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Volume 44, Issue 12

December 2016

The Ripples

The Official Magazine of Lakewood

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The Official Magazine of

the Lakewood Community

From The General Manager The founders of Lakewood, Farm and Home Savings and Loan, stated in 1973 that the Lakewood Community as designed and as it would be developed over the future, would require a maximum annual assessment rate at 150% of the rise in the Consumer Price Index as it relates to the original assessment that was set at $200 per year. Through the subsequent years, some Lakewood Boards either did not understand this principal or found reason to ignore it. Other Boards did understand it and acted accordingly with proportionately large increases to try to catch up. In the 80’s and primarily in the period from 1996 to 2009 this process became more political than reasonable as ‘Zero Dues Increase’ became a mantra for some who wished to get elected to the Board of Directors. What resulted was too many years of ‘Zero Dues Increase’ and a substantial lack of Reserve Funds as well as the inability to keep up with rising costs and aging assets. In 2015 we reached the pinnacle of unreasonable when some association members elected to file a lawsuit against the Association over a $7.00 per month increase. The Association successfully defended what the Founders told us to be true. Yet the sad reality was that the overall financial impact to the Association cost us four times what the revenue from a $7.00 dues increase would have yielded.

Mark Reid

This November’s Board meeting was, in my opinion, one of the most important in the 44 year history of Lakewood. Presented with all the facts and figures regarding the current and future needs of the Association, the Board voted to set the annual assessment at the calculated Maximum Annual Rate. What is important to know is the Board basically did not have a choice, given their fiduciary duty, other than to set it at the Maximum. Given all the facts, figures, historical data as well as the needs of the Association and the financial impact of Davis et al v. LPOA, the reasonable business judgment mandated, without a doubt, that as an Association we needed to be at the maximum amount or fall much further behind. This was not the first year this has happened. Previous Boards found the need to assess the maximum amount in 1975, 1979 and 1980. As your General Manager, I want you to know that this is very good news for you and your Association. If we all know and learn from the history of the Association and if we all understand the process the founders laid out before us, then we can continue on in a manner that assures stability and relevancy for the Association for many years to come. The positive aspects of the Boards decisions are as follows; • The Association now has the cash flow it requires to tackle the needs of the annual Lakewood Improvements Program (L.I.P) that has for too long been pushed into future years. In 2017 $1.2 Million will be spent on a wide array of much needed improvements in visually significant areas like our shorelines, trees, common ground and other assets. • The Association now has the cash flow to complete the New Pavilion, East Lake Marina and the East Lake Pool without further delay and the ability to pay off the project debt in a very timely fashion. • Future dues increases will be minimal and predictable. Had we been running at the prescribed amount of dues, this year we would have only seen a $1.19 per month dues increase. We hope that in the future, small but consistent increases tied to the Consumer Price Increase will prevent the Association from falling so far behind as we did in the past.

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Members Since 1973

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2017 Annual Assessment • The Association now has the cash flow to adequately fund Reserves. This is a critical measure of the wellbeing of the Association. Many states have laws that mandate Boards to prove they have adequate levels of Reserves. Although Missouri currently does not, it is predictable that one day soon it will. The responsible decision is to be adequately funded in our reserves to assure that future Association Boards won’t have to borrow money or have a large special assessment when the laws change. • Improvements throughout the Community will yield a higher incentive for families to move into Lakewood. This will also create much more satisfaction for all the families that live in Lakewood and who are tired of hearing “we don’t have the money for that’. • Lakewood is still a bargain for the price. As compared to other communities with equal amenities and of equal size, our dues, even with this year’s increase, are still well below what others charge. • Waiting longer just gets more expensive. Inflation and Interest Rates will go up. As a result of the Davis vs. LPOA litigation, we saw how expensive just one year of delay can be. For all of you who are reading this, this is the moment when the tarnish is wiped off and our community will once again shine bright. President Lyndon B. Johnsons favorite expression when trying to get opposing groups together was ‘Come let us reason together’. But to reason together, we must all be knowledgeable, truthful and reasonable. After over a year of discourse due to litigation, we must find the way to come together and work together so that the 6.6 square miles of our One Lakewood Community will be preserved in its content, enhanced in its beauty and restored in its pride and reputation. On behalf of all of the Staff of the Lakewood Property Owners Association and the Lakewood Oaks Golf Club, we wish you a safe and joyous holiday season and we look forward to serving our community in the bright New Year.

2017 Maximum Annual Assessment In accordance with the stipulations set out in documents governing the LPOA, the Board of Directors each year must approve a “Maximum Annual Assessment”, prior to approving the “Actual Annual Assessment”. Following those guidelines, at their November 10th meeting, the Board voted to set the Maximum Annual Assessment for 2017 at $1,623.20 annually ($135.27 per month), for a basic single family home and 80% of that amount or $1,298.00 ($108.25 per month) for multi-family units.

2017 Actual Annual Assessment In accordance with the stipulations set out in documents governing the LPOA, the Board must set the “Actual Annual Assessment” after they have set the “Maximum Annual Assessment”. At their regular meeting on November 10th, 2016 the LPOA Board of Directors voted to increase LPOA dues by $25.27 per month ($303.24 annually), setting the “Actual Annual Assessment” for 2017 at $1,623.20 annually ($135.27 per month) for single family homes and 80% of that amount or $1,298.00 annually ($108.25 per month) for multi-family units. This dues increase will become effective January 1, 2017.

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The Official Magazine of

the Lakewood Community

From the Boardroom Your December Diamonds:

Kathleen Heydon Board President

A Diamond is one of the best known and sought after gemstones. Lakewood is a Diamond already but we are about to become more sought after and brilliant! I can’t wait for the first shovel of dirt to be dug and to hear and see progress happening on our Aquatics Center, new Pavilion followed by a new East Lake Pool and Pavilion and eventually a new Activities Center. We are moving forward again towards a more sparkling, brilliant, much in demand Lakewood. In September 2016, according to Money Magazine’s List of of Best Places to Live in the State of Missouri, Lee’s Summit ranked as the best place to live and ranked 43 on the list of Top 50 best places to live in the country! Niche’s, 2016 BEST PLACES to buy a home in Missouri, Lee’s Summit is ranked #31 out of 196 in Missouri, best places to live in Missouri , Lee’s Summit is ranked #30 of 196, best place to raise a family in Missouri, #25 of 196. Please go to the City of Lee’s Summit website and look at all the Awards and Recognitions Lee’s Summit has received. Read the News Releases about new construction, Capital Improvement Programs and about everything going on in Lee’s Summit. Lee’s Summit’s tremendous economic growth in the form of office and retail space shopping, Catholic High Schools, new corporations, new small businesses and a $500 million investment by Cerner Corporation to expand it’s data center brings job opportunities and everyone needs a place to live. Here we sit in this “Diamond “ which will become more brilliant in 2017, calling to families and executives, Come to play and live in this Great Community we call Lakewood. In order to help make our Diamond more brilliant it was necessary for your board to increase dues an additional $25.27. The dues will be allocated as follows: 1. $5.89 Operating Budget Revision 2. $5.00 Increase reserve for Program 2020 (partial pickup of escalated construction costs due to the Davis, Kronschnable, McCraw vs LPOA litigation) 3. $14.38 to Lakewood Improvements Program (LIP) Total $25.27 “If you build it, they will come”. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and those you love.

