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Who’s Who…... Hamsterley—St.James Priest in Charge

Rev. Richard Deimel


Associate Ministers

Rev Margaret Deimel, Canon Trevor Pitt

Tel: 488898


Derek Jago



Mr.P.E.Bloor The Croft Mrs M.Swan Bedburn Old Hall



Mr I.Bonas Bedburn Hall


Magazine Treasurer

Mrs A.M.Brown-Humes


Methodist Church

Minister Rev Keith Phipps

Tel: 603142

Steward George Richardson

Tel: 764620

Steward David Clarke


Baptist Church


Witton-le-Wear—St Philip & St James Priest in Charge Associate Minister

Rev. Richard Deimel Margaret Deimel.


PCC Secretary

Mrs D.Phelps 6 St. James Gardens



Mrs M.Henderson

Magazine Secretary

Mr.David Harris



From the Editor…...

Welcome to the first edition of the Hamsterley & Witton– le – Wear Parish Magazine of 2014 and my first as Editor. This magazine is for you and about you and needs to reflect our local lives. It is a Parish Magazine and it is supported by the Church and may well be many residents only contact with the Church; but it’s not just about the Church, it’s about village life. The best way for the magazine to thrive and survive is for it to be useful, interesting and entertaining—and that’s where we need your help! If you have any ideas or thoughts about what you would like to see in future issues, then don’t be shy; please get in touch. If you have any articles—such as gardening tips, recipes, local history, letters to the editor or anything that you think others may find interesting then please email them to or post them through the door at Orchard View in Hamsterley directly opposite the Cross Keys.


Minister’s Letter I live in a village – Escomb. Like most villages there are people who give their time to promote the life of the village community. There are also people who do not have time to spare outside of their busy private lives, or whose social focus is not in the village where they live. I guess this is true all over. Then in August Maggi and I will be retiring to the tiny village of Crawleyside. This seems to be a very friendly place. I reckon there is a bond between people who are mad enough to choose to live high up on an exposed hillside in the North Pennines! As you read this, you probably live in or around Hamsterley or Witton-le-Wear. You may live there because your family have lived there for some time. Perhaps you count yourself lucky to have those deep roots, and you value your place in the story of your village. Or you may live there because you wanted to live in a village, and chose to move there. Either way, the village has a strong grip on the human psyche. Having lived in big cities, I know how the village is a nostalgic dream for city-dwellers. But of course our villages are only good communities to live in if their people are generous and welcoming. There is a well-known African saying: ‘It takes a village to raise a child’. This is deeply wise. The nuclear family of the West, so beloved of the advertisers, is in fact quite a vulnerable unit on its own. Two parents together raising their natural children are under huge pressure. And of course ‘family’ has multiple shapes. But no family is enough on its own for the healthy growth of a child. It takes a village … What else does it take a village to achieve? I’ll suggest a few and you may like to add your own. It takes a village to …


Give a decent life to elderly, frail or isolated people. Find ways of sharing resources (I’m in a local health food co-op based in our villages, which works well). Support those going through tragedy. Help a small school thrive. Care for its own land together. Set up a social space where ideas, skills and fun can be shared. Produce a good spiritual community. Enable a healthy exchange of views on all kinds of things. Encourage teenagers and young adults to grow in confidence. Celebrate special events that include everyone. This vision of a village where there is all of human life goes deeper than just British nostalgia. There is a striking picture by St Paul in First Epistle to the Corinthians Chapter 12 where he likens the church or the community to the body of Christ. In this picture we all represent one part of the body, from the most prominent like the head and the heart to the most neglected like the little toe-nail. But each needs the other, and the strongest parts cannot function if the weakest are not playing their essential part. So a happy village needs to include everyone as far as possible, not divide into competing cliques. During the so-called ‘Dark Ages’ the life centres in the North-East of England were the Celtic monastic communities. These communities were not just monks and nuns like Cuthbert, Bede, Aidan and Hilda. Within the outer walls there also lived smiths, carpenters, cooks, food-producers, with their families of all generations. All depended on each other, and in that dependence they lived in peace and security. These communities have been called ‘heavenly villages’. May our villages share that same deep love and shared acceptance.

