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Archaeology Unit

Project/Assignment Title: Type of Communication: Grade Level:

Content Area: Social Studies

6th Grade

Duration of Project: 4-5 weeks

Professional Profile List the number of clock hours of technology training / coaching in the last five years

352 hours

List the number of clock hours of curriculum design & assess connecting content & technology in last five years 35+ Check your experience as a technology user: Beginner Confident user

x Capable of teaching others

How frequently do you incorporate technology with your lessons/units? 1-2 times a year Monthly Weekly Daily


Comments about your own technology experience learning:

1. At the end of this lesson, what did you expect your students to deeply understand and/or be able to do? (Please attach lesson plan or other describing documentation) Students were expected to understand the purpose, processes and procedures of archaeology.

2. How did you and your students know the expected learning(s) were achieved? Students were assessed on the “civilization” they created, the “artifacts” they created, and the slideshow they created to report their findings and conclusions.

3. How did making the technology product support or accelerate students reaching the learning goals? Students were expected to make a presentation to the class discussing the progress of their dig and the conclusions about the discovered “civilizations.” Creating a slideshow is motivating and an excellent way to present to the class. Using the digital camera and QTVRis also motivating.

4. Indicate the preparation tasks students participated in before developing the product. Check all that apply: Pre-Planning Tasks

Assessment Tasks

x Story boarding

Idea mapping Flow charting Note cards Other__________________

x x

Outlining Developing topic / purpose Creating one draft Creating more than one draft

Rubric developed by students Other__________________

Research Tasks At least 2 Number of Sources Expected ___________ Interviews



Data Tables/Charts

Process Tasks

x Rubric provided by teacher x Team building Rubric developed w/ x Time management students

Peer review/Conferencing Editing/revising Other_________________

x Internet Sites Video/TV x Books/Magazines/Newspapers


Rank the overall subject/topic competency demonstrated by this student’s product

0 1 2 3 (HIGH)

Rank the overall quality of the craftsmanship demonstrated by the student’s product

0 1 2 3 (HIGH)

Rank the overall benefits of using technology resources to learn this subject/topic

0 1 2 3 (HIGH)

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Turning Up the HEAT- Adams 12  
Turning Up the HEAT- Adams 12  

THe handout for Turnign up the H.E.A.T. used in the Adams 12 School Distirict