The Ripples!

Serving Our

Members Since 1973

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2017 Parcel & User Fees 2017 Parcel Fees

As recommended by Parcel Committees 11/10/16 2016

Lakewood Bay Lakeshore Townhomes Lakeshore Condos The Landings Water's Edge Lakewood Forest Lakewood Oaks Lakewood Shores Lakewood Shores Villas Lakewood Pointe Villas Southpointe Lake Pointe The Falls at Lakewood Lakewood Villas "Cottages" The Enclave Chapel Ridge - Greens Chapel Ridge - Woods


$200.70 $82.40 $47.00 $163.40 $150.50 $5.00 $19.16 $25.00 $100.00 $31.00 $22.00 $10.00 $179.68 $75.00 $45.00 $120.00 $117.50


$251.70 $83.40 $47.00 $179.40 $151.50 $5.00 $19.16 $25.00 $100.00 $31.00 $22.00 $10.00 $179.68 $75.00 $45.00 $121.00 $116.00

2017 User Fees

(Board Approved 11/10/16)

$51.00 $1.00 $0.00 $16.00 $1.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $1.00 -$1.50

Rounded to nearest $.50




Boat Slip (Covered) Boat Slip (Uncovered) Storage Lot (6 Months) Storage Lot (12 Months) Boat Racks Boat Registration (Non Motorized) Boat Registration (Motorized) Boat Stickers Installed by Staff Boat Sticker Late Fee for current owners (After May 1st) Lake Water Irrigation New Member Admin Fee Pool Guest Pass (Per Day) Temporary ID Card (30 Day ID)

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

892.50 682.50 153.00 254.50 41.00 25.50 66.50 15.50 5.50 150.00 117.50 5.50 38.00

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

1,080.00 826.00 185.00 308.00 50.00 31.50 81.00 19.00 6.50 181.50 142.00 6.50 46.00

21% 21% 21% 21% 21% 21% 21% 21% 21% 21% 21% 21% 21%

Fishing Boat Rental (Per Hour) Pontoon Boat Rental (Per Hour) Weekdays Friday-Sunday Holiday All Day Rental (Excludes Friday-Sunday & Holiday)






$ $ $ $

20.50 41.00 51.00 150.00

$ $ $ $

25.00 45.00 55.00 175.00

21% 9.7% 7.8% 16.6%

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The Official Magazine of

the Lakewood Community

Lakewood Food & Beverage The Argyle’s Hours

Amazingly Good Eggnog

Tuesday - Saturday 4pm-9pm To make a reservation or place a To Go order at The Argyle Call: 816-541-2449 Don’t forget, anything on the menu from The Argyle is available to go. You can call ahead and pick up your food on the way home. Happy Hour is from 4pm to 6pm Tuesday thru Saturday in The Argyle, from 4-5pm in St. Andrews Pub and from 3-5 pm on Sundays in the Pub.

St Andrews Pub Hours Tue - Thurs 9am - 5pm Friday 9am - 6pm Sat 9am - 6pm Sun 9am - 5pm To place an order at St. Andrews Pub

Event Reservations For Parties, Weddings, and Other Events

Plan your next event at the Lakewood Oaks Clubhouse. For information and reservations, contact Matt McLain at 816541-2449.

Ingredients: 4 cups milk 5 whole cloves 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 12 egg yolks 1 1/2 cups sugar M 2 1/2 cups light rum 4 cups light cream 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg Combine milk, cloves, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla, and cinnamon in a saucepan, and heat over lowest setting for 5 minutes. Slowly bring milk mixture to a boil. In a large bowl, combine egg yolks and sugar. Whisk together until fluffy. Whisk hot milk mixture slowly into the eggs. Pour mixture into saucepan. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly for 3 minutes, or until thick. Do not allow mixture to boil. Strain to remove cloves, and let cool for about an hour. Stir in rum, cream, 2 teaspoon vanilla, and nutmeg. Refrigerate overnight before serving.

The Ripples!

Serving Our

Members Since 1973

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Welcome to Lakewood Mark & Susan Bubalo 5217 NE Sawgrass Drive

Thuan Phan & Heide Dinh 604 NE Dick Howser Court

Ryan & Amy Kreisler 220 NW Locust

Greg & Sarah Petty 135 NE Wood Glen Lane

Gregory Meade & Diana Becchina 3805 NW Cimarron

Steven & Terry White 704 NE Shoreline Drive

Neal & Jessica Sullivan 4108 NE Edgewater Ct

Daniel & Judy Velder 603 NE St. Andrews Circle

Jeanne Dycus 4026 NE Woodridge Drive

Leslie Demers 101 NE Edgewater Drive

Ronald & Cynthia Williams 430 NE Point Drive

Tony Wilson 229 NW Hickory

Devin & Linda Duckworth 5653 NE Northgate Crossing

Janet Herman Franklin 616 NE Shoreline Drive

December 5th

Whats Happening in Lakewood

ARB/ARC Deadline

December 8th LPOA & LHC Board Meeting

December 13th ARB/ARC Meeting

December 17th Annual Lakewood Christmas Party

December 19th

December 27th

ARB/ARC Deadline

ARB/ARC Meeting

December 25th

December 31st


New Years Eve Party

December 26th LPOA Office Closed For Christmas

January 2nd LPOA Office Closed for New Years

2016 LPOA/LHC Board Meeting

December 8th

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The Official Magazine of

the Lakewood Community

Gardens of Lakewood Janet Beebe

Hi, I love my climbing red roses that have been going on 3 years now, and they are very easy to grow and maintain. I’m always surprised how many blooms come on at once. I enjoy bringing them inside to display on the dinner table. #lovemyredroses# The most beautiful iris or flags were given to me from family and a few from neighbors. After a spring rain they seem to flourish even more and they love our backyard location. They enjoy the morning sun & afternoon shade. They are a great way to bring a “pop” of color to anyone’s yard