Richard Deimel 7

Churches Together Services UNITED VILLAGE SERVICES‌...February 2014 February 2nd


Methodist Chapel & Churches Together Centre

9.30 am

First Light

10.30 am

Morning Worship Mr John Biggs

February 9th

4th Sunday before Lent

St James' Church

10.30 am

February 16th

3rd Sunday before Lent

St James' Church

8.00 am

Holy Communion (BCP)

Methodist Chapel & Churches Together Centre

10.30 am

Morning Worship

February 23rd

2nd Sunday before Lent

St James' Church

10.30 am

Holy Communion (CW)

Canon Trevor Pitt

Holy Communion (CW)

Baptist Church We have two services in January, on Sunday 12th with Joe Wilkinson of Eshwinning, and on Sunday 26th with Stephen Fry from Darlington (he's not the one on telly!). Both services are at 10.30am and all are welcome. We also have our weekly Bible Studies on Thursday at 7.30pm and Susan Thorne from the Methodist Church will be doing a series on the life of the old testament character Joseph, who after being sold as a slave became prime minister! Again everyone is most welcome.


Churches Together Centre Be Blessed! First Light, the monthly half-hour Sunday morning venture for children and families continues at 9:30 a.m on Sunday 2 February, focusing on the sayings of Jesus often known as the beatitudes.

Why pray? Prayer is a very personal thing, much appreciated by some, but not by others. An ingredient of many lives worldwide, it comes in all shapes and sizes with as many variants as there are personalities. But what actually is it and what lies behind it? Some of the realities and mysteries surrounding prayer will be explored in a discussion to be introduced by Rev. Keith Phipps in the Churches Together Centre on Monday 3 February at 7pm. Discovery evening discussions are open to all. The following month, attention will turn to “Why waste the Planet?”

Annual Feast Friends of the Millennium Yew Garden will be coming to the centre on Tuesday 4 February at 7.30pm for the annual get-together when ideas are swopped and plans are made for the coming year in the Garden, followed by juicy refreshments.

Pancake Cafe The café will be returning by popular request on Shrove Tuesday. Pop in for a pancake on Tuesday 4 March between 3.30 and 5 pm.

St James’ Cleaning Rota February 10th –23rd:

Mrs M Henderson – Mrs A Walshaw

February 24th—March 9th: Mrs J Hunter


From the Parish Register Captain Richard Holloway RE Killed in Action in Afghanistan Interred at Hamsterley following his funeral at Durham Cathedral on 23rd January 2014

Requiescat in Pace

The Hamsterley Players The Hamsterley Players wish to advise that this year’s pantomime has been postponed. Our thoughts, love and prayers are with Jaquie and Neil Holloway

Hamsterley Social Club On New Year’s Eve at Hamsterley Social Club members and friends raised £267.15 for Help the Heroes in memory of Richard Holloway.


Subscriptions The annual subscription for the magazine for 2014 is £5. Thanks to those who have already paid and a request to those who haven’t yet got around to it to pay their distributor as soon as possible. Thank you!

Moving On……. Margaret and John Wearmouth will be pleased to see anyone who would like to call at 2 Chapelside Meadows, before their move to Darlington at the end of the month, on Saturday 22 February, anytime between 10 am and 12 noon or between 2 and 5 pm .

Church Rotas We are lucky that a comprehensive rota of readers, intercessors, sidespeople, refreshment makers and cleaners is produced for St James’ by Mavis Brown-Humes and Val Bartlett. In keeping with our aim of ‘One Church – Two Buildings’ we would like to expand the rota to embrace the Methodist Chapel and Churches Together Centre. Are you willing to take on any of those roles in either or both premises? If you are then Mavis or Val would love to hear from you.


Poppy Appeal 2013 Thank you to all my collectors in Hamsterley, Bedburn, Witton le Wear and Lands. We made the magnificent total of £2,078.68. A special thankyou to The Social Club in Hamsterley! Through their 70's night and their collection box they made the splendid sum of £497.65. Empy Iremonger

Joys and Sorrows Do you have any major life events to share? We’d love to hear of births, engagements, anniversaries and significant birthdays. Contact Jonathan by email at or drop a note off at Orchard View opposite the Cross Keys.

