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Daily Construction: Day 1 During day 2 of production we were able to shoot scene 9 and 10.Whilst practising the scene we discovered that the location was quite small to film the specific shots. This might be an issue as a particular shot might the convention we want to create through that scene. My partner and I were able to use a same shot but we could not use the tripod as it took up to much space. To make sure we had a steady shot we had to get a shelf which we put on the wall temporarily which helped us get the steady view. We started off by creating the main title for our film. We done this by using the website to get the font. As we had already got the font style it was easier to sit and create the titles. We did both the production logo and the title of the film.

Daily Construction- Day 2 On Saturday I tried to organise my location two; Basement. During organising my basement I had difficulties getting appropriate shots in the basement which gave off a wrong image. Therefore I had to choose another location. The backup location was the shed but it needed some organising by moving boxes, sweeping and etc. On the other hand i started creating my title in software called Flash.

Daily Construction- Day4 On Sunday I was able to make my, flag of Syria, this was made on white cotton and fabric paint was painted on top. This was very simple to create and wasn’t time wasting. Also I was able to film the scenes from 1-7, when filming these scene, as the room was small, some of the shots were not able to be done as the lighting of the room didn’t give enough backlighting which create a very dark shot which I could use as it would give off a wrong atmosphere. What I will need to do is to film my footage when the outside light is bright enough to give enough back lighting to give dull but clear

Daily construction  

This shows what we did over three whole days

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