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Serving Our

Members Since 1973

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Pets of Lakewood Roemer-Heady Family

Cabo is very special to our family. He was a rescue dog from the shelter and we got him when he was 3 months old and we have had him for 11 years. He is considered a healer to my parents who keep him for me every day while I am at work. He has stayed by my mother’s side through many surgery’s and is such a comfort to them every day. He also travels to Lowe’s daily with my father who is the maintenance man for our church and others in need, everyone there knows Cabo. He loves the living on the lake, kayaking and paddle boarding to look for ducks is his favorite thing to do although he does not like to swim in it. We still call him Captain Cabo. - The Roemer-Heady Family


Real Housepets OF L A K E W O O D

Is your pet a Real Housepet of Lakewood? Let us know! Email

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The Official Magazine of

the Lakewood Community

Lakewood Reminders Pardon our Dust

Program 2020

“From January 1st through January 11th, the Argyle, St. Andrew’s Pub, and all Lakewood banquet facilities will be closed for cleaning and general maintenance.

Program 2020 is moving forward. You can view the weekly updates to the East Marina, Cove Aquatic Center, and East Lake Village Pool by going to and viewing the Program 2020 tab at the top of the page. This is also linked in our weekly “What’s Happening in Lakewood” E ‘blast. If you’re not signed up for email communications, contact Tim at tim@lpoa. com or 816-373-4326.

Each year the Food and Beverage staff takes a few weeks after the New Year to upgrade, clean, and replace equipment, tables and chairs. We apologize for this inconvenience, but after this short break, we’ll be raring to go and ready to host you and your guests in 2017. Lastly, and most importantly, the Food and Beverage staff want to wish you and your loved ones a safe, happy holiday season.”

LAkewood Resident Directory

Digital Ripples

We just wanted to take some time to remind you that the Lakewood Resident Directory is always available online. The resident directory is updated at least once a month with all of our new residents. It is a great tool to get to know your neighbors. The resident directory is arranged alphabetically and also by street, so you are able to view your neighbors, or look up phone numbers for friends and neighbors. It also has important local and Lakewood phone numbers and it includes the names of your LPOA staff. You do have to be a member of our website, LPOA. com to have access to the directory. From our website you can either view or download the directory to your computer or tablet. For those that are already members of the website, you can find the resident directory under the “Community” tab at the top of the page. If you look at the directory and see any incorrect information, you can contact Tim Martineau at tim@ and he can help you with whatever needs you may have. We hope that this tool will allow you to get to know your neighbors and fellow residents.

With the rising cost of printing and postage, and the competition and decline of printed advertising, we thought it best to take a hard look at Lakewood’s official magazine and form of communication, The Ripples. Many publications are going to a digital format. For now, The Ripples will continue to be sent to the printer each month and delivered to your mailbox. The Ripples will also continue to be published online, and is in fact being digitally published in a more attractive format. Members have the option to “opt out” of The Ripples mailing, and can simply receive the copy online. I urge every one of our members who don’t read the printed magazine, or would like to save a tree to sign the “opt out” agreement, and receive a digital copy online. You’ll still get the great publication, without the paper to dispose of. If you are interested in only receiving the Digital Ripples, please send an email to, or fill out the form on page 20 and mail it in or drop it off at the administrative office.

The Ripples!

Serving Our

Members Since 1973

Page 11

Lakewood Clubs

Garden Club

Moms Club

There will be no meeting in December. We look forward to our meeting January 25th, 2017. Hope to see you there!

Calling all Lakewood Moms! Got dried spit-up on your shirt? No problem, you’re not the only one! Is your 7 year old begging for a playdate and needs something to do? No problem, we’ve got it! Is your teenager driving you crazy and you need a break? No problem, we get it!


Never tried it? Done it for years? No problem... all levels of fitness and experience are welcome at our group yoga sessions. “I’m not flexible” is not an excuse to stay away, it is a reason to go! You will be asked to sign a waiver. The sessions are free. Mon & Thurs 5:30 PM to 6:30 Saturdays 9:00AM to 10:15 Sessions are held in The Oaks Clubhouse downstairs in the Northwest corner of the building. Contact Mary Duryea at if you would like more information.

Lakewood Stitchers

If you are new to the neighborhood or have lived in Lakewood for many years, what are you waiting for? Join the Lakewood Moms Club and join the fun for you and your kids!...and husband too ;) WE HOPE TO SEE YOU AT OUR NEXT EVENT! The only requirements are you must be a mom or guardian of a child age 0 to 18 and a residentof Lakewood. Please check out our website for more information and registration. Click on membership to join!

The Lakewood Stitchers Club meets the last Tuesday of each month at The Argyle, from 5:30-8:00. Bring your knitting, crochet, needlework or other portable crafts. Beginner knitting kits are available for $15 and include yarn, needles and personal instruction.

Please take a Moment and “Like” our FB Pages Lakewood Property Owners

Lakewood Oaks Golf Club

The Argyle & St Andrews Pub

Lakewood Aquatic Center

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The Official Magazine of

the Lakewood Community

2017 Budget Summary & Monthly Dues 2017 BUDGET SUMMARY

Board Approved 11/10/16

Actual 2013

Actual 2014

Budget 2015

Actual 2015

Budget 2016

Actual '16 6 months

2,469,705 68,266 20,835 567,414 29,589 73,558 18,030 40,082 40,540 250,416 44,193 21,084 3,643,712

2,727,159 78,010 20,350 579,128 30,511 81,444 19,065 1,637 41,028 320,115 48,553 19,530 3,966,530

2,736,110 81,960 20,000 670,850 31,600 75,920 19,100 1,500 40,200 271,500 63,600 25,000 4,037,340

2,742,303 82,417 16,376 644,514 28,564 78,317 16,235 12,614 43,165 274,725 35,025 17,942 3,992,196

2,943,570 82,830 0 722,850 22,100 79,668 19,480 1,500 46,475 284,950 59,600 31,620 4,294,643

853,718 111,991 762,808 31,407 301,238 289,556 615,643 63,806 71,382 42,810 21,500 1,136,282

854,056 119,341 887,729 43,320 315,384 294,517 580,831 57,802 99,311 69,232 23,286 310,739

935,374 122,587 829,849 41,314 346,792 317,460 731,371 64,040 104,559 77,362 26,475 619,048

895,236 116,494 873,726 38,567 329,676 301,698 674,505 63,219 108,376 87,461 24,060 419,054