Next Issue Collation March edition to be collated in February by Mike & Angela Watson

Contacting us…….. The new email address for any magazine contributions is: Or you can drop contributions through the letterbox at Orchard View (opposite The Cross Keys) The deadline for articles is the 15th of the month


On behalf of the NSPCC I would like

to thank all those who came to sing in the Chapel (indoor Millennium Garden!!) before Christmas. I really cannot think of a nicer way of raising money for the charity. Thank you to those who brought refreshments and especially to Vicky who every year unfailingly warms us up with her hot fruit punch. Thanks must go also to the choir and the musicians who make the whole evening more musical and of course to the wonderful choir master/ conductor/ master of ceremonies and general factotum, John. We raised £140 for which the NSPCC will be very grateful. Thank you once again for your support—Jane Monk

T the Cross Keys Festive Charity

hanks to all of those who attended

Quiz in January where £100 was raised for Butterwick Hospice—it was a great night with wonderful food provided by Andy at the Cross Keys (a great big thank you for that!) Thanks also to Mark for providing the quiz and asking the questions. Another quiz is planned for March - we’ll let you have the date as soon as possible. If you fancy travelling further afield there’s a quiz night at Bella Italia on Fore Bondgate in Bishop Auckland on Monday 10th February at 7pm and also an “Olly Murs meets Michael Buble” concert at the Belvedere Social Club on Saturday 1st March at 7.30pm. If either of these events sounds of interest, both of which are supporting a great cause then please contact Helen Kirby on 01388 660644 or email


The Monday Club THE NEXT EVENT ‌

Monday 17 February

Slipping Down The Ladder: The Decline of Weardale's Great Elizabethan Houses We are delighted to have secured a highly qualified and highly entertaining speaker for this event

Martin Roberts is recently retired from English Heritage and is currently updating the County Durham section of Nikolaus Pevsner's 'The Buildings of England' This really is one Monday Club that should not be missed by anyone who enjoys learning more about our local history It is a free event, with free refreshments, and it takes place in the

Village Hall at 7.30pm All are welcome and we look forward to seeing you there


Hamsterley Hoppings 2014 It has come round to that time of year when the planning starts. First meeting to be held on Wednesday 12th February at 7.30pm

Hamsterley Social Club—Everyone Welcome Looking for old and new volunteers with ideas to help us make this event as successful as previous years. Hope to see you there Hamsterley Hoppings Committee If you would like any further information please contact Claire Hunter on 07721 739060


Hamsterley Parish Council Minutes of a meeting of Hamsterley Parish Council held on Monday 13 January 2014 in The Village Hall, Hamsterley Present: Jane Bee (Chairman), Mark Coatsworth (Vice Chairman), Dominic Bayne, Sue Heslop, Julia Hunter, Jonathan Peacock, Caroline Peacock (clerk) 2. Apologies: Richard Hughes 3. Approval of previous Minutes: JH, JP The meeting opened with a minute's silence in memory of Captain Richard Holloway, killed in action in Afghanistan, 23 December 2013. 4. Matters arising: a) Village Pond - the services of contractor W Marley, Constantine Farm, Hunwick, have been engaged, both for drainage work and for pond clearance. b) Dog dirt continues to be a major problem on village pavements. The Parish Council now has a supply of dog dirt bags for dog-walkers who find themselves without, and will shortly erect a dispenser. The future use of luminous biodegradable spray paint to highlight dog mess is being considered. c) In wet weather, damage to the village greens by vehicles is increasing. Residents and their visitors are asked to take care in sticking to use of the existing lanes and are particularly asked not to erode grassed corners. d) Contract for cutting the grass on the Village Greens. Following advertisements locally, the application window is now closed. 5. Planning: a) The update on Application no. CMA/6/48 by Banks Renewables for five wind turbines alongside Windy Bank Road has been postponed. Lewis Stokes, of Banks, has now asked to attend the next PC Meeting on 10 March.


6. Accounts: a) Annual Budget and Precept. The Council is regretfully obliged to raise the Precept, to allow for increases in grass cutting and other regular charges. A Precept of £3,000 has been agreed, an increase of 9% since 2006. 7. New Business: a) Derek Toon's request (11/12/13) for sponsorship of the website was agreed. b) 2014 PC dates: 10 March, 12 May (AGM), 14 July, 8 Sept, 10 Nov. c) SH reported slate off toilet block roof. CP will write to DCC. d) JH reported water due to blocked sinks on Hollin Bank causing danger, especially when icy conditions prevail. CP will inform DCC. e) MC, the current Vice Chairman, notified his resignation from the PC due to his relocation abroad for work purposes. He was congratulated on his appointment, and thanked for his service to the Council. f) DB proposed that the PC should underwrite the cost of any shortfall in meeting the cost of one of two coaches to the funeral of Captain Richard Holloway and this was agreed.

