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Veteran‘s Day – November 12

If You Like Your Freedom, Thank a Vet

Who will remind us of the terrible toll of all-out war as veterans fade away?

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â– Veterans Day

WEDNESDAY, November 7, 2012




A last glimpse of



Ed Daves stands in front of a B-25 Mitchell at the Camdenton Memorial Airport. Daves was one of the few veterans who took a ride in the aircraft during the belated air show. Daves had hoped to fly planes in WWII. That never happened, so the ride served as a stand-in for military ambitions forgotten.

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Ed Daves mingled with a small group of other World War II veterans at the Camdenton Municipal Airport recently, waiting his turn to crawl into the belly of a B-25 Mitchell as part of the belated Air Show. The weather was questionable that day as rain showers slipped in and out of the Camdenton area throughout the morning and early afternoon. The men and their families were apprehensive since the World War II bomber had rescheduled its mission from the original Air Show in September due to mechanical problems. It was sort of dĂŠjĂ vu for Daves, still lanky at 86 years old, who had worked on fourengine B-17s during his yearlong stint in the Army Air Corp in the mid-1940s. Joining the service was the thing to do for Daves who served from March 1944 to November 1945. Though he never left the security of the United States borders, his roll as a B-17 Flying Fortress mechanic was not diminished in the least. His father served in France in World War I and volunteered to build the Burma Road in Southeast Asia in World War II. “So, the only thing for me to do was to volunteer as an Air Force cadet when I turned 17,â€? Daves said. “So on my birthday, I enlisted.â€? He was inducted at Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis. After basic training at Amarillo, Texas, Daves was transferred to Hobbs, N.M., to wait for flight training. There was a backlog of cadets waiting for more training, so his time was spent working on the B-17. Eventually, he

was given an honorable discharge “for the convenience of the government.� The war ended before he was able to realize his ambition, and at times today he laments not having served longer. “Looking back, I should have stayed in,� he said. Early interest

Daves said his interest in airplanes was kick-started by building model airplanes as a youth. He was an airplane enthusiast and from a distance could identify many types of airplanes by sight and sound. “It was natural to me, and I always wanted to be a hot pilot and shoot down Zeros,� he smiled, referring to Japanese fighter planes. Because of the backlog of cadets in the waning years of the war, that never happened. After his discharge, and because of his apparent mechanical aptitude, he pursued and received a mechanical engineering degree from Purdue University. He went work at Ralston Purina, a company that sent him to Europe. He and his wife Jackie had two sons by then, and a third was 6 months old when they made the move to Brussels. The family returned to the United States after eight years, and in 1984 he retired from Ralston Purina. Daves worked for the General Services Administration (GSA) for five years in Kansas City and St. Louis on a variety of building projects. Highlights

A ride on a B-17 at Hobbs Air Force Base was one of the highlights of his short military career. “It was all rather bland other than that,� he said. The B-17 Flying Fortress was used extensively in the European Theater during

the war. Another more recent highlight of his veteran status was being chosen for one of the Honor Flights to Washington, D.C. “It was all so emotional,� Daves said. On the way home, a contingent of some 200 motorcyclists pulled in front of the bus and escorted the veterans to Columbia. “It was unbelievable,� he said. Air Show

With a bit if irony, the veterans at the Camdenton Airport for the third and fourth flights of the day last month had to wait for their ride because of mechanical problems once again. “It’s hard to find parts and to keep these old gems in the air,� one of the accompanying mechanics lamented. As the plane was about to lumber down the runway, the pilot noticed smoke puffing from the port engine. He limped back to the staging area where mechanics discovered a faulty slip rod seal was allowing oil to drip onto the manifold. The veterans and crew disembarked so the problem could be repaired. About 90 minutes late, the historic aircraft’s wheels gently lifted from the asphalt to give the aging men possibly their last taste of their Greatest Mission. “The flight in the type of an airplane (B-25) that was used by General Doolittle for his famous bombing run over Tokyo in WW II was a oncein-a-lifetime experience,� Daves said. “I'm grateful for having been chosen from so many veterans for the honor. It reminded me of times when everyone was united for a common goal. My hope is that we can return to the thinking of those days.�

To Those Who Serve and Have Served



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Ed Daves was an airplane enthusiast and from a distance could identify many types of airplanes by sight and sound. So, when America entered WWII, he knew what he wanted to do.

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Thank You Veterans!

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■ Veterans Day

WEDNESDAY, November 7, 2012


Where they served

From the familiar woods of the Midwest to the distant lands of Asia and the Pacific, residents at Windsor Estates in Camdenton have seen the world as part of their time in service.

Leo Graveitt World War II 1942-1945 Army Served in Japan, Philippines Birthplace: Southern Missouri

Don Hasch World War II, Korean War 1943-1951 Army Served in the United States Birthplace: Omaha, Neb.

Walter Kean 1955-1957 Army Served at Fort Leonard Wood Birthplace: Pennsylvania

Dean Lloyd Lorwance World War II 1944-1946 Army Served in Austria, Germany Birthplace: Kansas

Lee Howe Korean War 1951-1955 Navy Served in the Virgin Islands Birthplace: Camden County

Robert Jones Korean War 1951-1978 Army Served in the United States Birthplace: Urbana, Ill.

Guy Moore Korean War, Vietnam War 1953-1973 Army Served in Japan, Austria, Germany Birthplace: Lebanon

Maxine Williams World War II 1942-1945 Women Army Corp Served in Australia Birthplace: Camden County

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I would like to thank the brave men and women who served and sacrificed for our freedom. Malcolm Decker, Agent 1179 E. Hwy. 54 Camdenton, MO Bus: 573-346-5920

1ST Drink FREE for Veterans on Veteran’s Day!