935,742 18,875 925,434 26,956 418,428 312,014 812,472 64,900 113,389 79,295 28,745 875,201

540,250 69,996

131,755 35,000

Budget 2017

Revenue Monthly Dues Administration Clubhouse Restaurant/Lounge Snack Bar Community Services Pools Maintenance Lake Management Marinas Ripples Rental Boats Totals

1,470,318 37,619 (185,190) 335,896 (6,334) 37,424.62 7,383 2,082 3,771 143,792 21,118 9,427 1,877,305

3,641,104 91,950 7,200 693,800 20,703 97,365 22,100 3,000 56,000 347,565 47,300 30,000 5,058,087

Expenses Administration Clubhouse Restaurant/Lounge Snack Bar Community Services Pools Maintenance Lake Management Marina Ripples Pontoon Rental Capital Improvements MCH Pool Loan Repymt Lake Mngmt Loan LHC Land Acquisition Program 2020 Loan Program 2020 Loan Repymt Program 2020 Funding Totals Net Income Cash from Depreciation* Total Funds Available Loss(gain) on disposal of assets


504,814 24,148 432,992 4,931 197,801 136,391 328,664 28,375 65,137 41,491 12,287

1,211,582 84,788 875,759 30,254 401,106 270,453 809,790 74,390 109,801 80,276 28,103


4,530,667 (886,955) 307,897 (579,058) 3,577 (575,481)

4,265,795 (299,265) 361,900 62,636

4,382,986 (345,646) 345,646 0

3,932,071 60,125 363,451 423,576

4,611,451 (316,808) 316,808 0

1,777,031 100,274 157,569 257,843

3,000,000 (3,000,000) 322,848 4,299,150 758,937 303,513 1,062,450

2,727 65,363





* Depreciation costs are included in the budget amounts for most expense categories. To give actual operating expenses, the sum of the separate depreciations is added to become part of the total income available.

2017 Base Dues $135.27/per month Amount of base dues used for Operating Expenses Amount of base dues used for Capital Projects

$ 97.27 $ 38.00


The Ripples!

Serving Our

Members Since 1973

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LPOA Finance Committee Review Financials With Parcels 9/30/2016 12/31/15 Dec Audited

Balance Sheet


2,007,006 26,806 294,832 5,196,064


YTD Cash Chg.

2,393,613 24,447 425,816 5,318,377


386,607 2,359 (130,985) (122,313)

Total Prepaid Expenses Total LHC Notes Receivable Total Assets

63,256 936,096 8,524,060

32,540 936,096 9,130,890

30,716 -

Payables Other Liabilities Note Payable LHC Land Line of Credit w/ Metcalf Bank Total Capital & Earnings Total Liabilities & Equity

359,109 277,813 7,887,137 8,524,060

417,235 226,059 250,000 8,237,596 9,130,890

58,126 (51,754) 250,000 350,458

2016 YTD Q-3 Actual


Cash favorable, LPOAs cash total $1,847K Argyle food and beverage inventory Receivables due from LHC $160K Capital Spending total YTD $564K No payments made

Borrowing for major capital project

2016 YTD Q-3 Budget

B/(W) Budget

Income Statement Total Revenue Total Expenses Net Income Net Income - Parcels Net Income without parcels

$ Note 1 & 2

3,366,163 3,015,704 350,458 53,919 296,539


3,038,500 2,683,640 354,860 354,860


327,663 (332,064) (4,401) (53,919) (58,320)

Income Statement Notes:

1 Non cash adjustments of $207K were booked, primarily due to writing off the residual asset value on the Cove Club House. 2 Litigation expense associated with the Davis et al v. LPOA totaled $228K.



Balance Sheet Total Cash Total Accounts Receivables Total Inventory Total Prepaid Expenses Total Fixed Assets Other - Note Rec LPOA Total Assets

Current Liabilities Long Term Liabilities Promissory Note to LPOA Line of Credit Metcalf Line of Credit Deferred Inc. Vehicle Lease JD Credit Total Capital & Earnings Total Liabilities & Equity


2016 Sept




149,231 66,442 22,256 1,562,267

165,485.7 102,298.2 16,368.1 1,567,226.6



437,713 1,850,558 723,596 212,500 30,834 (1,238,217) 2,016,984.41

Income Statement

413,368 1,777,079 723,596 60,000 212,500 52,515 (1,320,058) 1,919,000

YTD Q-3 Actual $ 1,394,750 101,430 1,293,320

Total Revenue Cost of Goods Sold Gross Profit Operating Expenses Loss (Gain) Interest/Other Operating Income Depreciation Net Income

1,170,542 68,624 54,154 135,996 (81,842)

Change $



Capital Spending

(16,254) (35,857) 5,888 (4,960)

Seasonal increase Seasonal increase Capital spending $140K

(24,345) (73,479) 60,000 -

Normal payment on note Borrowing for Capital Projects

21,681 (81,841)

YTD Q-3 Budget $ 1,470,805 77,850 1,392,955 1,242,471 67,843 82,641 132,665 (50,025)

Leased additional Golf Course equipment

B/(W) Budget $ (76,054) $ (23,580) (99,634) 71,929 (781) (28,487) (3,331) (31,818)

YTD Q-3 2015 1,445,125 84,957 1,360,168 1,170,192 (200) 67,632 122,544 133,135 (10,591)


B/(W) 2015 (50,375) (16,473) (66,848) (350) (200) (992) (68,390) (2,861) (71,251)

Notes 1 2

Net income is below Budget primarily due to lower golf membership. Lower revenue is off set by lower than planned Operating Expense. Net income is below 2015 due to lower golf membership and increased operating expense.

3rd Quarter 2016 Financials

Total Cash/Short term securities Total Inventory Total Accounts Receivables Total Land, Building & Equip

2016 Sept

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The Official Magazine of

the Lakewood Community

Veterans Day 2017

Lakewood held Lakewood heldits itsannual annualVeterans Veterans DayDay Dinner Dinner on Friday, on Friday, November November 11th.11th. Our veterans Our veterans rangedranged from WWII fromtoWWII to the Gulf GulfWar Warera, era,and andincluded included four four branches branches of service. of service. The sacrifice The sacrifice of serving of serving this great thisnation great isnation is appreciatedby appreciated byallallofofususwho who areare privileged privileged to continue to continue to live to free live because free because of theirofservice. their service. I was honored I was honored to to be present presentwith withthose thosegreat great men men andand women women whowho proudly proudly served served their their country, country, and wish andeveryone wish everyone a safe and a safe and prosperousfuture. prosperous future.