Any loose change? Holidays are great and remembered with the photos you took and the coins you brought back, but what to do with them. I too over the years have collected all sorts of coins so I have tracked down a charity, Marie Curie for cancer research, who will take all coins, even those not in current use ie countries in the Euro zone. If you have any coins rattling around in your draws please either contact me on 488524 or drop them off at home, 2 Ladywell, Hamsterley. Once I have enough to send the charity will let me know how much they have raised. Thanks a lot—Sue Davies.

 17

Looking back…...… FEBRUARY It was.... 175 years ago:- on 26th Feb 1839 that the first Grand National steeplechase took place, at Aintree Racecourse near Liverpool. 90 years ago:- on 5th Feb 1924 that BBC Radio broadcast the ‘sixpips’ Greenwich Time Signal for the first time. 75 years ago:- on 25th Feb 1939 that the first Anderson air-raid shelters were delivered to households in Islington, north London, in anticipation of German bombing. 50 years ago:- on 7th Feb 1964 that The Beatles arrived in New York City for their first tour of the USA, and were met by thousands of screaming fans. 30 years ago:- on 14th Feb 1984 that British figure skaters Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean won the gold medal at the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, scoring the first perfect 6.0 in Olympic icedancing history. 25 years ago:- on 11th Feb 1989 that Barbara C Harris became the first woman to be ordained as a bishop in the Anglican Church, in a ceremony in Boston, Massachusetts. 15 years ago:- on 24th Feb 1999 that the Macpherson Report on the killing of black British teenager Stephen Lawrence was published. It said London’s Metropolitan Police Force was ‘institutionally racist’. 10 years ago:- on 4th Feb 2004 that the social networking site Facebook was launched. Also 10 years ago:- on 25th Feb 2004 that the controversial film ‘The Passion of the Christ’, directed by Mel Gibson, was released in the USA (UK: 26th Mar)


What’s on in February…. Hamsterley Village Hall 8th

Dance with Alan’s Band—please bring your own food and drinks. Tea and biscuits provided. 8.00pm


Monday Club—Slipping down the Ladder 7.30 pm


Hamsterley Cinema—Jeux Interdits (doors open at 7.00pm—film starts at 7.30pm)

Hamsterley Social Club 12th

Hamsterley Hoppings Meeting 7.30pm

Hamsterley Churches Together Centre 3rd

Discovery Evening—Why Pray? From 7.00pm


Annual Feast (Friends of the Millennium Garden) 7.30pm

Other Events


Mobile Library outside Cross Keys 13.55-14.55 (returning on 4th and 25th March)


Moving on– open house at John and Margaret Wearmouth’s. 10am-12noon & 2.00pm-5.00pm


Regular Weekly Activities Hamsterley Village Hall MONDAYS: 10.30am-12 noon TUESDAYS: 7.00pm-10.00pm

Parent and Toddler Group Details from Emma Spry 01388 710525 Bridge Club Interested beginners and partners Contact David Latiner on 488643

WEDNESDAYS: 6.30pm-8.30pm 7.00pm-9.00pm

Art Class (Contact Linda Birch on 488898) Bowls Club

THURSDAYS: 9.30am-12.30pm 7.30pm-8.30pm

Art Class (Contact Linda Birch on 488898) Keep Fit Class

FRIDAYS: 5.00pm—6.00pm

Pilates Class (Russell on 07951 782657)

SATURDAYS: 10.30am-11.30am

Karate (Mike 01325 460399)

Churches Together Centre SUNDAYS: 10.30am-11.30am

Ecumenical Sunday School in the CTC

Riches of friendship……. No medicine is more valuable... none better suited to the cure of all our temporal ills than a friend to whom we may turn for consolation in time of trouble – and with whom we may share our happiness in time of joy. - St Aelred of Rievaulx


