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My Summer

This film appealed to me as it was about the lives of the underdog. The people who have a small status in the society, work community or in life at school. This related to me as I have started work and as I am the youngest one people take me as stupid, unreliable and always have others peoples work pushed on me. After watching this movie I have seen work in a different way I have realized the only reason why my boss does this is because they have power. But a few days after I had watched this film I had been promoted and as for my old job they got another person . From then I have seen that person has been treated the exact way I had been treated when I had the job ! The boss which is most like my boss is TOOL.

FILM This film appealed to me as it was a horror. The trailer helped as it had key, scary moments. I enjoy comedy and romance but if someone asked what my all time genre was I would answer HORROR. The actual thrills and chills can not be given with anything else. The thought of not knowing what is coming next is both frightening and exiting. It relates as this is how I see life sometimes. I have not seen this movie but the poster, reviews and other text influenced me to see this movie. There are many young people in this film trying to survive this disease or whatever it is. It appealed in the way the poster was made and that Steven Quale had also made Avatar and terminator which I have watched . Mainly the reason why this film appealed to me was because of the directors previous films.

This song appeals to me because this is my typical weekend now and then. I enjoy parting and this is what the song is mostly about. Its also clearly printed as the name of the song too. Sean Kingston is one of my favorite artists as his music really uplifts me. The way he is young and really just sings what he is feeling and his thoughts make him as an artist appeal to the younger audience. I have read many reviews which where written by fellow youth which have been positive. I can see that his agent has allowed him to be free and spontantious unlike other artists agents.

SONG This song appeals to me because Avril lavigne is my all time favorite artist. Her songs are about love, relationship and that bond between people.This song appeals to me because just recently my grandmother had passed away and I know what Avril means by “When you’re gone” .The tone,rhythme and pace to this song reminds me of all the good time I had with my grandmother. This song wasn’t just for partners but for loved families. This summer this song has helped keep a lot of the memories of my grandmother special and memorable. Another reason is that when I saw the previews on YouTube it was obvious to me that I was the audience they were targeting at.

This programme appealed to me as I can relate to it.In the image you can see the two men and the blonde girl. They look very different, as a stereotype if someone wears glasses they automatically think that this person is geekish or really smart. Blondes are stereotyped as a bit dumb or have no common sense. The third guy on the left is shown a bit normal but for the people who have seen this programme will know that this is not the case and that he is definitely the opposite. I would say I relate to this as I do act like these three at different times of the day and with different people. The way this poster has been created and formatted it is clearly shown that the target audience is for younger, youthful people as it connotes that the background with the pencil marks and the blunt sketches and note taking are things you would see in a students note book rather then a office workers file ! I am rather smart and dumb when I want to be, so to me the slogan conveyed that the people in the show had a mixture of personalities and IQ’s.


This programme appealed to me as the Doctor was cute ! The stories shown in the information section on the sky box taught me a lot about the show. Another reason why this particular programme grabbed my attention was because of the different adventure the doctor went on. I know this as the BBC had shown this in different previews throughout the week for that weeks episode. I consider myself as a very typical wild ,adventurous type of teenager so any wild, weird type of programme or films really grabs my interest from the start. When I look at this poster the swirling background and the people swirling around connotes to me that they are in some kind of dangerous travel or have something to do with space and time. When I watch this I see myself as Amy. This is because she helps out the doctor fix and solve things‌.. And I have always wished to be the Doctors side kick so I can help defeat other evil aliens and their evil minions.

This website appeals to me as it has my favorite songs, Artists and videos. I have made a personal account on this website. This allows me to have a little freedom with what type of video I post and how I stylizes the page. When I am on this website I feel as if I am my own director, producer etc as I can make my own video and post them very easily. YouTube have millions and millions of videos posted which I think is amazing but this is not the only amazing feature but it is the fact when you watched a video you can comment, rate and subscribe. I also have YouTube on my phone, to me this website is as in important as texting and phoning. This website appeals most to me as it keeps me on my track with latest music and my favorite songs. The only problem I had was when I wanted a video which someone in the world had made I couldn’t because you couldn’t convert it into a MP3 file or save it as a video. But even those problems where chased away as they had created YouTube convertor where all videos could be converted into a Mp3 file to stick on your mobile or iPod !


My summer  

It has all my Favourites

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