The Ripples!

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Members Since 1973

Veterans Day 2017

Page 15

Page 16

The Official Magazine of


e t a r

b e

l e

the Lakewood Community

s ’ w e r N ea 017 Y 2

At the Lakewood Oaks Clubhouse Doors open at 7:30

Tickets are only $50 and will include the following: Entertainment will be provided by the Kim & Dan Duo and DJ Timbro will be spinning your Favorite Hits.


Mixed Greens, Roasted Beets, Goat Cheese, Candied Pecans, Dried Cranberries, Balsamic Vinaigrette

Main Course

Spinach & Mozzarella Stuffed Chicken Breast, Haricot Verts, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Herb Beurre Blanc


Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake There will also be a late night breakfast and a midnight champagne toast.

RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED & MUST BE RECEIVED BY DECEMBER 16TH Please contact Matt McLain For Reservations 816-541-2449 or

The Ripples!

Serving Our

Members Since 1973

Upcoming Lakewood Events Look for more details in your copy of The Ripples

January Casino Night 16th Spring Field Reservation

17th St. Paddys Day

14th Mothers Day 29th Memorial Day Fine Wine Nine Golf Event

July 4th

September Neighborhood Cleanup Lakewood Neighborday Oktoberfest

Independence Day

November 11th Veterans Day Dinner

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The Official Magazine of

the Lakewood Community

Save the Date

THE ANNUAL LAKEWOOD CHRISTMAS PARTY Saturday December 17 9am-11am at the Oaks Clubhouse Pictures with Santa, Arts and Crafts, Cookies, Hot Chocolate & More! We hope to see you there! At this event we will be accepting canned goods for Lee’s Summit Social Services. Hosted by the Lakewood Activities Committee. If you have any questions, email

The Ripples!

Serving Our

Members Since 1973

Page 19

Annual Lakewood Halloween Event Lakewood Halloween Party October 22nd When Lakewood throws a Halloween party, there’s only one rule. Have Fun! That rule was followed to the letter when our youngsters came out in their costumes for crafts, hot dogs and a movie. From scary ghosts, to pretty princesses, everyone had a great time. Big thanks to the Lakewood Activities Committee for all the hard work that goes into this event. We always look forward to the next one.

No RSVP required

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The Official Magazine of

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Change in The Ripples Mailing List Procedures

LPOA By-Laws state “...Notice of rule changes, By-Law amendments, meetings or other required communications of the Association shall be satisfied by the publication of same in the Association’s official newsletter the “RIPPLES” unless otherwise required in the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions.” Starting with the November 2012 issue, ALL residents will receive a paper copy of the newsletter. If you would like to receive a digital copy and DO NOT wish to receive a paper copy of The Ripples, you must fill out the following form and return it to the office. You can also email it to If you change your mind after submitting, you can contact the office at 373-4326.

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Lakewood Reminders House Watch

Resident ID Card Renewal At last, we are finally ready to issue new resident ID cards! Please note ALL Lakewood residents will need a new card – so stop by the LPOA office soon to save from standing in line later. LPOA office hours are: Monday-Friday, 8:30 am – 5 pm. Thank you for your patience. during this process!

Ice Dangers The LPOA’s policy regarding ice safety states that “The LPOA is not responsible for any accidents casusing injury, death or property damage due to ice skating, ice boating, persons chopping holes in the ice surface, ice fishing or any other activity on or around the ice. Such activities are undertaken at your own risk.”

The Lee’s Summit Police Department offers a House Watch to be used if you are out of town. If you wish to be added to LSPD’s House Watch, please contact LSPD at 969-1700. Don’t forget to contact LPOA as well so our Community Service Staff can keep an extra eye on your property as well.

Property Maintenance Issues Staff makes this a daily priority. If there is a property you have concerns about, please do not hesitate to call the office (816)373-4326. We can tell you what action has already been taken and where we are in the process for getting that property maintained to Lakewood standards. Please remember, we must follow all policies and procedures during

Common Areas Remember, LPOA’s policy is that anyone using LPOA common areas must have a current LPOA ID with them. Please make your children aware of this policy. And, with respect to your common areas: All residents engaged in fishing shall have a current LPOA identification card on themselves at all times while fishing. City of Lee’s Summit does require all dogs outside of a fenced yard to be properly leashed. Do not allow your dog to soil the common ground or your neighbors’ yards. Be a courteous and responsible pet owner and clean up after your dog. The tennis courts and basketball courts can become damaged due to roller blading and skateboarding. This is not allowed and it is clearly marked in designated areas. Please alert your children. Watch for children playing on the streets of Lakewood. All residential streets are 25 MPH except where posted otherwise. Please, next time you are driving through your neighborhood, be aware of your speed.

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Winter Updates Christmas Tree Pickup Christmas tree pickup will be available starting December 27th, 2016 and ending January 13th, 2017. The cost is $5 per tree. Please call (816)3734326 for pickup. Trees should be placed at the curb for pickup the following morning.

Snow Plowing Responsibility Streets plowed by the City of Lee’s Summit Lakewood Boulevard Lake Drive Gregory Dick Howser Drive Channel Drive Fairway Homes Northgate Crossing Beechwood Drive Driveways and Sidewalks - Responsibility of the Parcels Lakewood Bay Landings Lakeshore Townhomes Lakeshore Condominiums Waters Edge Clubhouse Cottages Lakewood Shores Chapel Ridge - Woods Chapel Ridge - Greens LAKEWOOD MAINTENANCE DOES ALL OTHER STREETS

Lakewood Snow Removal Policy Snow removal starts as soon as snow accumulation reaches two inches. The goal of the maintenance crew is to have all streets plowed and treated by 6:00am for the residents’ morning commute to work. Storms are unpredictable and come with many varirables. Therefore, please keep in mind that each storm and its circumstances dictate the policy of snow removal. The LPOA is responsible for snow removal on all streets within Lakewood with the exception of: Lakewood Boulevard, Lake Drive, Gregory Drive, Channel Drive, Dick Howser Drive, Fairway Homes Drive (by the Shores), Northgate Crossing, and Beechwood. Those streets are the responsibility of Lee’s Summit. Below are a few things we can all do to ensure that each street gets treated properly: 1. If there’s any way that vehicles can be parked in the driveway, please do so. If a street is crowded with vehicles, it cannot be plowed or sanded properly. Piles of snow are left up and down the street when maintenance vehicles have to dodge parked cars, making it impossible to clean the road all the way to the curb. 2. When using snow blowers, please try to direct output to the yard and not the street. Nothing is more frustrating for your neighbors to have a freshly cleaned street filled with snow from several driveways. 3. Please be patient. If you feel the job was not done properly, please feel free to contact the administrative office. We will happily assist you, but please keep in mind that staff’s first priority after a snow storm is to “open up” the roadways. We then return to each area for a more detailed clean up. Lakewood is comprised of more than 2,000 acres, and our crew works as quickly and safely as possible to ensure that everyone makes it in and out.