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Spree Hilliard

From the war room to the classroom

espite living on military bases and growing up with a serviceman as a father, Dr. John Keeney never thought he would be a soldier himself. That was until the 1960s and the United States found itself at war. "I had not planned on a military career. The country was at war, so I felt an obligation. Able bodied guys ought to be available," Keeney said. Keeney served as an Army Specialist fifth class from 1969 to 1971 in Vietnam. His job was unique and served an interesting purpose. "My job was to do articles on military operations and take pictures for civilian and military publications," Keeney said. He served the Army engineers and covered engineer operations along with other military units. He was in a unique position and was able to see all sides of the service. "It was real interesting. I would be a fly on the wall with big commanders when they would plan operations. Then I would get to


see the preparations and see it in action," Keeney recalled. Before joining the service, Keeney received a teaching degree and went on to get his master's degree following his deployment. "Then I started my teaching career. I knew in high school that I wanted to be a teacher. I went on to be a high school History and English teacher. I became the assistant principal and principal, then I began teaching adjunct for different colleges. I entered the college teaching world and moved my career over to that. I started off teaching then got into administration," he said. His military background became useful when he began teaching high school students. He shared the journalism skills he attained with students who found themselves writing articles. Having lived a part of history also became useful while teaching history classes. "It gave me some some perspective having lived



Dr. John Keeney parlayed his work as a military journalist and photographer to a job as a history teacher with real-world perspective




Camdenton VFW Post 5923 Where 65 VFW Rd., Camdenton Commander Jim Bergeson Contact 573-346-2376 What else? Bingo every Friday and Saturday

through something that was historical," Keeney said. He found it unique to have actually seen and lived the war and not just read about it. Keeney now is the director of Columbia College Lake of the Ozarks campus. Columbia College was one of the first colleges to have a campus on a military base. Today, many veterans come to Columbia College Lake campus when they return from deployment. Keeney is able to relate to those students and connect to them in a way that other professors and administrators can't even imagine. Columbia College staff will soon take part in "Give them 30" training, an online program that trains employees with how to work with veterans and help them transition smoothly into civilian life. Keeney may not have made a career out of the military but uses his experiences in his current career regularly.

Our Heroes! Sakelaris


Veteran resources

â– Veterans Day

WEDNESDAY, November 7, 2012

346-5551 800-367-3311

To Honor Our Lake Area Veterans your Lake of the Ozarks

D rawin g s for Prizes

FREE Breakfast Buffet for all veterans and Active Military Monday, November 12th 7am-11am We would like to have military pictures from veterans and those presently serving. Bring pictures to HyVee and copies will be made. Come Join the Celebration!

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■ Veterans Day

WEDNESDAY, November 7, 2012

Unfinished cane



Carving canes of honor

Finished cane

Eric Dundon

Members of the Lake of the Ozarks Woodcarving Club joked and laughed at a meeting Oct. 11 while their fingers were hard at work, whittling away at parcels of wood no bigger than a softball. Although the wood the club uses is nothing special — anyone could buy a piece at a hardware store or lumber yard — the transformation it undergoes makes for a lasting symbol of pride, dedication and honor. The club members carve eagle heads, an ephemeral symbol of this nation and the military that protects it. From start to finish, an eagle head takes four to ten hours to fully carve, depending on the skill of the carver, and the amount of joking and laughter at the meeting. Some say that the detailed eyes are most difficult to get right, others say texturing the feathers take a particularly keen eye and steady hand. However long it takes, the meticulously carved heads will eventually be attached to a staff turned by the Lake of the Ozarks Woodworkers Guild. The staff, with the regal eagle now adorning it's crest, will be finished and lacquered and attached to a base, painted and polished. Club member Bud Murray will adhere decals depicting various military medals and honors down the front of the cane. When finished, the once crude piece of wood becomes an ornate presentation cane as part of the Eagle Cane Project. A national endeavor started by Jack Nitz, an woodcarver in Oklahoma, the project's goal is to present patriotic canes to veterans of recent conflicts — those begun after 9/11 — who sustain a leg injury while on duty. The Lake of the Ozarks Woodcarving Club became involved with the Eagle Cane Project in 2009, becoming the first

Thank You Veterans for all that you have Given. We are Proud of You! SERVICE • STORAGE • GAS • SLIP RENTAL Serving The Lake Since 1984 P.O. Box 517 159 Hidden Acres Road, Lake Ozark, MO

573/365-2337 • 573/365-6979 (FAX)

Members of the Lake of the Ozarks Woodcarving Club carve ornate eagle heads, which will later be affixed to the top of a staff meant for recent veterans. ERIC DUNDON/LAKE SUN

organization in Missouri to participate. Since then, the club has completed 65 canes for delivery to veterans across the United States. As of October, the club had finished three additional canes and is one of the most prolific participants. Murray said that the club ships finished canes to the veteran at their home, but some receive their cane while still recuperating at Walter Reed Medical Center. Canes made with love and pride at the Lake of the Ozarks now stand by the sides of veterans as far away as California, Indiana and Texas, but Murray and the rest of the club have had the honor of presenting canes right here at the Lake of the Ozarks. Each cane has it's own unique story, each telling of the bravery and sacrifice a soldier regularly makes. While the Eagle Cane Project stipu-

lates that the canes are meant for recent veterans as a gift of friendship for their service, the club volunteers to carve canes for local, older citizens. Murray, who is the project leader, recalled an instance where a son requested a cane for his father. Murray said he was skeptical, until he read the veteran's story. "I said, 'There's no way I'm not doing this,'" Murray remembered. The cane recipient flew combat aircraft in WWII. Enemy troops shot him down in the south Pacific. He spent days on a raft waiting for rescue. In Korea, he spent a a night walking through enemy territory after his plane crashed behind enemy lines. Another recent cane recipient was shot in Afghanistan, then again when his field hospital came under attack, and then an incredible third time when the evacuation helicopter took fire — all within the span of three days. Other club members volunteered to carve for their Business Office neighbors or friends. VeterLake West 374-8429 ans from WWII, the Korean Ambulance War and the Vietnam War all stand tall with an eagle cane. The proudest moments of the project come when the club can personally present finished works to veterans. Veterans from Camdenton, Fort Leonard Wood, Warsaw and Lake Ozark have received canes. The wood itself might in in case case of of Emergency Emergency

Dial 911

seem insubstantial, but to the members of the club, some of them veterans themselves, the end result means far much more.

A Special Thank You to Those Who Serve And Preserve Our Freedom!

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Laurie Chapel Fairgrounds Rd. 573.374.7688

â– Veterans Day

WEDNESDAY, November 7, 2012



>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> World War II > Korean War > Vietnam War >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Getting to know Major Ben en D. Daugherty, Sr., Camdenton, retired after 21 years in the U.S. Marine Corps as a Major after having served in every rank from Private to Master Sergeant and 2nd Lieutenant to Major. Daugherty is a WWII, Korean and Vietnam veteran and spent his overseas time in the Far East. While Camdenton has been Dougherty's home for many years, he was born in Eldorado Springs. Then, his soon-to-be-divorced mother of three moved to Lowry City when he was less than a year old, and that’s where he was raised. Enlisting at 17, he was part of the early occupation of Japan. He deployed for Korea, but was sidetracked in Japan with the 3rd Marine Division. He was stationed in Japan twice, the Philippines and Vietnam. He was awarded the Purple Heart for injuries received in combat in Vietnam and the Bronze Star while serving as a Supply Logistic Advisor to the Vietnamese Marine Corps. It is difficult for Daugherty to isolate any single memorable moment in service, but on the lighter side three incidents vividly stand out: As a Private and a passenger on a high-speed US Navy transport returning from the occupation of Japan, the ship sailed extremely close to the remnants of the Bikini Fleet that was assembled for testing of the Atomic bomb in 1946. Ben says what an awesome sight it was to see the tangled superstructures of these oncegreat ships of all kinds from several nations ― the Geiger counters on his ship were buzzing at such a rapid pace. Daugherty was stationed in the Washington, D.C.,


