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overview of the Zamboanga crisis .(by RJ TE)

The give it a view, the crisis in Zamboanga happened specifically at 11:00pm on the 8th of September when a navy boat stopped a bigger motor boat and around eight more other smaller boats that were carrying armed men. This encounter lead to an exchange of fire resulting to the death of one navy and two other civilians. As soon as the MNLF troops entered the city if Zamboanga, four people were killed by them and also four barangays were occupied the opposing troops. The rebels held twenty hostages, and by noontime the number of the hostages ballooned to 200 and were used as "human shields". On this day also, the government declared no classes and no work. On the second day of the siege, the clash spread throughout the barangay because of some MNLFs trying to bomb the places where the troops of the government were positioned. Eight days after the crisis started, a civilian vehicle was hit by a mortar, although no one was hurt. During this same day also, was when 33 hostages were released. Just hours after the releasing of the hostages, Jose Chiquito Malayo, a police chief was taken by the MNLF while trying to negotiate with them, but was released also on the same day. On September 18, DWSD declared that 110,000 residents fled to 35 evacuation centers. Next day, the Zamboanga City international airport reopened after being closed for more then five days. And according to Felipe Rojas, a chief superintendent said that gunmen of the opposing force were forced to surrender because of hunger. On

September 28, defense secretary, Voltaire Gazmin that so far the crisis is over and we now move on to the post crisis part. This 20-day siege or also called humanitarian crisis that displaced more then 100,000 residents, destroyed about 10,000 homes due to fires and grenades, and left more than 200 people dead.

Effect of the Zamboanga crisis to the economy of the Philippines .(by Alain Lee)

The government downplayed today any possible impact of the Zamboanga standoff on the overall economy, saying the firefight was contained in the western portion in the south. In the Mid-year Philippine Economic Briefing, Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima said businesses have been "as usual" in other parts of southern island of Mindanao. He said the reason President Benigno S. Aquino III has been in Zamboanga City was to ensure that peace in Zamboanga City would immediately be achieved. Armed members of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) under Nur Misuari, who have been holding civilian hostages, have been engaged in a standoff with government troops in Zamboanga City for nine days already. Budget Secretary Florencio Abad said the MNLF group in Zamboanga was just a faction of the MNLF and "if there's any reason why it's taking long for the government to stabilize the situation there, it's really because we're protecting as much lives and limbs as possible as MNLF used them as human shields." He expressed belief that the protracted standoff in Zamboanga would not cause any major economic dislocation. Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez said even in the tourism sector, the Zamboanga incident did not have any impact so far. "There are no immediate implications for tourism," he said, adding that so far there were no reports of booking cancellations from foreign tourists who were planning to visit the Philippines.

The government is eyeing 6 percent to 7 percent economic growth for this year. The economy grew 7.6 percent during the first semester of 2013.

Effect of the Zamboanga crisis to the government (By Jasper Lee ) Sources (,

The effects of the Zamboanga crisis here in the philippines to the government/politics is that some government donate relief goods to the people in Zamboanga. According to Interaksyon the ARMM government has donated 2,000 food packs to displaced residents of Zamboanga City. Another effect is that the government has to send out military forces to protect the citizens of Zamboanga. From a theoretical standpoint, the government’s response to the Zamboanga crisis was a test of the security sector institutions’ capacity to govern. To an extent, it also mirrored the shifts in the protocols and practices that “redefined” the role of the armed forces in exercising its internal security mission as well as the role of civilian institutions such as the LGU and the police in providing the balance of military power in a conflict situation.

Effects of the Zamboanga crisis to the society (Gab Noel)

Today in our everyday lives, we face many issues in our country. One of them being the Zamboanga attack, because of this we as citizens are now endangered because of the "bad blood" between our government and the MNLF. The lack of cooperation of the MNLF triggered the attack, and because of that we wouldn't know when or where they would strike. This leaves us more protective of our surroundings. The attack brings bad reputation which effects tourism, because why would tourists want to come to a country that is having problems.

Effect of the Zamboanga crisis to religion in Zamboanga (Bailey Cheung)

The religion of the Zamboangans was affected because of the hostage of Muslims and Christians. The Christians and Muslims were affected because mostly Christians were took for hostage at first because the MNLF are Muslims, but the Muslims that weren't took for hostage didn't want everyone else to get mad at them. But in the end MNLF

wanted more hostages so they took in the Muslims too. The MNLF's purpose was to spread Islam. In the end, the opposite happened, the people in Zamboanga were united.

Individual components (Alain Lee Jr 9F 17) Rebuliding the phillippines the good way .

