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Representation of different social group When deciding what our storyline was going to be we initially had social groups fixed with it. As we chose a issue that the was current our films targeted social group would be people who are interested with information on what the issues/problems, news about the world. The people who find current issues interesting and like to spread the word, even people who would like to help to change. We wanted to keep up the Film4 reputation of having storyline about the gritty truth about Britain but the only thing we wanted to do was show a truth about Britain which people might not know of or have any idea its even happening, unlike issues such as drugs, crime and underage pregnancy.

Camera,angle,shot movement and position: Its thought that teenagers treat each other different behind closed doors. Even though Nazir is not a teenager it can be reflected. We used many high angles is various places through out the opening sequence. We had two main shots of an interrogator who represents the governments and the authority. We showed this by always having his scenes from a low angle which showed bot power and control. This represents our social group for example the University fees going up they protested yet the authority do nothing.

We added this shot in after noticing that the shots before and after sis not flow so well. When Nazir felt something emotionally he would write it down preparing for someone to read and understand what he was going through. This represents our social group as they do the same when they feel something or have done something during the day they need to tell other people- through social network such as Twitter and Facebook

Editing The main reason for editing was so that by putting all the shot together all footage made up a storyline and flowed. Again keeping up Film4 reputation we did not use any graphical software (CGI) or complicated transitions.Flashy,unrealistic factors like transitions are only used for Hollywood movies attracting a mainstream audience. They do so, so anyone; age gender, race can understand the movie. They also think its more flashy and cool.

Most of the transition was a simple cut but a one which was risky move to place in a British Social Realist film was the jump cut which could break the verisimilitude. My partner and I wanted to show the passing of time and how even his emotions do not change. This represents our social group as they are aware of reality. They understand there are people out there in the world who suffer quietly may it be from domestic violence or torture.

Sound Our social group understand that reality is not the glamorous type like the Hollywood movies portray it. We have Islamic music in the background to show that Nazir is still connected with his faith whether he’s having a bad time or not. The music is non diegetic allowing us to make assumption at how he is feeling.

We also had a voice over. He was saying the notes he was writing allowing the audience to witness and understand his thoughts and feelings. His voice is calm, slow and soft. This connotes that even though he is not happy with his life this is reality and you have to live with whether you like it or not. This represents our social group as most people do tell a person how they feeling other wise it stays within them.

Mise en scene (Iconography , Anchorage) The biggest and easiest thing to do in today day and age is to communicate. Even though this does not reflect or even represent our social group it shows a form of communication which our social group do a lot of.

Typography The typography was a key clue for the audience to guess what the film was about. The title and the credits were written in a sort of calligraphy font which connotes that the main character writes a lot, writing could be the main plot of this film. The sense of writing gives the audience the feeling that he might be escaping (writing stories) or its just part his job (journalist).

I also created the production name. The logo of the question mark is just like another way of saying anonymous. We named it this due to us being a new production team we wanted people to question who we were and kind of research into the films we made. This represents our social group for example if a boy liked a girl he would tell as little as he can about himself so she would want to know more about him.

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