area for seven years, two of which were at the Marine Corps ceremonial barracks at 8th and I Streets. On July 12, 1962, President Kennedy was given an evening parade, the first president to visit the barracks since the Commandant and President Jefferson rode on horseback in 1802 to select the site for the barracks. The area is surrounded by a high brick wall with a wrought iron fence between the barracks and the Commandants house. "I was assigned as a host to help seat the many notable visitors at the head of our government,� he explained. “We watched as the president came out on the patio in the back of the house and received the president’s honors by the band, and then we became busy seating guests. As the parade began, I thought I should go back to the fence and be sure no stragglers were coming along and sure enough here came this tall gentleman with hands in both pockets just ambling alone. It was Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson. I asked him if I could show him his seat and he made some gesture of ac-

ceptance. I escorted him through the gate and for about 30 feet when two full Colonels spotted this lowly Captain escorting the second most powerful man in the world. I was quickly relieved of my imposed duty." Daugherty said one of the most remarkable things about these memories is how all of these wellknown public figures looked in real life as compared to the black and white TV of the day. While attending the yearlong Amphibious Landing Warfare Course at Quantico, Virginia, the class was on a field reconnaissance exercise using the President of the United States off-duty helicopters, Marine One squadron. As it was his time to board, an Army Captain handed Daugherty the earphones and motioned Daugherty to put them on. When he did, on Nov. 22, 1963, he heard the traffic of the pilots of the off duty crew and the pilots of the on-duty crew in Dallas discussing the President being shot. "At that point, it was not known that he had died, but what a sad day for all,"




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he said. The day after he retired from his military career, Daugherty was employed as a Community Development Specialist with the University of Missouri Extension Service and assigned to the Camden, Morgan, Miller, Laclede and Pulaski counties Extension area headquartered in Camdenton. Daugherty loved this profession as it dealt with working with adults of all walks of life working on community problems of their choosing helping them sort through all the search and discovery processes of solving problems. After his years of service, the job was a per-

Enlisting at 17, he was part of the early occupation of Japan. He deployed for Korea, but was sidetracked in Japan with the 3rd Marine Division. He was awarded the Purple Heart for injuries received in combat in Vietnam and the Bronze Star while serving as a Supply Logistic Advisor to the Vietnamese Marine Corps. fect fit for Daugherty. Through the extension, Daugherty had the opportunity to work on many different projects from city and county planning, parks, water, fire, and ambulance service, hospital, and prevention of pollution on the lake. He often found himself working most nights during the week since that was the only

time many of the volunteers had time to meet. Eventually, health issues arose forced Daugherty to leave this highly desired profession. As during his years in the service, Daugherty felt his work at the extension was making some sort of difference in peoples’ lives. —Joyce Miller, Lake Sun

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■ Veterans Day

WEDNESDAY, November 7, 2012


Spree Hilliard

Honoring a veteran...

brick brick by

Information needed:

Name of the veteran

Locations served

Branch and rank

Years of service

"The best way to honor them [veterans] is to remember them," Bill Mullins, Senior Vice Commander of VFW Post Number 5923, said. The Camdenton VFW is giving the public a chance to honor a veteran in their life all while giving the post's landscaping a bit of a facelift. Bricks with a veteran's names, branch of the service, war and years served surround a tank in the front of

the post. Mullins saw the idea displayed as a walkway at another VFW post and thought it would be a great addition Post 5923. Any veteran can be recognized. This project is not exclusive for lake veterans only. "We are here for the veterans. This is one way to honor them," Junior Vice Commander Joe Zelinka said. Anyone is welcome to honor a past or present

veteran. Post 5923 officials are finding new ways to reach out to veterans in the lake area. "We are more than just a bingo hall," Mullins said. He finds it crucial to reach out to the brand new generation of veterans coming home. The post hosts movie nights, classes for veterans and other various activities for the public and for veterans.

! ! u o Y k n a h T

Lake Area Veterans

How much? $30 per brick

What else? Must show some sort of proof of service. For deceased veterans, a gravesite marker or picture of the soldier in uniform will do.

Contact the VFW Hall Phone: (573) 346-2376 Address: 5923 65 Vfw Rd, Camdenton, MO 65020 PHOTOS BY SPREE HILLIARD/LAKE SUN

We are Grateful ~ to our Veterans We honorRXU¿QHVWPHQDQGZRPHQRI

uniform who have served and defended the United States of America.

We thankRXU¿QHVWPHQDQGZRPHQRI uniform who have served and defended the United States of America.


women of uniform who have served and defended the United States of America.

For nearly 12 years now, we have shown gratitude to our fine Veterans by offering a free cemetery lot or niche at one of our beautiful cemeteries, with each veterans paid funeral plan, made with Hedges-Scott Funeral Homes. Call ahead, and speak to one of our licensed funeral directors for details.

Funeral Homes mes

In honor of our Lake area veterans and active military, Randy and staff at RJ's Family Restaurant is offering a free meal on Friday, November 9, 2012 - Veteran's Day from 6 am to 2 pm Please present Military ID.

275 w hwy 54 camdenton, mo 65020

Mon thru Sun 6AM-2PM





AND CREMATORY T TORY Locallyy Owned –– Family Owned Locall

Trust. Camdenton 573-346-2090

Compassion. C Macks Creek Creek 573-363-5360

Service. Osage Beach 573-348-3232 www


â– Veterans Day

WEDNESDAY, November 7, 2012

HOW & WHERE to honor Veterans Day Nov. 8 >>Students

in the fifth grade at Eldon Upper Elementary will host a patriotic assembly on Nov. 8 at 6:30 in the gymnasium. Veterans are invited to attend as special guests as students pay tribute to those who have served. Where: Eldon Upper Elementary

Nov. 9

month. Please send your submissions by Nov. 9. Go to Columbia College — Lake of the Ozarks on Facebook. Where: Columbia College — Lake of the Ozarks campus in Osage Beach

>>Versailles High School is having an assembly to honor veterans at 9 a.m. Friday, Nov. 9. Where: Versailles

>>Columbia College is ask-

Nov. 11

ing for messages of thanks for our military or memories of your service along with rank and branch you served to be sent on Facebook or via e-mail to They will display the messages in the commons area on Nov. 9 through the rest of the

>>A turkey

dinner will be held Nov. 11 at the Post. Lunch will be served from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. The menu will include turkey and dressing and all the fixings of a traditional Thanksgiving meal. It is all you can eat. Cost for the general public is $3 for children 11

and under and $6 for adults. All veterans are cordially invited to dine for free. The bar will also be open for the event. A VFW service officer will be available to take care of veterans issues as well. The Post will be honoring World War II veterans in particular. Where: VFW Post 5178 Gravois Mills, 115 Troutdale Rd., 573-372-6689


special flag raising ceremony will be held at the VFW Post 3600 at 11 a.m. Nov. 11. Where: VFW Post 3600 Climax Springs Memorial Post, 1517 N. Hwy. 7, 573347-3155

>>A free breakfast will be served to all veterans and their immediate families from 7:30-10:30 a.m. Nov.


