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Music Video We have a combo of performance, imperative and Narrative. We are very much staying with the typical Hip Hop/RnB genre. Cincere is a professional photographer. We start the music video in his office were he gets a message from a friend to check a girl out. When he see’s the picture he starts liking her. With the images it goes into a scenario. The first image he see’s is her in a photoshoot. It then goes into her posing, we see just in front a man taking the picture but we don’t see his face. We then see his reaction, the second image is of him studying which we then see a group of friends studying again we see a guy who hugs the girl but we don’t see his face. Lastly we see a date picture with her and her boyfriend the guy Cincere had seen in the rest of the pictures. Finally when we see the reaction she walks in with him. In between it will cut to a dance performance. To join all three products together so you would understand which artist is being advertised here we will have an American flag or theme going. The paper Digipack and magazine advert will have photomosaic American flags as the background, the music video will have the dancers in red blue and white and the mise en scene in Cincere office will have lots to do with America.

Magazine Advert The magazine advert will be photomosaic. A group of images relating to Cincere will combine to make the background. This will be the American flag just like the digipack , This will amalgamate the two products. The Digipack will be shown on the advert as well as the artist. This is a very typical convention for a RnB/Hip Hop music video. The typography will be very much similar but just in a slightly different way than the Digipack. This will a bit like the Jay Z magazine advert we analysed. This will include social networking sites as well as website, such as MySpace an iTunes where you can buy the album or download it. As it is Cincere album it will be a big image in the background.

Digipack Front cover

Back cover Cincere Life Timeline

The digipack is one of the product branding our artist, Cincere. The digipack will have an American theme throughout the whole digipack. This is as Cincere is from America, this Album “Me” is about home most of his songs are about him going back home. This will be In the style of a photomosaic, it will have small images of family,friends,childhood etc. As Our music genre is RnB/Hip Hop they mostly get advertised and branded with themselves, Therefore we will get a prime iconic image of Cincere and make it into a photomosaic. The Typography will be like the army as Cincere dad was in the army and died when Cincere Was only 6 years old.Cincere signature song in the album is called “Daddy”. This album is Branding Cincere as famous yet still down to Earth in the way he loves is family and wants To go back home.

Final Treatment  
Final Treatment  

This is all our ideas in one powerpoint