Regular Weekly Activities Hamsterley Social Club

MONDAYS: 7.30pm-8.15pm 8.15pm-9.30pm

Ballroom Dancing Classes for Beginners Ballroom Dancing Classes for Improvers With a professional teacher. For more details ring Margaret on Tel: 488091

TUESDAYS: 7.45pm—8.45pm


FRIDAYS: 8.00pm

Line Dancing with professional teacher

SUNDAYS: 9.00pm


Those of you who enjoy a challenge may be interested in the Quiz that takes place every Sunday night at Hamsterley Social Club. Entry costs £1 per person and there are cash prizes for the first and second placed teams. Team sizes are variable (anything from 1 person upwards) -so if you’re interested come along, perhaps bring some friends and you’ll be assured of a warm welcome. The quiz starts at 9.00pm—we look forward to seeing you there.




mobile library

Durham County Council provides a mobile library with disabled access, that’s stops in Hamsterley. The mobile library is well stocked with a selection of books to suit all tastes and ages. Friendly staff are available to provide information and deal with enquiries and book reservations. Tuesdays at the Cross Keys 1.55pm for one hour. February 11th, March 4th, March 25th For any enquiries, please contact Andrew on 07517 758530. IN WITTON-LE-WEAR: The mobile library stops on The Green on February 4th and 25th arriving at 2.55pm and departing at 3.10pm.

National Nest Box Week Whether human or feathered, it is well known that love-birds like to nest together. This is why the British Trust for Ornithology has chosen Valentine’s Day to open National Nest Box Week (14 – 21 Feb). The week aims to encourage people to put up nest boxes - not only to protect the wildlife we already have, but to encourage even more birds to brood in our gardens. The need is greater than ever. Since National Nest Box Week started in 1997, more trees have been cut down, meaning that even more birds have nowhere to build their homes. Nest boxes are a great alternative – it is reckoned that there are now between five to six million boxes across the UK! For details of all the different types of nest boxes, visit:


News from the Pews in Witton le Wear A very Happy New Year to you all. The weather has been kind so far and things in the garden are beginning to think that winter is past! Well - we all know it is far too early to imagine that yet! Our first claiming date of 2014 is Open Gardens on Sunday 15th June. We hope some of you will offer your gardens this year and think about planting up plants for a stall. We are looking at having an exhibition of crafts – including photography and art work this year, having booked the quilters for 2015. The church is trying to organise a simple 2 - 3 course meal after the church service on the 1st Sunday of the month starting on 2nd February. This will be after the morning service – about 12 noon. You will see elsewhere an advert for our second Beetle Drive on February 15th from 6 p.m. in church. This time we are proposing to have Pizzas as the refreshments and a glass of wine for the adults. Tickets will be £5 for adults, £2 for children. Get your teams of 4 together and book a table – places are limited. On February 16th after the morning services a session for those leading intercessions will be held to explore how best to do this We are down to only one intercessor and need more people to think about joining this ministry. Please consider if this is something you might like to explore. Intercessions can be done in pairs which are more supportive. The more people who volunteer to carry out this ministry the less often you have to do it! March sees the Annual Parish Meeting on Sunday 2nd March, when the church reminds itself of what has happenedin the previous year and looks ahead to the future. We intend to have parish lunch afterwards. Later in March an evening about Burkina Faso is being planned. Jacquie Jennings, who went out there in November, is going to give a presentation on her visit and what is happening to the projects we help to support out there by our Lent Smarties Appeal and where we also give our coffee monies. Hopefully Alison and Phillip Le


Dune who started it and who run the Aid To Burkina Faso charity will be there too, looking forward to the next stages of help to this poverty struck country We were delighted to have had the lights adapted on the church stairs so that they would be lit for anyone using the steps after dark. The PCC decided that having a way of lighting the steps on a regular basis was more satisfactory than having them lit and controlled inside the church only when services were being held. Since the porch also lights up when the step lights are lit it is much easier to find the keyhole to the church doors! From the end of April the church is going to run an Alpha Course. This is a well tried and tested course on the basics of the Christian faith. There are so many myths and misunderstandings about what Christianity is about and this course provides an opportunity to find out from an authoritative national source. Each session starts with a simple meal and after some input, there is plenty of time for discussion and questions. Most importantly all questions are welcomed and literally nothing is off limits. If you want to know more, ask Kate or Tim. It’s an opportunity to find out answers to what you have never quite dared to ask before!

