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What you used during AS (prelim & Britishsocial-realism) Mac JVC HD Camera Blackberry IPhone Flip camera Voice recorder

How did you develop these skills? (Knowledge application of techniques) • • •

I developed different skills whilst using the Mac. I learnt various techniques getting in and out of folders I developed how to use a flip camera as I have never used it before. Even though they are basic skills I have learnt something new There was no development in using our phones but the voice recorder was a small device we had to learn about as we both had never used it before

Word Excel PowerPoint Flash Fireworks Photoshop IMovie

Facebook Internet Gifpal Prezi Blogger YouTube Issuu

In terms of the social networks I have used them before and only used them to communicate with my partner, but for software such prezi and Gifpal I have never used them therefore I have not only learnt a new software but have also mastered the basics.

When starting Yr13 coursework I will be able to use these new software with no difficulty

I have developed in all these different software using YouTube tutorials and teachers advice I have learnt advance skills which will help me in further creative tasks and assignments I used final cut for my trailer in GCSE so I had not used iMovie before until the this year continuity editing which I learnt basic skills.

Digital tech pro  

It has hardware,software and online stuff