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What’s Happening In Your Lakewood Boat Slip Lease Agreements Due January 1st, 2017 Boat Slip Lease Agreements are to be mailed between November 1st and November 10th. Those lease agreements are due and payable by January 1st, 2017. There is a grace period until January 16th, 2017. Payment made between January 17th and 31st will be assessed with a $100.00 late fee. After January 31st, the lease agreement is null and void. Policy effective 12/31/06 - All boat slips are to be occupied by a boat that is titled to the Primary Lessee, by the proper state agency or division. Primary Lessee must also be named as an insured on the insurance policy for the boat docked in a boat slip. 2017 boat stickers will only be mailed to those lessees who have boat title and proof of insurance on file in the LPOA offices.

2017 Boat Stickers Now Available 2017 Boat Registration stickers are now available in the LPOA office. The stickers are $31.50 for nonmotorized and $81.00 for motorized. There will be an additional $6.50 charge if you do not purchase your stickers for your previously-registered watercraft before May 1st, 2017. There is a $19.00 charge if you would like for staff to attach your stickers for you.

LPOA Holiday Schedule Christmas: Closed Monday, December 26th. New Year’s Day: Closed Monday, January 2nd. The Maintenance Department will follow the above schedule unless there is snow to plow. Community Services will be on duty 24/7 the entire holiday season. Please call them at 373-1500 should you need any assistance.

Lake Water Irrigation Fees Please note the lake irrigation fee is NOT for use of the lake water, but rather for access to the lake water. Access means you have an irrigation pump and intake lines. So long as you have either of these two things, you are considered to have “access to lake water” and must pay the lake water irrigation fee. If you do not wish to pay the lake water irrigation fee for 2016, you will need to remove the pump and intake lines before December 31st, 2016 and notify LPOA by calling 373-4326 that you have done so.

2017 Athletic Field Reservations Reservations for Spring 2017 Baseball, Softball, and Soccer Field Reservations meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 16, 2017 at the Oaks Clubhouse at 651 NE St. Andrews Circle (Lower Level) at 6pm. The format will be the same as in years past. A lottery draw will take place for the order in which you will choose your fields. If you are unable to attend, you may send someone in your place. Please make sure that person has all of your information for the sign in sheet. Please note the rules for field use, also published in the Ripples. If you have any questions, please contact Steve Hancock at 816-373-4343 or email

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The Official Magazine of

the Lakewood Community

Lakewood Information Concrete Projects It’s time to replace your driveway or patio. You’ve received ARB/ARC approval and the contractor just finished pouring several yards of cement. The concrete truck driver pulls along the curb and begins to wash the concrete from his chute……right into the storm drain……..and likely right into our lake. This is the part where you stop him and say, “Thanks for the cement. Now please go wash out elsewhere.” While most ready mix drivers are responsible, these things do occasionally happen, and it’s important that we’re all educated. To prevent an illegal discharge, and a violation of Lee’s Summit Ordinance, the following guidelines should be observed: • • • • •

Washout water should not leave the wash out location. Runoff from a rainstorm or rapid snowmelt will not carry wastes away from the washout location. Washout will not impact future land uses (i.e., parks, open spaces, etc.). Permission to washout has been granted by the property owner. The location is accessible to the vehicle.

The next time you or a neighbor has a project that requires ready mix, please remind the driver to find a suitable site to clean out.

Lakewood Parcels & Private Roads We often receive questions regarding locations of access points to the lakes and common areas. The best tool for this is the Jackson County Parcel Viewer, which is linked on the front page of Lakewood’s website. The parcel viewer will allow you to see which properties are privately owned and which ones are owned by the association. There are a few exceptions. The multi-family parcels have areas that are maintained and governed by those parcels. Some even have a private street for exclusive use of their parcel members. Both Waters Edge Drive and Point Drive are private streets, paid for and maintained by those parcel members. As well, the parking lots in Lakewood Bay are exclusively for the members of that parcel. All of LPOA membership is permitted to use the common areas, lakes and docks, but please be mindful of how you access these areas. Using private property can create a safety or privacy concern for the homeowners. Using a private street or parking lot will take up a parcel member’s space and could mean having the vehicle towed. There are plenty of LPOA owned access points to reach the common elements, and as always, you can contact us with any questions or concerns.

Sean Bachtel LPOA Director of Community Relations

Planning an Improvement to your Property? Looking to paint the house? Plant some trees? Re-Roof? Lots of residents are fixing up their property lately with some much needed projects. We understand the need for this work, but would like to remind everyone that there is an application process that should be followed. Before you begin any improvements, please take a moment to contact Sean Bachtel at the Lakewood Administrative office at 816-373-4326 or email him at You can also find all of LPOA’s ARB/ARC Guidelines on our website

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LET’S TALK JINGLE BELLS And more jingle in your pocket.

A Cash Rewards Checking account with Morrill & Janes Bank and Trust makes Great Things Happen!™

On balances $.01 to $20,000 1 Annual Percentage Yields (APY) are accurate as of 11/02/16. 2.01% APY applies to balances of $0.01-$20,000 and 0.01% APY to balances over $20,000 if reward requirements are met each monthly statement cycle. 0.01% APY applies to balances of $0.01-$20,000 and 0.01% APY to balances over $20,000 if reward requirements are not met. The rates may change after the account is opened. Reward requirements are: sign up for eStatements, post a direct deposit and post 15 signature debit transactions within your monthly statement cycle. Limit one account per household in the bank’s market area. Minimum $25 to open. Fees may reduce earnings. ATM surcharge fees of up to $20 per monthly statement cycle will be refunded if reward requirements are met. Member FDIC.

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The Official Magazine of

the Lakewood Community

Medicare – Advantage Supplements – Plan D Drug Plans JOHN C. MARTIN P.O. Box 6783, Lee’s Summit, MO 64064 Phone: 816-246-4840 Fax: 816-326-9025 Email:

Joe Gentle, Owner JG is a full service Contractor handling Homeowner Insurance claims and/ or personal renovations. We are proudly serving the KC Metro area in particular our Lakewood community.