S U D O K U 25

St Philip & St James, Witton le Wear All Parish Church/Methodist Main Services start at 10.30.a.m Sunday 2nd February: Presentation of Christ in the Temple (Candlemass) Anglican Service in the Church – Holy Communion Readers: Sidesman:

Mr Phelps - Malachi 3: 1 – 5 Mrs Ashton – Luke 2: 22 – 40 Mr Phelps

Sunday 9th February: Methodist Service in the Chapel Sunday 16th February – 3rd Before Lent Anglican Service in the Church – Holy Communion Readers: Sidesman:

Mrs Jennings – 1 Corinthians 3: 1 - 9 Mrs Hayton – Matthew 5: 21 - 37 Mrs Hayton

Tuesday 18th February 10.00 am Mid Week House Communion at Witton le Wear at Kate & Tim’s house. Sunday 23rd February: Methodist Service in the Chapel Plus Early Bird’s All Age Family Worship 9.15 in Church Sunday 2nd March – 1st Before Lent: Anglican Service in Church - Holy Communion Lessons: Mr Harris Mrs Harris Sidesman: Mr Harris If you are unable to do duty on the date given please arrange with another reader from the list. Thank You Cleaning takes place on the 1st Saturday of the month at 10.30, with refreshments


Regalar Weekly Activities in Witton-le-Wear Community Centre Day



Keep Fit




Joan Warrinder on 537606

Carpet Bowls

7.30 – 10

Kate Atkins on 488 626


7 – 8.30

Mark Aspinall on 710658


1.30 – 3.00

Eileen Kirkby on 488568


7.30 – 8.30

Stephen on 07725 987753

Pre School Group

10 – 12

Clarice Smith on 488200



Christine Jackson on 767643


6 - 7.15

Mary Smith on 488200

Youth Club

7.30 - 9

Lynn Docherty on 488595




2nd Wednesday of the month: – Parish Council If you wish to hire the centre for a party etc. or start a new activity, please contact Mrs C Smith on 488200 Mrs A Yuill can be contacted on 488376 for details of the history of Witton le Wear.


Witton-le-Wear WI News . January 2014 was our party night, so business was kept to a minimum. Mrs Tock welcomed members and our friends from Wentworth park W.I. and wished everyone a Happy New Year. She read out a Thank You message from a former member and told us she had sent a message of congratulations to Peter Barron on receipt of his MBE. We all enjoyed a supper of ham, potatoes, pease pudding and cauliflower cheese, followed by a choice of delicious desserts, all provided by members who were thanked by Mrs Cooper. We then took part in a Christmas themed quiz and exchanged gifts. All in all, a very enjoyable evening. Our December meeting opened with the singing of Jerusalem. Members were thanked by Mrs Henderson for attending and helping to provide supper at the Carol Concert, which raised £237 for the Chapel. Plans were made for our Party night on 8th January. Our speaker was Dr. John Stanley, who gave an extremely interesting talk on “Witton-le-Wear, famous connections and stirring events”. His interest in our village began with a family story and led him to carry out extensive research which began in Scotland and ended in our village. He described how the local school became a nationally recognised institution over 200 years ago and he brought to life the characters involved as headmasters and teachers there. He also told us of the very famous people who almost certainly visited, and even stayed in, Witton – William Wordsworth, J.W. Turner & Sir Walter Scott – facts which few (if any) of us were aware of. Mrs Yuill gave the vote of thanks. Marilyn Gordon. Secretary.


Something interesting….. There are two confusing things about this day of romance and anonymous love-cards strewn with lace, cupids and ribbon: firstly, there seems to have been two different Valentines in the 4th century - one a priest martyred on the Flaminian Way, under the emperor Claudius, the other a bishop of Terni martyred at Rome. And neither seems to have had any clear connection with lovers or courting couples. So why has Valentine become the patron saint of romantic love? By Chaucer’s time the link was assumed to be because on these saints’ day -14 February - the birds are supposed to pair. Or perhaps the custom of seeking a partner on St Valentine’s Day is a surviving scrap of the old Roman Lupercalia festival, which took place in the middle of February. One of the Roman gods honoured during this Festival was Pan, the god of nature. Another was Juno, the goddess of women and marriage. During the Lupercalia it was a popular custom for young men to draw the name of a young unmarried woman from a name-box. The two would then be partners or ‘sweethearts’ during the time of the celebrations. Even modern Valentine decorations bear an ancient symbol of love Roman cupids with their bows and love-arrows. There are no churches in England dedicated to Valentine, but since 1835 his relics have been claimed by the Carmelite church in Dublin.

