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Steve Job’s  speech  at  Stanford   University  in  2005:  an  abridge   Class  5A  TIEL  /TIM  

Who was  Steve  Jobs   Steve  jobs  was   CEO  (Chief   ExecuKve   Officer)  of   Apple,     he  died  of   cancer  on  5th   October  2011.  

The first  part  of  his  speech   •  In  the  first  part  of    his  speech  by  connecKng  the   dots  he  meant  that  all  events,  apparently   disconnected  such  as  his  birth,  adopKon,  life  in   college,  his  further  decision  to  leave  the  the   college  and  aSer  the  decision  to  aTend  the   calligraphy  class,  are  all  “dots”  of  a  bigger  plan   •   Steve  Jobs  didn’t  go  to  college  eventually,  he   dropped  out  soon.   •  He  chose  a  calligraphy  class  because  he  was   fascinated  by  beauKful  posters  he  saw  around  the   university  camp.  He  learnt  the  beauty  of   typography.  

•  Thanks to  this  he  created  the  first  Macintosh   computer  and  aSer  this  he  designed  it  all  into   the  mac.  So  we  could  say  that  thanks  to  the   calligraphy  class  he  created  MAC.   •  The  thing  that  really  made  the  difference    in   his  life  was  that  if  he  had  never  dropped  out,   he  would  have  never  dropped  in  on  this   calligraphy  class,  and  personal  computer  and   he  might  not  have  designed  the  wonderful   typography  that  made  the  difference  and  the   success  of  his  company.    

The second  story  of  his  speech:    about  love  and  loss.   •  He  started  Apple  in  his  garage  when  he  was  20,  he   worked  hard,  and  in  10  years  Apple  had  grown  from   just  the  company  him  and  his  friend  “Woz”  (Steve   Wozniak)  had  created  in  a  garage,  into  a  2  billion   company    with  over  4000  employers.       •  He  was  fired  by  the  company  he  had  created  because   he  had  hired  talented  managers  to  run  the  company,   that,  in  a  couple  of  years  started  to  have  a  different   vision  of  the  future.  But  it  turned  out  that  ge]ng  fired   from  Apple  was  the  best  thing  that  could  have  ever   happened  to  him      

•  During the  next  five  years,  he  started  a    company   named  NEXT,  another  company  named  Pixar,  and   fell  in  love  with  his  future  wife.   •  He  speaks  about  love  and  work  because  in  his   opinion  the  only  way  to  do  a  good  job  is  to  love  it.         •  Don’t  seTle  means  don’t  stop  looking  for  a  job   that  will  make  you  feel  saKsfied.        

The third  story:   about  death     •  Facing  death  has  been  important  for  making  choices   because  in  front  of  death  all  pride,  all  fear  of   embarrassment  or  failure  just  fade  away.  So  he   encourages  to  think  about  the  important  issues  in  life   to  make  important  decisions.       •  In  this  context  the  expression  “buTon  up”  means  to  be   prepared  or  prepare  other  people  to  your  death.   •  The  expression  that  he  uses  to  describe  death  is  “the   single  best  invenKon  of  life”  

•  In the  paragraph  starKng  by  “your  Kme  is   limited”  he  lists  some  do’s  and  don’ts  as  a   maTer  of  advice.  The  do’s  are:  follow  your   heart  and  your  intuiKon  the  dont’s    are:   wasKng  the  with  the  life  of  people  and  be   condiKoned  by  the  thought  of  other  people   •  His  legacy  (words  he  will  be  remembered  for)   is:  “stay  hungry”  “stay  foolish”.  This  words   mean  that  each  of  us  should  always  aim  at   most  without  ever  giving  up    

An abridge of Steve Jobs' speech to Stanford  

An abridge of Stanford Steve Jobs' speech made by students

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