiful Ticino in an original way. While the Swiss championships in middle distance in Arcegno will arouse the enthusiasm of the competitors, the national race on Sunday in Ascona will allow many people to admire the orienteers, including some world champions. Switzerland is in fact currently perhaps the strongest nation world-wide and I am particularly proud of this. To all, organizers and competitors, good luck and enjoy yourself. To the spectators and the curios onlookers an invitation: come to see the races. It is an extraordinary opportunity that will amaze you also because there is for those who want, the opportunity to experience the fascination of orienteering!



Greetings from the Mayor for the Orienteering National Contest of 28-29 April 2012, Ascona

Aldo Rampazzi The Mayor of Ascona

Dear Orienteers, It is with great pleasure and honor that I welcome you to Ascona on April 29, for the national orienteering race which will take place during the weekend. The fact that a competition of this magnitude takes place in our town can only make us proud. Furthermore, this is an opportunity for participants and spectators to learn more about this comprehensive and interesting sport that involves capacities that go far beyond the physical ones. The aim of orienteering is after all to locate with precision defined locations by choosing the best route, in the shortest time possible. This is a goal that it is worth every day for everyone and not just necessarily in sports. At the same time this event provides an opportunity to better appreciate the characteristics of our village and discover, in a somehow original way, some picturesque corners. All the best to you all for a great successful event!

Greetings from the Department Head "Sports and Leisure" in Ascona

Mario Bazzi Department Head "Sports and Leisure" in Ascona

It is a pleasure, as Head of Sports and Leisure Department greeting the participants of the Swiss Orienteering Championship. Ascona often hosts sporting events, even of national importance, but these usually are on the lake or in a stadium. Therefore it is a welcome change for us to host a competition like yours that takes place right in the heart of our village. Orienteering is a sport that respects the territory, whether in nature or in our case a residential area, which is why it can good fit anywhere, even if the participants are in a very important number. My respect goes also to the group that organizes this event. The town and its services have been able to find a good collaboration and a serious and reliable partner. I wish you all the best and I invite you to enjoy our beautiful region.



Saturday 28th April 2012

Entry fees

Swiss Middle Distance Championships in Foot Orienteering 2012 (MOM) IOF-World Ranking Event

Sunday 29th April 2012 Nationally ranked “A” sprint orienteering event in urban terrain Stadt OL Cup 2012 [ECHT BIO.]-OL-2012 Grand Prix

Organizing Club Orientisti 92 Piano di Magadino

MOM 1991 and older 1992 to 1995 1996 and younger

CHF 24.-CHF 17.-CHF 12.—

Nat. A Sprint 1991 and older 1992 to 1995 1996 and younger

CHF 24.-CHF 17.-CHF 12.—

Online entries: from January 2012 via go2ol

Event Center (EC): Ascona municipal gymnastic hall (Palestra comunale di Ascona)

Traditional entries: On post account # 30-558909-4, Schweizerischer OL-Verband, Bern Please indicate: competition (MOM and/or Nat A Sprint, Surname, Name, year of birth, SOLV code, SI-Card number, address, class, club.

Getting to Ascona By car: Express state road Locarno – Brissago, Ascona exit, way to parking area signposted from the exit.

Entry deadline Online:

15th April 2012

Traditional entries:

11th April 2012

Entries are only valid if payment has been received by the entry deadline! Late entries in competing classes will not be accepted.

Public transportation: Train to Locarno railway station, bus line number 1 “62.301 Tenero–Locarno–Ascona”, get off at stop “Baragie” and follow signs (approx. 10 min walk).

Modifications (e.g. SI-card number): Saturday (MOM): according to Swiss official rules for orienteering competitions (WO). Sunday (Nat. A): possible against a fee of CHF 10.-. New entries will be accepted only in the Open classes (OK, OM, OL).



Splitting of Classes

First starts and ways to starts Saturday (MOM): first starts at 13:30 Ways to starts: EC to Start 1: approx. 60 min walk EC to Start 2: approx. 60 min walk For Classes: H80 / H75 / H70 / H65 / H60 / H12 / H10 D70 / D65 / D60 / D55 / D12 / D10 Transportation by bus (approx. 20') and 20' walk

Classes S1: H16, H18, H20, HE, HAL, HAM, HAK, H35, H40, H45, H50, D18, D20, DE, DAL, D35, D40.

Classes S2: H10, H12, H14, HB, H55, H60, H65, H70, H75, H80, D10, D12, D14, D16, DAK, DB, D45, D50, D55, D60, D65, D70

Sunday (Sprint): first starts at 09:00 Ways to starts: EC to Start 1: approx. 15 min walk EC to Start 2: approx. 15 min walk Finish

Start lists From 19th April 2012 at

MOM: approx. 20 min to EC Sprint: at EC

Rankings At Competition terrains Arcegno 1:10'000, contours 5m, winter 2011/12

Ascona 1:4'000, contours 2.5m, winter 2011/12

Barred area


On both days according to Swiss official rules The old town of Ascona will not be accessible to competitors on Sunday 29th April from 7:30 to for orienteering competitions (WO). 12:00. Saturday and Sunday: “Troll�-O for children Sunday: open classes (OK, OM, OL) Parking: At the old Ascona airfield, approx. 10 min walk to EC

Accomodation Please refer to



Food and drinks An ample selection will be available at the EC in the big party tent.

Nursery At the EC for children at least 2 years old Hours: Saturday: from 12.00 to 18:00 Sunday: from 8:30 to 13:30

Saturday dinner menu: spaghetti with meatsauce (bolognaise). Sunday lunch menu: gnocchi with tomato sauce.

Model Event On the way to Start 1 for the WRE (MOM); approx. 5-10 min. before pre-start

Detailed instructions From 2nd April 2012 at

Organizing Committee

Anti doping In the classes HE/DE and H20/D20, only those athletes having acknowledged the Swiss Olympic Association’s anti-doping rules will be allowed to compete. See for more information. If not done already, at the EC athletes will have to sign before their start the anti-doping agreement of the Swiss Olympic Association.

Event Director:

Maurizio Mina

Course setters:

Sergio Cantoreggi (MOM / WRE) Piercarlo Gaia (Naz. A)


Stefano Maddalena

Event Advisor MOM/WRE: Event Advisor Nat. A Sprint: Insurance It is a responsibility of the participants. The organizers decline any liability.

Tulla Spinelli Roberto Tettamanti

Media: Mail: Tel.

Patrick Rossetti 076 565 80 13

Information: Mail: Tel.

Luisa Soldati 079.324.63.00 The O-92 celebrate the 20. year of its birth: we invite you to celebrate with us!


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