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Facebook vs. Twitter

Ashley Sharp Staff Reporter


ocial networking has become a big thing for the world’s society. There are a ton of different sites throughout the internet. Between Twitter and Facebook, I think Facebook is better. On Facebook, there are a lot more cool things to do and it’s easier to keep in touch with your friends.On Facebook, you can see relationship statuses, pictures, and posts of what people are doing. People put what they are saying and doing and it pops up on your news feed so you can see it. You can see what your friends are doing, what your parents are doing, and you can also see what people you don’t like are doing. On twitter, I don’t feel that you can get the same point across. People don’t really talk about what they are doing and things like that. Twitter is really just used to put little blurbs on what they are feeling and thinking of. If you like someone status all you have to do is press the “Like” button on their status. Once you hit this button, it goes directly to that person’s home page, and when people look at the post, they can see that you liked it. On someone’s status you can also comment on it if you want to say anything about it. On twitter, you can just retweet or favorite it. On Facebook, you can write a whole page and it would still let you type it. This is good because you can say everything that you want to say and everything that you are doing. Twitter contains 140 characters. What can you say in 140 characters? This might be the biggest reason why Facebook is better that Twitter. Facebook has a lot of pictures on it. You can put albums on or just upload a picture of what you are doing that very second so people can see what you are doing and who you are with. On pictures, you can also tag people who you are with, so your friends that are on Facebook can see it. The next feature that is cool is the relationship status. If you are dating someone, it isn’t fully official unless you are in a relationship on Facebook. People are always saying, “It’s Facebook official!”. You can see who is dating who, who is married to who and any other relationship that you might be in. this status also shows up on your news feed. It pops up if someone is in a new relationship or if they turn single. Facebook is better that Twitter mainly

because of the photos and the amount that you can say on Facebook. Also, Twitter fights are dumb. I think Facebook is better than Twitter. There is more detail on Facebook, and it is easier to see what your friends are doing and talk to them.

Emma Huddleston Staff Reporter


ur society today is surrounded with social networks. The two most popular networks known today are Facebook and Twitter. They both have great qualities: catching up with old friends, communicating, sharing your life stories, and telling jokes to others. They’re both very similar to each other, but all in all, Twitter has it going on and has some features that Facebook can’t even compare to. Twitter lets people express their opinions about anything and everything. On Twitter, nobody complains if you post three or more statuses in a row. On Facebook, everyone complains if you post more than one status a day. Twitter is more easygoing going than Facebook. As soon as you sign up on Twitter, you can immediately choose a username you like (you can go back later and change it, something Facebook will not allow with their URL’s). You can also write a little 160-character biography about yourself that lets people know what you’re interested in and what you like to do. Facebook gives out too much information on your profile. Twitter barely gives out any, which is a great way to be safer on the web.

Twitter also has the feature of something we call “hashtags.” You’ll even find people on Facebook that use hashtags even though it is typically a Twitter-only thing. Hashtags are when you use the pound symbol on your keyboard and type a word after it. An example would be: #TwitterIsBetterThanFacebook. When you click on that hashtag in the tweet, everyone that has ever posted #TwitterIsBetterThanFacebook in their tweet would come up. It is a way to see what other people have posted about that you share similarities with. Also, if you wanted to know anything about a certain celebrity, you could type #theirname in your tweet and it would show up with everything about that celebrity that other people have tweeted about. Speaking of celebrities, every celebrity has a Twitter and actually posts on their Twitter themselves! On Facebook, there are just fan pages that you can like and other people post information about that celebrity on there. But Twitter has the legit celebrity talking on their profile! How cool is that? Some students at Lakota West, such as sophomore Bobby Gelter, have even had celebrities tweet to them. Gelter had David Schmitt of Breathe Carolina tweet to him. Communication with celebrities rarely ever happens on Facebook since most of the time, it isn’t really them. Twitter shows who is real and who is not. If they are a real celebrity and Twitter has confirmed this, it will have a blue checkmark by their name that says “verified.” This is to keep people from making fake celebrity accounts and so users know that they are the real thing. Facebook does not do this and there are fakes all over it. Twitter also has a nice feature called a “retweet.” For instance, let’s say someone posts a tweet saying “Had a great day today,” and you had a great day as well, so what you would do is hit the button that looks like two reverse arrow signs and it would automatically post onto your profile. Easy as that! Retweeting is basically like “likes” on Facebook, it’s just cooler. If you also like something, you have the option to favorite their tweet as well. When people go to your profile, they can hit a tab that says “Favorites” and look at all the tweets you have favored. Overall, Twitter has some much better features than Facebook has.

Voice artwork by Emma Huddleston

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Emma Huddleston Staff Reporter Ashley Sharp Staff Reporter because of the photos and the amount that you can say on Facebook. Also, Twitter...