Michael Ferrell, son of Dan and Mary Jo Ferrell of Four Seasons, is a 2005 graduate of Osage High School and a 2009 graduate of the United States Naval Academy. He has served in Indonesia, Guam, Thailand, Malaysia, Guantanamo Bay, Bahrain, Hong Cong and Japan. He will be the featured speaker at the School of the Osage Veterans Day program. 11 at the Post. A special service honoring veterans will take place at 11 a.m. at the outside War Memorial, weather permitting. If raining, it will be inside the Post. Where: American Legion Zack Wheat Post 624, American Legion Rd., Sunrise Beach, 573-374-6019

>>AMVET'S POST 108 will have Veteran's Day Services at 2 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 11. AMVET'S Post 108 is located in Rocky Mount on Highway Y. Everyone is welcome to attend. Food will be served after the services. Bring your favorite dish. Where: AMVET'S POST 108, Highway Y, Rocky Mount, 573-392-0659

Nov. 11-12 >>Dogwood Hills Golf Resort is hosting a Veterans Day Golf Special for active and retired military on Nov. 11 and 12. Dogwood Hills will offer 18 holes of golf including riding cart for $20 (plus tax) to all active/retired military personnel with Military ID. Book your tee time by calling the Golf Shop at 573-348-3153. Where: Dogwood Hills Golf Resort, Osage Beach

Nov. 12 >>School of the Osage will host its annual Veterans Day program at 10:30 a.m. Nov. 12 at the Osage High School Henderson Gymnasium. Theme is “Remembering Those Who Serve, Past and Present.� All area

veterans are welcome and encouraged to attend Program will include a musical tribute by OHS band, OHS Concert Choir and Les Chanteurs. Refreshments will follow. Where: School of the Osage High School, Osage Beach


will hold a free breakfast buffet for all veterans and active military on Nov. 12 from 7-11 a.m. Drawings for prizes will be held. Hy-Vee is looking for military pictures from veterans and those presently serving. Bring the photos to Hy-Vee and copies will me made. Call 573-302-7977 for more information. Where: HyVee, Osage Beach Parkway, Osage Beach


t t t t t



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■ Veterans Day

WEDNESDAY, November 7, 2012


Q&A with lake area veterans

Gene Deters Age: 64 Hometown: Baileyville, Kan. Residence: Gravois Mills Branch of service: Army Years served: 1967-1976

Richard Hosgood Age: 63 Hometown: Washington, D.C. Residence: Sunrise Beach Branch of service: Army and Navy Years served: 19691972 in the Army and 1977-1994 in the Navy

What did you do in the military?

After boot camp in North Carolina and advanced individual training in Kentucky, I went to Fort Ord, Calif. as a radar operator. I had orders for Vietnam, but they got cancelled, and I actually got out early. When I went into the Navy, it was on a two-year conditional enlistment. I went to Adak, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands for "underwater research." I came back as an undesignated seaman and reenlisted for aviation electronics. I went to Tennessee for training then to NAS Oceana and served aboard the USS Nimitz. In three and a half years, we did two Med cruises and a cruise in the North Atlantic. We crossed into the Arctic Circle to get to Wilhemshaven, Germany. Then I was stationed at the naval air station Pfc. Richard Hosgood pictured at Patuxent River, Md. for three years. I worked on at the Hunter Ligget Military IFFs (Identification, Friend or Foe) and radios, ra- Reservation in Jolon, Calif. in dio altimeters - the stuff that went on the planes. 1969. PHOTO PROVIDED Then I went back to Tennessee for advanced electronics training, then I went o Lowry Air Force Base in Denver for calibration and calibration management school. From there, I was stationed on the USS Carl Vincent out of Alameda, Calif. We did two WestPac cruises and a NorPac cruise — the northern pacific and back up around the Aleutians for war games. Then I went to San Diego as an instructor for three years before retiring. I was involved in the work-ups to Desert Shield. Other than that you knew you were launching a lot of planes — the pace of activity sped up — the work was fairly routine.

What did you do in the service?

I was a telecommunications specialist. I was stationed in Vinh Long, South Vietnam. They flew me in a helicopter to four towns in the area to maintain the telephones. Basically, I was a traveling switchman. What did you do after your military service?

I became a digital telephone switchman, and eventually got into insurance and moved here to the lake. My dad sold insurance too, but everything was in books back then. I used to help him with that. How would you sum up your service to our country?

It was my duty, and that's what I did.

Gene Deters while in service. PHOTO PROVIDED

Prudential Lake Ozark Realty extends a heartfelt “thank you” to all the men and women who fought for our freedom, as well as those who continue to serve.

What did you do after you left the service?

After the Army, I went to tech school and then college for a year. I went to work for Safeway and worked security for awhile. I left the Navy in June 1994 as an Aviation Electronic Technician First Class — an E6. I went and visited all the places around the U.S. I'd always wanted to see. When I did that, I visited a friend here in the lake area and decided to move here. I went to Columbia College in Osage Beach and graduated magna cum laude with a degree in criminal justice, but there really weren't any jobs then so I went back to working to grocery stores for awhile. Now, I do a lot of crosswords and sudoku puzzles. I've had a stroke and they help keep my brain active. I also volunteer at the Sunrise Beach Library, do a little target shooting sometimes. I'm also a member of the Lake of the Ozarks Amateur Radio Club.

We also want to Salute our own Veterans (from Left to Right): Fred Catcott, United States Navy, Retired Don Johnstone, United States Air Force, Veteran Rollin Martin, United States Air Force, Veteran Not Pictured: Bruce Johnson, Massachusetts Army National Guard, Veteran

573-365-6868 or 800-787-1614

How would you sum up your service?

Overall, I had a great time and would do it all over again.