Don’t forget our online community 29

For our Younger Readers‌...


Domestic Rescue

GIBSON’S FUNERAL SERVICES (Established over 100 years)

FUNERAL DIRECTORS Private Chapel of Rest Personal Service, 24 Hours

Fast Quality Repairs To

Washers, Dryers, Fridges, Freezers, Dishwashers, Cookers, Vacuums

41 Bridge Street Howden-le-Wear Tel:01388 762582 ALSO Crofton House Cockton Hill Road Bishop Auckland Tel: 01388 603665

All Work Guaranteed

Help is only a call away

01388 488631

Do you run a local business or provide a local service? Would you be interested in reaching a wide audience of local residents? This magazine could HELP! Our great value rates for 12 full months worth of adver sing are:

1/4 page : £16 1/2 page: £30 Full Page: £60 Please contact either Mavis Brown-Humes on 01388 488250 or contact Jonathan on 01388 488833 or email for more details or to book a space. Don’t worry about art work or layout—we can help with that at no cost!


Bespoke Joinery Services Handmade kitchens, garden furniture and home furnishings. Tr aditional r oofing, log cabins, fencing, decking, windows and doors.

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POST OFFICE SERVICE IN WITTON-LE-WEAR Thursdays 1.30—2.30pm Parked near the Church



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SOOTY’S ELECTRIC CHIMNEY SWEEP No mess No Fuss A Clean professional job. Call 01388 834084

FREELANCE HAIRDRESSER In Hamsterley and Witton - le - Wear area Call Jill on 07826160257 For details

Dale End Bed and Breakfast Wilams Way, Hamsterley DL13 3PT

Planning a wedding? Party? Anniversary celebration? Wondering how and where you are going to put your guests? Offering en suite accommodation throughout, with a Visit Britain 4 Star Silver Award, Dale End is the ideal solution to your problems. We have ample parking and can offer garaging for cycles and motorcycles For further information, or to book, call Margaret on 01388 488091 website email:




Daleside Garage

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MOT Testing Class 4 & 7 Cars & Group 7 Commercial * Vehicles Services at reasonable rates

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Crane Row

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Rose Tree Cottage Hamsterley Tel: 01388 488242 Proprietor C.Miller

Pedigree Welsh Breed Pork 5kg, Half Pig & Whole Pig freezer packs. Also available Sausages, Bacon & Ham Enquiries; 01388 488 256 or

Deborah Jackson (BSc Hons, M.Ch.S)

Chiropodist & Podiatrist

PZAZZ Funfaces Tel; Sue on 01388 488368 Or 07969033727 Fun for all occasions, parties, hen nights, stag nights, fetes and fairs

Home visits hcpc Registered Tel 01388 488201 / 07919421527


Spic n Span Cleaning Service Contact Rebecca Gibson

This space is available for your advert Ring Mavis Brown - Humes on 01388 488250

7 High Grange Crook Co. Durham 07899711687


Ladywell Flowers


Your Local Bespoke Florist Flowers for all occasions inc. Demos or workshops To order or book, Please Contact Sue Davies

01388 488524

in your own home Piano, Brass, Violin and theory Morning sessions available Please telephone Paul Krywyszyn on 01388 488807/07970077657 4 Roslyn Terrace Hamsterley DL13 3QE organisations/ladywell-flowers/

BLISS HAIR SALON 13 Toft Hill 01388 834266 Bliss invites both new and existing clients to try a new fresh look. We provide a good quality friendly service for all the family. Angela is a highly experienced hair stylist. She is creative with her colouring techniques & colour correction, wedding hair & all round general hairdressing. We provide a spray tanning service, so why not indulge yourself with a new look at Bliss. Feel free to browse some of our work on facebook at http:// Bring this advert for a 10% Discount PLEASE SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES


All magazine items to Jonathan by the 15th February for the March issue Post at Orchard View (opposite The Cross Keys) or email to


Hamsterley parish magazine feb 2014  
Hamsterley parish magazine feb 2014