"JG Contracting did an excellent job on my roof and gutters. Their workmanship is excellent and completed everything in a clean and timely manner." -Ray Parde, Lakewood resident

Call now for your FREE roof inspection and see if you qualify for a roof replacement paid for by insurance.

JG Contracting is licensed and insured in both MO and KS

We take care of our homeowners and guarantee 100% satisfaction!

Specializing in... Roofs ( wood shake transformations into Composite and Decra) Gutters • Siding • Windows • Interiors

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Storage Lot & Phone Number Info New Phone Number?

The Pointe Dance Studio

If you no longer have your landline or have gotten a new cellphone, please take a few minutes to stop by the office and fill out the Phone Directory Modification form. This lets us, as well as your neighbors, know you have a new number. You just never know when there may be an emergency and someone needs to call you.

Lakewood Storage Lot For those that are interested in obtaining a storage space, there is currently a short waiting list. If you would like to be added to that list, call Steve Hancock at 816-373-4343 and he will be happy to add you on a first come first serve basis.

Judgments Awarded Joseph Gingrich IV 160 NE Bayview Patrick Clifford 217 NW Shagbark William Hayes 225 NW Hickory Sauousali Siavii 4233 NE Edmonson Ct. Michael King 251 NE Edgewater Dr.

Liens E&A Investments, LLC 214 NW Ponderosa

We currently offer classes for ages 3 and up in ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, hip-hop, modern, acrobatics and contemporary dance. Call us now and get your first class FREE Mention this ad and the enrollment fee will be waived (816)220-1756 or (816)686-3724 17601 E US Hwy 40, Independence Mo 64055

Lakewood Bay Homeowners association Don’t forget Lakewood Bay residents, you can use your website to communicate with your Board of Directors.

Upcoming 2016 LBHOA Board Meetings December 12th

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The Official Magazine of

the Lakewood Community

Lakewood Safety Reminders Attention Lakewood Walkers, Joggers & Bikers I’d like to remind everyone of a few safety precautions that should be taken when walking, jogging, or biking in the community. I personally drive into Lakewood in the wee hours of the morning, when it’s still dark, and always see folks out walking, quite often in or very near the drive lanes and wearing dark colored clothes. A few reminders for everyone, whether walking, biking, or driving: • • • • • • •

Always wear something reflective, front and back, when walking , jogging, or biking. Carry a flashlight. Stay on the sidewalks when possible while walking. Stay in the Bike Lane when biking. Stay alert for vehicular traffic. When driving in darker conditions, slow down in order to further your sight distance. Stay Alert! Never text and drive. Keep an eye out for pedestrians or hazards. Please be safe on our Lakewood streets, for everyone’s sake! Sean Bachtel LPOA Director of Community Relations

Holiday Shopping Safety The holiday season is in full swing and soon we’ll all be out spending our cash to further spoil our children and grandchildren by buying those “must have” presents. Unfortunately, many of those mall and store parking lots will be patrolled by a more undesirable group of shoppers, better known as thieves. A few tips to avoid theft and keep yourself safe during holiday shopping: • Park in a well lit space and be aware of your surroundings. • Lock the car and hide the shopping bags and gifts in the trunk (or better yet, in the house). • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash. • Leave valuables and large purses at home. • If you’re shopping with children, make sure they know who to contact if you become separated. On behalf of all of Lakewood’s staff, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season.

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For Your Information

Classified Ads, Bridge Scores & E’Blasts

Classified Ads Services - Child Care

Daycare in my home. Lakewood mother. References. Kim. 816-213-2920 Home Remodeling & Deck Building

Interior and Exterior Remodeling, Professional Design and Installation 816-522-Deck (3325)


Need a light switch, elec. plug, door bell or a new faucet repaired? Call Bill 816-797-5516 or e-mail him at with your problem and he will be in touch with you asap.

Cash for your Items

I buy antiques, guns, and cool stuff. AtticHero. com 816-804-4485

Grocery Shopper Tutoring from Lakewood Mom

Elementary Learning Specialist Rachel 816-350-9983

Professional Handyman Discount rates posted online. Electrical, plumbing, painting, hauling, snowblowing odd jobs, & more. 804-4485

KC Baseball Academy

Pitching, Hitting, Fielding & Catching lessons. Large indoor field, batting cages & tunnels. 4802 Noland Rd Kansas City, MO 64133 816-4782200. You can find us on FB at www.facebook. com/KC-Baseball-Academy Boat Detailing

We detail boats and put covers on. To contact or schedule an appointment call 816-533-2232 or email

Retired long time Lakewood resident will grocery shop for you. Please call Bob at 816-729-3119

Looking for a Boat

If you have nice boat, I have a slip. Looking for someone to share. Call Scott at 816 969 9936 LAKEWOOD SINGLE FAMILY HOUSE FOR RENT.

Across from golf course, 3 bedrooms & studio, 2 1/2 bathrooms. Master bedroom in lower level. Rent is $1,400.00/month. For additional information (816) 806-4994 Lakewood Resident Babysitter

Attends Blue Springs High School, Sophia 816-854-9458 KarenLea (mother) 816-872-5959

LPOA Classified Ads

Classified ads are available for purchase by Lakewood residents only. The Cost is $5 per line. There are approximately 26 characters per line. To submit an ad, please email Ad charges will be made to the member’s account. LPOA reserves the right to decline a classified ad request.

Lakewood E’Blasts

Many families in Lakewood are missing out on a great deal of timely information from Lakewood Communications regarding events, reminders, etc. Tim is in charge of Communications and sends out the “eblasts” to those on the email list. So many in our neighborhood believe they are signed up for it and are not, therefore they are missing out on important information. We put out a weekly newsletter called “Whats Happening in Lakewood”. The only way you will receive this email is to join our e-blast list. So don’t miss out and sign up today! It is simple to register, just send an email to and let him know you would like to be added. You will be added. You will then receive great information, through the “eblasts”. The information we send is very helpful, professional and timely. We don’t fill your inbox, we just send enough emails to keep you informed.

Bridge Scores Men’s Duplicate

1st: Don Watts 2nd: Bob Kronschnabel 3rd: Gordon Stevens Thursday Mens Bridge 10/27

1st: Billy Irons 2nd: Harry Jonas 3rd: Ed Vest 4th:Hank Teri

Thursday Men’s Bridge 11/10

1st: Gordon Stevens 2nd: Vic Bragg 3rd: Bob Kronschnabel 4th: Joe Bookasta Monday Marathon

1st: Cathy Fletcher & Janet Vest 2nd: Helen Priestly & Barb Finney 3rd: Jane Dunn & Lale Broderson

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The Official Magazine of

the Lakewood Community

Lakewood Resource Directory Accountant - Tax Preparation

David W. Scott, M.Acc., EA (913)636-6142 Individual & Business Income Tax and IRS Audit Representation

Attorney Counselor of Law The Horn Law Firm Douglas Horn . . . . . . .