3570 Suite 101, Osage Beach Parkway, Osage Beach, MO 65065

Osage Beach Super Center

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We recognize the many sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform both today and throughout our nation’s history. We honor their courage and dedication, and we thank them for their contribution to our country. Thank You, Veterans.




■ Veterans Day

WEDNESDAY, November 7, 2012


Relocated to Keesler AFB in Biloxi, Miss.

Moved to Malmstrom AFB, Montana

Enlisted in Riverside, Calif.


Crossed the Atlantic to Zweibruc ken AB, Garmeny After basic, sent to Hancock Field in Syracuse

Then served in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska

A 20 year military journey


Charlotte Huffine... enlisted in the Air Force on her 18th birthday in Riverside, California. Over the next 20 years, Huffine would travel around the world serving the United States. Due to pregnancy, Huffine left the military in 1971, but she soon blazed trails as one of the first women to enlist after having a child. According to Huffine, she spent 20 years serving the country, making many great friends and having unforgettable experiences.

Awarded: AF Commendation medal with 1 Oak Leaf Cluster AF Achievement Medal AF Outstanding Unti Award with 3 OLC AF Good Conduct Medal with 5 OLC National Defense Medal AF Overseas Short Tour Ribbon with 1 OLC AF Longevity Service Award Ribbon with 3 OLC NCO PME Grad Ribbon with 1 OLC AR Training Ribbon.

Moved to San Vito dei Normani AS, Italy

Retired after 20 years, ending service at Kelly AFB, San Antonio


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■ Veterans Day

WEDNESDAY, November 7, 2012


A military reunion — 40 years in the making As so often happens, the bonds of friendship formed between those who have served together in battle are everlasting. Over the course of time, the memories and the images may fade, but the friendship... the trust, that lasts a lifetime. Stories of those who have served together searching lost buddies out years after the end of a conflict are not uncommon. One such story unfolded at Lake of the Ozarks this summer, when two Army buddies reunited after 40 years. Glenn Steinberg ad Wladislaw Zivkovich spent about 18 months stationed together in the Army. That was in 1969 to 1971. The last time the pair saw each other was in 1974. Both

Veteran Q&A

drafted into service in 1969, the Vietnam-era veterans had kept in touch exchanging holiday cards and catching up over the phone. They had gone nearly 40 years without a face-to-face visit until July. Steinberg rode his Harley Davidson motorcycle from his hometown in Washington state to spend some time reconnecting with Zivkovich, whom he calls "Z," and his wife Kay at their home here at Lake of the Ozarks. Every summer Steinberg takes a couple weeks vacation to ride his motorcycle to different destinations across the country. This year, after deciding it was time to look his old pal up, Steinberg headed to Missouri from his home

in Seattle. Steinberg was instructed to ride until he found a spot he wanted to stop at the lake and Z and Kay would find him and let him follow them to their house. Steinberg chose Casablanca Bar on Bagnell Dam as his stopping point. Over the next few days, Steinberg spent time with his old friends laughing and reminiscing with Z and enjoying the he really enjoying the lake area. The friends left the visit with a promise from the Zivkovich's to visit the Steinberg family in the Seattle area. Hopefully they won't wait another 40 years this time! —Lake Sun

Jon Hovey Age: 70 Hometown: Ruthven, Iowa Residence: Sunrise Beach Branch of service: Air Force Years served: February 1964February 1968

What did you do in the military?

I was in flight operations and was stationed at Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina and at Bitberg Air Force Base in Germany. What did you do after you left the service?

I was a salesman ‚ a food broker, groceries and then cars and when I moved here I sold SeaDoos. How would you sum up your service?

I am honored and proud to have done it. When I went in, it was the days of the draft, but the Air Force was all volunteer. I would recommend it to anyone not planning a college education. It made you grow up and take more responsibility than you normally would at a young age.

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Fun for the whole family Owned by a Veteran of the Korean War Proud to Have Served

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One of the most touching things I've ever done was the Remembering Our Fallen display at the Legion for Memorial weekend this year. It touched so many people. Over 500 signed the guest book and there were probably many more who went through that didn't sign. I worked it every day and got to observe how it touched people. It was absolutely amazing. There were few people who walked through without getting wet eyes. That was the impact it had on people from all walks of life. I wasn't ready for that. It was emotional but satisfying to know you hit home with the display. It brought home the reality and the finality of it. We now have a permanent memorial — a lecturn — with the names of those from our area who gave their all from 2001 to present.



Describe a memorable time from your service or as a veteran?


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Zack Wheat Post turns 40 or 40 years, the American Legion Post in Sunrise Beach has been bringing veterans together in support of each other and the community. The kernal of the idea for Post 624 — namesake Zachariah Davis Wheat — started over a few beers at a local tavern in the winter of 1972. Several veterans in the area, mostly of the World War II varietal, decided to get it going with Herb Nickle spearheading the organization. It didn't take long; on Feb. 23, 1972, the group filed an application for a Post with the Missouri Department Office and the charter was issued Feb. 28 with 40 members on the first roster. They named the Post after baseball Hall of Famer Zack Wheat because the primary program of the Legion then was mainly baseball, according to papers on the history of Post 624. Wheat also lived in the area after retiring from the game. A "Charter Nite" was held April 10, 1972 to celebrate the new post. The gathering was held at the Foxes IV just north of the Hurricane Deck Bridge. Wheat's daughter, Mary, and grandson Zack Wheat Jr. represented the Wheat family at the meeting. From Jefferson City, Vernon Short, then 8th District Commander, conducted the installation ceremony officially appointing officers for the new Post.


But it was a Post without a home. They had no building. Then in July 1974, the organization was able to buy around 13 acres from Charles and Lillie Root. They borrowed money twice to get the building completed by the late 1970s, and built an addition in 1990. Also in 1990, the Zack Wheat

Post formed a 40&8 Voiture, a special service attachment group. In 1995, an outdoor statute was added to memorialize veterans of all wars, honoring all men and women who afforded their lives for the principles of justice, freedom and democracy. Under the leadership of thencommander Harry Welch, the outdoor memorial was added to in 2000 with a three-inch navy deck gun and a 105 Army howitzer. The deck gun was donated by Andy and Bev Burke in honor of members of the family who served in the armed forces including Andy's service in Korea. Gene and Vaun Burgess donated the howitzer in memory of their son Staff Sgt. John F. Burgess (1962-1992) who was an Army Ranger. Over the years, the Post's membership has swelled and now totals around 784, according to current Commander Jim Morton. Post 624 always has something going on, holding special programs for Veterans Day, Memorial Day and Flag Day, supporting the summer baseball team in Camdenton and activities for kids at the park in Laurie. They hold dances for veterans throughout the year, have BINGO every Thursday night and dinners on Wednesdays and Fridays. Teams of veterans from the Post visit the Truman VA Hospital in Columbia and the Veterans Home in Warrensburg on a regular basis. Legion and Auxiliary members sell poppies made by disabled veterans around the 4th of July. In June, the Post holds a special dinner to honor female veterans. The Post also honors veterans who have passed away by placing flags on the local graves of veterans twice a year, and the Honor Guard offers its salute at funerals of veterans in an approximately 100 mile radius. In