Today in our country many disasters has occurred like the Zamboanga Crisis the Pork Barrel issue and the recent natural calamities .As a filipino I will play a part in rebuilding the Philippines by helping the youth know the basic things in taking part in rebuilding the Philippines .

What the filipino people do to rebuild the nation is to support the government claims if they aims to make our nation grow and think twice in not supporting the governments claims if they think that the government is not doing the right thing the Filipinos should have the right mind in choosing the right descision .

What the government can do to rebuild the nation is to stop the corrupting In the government if they truly want to make the Philippines a better place then they should use the money of the people for the rebuilding of the Philippines not for themselves .

Well for me as a student what I can do to rebuild the country is teach the children younger than me the way in rebuilding our country the good way .

Jasper Lee 9F19

Today our nation has a lot of conflicts, even though we didn't do these conflicts we must help and rebuild our nation so that we may live in harmony and peace. First off as filipinos, we must embrace and cherish our culture. Practicing our culture as filipinos help us rebuild our nation because it shows that we are proud that we are filipinos. As filipinos we can also practice our po and opo so that we can respect out elderly and those who are older than us. The government can help rebuild the nation by using the taxes to good means. The government should use the taxes they get from us to build roads, buildings and create programs. They should use the money to help us rise as a country. The government officials must not be corrupt in order to help rebuild our nation because if they get all the money for themselves, they will not use the money for helping us and our economy. The government should start doing programs to help the people and that these programs will really help the needy. The programs that they should create should be like "free checkup", "free medicine", "discounted sales". Lastly as a student, we can contribute in helping our nation by respecting our elderly, do good in school and to pray. We should do good in school because we are soon becoming the next generation so we must not put our studies to waste. We must not take for granted our education because we need this for our future. We must pray because we are christian and that we are faithful to god.

Gab Noel 9F 23 The Filipino people can cooperate and understand what it's doing. We as Filipinos should also be attentive of what is happening in our country. Filipinos should also pay there proper taxes and make sure it's own time. This would really help our government

in helping rebuild the damages in our country and also to pay and give their gratitude towards our policemen and military for what they have done for our country. A simple act of gratitude for protecting and serving us/our country.

Our government can try their best to cooperate with the MNLF and try to maintain peace here, to protect our people. The people in the government can also control corruption in our country so the money is being put to waste. This will help them lead our country properly and make them liked by the people.

As an average student, I can be aware of the news and be attentive to what is happening around me. I believe this could help because I could be aware of any help that I can do to help in the rebuilding. By any means like donations and physical help.

Rj Te 9F 31

Nation building is not easy. Every citizen needs to participate and everyone should be united as one, including the MNLF and all the other rebels and their own groups. Nation building can happen by promoting peace and order in one's place or society, and by not opposing each other. Everyone should also be open to other people who are in need of their help and those other people who are of different religions, like muslims. Most of the time, whenever Catholics see Muslims, they assume that Muslims always kill other people and start wars. Like what people say, "if all religions teach peace, then why can't the world achieve peace?". Nowadays, this is really big question. The government's role is to be the one to deal with the other opposing groups like the MNLF, MILF, and the other rebel groups. In the Philippines, particularly in Mindanao, this is the problem, dealing with the rebels. Like what happened recently in Zamboanga, this is a sign that the people in that place are not united. Both Filipinos, but they are fighting. This fight started because the Muslims want Mindanao to be theirs and to be separated from the rest of the country. Now for this issue to be fixed, our government leaders need to deal with them so that we can be united as one. And that eventually will lead to peace and order. As a student, for me, the most effective way to build our nation is to organize a "class building", similar to a team building because this help promote teamwork. In that event we can have games wherein cooperation will be necessary which means that everyone would have to work in groups. Another way is being a role model to others. For instance, if someone doesn't want be friends with another classmate, we can

show them how to deal with people that are not really close to you so that they can imitate the role model.

Bailey Cheung 9F

The Filipino people can rebuild the nation by promoting peace. They can to unite the Christians and Muslims even though they have different beliefs. The Filipinos can be united and help each other improve our country by investing in new ideas to help our economy develop. Our government can stop being corrupt and use the money that they get to help build more buildings and roads or anything that can help us become a better country. The government should help build up our army systems so that we won't be as affected as the Zambo Crisis. As a student, I think that I can help rebuild the nation by donation and tell people to also donate. This is a very simple task that we can all do because we receive allowance and money, so that could help the affected people know that we are supporting them. We can help rebuild the nation, right now, by telling people what we think the government should do and that protesting could help the government realize that what they are doing is wrong and that they should use the money for the country and not for their own desire.

Grade 9F Grp 6  
Grade 9F Grp 6  

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