Lakewood Chiropractic Sara Horn D.C. . . . . . .


21st Century Chiropractic & Acupuncture 373-4223 New patient specials.

Mary Kay Cosmetics . . . .


Interior Design Barbette Jones, The Purple Door Draperies, Blinds, Shades & Shutters . . . . . . . . . . . . . 509-1533

Chartwell Realty . . . . . . Beverly Hale Fowler(Cell)

877-8754 289-4654

L Marie Interior Design, LLC .

Toni Tygart / Re/Max Elite . .



Jewelry Drenon Jewelry . . . . . .

Atlantis Drainage Solutions 960-1552 We correct the cause not just the symptoms.

(Office) 251-1550 Marcia Wallace


Lawn & Landscaping Keller’s Landscaping, Inc . .


Servicing Lakewood residents since 1988!

Restaurant Marina Grog & Galley . . . .

Massage Therapy

Ellen Hamilton, BS, LMT . . 525-7171

Retirement Planning

Jamshid (Jim) Hoorfar, Ph.D, CLU, ChFC 525-0900 Anne Pedersen(Office)


Arvest Bank, Marvelle Plym


Great Steaks and seafood



Reece & Nichols

. .



Salon Services

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage 816-225-5634 Jodie Roemer-Heady

Innovations Salon & Spa . . . . 524-HAIR

Security Systems

Gifts & Jewelry

Mowing & Fertilizing

Blue Heron Design (816)347-8700 in historic Downtown Lee’s Summit

Muscle Man Mowing & Landscape 816-820-7065

Home Remodeling/Deck Builder


Sun Deck & Home

522-DECK (3325)

ADT Security Systems . . .


Sports Academies KC Baseball Academy


Custom Eyes. . . . . . . . . .524-7400

Transportation Heating & Cooling AFC Heating & Cooling


Home Inspection Services

Home, radon, and mold inspections. (316) 833-8008 Evenings and weekends available


Jamshid (Jim) Hoorfar, Ph.D, CLU, ChFC 525-0900 Kimberly Downey Noble (State Farm) 833-1180

Martin Insurance Agency 246-4840 Specialty-Medicare Insurance The Insurance Group (Bev McFee) 525-8558


Angi’s Art . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (816)853-4491

Physical Therapy

Synergy Therapies, LLC (Greg Hankins) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 795-8944 Golden’s Plumbing . . . . .


Vacuum Sales & Service

Mr C’s Vac & Sewing Machine Center 833-2300 11808 E. 23rd Street, Independence, 64050 Sells Most Brands. Free estimates on repairs


Real Estate

Reece & Nichols - Tim Block 875-4489 West Point Grad with MBA (Office) 373-9292 Keller Williams Platinum Partners Bunny Douglas (Cell)

Airport, Medical Testing, Errands, etc . 522-3582

525-7000 797-8881

Monica Childs 913-526-3468 Keller Williams Platinum Partners

Veterinarian Colbern Road Animal Clinic . . . 246-PETS Hidden Valley Animal Hospital Lakewood Animal Health Center

. 795-PETS 373-1098

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Administrative Committees ARB/ARC . . . . . . . Appeals . . . . . . . . Election . . . . . . . . Executive . . . . . . . Lakeshore Townhomes . Lakeshore Condos . . . Lakewood Bay . . . . . The Landings . . . . . Water’s Edge . . . . .

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. . . . . . . . .

. . Judy Alyea Howard Sladek Heather Joyce Brandon Banks . . Jim Porter Donna Bowles . Marty Burke . . Doug Allen . . Jim Naylor

Advisory Committees Activities . . . . . Rhonda Finance . . . . . . . . . . Insurance . . . . . . . . . Lake Use . . . . . . . . . Facilities Development . . . Food & Beverage . . . . .

Winn & Melanie Adkins . . Dave Stackelhouse . . . . . . . Mike Gill . . . . Scott Lankford . . . . . Terry White . . . . . Jahala Kinser

Members Since 1973

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Board of Directors Board of Directors General Email:

President Kathleen Heydon Phone: 373-4244 608 NE Persimmon Lane

At Large Liaison to Facility Development Committee

Vice-President Brandon Banks Phone: 728-1829 5464 NE Wedgewood Lane

At Large Liaison to Golf & ARB/ARC Committee

Secretary Donna Bowles Phone: 516-2383 3906 NE Sequoia

At-Large Liaison to Food & Beverage Committee

Treasurer Charles Wells Phone: 373-5677 4321 NE Walnut Ridge

At Large Liaison to Finance Committee

Board Members Jim Judge

Association Staff General Manager

Mark Reid

Administrative Assistant

Amanda Sinclair

Accounting Supervisor

Machelle Seiler

Membership Accounting

Cari Brown

Staff Assistant

Nancy Sykes


Nichole Herbel

Community Service Sean Bachtel

Codes Enforcement

Steve Hancock

Communications Coord.

Tim Martineau

Food & Beverage Clubhouse Manager F & B Greg Oliver

Dining Room Manager

Maintenance Steve Griesinger


Phone: 365-3417 452 NE Brockton Dr Liaison to ARB/ARC Committee

Tyler Ott


Phone: 886-5184 Liason to Insurance & Appeals Committee

202 NW Hackberry

Jeremy Towles

East Lake

Phone: (314) 814-4431 5545 NE Northgate Crossing Liaison to Activities & Lake Use Committee

Doris Weilert

Dir. of Comm. Relations

Maintenance Director Liaison to Multi-Family

Colin McKee


Matt McLain


Phone: 350-0303 3904 NE Sequoia

Phone: 373-4750 109 NW Teakwood

West Lake

LPOA Office 651 NE St. Andrew’s Circle, Lee’s Summit, MO 64064 Monday through Friday - 8:30am to 5pm Office Phone: 816-373-4326 Office Fax: 816-373-3091 | Community Services: 816-373-1500


PRSRT STD US Postage Paid Permit No. 111 Lee’s Summit, MO


Property Owners Association, Inc. 651 NE St. Andrews Circle, Lee’s Summit, Missouri 64064 Phone: (816) 373.4326

Resident or...




Woods Chapel RD & I-70

291 & Colbern

291 & Colbern

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