The deck gun was donated by Andy and Bev Burke in honor of members of the family who served in the armed forces including Andy's service in Korea. ERIC DUNDON/LAKE SUN

Veteran resources

â– Veterans Day

WEDNESDAY, November 7, 2012

American Legion Zack Wheat Post Where 852 American Legion Dr., Sunrise Beach Commander Jim Morton Contact 573-374-6091 What else? Bingo every Thursday, dinner each Wednesday and Friday

the community, the Legion offers six scholarships with the Auxiliary offering another six. Legionnaires also visit local schools as part of its Americanism program. They often hold special one time programs as well in support of veterans, such as hosting the Remembering Our Fallen tribute earlier in the year which honored our Missouri military members who died in a war zone since 2001. The Legion's focus has been and continues to be veterans, community and youth, says Morton. To that end, Post 624 is looking to the future and are working to develop family-oriented programs for younger veterans. A jobs fair is also in the works for next spring. —Amy Wilson/Lake Media

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â– Veterans Day

WEDNESDAY, November 7, 2012


Veterans designation now available Newcomers/ Longtimers launch on Missouri driver license ID “Respect for Our Flag� As part of Senate Bill 470, signed by Governor Nixon and effective on August 28, 2012, Veterans may now obtain a Veteran designation on their Missouri Driver License or State ID Card. To get the Veterans designation, a Veteran needs to present at any Missouri license office a copy of the DD-214 showing a discharge status of “Honorable,� “General,� “Under Honorable Conditions,� or “General under Honorable Conditions� and pay the applicable fees for the license or card. The Veterans designation, a ribbon with the word “Veteran� inside, will be printed on the back of the card. Additional in-

formation can be found online at If the driver license is not due to expire within the next six months, the transaction would be processed as a duplicate with the same expiration date as the current license. If the driver license is due to expire within the next six months, the transaction would be processed as an early renewal, and the Veteran would be required to present acceptable documents to verify name, date of birth, place of birth, social security number, and Missouri residential address. “Veterans in Missouri have wanted a Veterans

designation for a long time, instead of always having to carry their DD214,� said Missouri Veterans Commission Executive Director Larry D. Kay, “by listening to the needs of its Veterans, Missouri has once again shown its support for those who have served.� If a Veteran needs assistance in obtaining a copy of their DD-214, they are encouraged to either contact an MVC Veterans Service Officer by calling 1-866-VET-INFO, or online at ov/service/serviceofficer/. They can also check with their local Veterans Service Organizations as many posts have Service Offi-

Thank You Veterans! Matt Mueller currently serving in the United Kingdom. We are proud of you!

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cers available as well. The Missouri Veterans Commission, a state agency, operates seven State Veterans Homes, five State Veterans Cemeteries, and the Veterans Services Program. The Commission is committed to honoring and serving Missouri’s Veterans whose dedication and sacrifices have preserved our nation and its freedoms. For more information about the Missouri Veterans Commission programs, call 573751-3779, online at, or —Lake Sun

The Community Awareness Group of the Newcomers/Longtimers Organization is undertaking a new project this year intended to help encourage patriotism and respect for the flag of our country in our community. The group is comprised of members who volunteered to present the program to various school age groups and work with several local principals to develop ideas that will fit into each schools schedule. The goal is to educate young people on how important it is that we, as Americans, know how to honor our flag whenever it passes us in a parade, when we are repeating the “Pledge of Allegiance� or singing our National Anthem. Each

child will be given an age appropriate flag and sticker to take home and share with their families. The program information and length of time will be adjusted to fit the age group of the audience. Many local citizens have expressed interest in helping with this project. They are Veterans, Boy Scouts and citizens who are interested in sharing their experiences and showing their love for the American Flag. If you would like additional information on this project, please contact Lynda Hartwick, Community Awareness Group Chairperson, at 573-365-9985. —Lake Sun

“Your dedication and service to our country touches my heart and I will be forever grateful.� Sherry Stevens



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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Vietnam War >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Comedy combat of

Veterans are known for their war stories. What we don’t often hear are the lighter moments, the happy times and the stories that make brothers out of soldiers. These stories are told through the viewpoint of retired Army Special Forces veteran Donny Larsen, also known as "the rockstar."



In our B-team special forces club in Quinhon on the south china sea, Colonel Longfellow got tired of the Vietnamese band. He would say, "Don't we have some 'rock-star' out in one of our A sites?" The Sergeant Major said, "Yea, that would be Sgt. Larsen." He replied, "Well get his sorry butt in here on Friday. I want him to sing in the band cause I'm tired of hearing the Vietnamese band sing." So, I'd come in on a log ship on Friday night and go back on Sunday morning. There I was singing for the B-team. It was not a U.S. Army base. It was a Vietnamese Base. That meant we could fraternize with the nurses and some of the local girls. That reminds of the time that one of my friends and I decided to go on a joy ride... Sand in the crank case

One night while I was playing music at the club, my friend Doug, who was a civilian and CIA rep said, "Donny, let's take the girls out to the watering point. We will take a couple of cases of beer and go out there and party." I said, "That's a long way out and we don't have a vehicle." He said, "Well, you have one of those green beanies. Just put that on and when we go through the gate, just put your head down and salute the guards." The guards were Vietnamese and to them, all of us Caucasians looked the same. If I wore the green beret and if Doug was driving the Colonel's jeep, like he usually did, they would just wave us on through. We put the girls in the back seat and told the guards we were taking them home. I saluted them and we were on our way. We get out to this water point. It was where we would take jeeps and trucks to clean them right outside of Quinhon. Snipers were known to hang out about 300 meters away on the side of the hill. So, I turned off my lights and started across the river. That's when it happened. The jeep fell into a hole about five or six feet deep. I'm holding my breath and trying to drive out of the hole. We all climb out of the jeep and reach the surface of the water. At that point,


y t i C n o s r Jeffe ation Loc

After the Army, Larsen, pictured here in Vietnam, chose to pursue his one true love. Music. He went on to tour with Jimmy Buffet and play with Willie Nelson. Now, he resides in Osage Beach and plays music at various local hot spots.

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all you can hear from us is hysterical laughter. The only way you could tell a jeep was in the water was by the antenna sticking out and bending with the current. I said, "Oh my, Doug. We are going to Levenworth." He said, "You are going to Levenworth. I'm not in the Army." We walk out on Highway 1 hoping that some big army truck would be passing by. Thankfully, we waited about five minutes and saw a five ton tractor driving by without a load on the back. So, I stood and waved him down. He stopped and pulled a weapon on us to make sure we were American. We then told him our situation which he found humorous. So he drove down on the beach and gave me a chain. I dove in the water and wrapped it around the bumper. He pulled the jeep out on the beach and I tried to remove all the water from the inside of it. We put the vehicle in fourth gear, started the ignition and the tractor started to pull us back into Quinhon while we tried to start the engine. By the time it started, we were in downtown Quinhon. The smoke that bellowed out of that exhaust was more intense than an actual smoke machine used in combat. We could be facing jail time, but could not help but keep laughing. We drove straight through the gate undetected and parked the jeep in its spot.

Then we invited the truck driver in and continued to party. We thought we were free and clear. The next day around 1 in the afternoon, I was just getting ready to go out on a mission. The Colonel called Doug and I into his office. He says, "Sgt. Larsen, the funniest thing happened. My Filipino mechanics are mad. They said they went to change the oil in my jeep and found sand in the crank case. You wouldn't know how the sand got in there would ya?" "What? How would you get sand in there, sir? Wouldn't you have to deliberately pour that in their yourself ?" I replied. "I'm wondering that myself, Sgt," he said. "How about you Doug? Do you have any idea how that got in there?" "Haven't got a clue, sir." He said, "Well, Doug, you go back to what you do and Sgt. Larsen, would you to go out to Longve." At that time, Longve was the hottest, most dangerous site in Vietnam. It was scary. Nobody wanted to be there. So, he wanted me to go out there and see if I could come up with some solution to this sand in the crank case episode. I went out there and fought. He left me out there for 14 days to stew over it. I had to take a patrol out every day. The Colonel never brought up the jeep incident again. — Spree Hilliard/Lake Sun


Thank you for your service. ZZZPLGPRFXFRP

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1400 SW Blvd, Lower Level Jefferson City


Thank you to our Veterans!


â– Veterans Day

WEDNESDAY, November 7, 2012


Loren Beaumont

Robert D. Bebermeyer

Craig A. Berlette

John A. Berlette Thomas N. Branch Air Force Blancett

Branch Army Air Force Years 1943-1946 Rank Sergeant Of note Made 48 trips to Europe while on duty

Branch Navy Of note Was aboard USS New Jersey when the Spruce Goose completed its sole flight in 1947

Branch Air Force Years 1984-present Rank Colonel Of note Stationed at Randolph AFB in San Antonio

Years 1954-1976 Rank Colonel Of note Was a pilot member of Strategic Air Command

Branch Army Years 1966-1968 Rank Sergeant Of note Awarded Bronze Star for valor, right leg wounded in Vietnam War

Theron V. Bradford

Robert C. Cobler

Larry Daly

Delmar D. Davis

Zach Davis

Louis DeVries

Branch Army Air Force Years 1942-1946 Rank Supply Sergeant Of note Awarded two bronze stars and conduct award

Branch Navy Years 1942-1945 Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade Of note Served aboard the USS Salt Lake city

Branch Army Years Active duty in May 1953 Of note Received training in chemical, biological and radio logical defense in Japan

Branch Merchant Marine Years 1944-1948 Of note Was a radio officer on six ships in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans

Branch Navy Rank E4 Of note Worked in the military police in anti-terrorism force protection

Branch Army Years 1952-1954 Rank Corporal Of note Worked on mapping depot reconnaissance planes in Japan, awarded National Serivce Medal

James Fiers

Robert E. Fletcher

Timothy L. Fletcher

Jack Anthony Garcia

Jim Gibson

Allan (Gene) Goade

Branch Navy Years 1943-1946 Conflicts World War II Of note Hometown of Washington, Kan.

Branch Army Years 1966-1969 Of note Served in Tan Sun Nhut, Vietnam as part of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam

Branch Army Air Force Years 1941-1944 Of note Enlisted after attack on Pearl Harbor with two brothers

John Hagen

Don Hasch

Earl W. Haworth Bob Lee Huff

Russell Kasnick

Patrick R. Lock

Branch Army Years 1969-1971 Of note Served as a parachute rigger at Fort Campbell as training exercises for the Vietnam War

Branch Marines Years 1943-1952 Rank Sergeant Of note Served as a control tower operator, remained in the reserves for five years

Branch Navy Years 1942-1946 Rank Boatswain Mate and Coxswain Of note Served in the South Pacific arena and earned six stars for landings

Branch Navy Years 1949-1950 Conflicts Korean War Of note Passed away Oct. 19, 2012, in memorian from granddaughter Jeni Hamm

Branch Navy Years 1954-1956 Conflicts Korean War Of note Served as an electrician in an Amphibious Unit called Beachmasters

Branch Navy Years Entered service in 1960 Of note Saw deployment in the Bay of Pigs Invasion and Cuban Missile Crisis. Served in the National Guard beginning in 1974

Paul A. Manning Kent A. Mathis

William Mathis

Louis Mayer

Gerald McCrary

Branch Navy Years 1942-1944

Branch Army National Guard Years 1968-1990 Of note Hometown of Laferia, Texas

Years Served for 23 years Rank Lieutenant Colonel Of note Hometown of Camdenton

Branch Navy Years 1945-1946 Rank Seaman 1st Class Of note Served in the Marianas Islands at the conclusion of World War II

Branch Navy Years 1941-1945 Of note Stationed in Okinawa in 1944

Gerald W. Neteler

David W. Neterer

Robert D. Neterer

Don Payne

Jim Pennino

Branch Army Years 1942-1943 Of note Served with a specialty of aerial gunnery

Branch Air Force Years 1966-1970 Rank 2nd Lieutenant to Captain Of note Served in Korea following the capture of the Pueblo, awarded Commendation Medal

Charles Robert Peterson

Branch Navy Years 1972-1977 Rank 0-4 Lieutenant Commander Of note Served with an emphasis in nuclear power and electric field

Branch Air Force Years 1961-1965 Rank Airman 1st Class Of note Entered service single, exited married with two children

Branch Army Air Force Years 1944-1946 Of note Transported papers from the Empire State Building to the United Nations

Branch Coast Guard Years 1983-1987

Branch Marines Years 1946-1949 Of note Served at Kaneohe Naval Air Force Base in Hawaii for 33 months

Paul J. Blatner Branch Navy Years 1947-1949 Of note Hometown of Auroroa, Ill.

Branch Navy Years 1951-1954 Rank EN2 Of note Served aboard USS Pine Island AV12

Branch Army Years 1952-1954 Rank Corporal Of note Communications Operator for the 3rd Armored Division in Germany

Grover Pickel Branch Army Years 1969-1971 Of note Served as an aviation instructor state side then in Vietnam he served with A company/101 aviation battalion/101 air born division- Commancheros

■ Veterans Day

WEDNESDAY, November 7, 2012




Thank you for your service!

our veterans

Roy W. Pinzke

William Potter

William Slone

Elmer Steffen

Branch Army Years 1953-1955 Rank Private Of note Served as a combat photographer in the 25th Division Signal Corp

Branch Marines Years 1956-1964 Rank Private 1st Class Of note Served at Camp Pendleton as a Postal Officer and delivered Top Secret Mail

Branch Army Years 1951-1954 Rank Corporal Of note Was put into the 888th Engineering Unit called the SCARWAF: Special Category Army with Air Force

Branch Army Years 1942-1945 Of note Worked in the Tank Division in the Philippines

Leo Usher

Robert Usher

Ernest Venis

Brad Vold

Mike Waggett

Drew Weaver

Branch Army Air Corp Years 1946-1947

Branch Air Force Years 1968-1972 Conflicts Vietnam War

Branch Army Signal Corp Years 1966-1969 Of note Served in reserves until 1971, awarded numerous commendations and a bronze star

Branch Marines Years Served four years Of note Served in the military police during the Vietnam War

Branch Air Force Rank Colonel Of note Awarded numerous medal and commendations, including Legion of Merit, Air Force Commendation Medal, 2 devices and Meritorious Service Medal, 3 devices

Branch Marines Years 2005-2008 Rank Lance Corporal Of note Awarded Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal, Purple Heart- Killed in Action February 21, 2008

Robert G. Trokey

Roger Trost

Branch Army Years 1949-1954 Rank Corporal Of note Served in the Army Military Police Corp Korean War era

Branch Air Force Years 1952-1956 Rank Staff Sergeant Of note Maintained electronic systems Air Defense Command in Ohio

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WEDNESDAY, November 7, 2012

■ Veterans Day

Conversation with a general Brigadier General John E. Seward

Retired Brigadier General John E. Seward at his retirement ceremony in August 2011 at Fort Shafter, Hawaii. PHOTO PROVIDED

Hometown: Camdenton Branch of service: Army Years served: 1980-2011 Awards: Distinguished Service Medal, Legion of Merit, Bronze Star Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, Joint Service Commendation Medal, and more

What did you do while in the military?

I was the Deputy Commanding General U.S. Army, Pacific, U.S. Army Service Component Command (USARPAC) from July 2008 to 2011. My command experience includes; Commander, B Battery, 1st Battalion, 3rd Air Defense Artillery, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault); Deputy Commander, 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, Germany, OPERATION SOUTHERN WATCH, Saudi Arabia and OPERATION JOINT ENDEAVOR, Former Yugoslavia, Croatia, Hungary, Bosnia; Commander, 3rd Battalion (Airborne), 4th Air Defense Artillery; Commander, 108th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, XVIII Airborne Corps, OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM, Kuwait and OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM, Iraq; Commandant, United States Army Sergeants Major Academy, Fort Bliss, Texas; and Commanding General, 94th Army Air and Missile Defense Command at Fort Shafter, Hawaii.



An excerpt from Seward’s speech in Sunrise Beach, Memorial Day 2011

n September 11, 2001 the United States of America was for the second time in history attacked by an act of war that was unprovoked and cowardly. Our resolve was tested and we demonstrated to the world that our passion for freedom and liberty stand as a light for all. Our military forces were once again called upon to protect our nation from an enemy that was entrenched in hatred and bias against our country and the foundation for which it stands. Over 6,000 men and women have lost their lives in the ongoing war on terror in Afghanistan and Iraq, yet many 1,000’s more of our brave soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and coast guardsman stand bravely in harm’s way around the world to guarantee our freedom.” Harry S. Truman once said, “I think I know the American soldier. He does not want gratitude or sympathy. He has a job to do, he did not like it, but he did it, and how he did it.” I would add he and she continue to do it today. With respect for those who withstood the rigors to and threats of battle to provide each of us an opportunity for life, it is we who owe them the respect for what they did, the hon-


Seward in Sunrise Beach.

or for their service, and the commitment to support our country when duty called. So let us pause in respect and honor on this Memorial Day to remember those who fought, for those who gave their lives, and for those who willingly stand ready today without question, for the defense of freedoms call. We owe each of them the highest regard and respect and honor, and the assurance their commitment to this nations freedom will never will be forgotten.

Additional assignments?

My additional assignments include; Platoon Leader and Battalion S-3 Air, 1st Battalion, 60th Infantry and Executive Officer, Combat Support Company, 4th Battalion, 327th Infantry both with the 172nd Light Infantry Brigade, Fort Richardson, Alaska; Battalion Maintenance, and Assistant Operations Officer, 1st Battalion, 3rd Air Defense Artillery and Assistant Division Air Defense Officer, 2nd Battalion, 44th Air Defense Artillery both with the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), Fort Campbell, Kentucky; Assistant Professor of Military Science, Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Southeast Asia Desk Officer, J6, U.S. Pacific Command, Camp Smith, Hawaii; Battalion Operations Officer, 1st Battalion, 62nd Air Defense Artillery, 25th Infantry Division (Light), Schofield Barracks, Hawaii; Inspector General, 82d Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, North Carolina; and Director of Training and Doctrine, U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery Center and School, Fort Bliss, Texas. What did you do after you got out?

I am working out of state. I have been offered a couple of consulting jobs in Hawaii but he I want to stay near my children. Describe a memorable moment while in the service?

I engaged our Pacific partners in exercises all over the Pacific Micronesia, the little islands, Australia, Japan, Korea and as far out as Mongolia, China and Cambodia. There is a lot of volcano and tsunami activity in that area because of the ring of fire around the Pacific Rim. This gives the military opportunity to work together with international partners to prepare for disaster response and for future conflict in the pacific. The Pacific command works with Japanese, Australia and the Republic of Korea military in joint exercises. One of my favorite assignments was taking over for a commander on a mission to China to initiate the development of a new military to military relationship.

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â– Veterans Day

WEDNESDAY, November 7, 2012



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Lake Sun Veterans Day 2012  
Lake Sun Veterans Day 2012  

Lake Sun Veterans Day 2012